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211 - Where Do You Go When You Need To Get Work Done

Where Do You Go When You Need To Get Work Done?

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Late night adventures before the Funnel Hacking event.

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It’s interesting, one thing about working from 9 til 3 in the morning is that a lot of distractions are gone. All your friends aren’t on Facebook posting every five seconds, no one’s Skyping you, no emails are coming in. All those active communication channels that people have to get access to you, disappear because everyone’s in bed at night. So you get the chance to actually work. In a six hour shift like that, typically I can get done what I’d do in two or three days. 


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a late night Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone it is 2:26, freezing cold driving home. I hate when the sun goes down and it just gets colder and colder. We’re almost in Summertime, so in my head I think it’s supposed to be warm, but no, it’s not happening. When it gets this late at night it’s cold.

I was up late tonight doing a whole bunch of power point slides for the event, which I’m really excited for now, they’re turning out good. For me, the content are scary because I only teach them once. Last year one of my presentations that I spent a lot of time doing it and in theory it was awesome, but I got on stage, I just didn’t feel it. It felt clunky and weird. But then that’s the only time I ever give that presentation so I missed the shot. So it’s one of those things that I’m thinking through these things a lot because I know it’s a one shot for me to get up, give the presentation, hopefully knock it out of the park, and then I’ll probably never give this presentation again. So there’s a lot of thought that goes into that. Make sure that it flows and make sure that it flows, the first thing makes the second, and how they all tie together. Also, you have no idea. I’ve got a time block I’ve two 90 minute presentations the first day and I don’t know how many slides 90 minutes is. I don’t know if I get up there and I get nervous I’ll talk really fast and I’ll be done in 30 minutes. But if I don’t get nervous and I have fun and start telling stories, I could be going for 3 or 4 hours. So some of those things is also kind of hard because I’ve got a hard deadline. I’ve got to hope that this got enough stuff to cover me to go long enough, but also not too much that it goes on for forever.

So those are just kind of the fun things that I got to play with and kind of do tonight, which is really cool. What else exciting is happening? I did a podcast earlier today, which I guess was almost 24 hours ago, on burnout, and a lot of you guys reached out to me already, which is super cool. So thank you for that. I’m actually feeling good now. I think I was feeling a lot of overwhelmed because I felt like I was so far behind and I didn’t think I would get it all done in time.

The nice thing about tonight, I was able to get a lot of stuff done. It’s interesting, one thing about working from 9 til 3 in the morning is that a lot of distractions are gone. All your friends aren’t on Facebook posting every five seconds, no one’s Skyping you, no emails are coming in. All those active communication channels that people have to get access to you, disappear because everyone’s in bed at night. So you get the chance to actually work. In a six hour shift like that, typically I can get done what I’d do in two or three days. That’s sad, but true.

I’m not sure if any of you guys have read the book Remote, I said it with….so the first book was called, Rework and the second one was called Remote, Jason Fried and those guys over at 37Signals, who I’m just huge fans, in fact, Stu McClaren, who listens to Marketing In Your Car pretty often I believe, and he’s going to be at Funnel Hacking Live and we’re hopefully going to be donating a bunch of money this year to their charity again. He’s the one who told me about Rework so I read that book and that changed my whole paradigm on business. It’s funny almost every mistake I have made in my business career, up to the point I read that book, I was like, “Oh crap, chapter 3 would have taught me that. Oh chapter 4 would have….dangit!” It’s a really good book and a really fast read too. But first book was Rework and then they came out with a second book called Remote. Interestingly enough right before we launched Clickfunnels and I’m grateful for that because I think that that book gave us permission to build Clickfunnels the way we did, where people are Remote. Had I not read that book and Todd and Dylan and all the guys on our team, I may have pushed a lot harder to get everyone to relocate to Boise, which would have been a lot more fun, not going to lie, but not necessary I don’t think. But one thing they talked about in the book that was interesting that I think is worth thinking about, they talked about if you have to get something done, where do you go? If you ask your employees for that, hey if you get something done, where do you go? None of them ever say they got to go to work. They’re like, I gotta come in early, stay late, pull an all-nighter, I got to leave and go to the library or whatever it is, but they never say they’re going to do it at work, because it’s hard to get work done at work, because there’s so many distractions. There’s proximity in power. There’s benefit in being around people because there’s things you can only push forward through that, but at the same time, it’s good to go back in your cave and actually get stuff done.

That’s what tonight was for me, just a chance to shut down from the world and focus on moving things forward, and I made a lot of progress, which is cool. I got my first two presentations done for the first day. Mostly the presentations are done, but I need to…..there’s ton’s of doodle sketches kind of like from the Dotcom Secrets book. So Vlad, who does all those, I sketched them all out on my notepad today, and send to him and he’s hopefully going to get them done tonight. I’m hoping by the time I wake up in the morning they are all done, and I can copy and paste them into my slides and then first two presentations, first 3 hours of content for me, which is basically gonna be covering everything that the new Expert Secrets book will be finished, which is exciting for me. Then I gotta work on the presentation I’m giving the last day called Funnel Stacking which is really cool. It goes along with the outline of the Funnel Stacking book that you guys will all be getting for free when you join Funnel University. I’ll be going through that which is fun because I’ll be showing all the pages of the three core funnels, Tripwire, Webinar, High Ticket. I show the email sequence, I show pretty much everything from in those funnels. So I gotta create that presentation. Trying to get all the original graphics from the book so I can just plug those in.

So that’s the goal. Bust that one out tomorrow, and then I’ve got one, my last presentation will be short, like 15 minute one that’s called, What Happens When The Funnels Flops, and I’ll be going over the process in more detail. Kind of like two podcasts ago, I was talking about the wrestling and making adjustments. So I’ll be going over my process for that. That will be kind of a wrap up of the event, which will be cool. Which means all I have left after that is two more presentations. Oh man, there’s still a lot of work to do. One presentation is gonna be called, The Future of Clickfunnels, I’m going to be sharing a whole bunch of cool stuff that’s happening with Actionetics, there’s some ninja crazy cool stuff coming down the pike, that’s going to make it where I think a little difficult for any auto responder to compete with what we are coming out with. So I’m going to be showing the future there. And then we have a presentation about being a Clickfunnels funnel consultant. A lot of people asking about that, going crazy about it, so we’ll be giving a presentation, and then hopefully, be getting people to join the certification program.

Those are the things that I’ve got left to do. My goal, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get done. Finalize the first two presentations, finalize the Funnel Stacking, finalize the What Happens When The Funnels Flops, finalizing the Actionetics The Future. Because if I can get those done, we can send those to print, which will be good because that’ll get those all in the binder for the event. And then I can work on the Funnel consulting one over the next few days, which will take me a little while to get that one perfect because creating content training is one thing, but creating a webinar presentations that actually have a dual purpose, which is also to sell is a little bit different, so it takes a little more time, energy and thought. Maybe not more thought, just different kind of thought. So that’s the game plan.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll have 5 or 6 of them done, then I’ll have the last one and then I’ll be able to relax and hang out and go to the event. So that’s kind of my goal. I don’t know if this is of any value to you guys. Hopefully it gives you some ideas in getting work done. You should go read the two books, Rework and Remote. You should take a nap, because that’s what I’m going to do in a few minutes, as soon as I get in the garage. So that’s it for me tonight guys, appreciate you all. Thanks for listening and I’m excited to see a lot of you guys at Funnel Hacking Live. I’m working my butt off to put on a good show for you guys and I hope you enjoy it. Peace out, have a good night and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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