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219 - Our Backwards, Sneak Attack Product Launch Idea

Our Backwards, Sneak Attack Product Launch Idea

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“I think this might actually work…”

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So what we’re inventing here is the backwards product launch, where we’re launching the affiliate program and we’re hoping it incentivizes them to buy the product and promote the product. So each sale doesn’t turn into one sale, it turns into 5 or 10 or 20 sales, depending. That’s be interesting stats to check afterwards. How many sales per average user. Because if you buy and post on Facebook, “Hey Russell Brunson is giving away this $1000 marketing gift, I just bought it. Here’s my receipt, you should buy it too.” Everyone should be able to get 5 or 6 people from it.


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Russell: Hey everyone, this is Russell, welcome to a really strange, different version of Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I’m in the car right now with Dave.

Dave: Hey guys!

Russell: We are heading into the office today is Funnel University Launch Day, no matter what. You guys have heard me complain, this has been….I’m a big believer in the whole lead or gold thing, this time we killed 3 people, there’s lead in some people because we missed the deadlines. But today it’s happening no matter what.

So we’re driving and had an idea and we’re brainstorming about it and we just wanted to share with you guys, because who knows, something good might come. So typically in a product launch, we promote the product to everyone. So we’re thinking, what if we do a complete sneak attack and instead of promoting the product, we promote the opportunity to sell the product to our entire lists. So we email all the Clickfunnels members and basically just say, “Hey step number one we’re rolling out, this new product is coming out, first step you need to go get it because you gotta become an ambassador of this so go get it because it’s amazing. Then the second step is, you need to be an affiliate, so click here to get your affiliate account and lets go spam Facebook, or let’s go market efficiently to Facebook and other places.”

It’s the complete backwards sneak attack that will either work or it will completely bomb. I don’t know.

Dave: It also ties into to what you were talking about yesterday in Marketing In Your Car, as far as the importance of having affiliates. So now everyone who’s a Clickfunnels user you’re automatically an affiliate, so now you can basically show every single person real quick how to make your very first few bucks online, if you’re not already doing it. If you’ve already got a list or if you don’t have a list, I can now go out and promote something for Clickfunnels… the way we also have sticky cookies, but that’s for a different topic. So you have the opportunity of making money right away by giving away a gift.

Russell: Here’s a gift worth $700 or $800, we’re giving away for free, anyone you give it away to, you get commission. So let’s talk about the sticky cookie thing. This is a cool thing we just built. We’re the first one to test it, but I think it’s Clickfunnels wide.

Dave: It is.

Russell: So the way sticky cookies work, if you’re using backpack, let’s say you promote Funnel University and somebody signs up but then 6 months later I convince them to get a Clickfunnels account, you get commissions on that. Or 6 months later you convince them to get my book, you get commissions on that. It’s sticky to the person. There’s a fine line between sticky cookies, and first cookie wins, because I’m not a big believer in first cookie wins. So here’s the lifelong affiliate debate. One is like….first cookie wins means, if you click on my link first that cookie lasts forever, so if that person ever buys, you get the commission, which is good for fast movers. But people come in later it sucks because then someone comes in 6 months later and convinces somebody to buy and gives them a big bonus and then they don’t get commissions because the first dude 6 months ago got the first cookie.

So sticky cookies is not that because we don’t want to make it so people don’t want to promote.

Dave: As a product owner it really messes things up because then the only people who ever promote are your very first affiliates.

Russell: Yeah, there’s no incentive for people to come in later. So sticky cookies works, where it’s sticky so let’s say you get somebody to opt-in for the Clickfunnels trial and they don’t buy, or they opt-in at their house and then they go to work the next day and that’s when they decided to buy. Or let’s say they opt-in for Funnel University they don’t buy it, but then they buy Clickfunnels 3 weeks later because the follow-up sequence sold them and they buy that from a different computer. Sticky cookies will follow that person around, so if they buy 3 months later, it will still give you the commission for that person, even if they’re on a different browser, or computer, different product. Any product in our product line, if they buy you get commissions. The only way you would lose that person is if a new affiliate re-cookied them, it would override the sticky cookie. But the sticky cookie’s there for as long as it follows them.

The way it works is it’s not just cookie based. Let’s say you get somebody to opt-in, it adds your affiliate ID in the database, it knows if they buy anything from us in the future, even if there’s no cookie present, when they fill in the order form it’ll look to see who was the last affiliate who referred them to anything and give that person the commission. So that’s the concept of sticky cookies, which is a cool thing, as far as backpack, it’s this really cool advanced thing that nobody else is doing. So you should be using backpack for your affiliate platforms.

The cool thing is you promote Funnel University, all of the other crap we sell in the future….I mean all the amazing products we sell in the future. Sorry I don’t know why……we should probably edit that out. No.

Dave: No it’s actually the reason crap is coming up so much is because we’re thinking about selling toilet paper through a funnel. That’s why crap keeps coming up.

Russell: Oh man, there’s so many back stories to this week. Well two things of crap, one is Marcus Lemonis’ funnel, we’re selling toilet paper. It’s a crap funnel. All the products in the funnel are related to crap. And then Dave and I are also on a juice fast this week, which has added to the amount of crap we’ve been experiencing.

Dave: TMI

Russell: So back to the strategy. So now that you guys got the backstory, we’ve got another 5 minutes before we’re at the office, Dave and I are kind of brainstorming this. So if we do it, the big thing with we mail the affiliates in, we’ve gotta basically tell them that, you give away this gift and you can get paid 40% commission.

Dave: And it’s recurring.

Russell: And it’s recurring, yeah. And the product’s amazing. They get a print newsletter, they get software, which is super sticky. I showed you the software this week, it’s amazing. So what’s the downside? Because this is either going to work really good or it’s a gonna completely bomb. The downside is people buying through their own affiliate link probably. They’ll be like, “Oh I’m going to buy it through my own affiliate link.” which is annoying. Do we care or do we not worry about it?

Dave: Today we don’t care. The other thing is there’s going to be a lot of urgency and scarcity to it, which helps everyone understand the importance of getting out and doing it right away. Because otherwise, there’s no reason for them to promote it. This is a product that’s not going to be available to be promoted long term.

Russell: It’d be basically two weeks and then we’re shutting down the cart. So you’ve got two weeks to buy this thing or else you lost your opportunity, and two weeks to promote it.

Dave: Which is again, a topic for another Marketing In Your Car as far as membership sites and scarcity. But right now, the whole idea is to send out to the affiliates and basically to do a Blab or Periscope or something where people get excited about it and they can go ahead and have the opportunity of offering a free product to everybody and if they buy that product, they then will also be cookied with our sticky cookies long term so if they then upgrade to Clickfunnels, which is the whole reason we’ve got Funnel University, then they’ll have the opportunity of getting commission on that as well.

Russell: It’s amazing. So what we’re inventing here is the backwards product launch, where we’re launching the affiliate program and we’re hoping it incentivizes them to buy the product and promote the product. So each sale doesn’t turn into one sale, it turns into 5 or 10 or 20 sales, depending. That’s be interesting stats to check afterwards. How many sales per average user. Because if you buy and post on Facebook, “Hey Russell Brunson is giving away this $1000 marketing gift, I just bought it. Here’s my receipt, you should buy it too.” Everyone should be able to get 5 or 6 people from it. What if that’s the way the email reads like, Everyone go buy the product, that way you can show, “Hey I just bought this product, this is how cool it is. It’s going to be coming this week.” And then post that on Facebook or you email it, and tell everyone they need to get it two. So that’s step two, and then step…..yeah.

Dave: And It will go to the….You can link that directly on Facebook to the landing page, which would have a video.

Russell: This is so cool. I think we need to make a landing page that’s just a fast sale landing page too. Because the sales page we have there’s an hour long really cool, amazing video we made teaching some cool stuff using the Perfect Webinar Script. And then we pitch it really hard. It’s a free plus shipping offer so I don’t think it needs to be sold that hard. So I might clone the page right now and just make a simplified version of it that the affiliates can have so they can promote to the longer form education video or the quick sale or the squeeze page. Because the squeeze page has an amazing follow-up sequence as well.

Anyway, that’s what we’re thinking. so we’re just brainstorming and we thought let’s just invite everyone else in on this behind the scenes to hear what we’re thinking because this is either going to be a huge success or a complete flop. I think we’re going to do it, but we still gotta just confirm we are. So now you guys know what’s happening behind the scenes. We will find out today if that’s the right strategy and we’ll let you know in the next week if it works or if it completely bombs. If it bombs we’ll definitely shift mid-launch to “Don’t promote this thing, just go buy it.” Alright guys, that’s what we got for you. Have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye.

Dave: See ya!


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