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214 - My Entrepreneurial ADD Comes Flooding Back In

My Entrepreneurial ADD Comes Flooding Back In

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What happens the second the pressure is lifted.

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So CEO of Clickfunnels, what’s my job? It’s supposed to be to inspire people and to internally run the organization and things like that, but I feel like almost, the way I view it is my goal as CEO of this software company, whose just trying to teach people to use Clickfunnels, is to create amazing funnels that you guys can look at and you can model and you can funnel hack.


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Hey everybody, good morning. This is Russell and welcome to another edition of Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody, hope that things are amazing today, I’m just backing out.

Today I’m driving the Corvette because last night I was driving home and I got a flat tire in my brand new tires, which is kind of frustrating. I don’t even know how to get it from my garage now to go get new tires but I’ll figure it out another day. Today we’re going to the office to go finalize everything for the event.

Tomorrow morning we all fly out. Some of our team’s already down there and I’m going to be heading out in the morning, I was there last night until about 2am working on presentations and I’m feeling good. I finally got the main presentation done and designed and figured out.

Why do I call it the main presentation? Well, some of you guys may know that one of the reasons why everybody does events is to hopefully make some money at them. We make some money out of ticket sales but most goes back to speakers and advertising and promotions and all those things. So our event is really kind of twofold. One is to bring the community together to get everyone talking, funneling and getting more excited about Clickfunnels and having a great party.

Number two is we want to make some money from it. I think everyone would be disappointed if I didn’t. I would not be practicing what I preach, I would not be congruent there for, I promise those who are at funnel Hacking Live, I will try to sell you something, and that’s what I was working on last night.

Now our sales pitch is the same this year as it was last year. We try to have the event a million percent content and just one percent pitch, so we are offering our certification program again. So that’s what I was working on last night, the presentation for the certification program. Now, I’ve had a lot of fear wrapped in this because we’ve dramatically increased the price of certification.

So because of that I’ve been nervous on how to present it and how to pitch it. Got some good advice from one of my friends and one of the inner circle members, Darin Stevens, and based on that, did something new so I’m excited. I’ve never sold this way before, but hopefully it will work out good for me and for you and for everyone that’s there. I’m excited, so that’s what I’ve been working on late til last night, which was fun. It’s funny because I’ve been stressed trying to get all these presentations done. I think I have 7, I believe.

And now they’re all done, and I’m going in today just to clean up all the slides and make sure when I click slide to slide the right thing pops up at the right time. Make sure that logically, it all makes sense. So today will be kind of an easier day. So the hard work got done last night at 2am, because that’s the hard part for me. Getting all these ideas and concepts out on slides and then now it’s just cleaning them up.

It’s funny because, this is the whole burnout thing we talked about last week, but now that the bigger barrier is out of the way. In fact, this is the first time I’ve gone to an event that my slides are done before I get there, ever, in the history of Russell Brunson. So I’m kind of excited about that. It’s funny because now that that pressure of this big task that I’ve been avoiding is done, all day today all I can think about is new cool stuff I want to do.

It’s the A.D.D. entrepreneur right. I should be thinking let’s take a break, but no, instead I’m thinking, okay so I’ve got some cool ideas. First off, during this whole researching phase, I’ve been going through and getting a bunch of stuff, I looked at a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk stuff just because he’s been really intriguing to me a lot lately. Watching the Gary V. Show, watching how he presents himself, watching these other little videos he does. And I got a cool idea for a type of video I want to start creating.

You know how, I’ll turn on a couple clips at the event, but Gary’s got this short 30 second to 1 minute videos that he talks about one topic. They’re really powerful and awesome and they’re the kind of thing that you share because you get this one nugget and it feels aw3esome. So I kind of want to do that, but obviously I don’t want to copy Gary, I want to figure out my own model and method to make it cool. And I was thinking, we’ve got all these cool hand doodle sketches.

Tons are in the Dotcom Secrets book and tons that are in the new Expert Secrets, and tons that have been in presentations that will never see it in print. I thought won’t it be fun to do a show where each show we focus on one of those little printouts and I talk about it? Anyway, I thought that’d be fun. So I was like, that’d be really cool. And the other thing I was thinking about, some of you guys may have seen our tv show we launched back in the day called, I only did two episodes then I never did any more.

And it was probably because the whole setup to create one of those, there was a lot of stuff that went into that. So it wasn’t just bust out a video each week, or bust out a podcast while driving type of thing. Oh man I hate cops when I’m on my phone. I’ll drive by and hopefully he doesn’t flip around. Okay, I think we’re safe you guys. Otherwise, I’ll introduce you to one of the nice Boise policeman here in a minute. Anyway, where was I? Sorry I got A.D.D. you guys, I’m off track.

Anyway, I did two episodes and we just never did any more. I was thinking, it was a cool concept, people liked it, but it wasn’t done right. It wasn’t done in a way that’s easy to follow through. So what if I changed that and made that show where it’s like, all of you guys go funnel hack people and then record it and send it to me and I can make a video, you have guest episodes on, it’d be kind of cool. And the other thing I was thinking, and maybe this is, I don’t know, I got to talk myself out of this but it gets me excited.

One of the big things that I like doing, obviously, is building funnels. You know, back a few years ago we launched a whole bunch of businesses and I was trying to make a bunch of money and those kinds of things and it was okay. Some of the businesses took off, like Neurocell and a couple other ones, but other one’s just flopped because we stretched ourselves too thin.

So part of me doesn’t want to do this, part of me thinks it will be really cool to have this be part of or maybe Funnel University or something. But wouldn’t it be fun to go and create some sales funnels in different markets? Allow you guys to see what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, behind the scenes. How we write the script, how we produce the video, how we get the formula up, where we get the traffic and just show the whole thing and do a funnel maybe, in the weight loss base.

And a network marketing funnel and then maybe, I don’t know, pick 3 or 4 different funnels and just show the process behind the scenes. And show dates on so you can kind of see it, but then…I don’t know, it’s just a thought. There’s some dude that’s riding my butt. Should I tell you guys his license number in case something bad happens?

He’s riding me really tight, I’m not sure why. So that was just an idea. Would it be cool to pick 3 or 4 markets and start slowly, not aggressive, but slowly building out funnels and building out the pieces and just letting you guys, let everybody see behind the scenes of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. I feel like I’ve never been a real C.E.O. before so I’m like, what’s the role of the CEO. So CEO of Clickfunnels, what’s my job?

It’s supposed to be to inspire people and to internally run the organization and things like that, but I feel like almost, the way I view it is my goal as CEO of this software company, whose just trying to teach people to use Clickfunnels, is to create amazing funnels that you guys can look at and you can model and you can funnel hack. I think a big part of the reason why we’ve had success up to this point is that we’ve showed off, here’s our sales funnels, look at the Dotcom Secrets Labs book, the Split Testing book, look at the Dotcom Secrets book, you look at coming out, we’ve got the Funnel Stacking book, we’ve got the Expert Secrets book.

We’ve got a lot of videos and training, the funnel hacking webinar, all these things, what I’ve been doing is basically showing behind the scenes of what we’ve done. Obviously as we’ve launched Clickfunnels, I’ve done less of other businesses funnels. You know a lot of those things, no one gets to see. I feel like doing a little bit more of those kinds of things, you guys get to see them and reverse engineer them and do some of those things is a good idea.

That’s a big reason why we’re launching Funnel University because I think more people should be doing continuity programs. There was a time that all we talked about online was membership sites and continuity programs. I remember in one year we came, or Ryan Deiss came out with Continuity Blueprint, we came out with Micro-continuity, Ryan Lee had a continuity program, or his membership site program.

We weren’t the only ones, there was probably ten other people. It was the year of continuity, everyone talked about it, it was amazing. And then it went away, nobody really talks about it anymore. So we want to launch Funnel University, give people a model for how to do their continuity program. People always come to our Facebook group and they’re like, “Hey, I’m looking for a real estate funnel I can hack.:” Or whatever it is. Looking for continuity funnel, looking for a webinar…so I feel like one of my roles, or jobs, responsibilities should be to create really cool funnels that work, that people can see that they can funnel hack and they can model.

So obviously, we’re doing that inside the Clickfunnels world. You guys will see some really cool funnels coming out after the event. I was thinking it would be fun to do it outside, so you guys can see it as well. I’m not sure, I’m thinking about it. It’s just a whole other project, so it’s not going to happen soon, but if it did happen I gotta figure out a way to work that’s simple easy thing that’s easy to be consistent with. Anyway, just some thoughts. It’s mostly me, because I’ve got some pressure taken off my mind. All the sudden I have a thousand new ideas and cool ways to serve flooding back in.

This is probably not the best thing a lot of times. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you mostly to get it out of my head. Hopefully it gives you guys a couple ideas of cool stuff you could do and kind of look at what you’re role and responsibilities to your organization, to your community. IT may or may not happen, so don’t see me in 3 months like, “Russell, you promised me this thing.” Because it may never happen. It might’ve been a bad idea, that I thought would be fun to talk about.

My goal really with Clickfunnels company, if you look at the event and post event, we’re rolling out really cool front end marketing systems that’ll take some of the pressure off of me doing all this stuff, and then give more affiliates ability to do a lot of cool things and that way I can start creating more cool things like that for affiliates and for front end funnels to get people in. Anywho, I don’t know if that made sense, it makes sense in my head.

Sorry Because I just don’t have the whole picture. I apologize. Anyway, you’ll see a bunch of cool stuff coming out over the next few months and maybe we’ll start showing off some more niche funnels if it makes sense. Anywho, that’s the plan you guys. I am in the office. I’m at the office now, I’m going to go in and clean up my slides. I’m going to be cleaning up the affiliate center and then we are out of here, we are jumping on a plane.

Taking my whole family, all my kids, I want them to meet Sean Stephenson and kind of see a thousand people in the room with their dad on stage. I think it’ll be kind of fun for them to see. That’s what’s happening then they’re going to go to the zoo or something, I don’t know. That’s the game plan. So that’s what’s happening, I will try to podcast you guys from on the road.

I don’t know if that’ll happen though, so if not, I’ll talk to you guys next week when we get back. I’ll report back on the event, what happened, all that kind of stuff. So that’s the game plan everyone. Appreciate you all for listening, if you got any value from this or any of my podcasts, please share them on Facebook and other social media outlets, that’d be awesome. With that said, have a great day, talk to you soon.


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