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219 - Unlock The Secrets

219 - Unlock The Secrets

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Episode Recap:

Behind the scenes glimpse of what this event is and why I created it. On today’s episode Russell talks about the upcoming Unlock the Secrets event and why he has decided to make it his flagship event. Here are some of the interesting things in this episode:

-- What a flagship event is and how it’s different than Funnel Hacking Live.

-- What kind of event it will be, and who gets to come to it, and why it can’t just be Russell standing up and speaking for 3 days.

-- And hear what one of the modules from the event will be like.

So listen here to find out what Russell’s new flagship event will be like, and how it’s different than events he’s done in the past.

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Best Quote:

But I also have the same thing with events. I used to do events here in Boise and people would come into them, and I’d teach the event and it was amazing. Then the next time we’d do the event people would come and it’d be a different group of people coming in and I’d teach a whole new event. People always asked me, “Why are you teaching a new event.” I’m like, “I just hate teaching the same thing twice.” By the way, that is stupid of me. I’m just going to preface that now, that I’m wrong. Just so you’re not like, “Yeah, that’s how I feel too, Russell.” Because if you think that, you’re wrong too. We’re both wrong.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. For you it’s probably a new day but I’m still driving to pick up Dave from the airport and I want to share with you guys behind the scenes of how I’m planning and preparing for the unlock the secrets event.

Alright everybody, so I’m heading to the airport. The Tesla’s so quiet, I’ve been doing a podcast now and my sound quality has probably gone up a million times. It always makes me laugh, people are like, “Russell, what kind of microphone do you have to do your podcast on?” I’m like, “I literally have my iphone in my hand, I’ve got a pop socket behind it, I hold it in my fingers and I keep it the same distance from my mouth and I just talk.” So I’m not worried about audio quality. I just want to make sure I give you guys cool stuff. And you know, now that I’m in a Tesla the audio quality has probably gone up a little bit, so I’m pumped about that for you guys.

Anyway, oh crap, I’m going to miss my freeway entrance because I’m hanging out with you guys. Alright I made it. Good thing the Tesla’s so stealthy I can swerve in and out of people. Just kidding.

Anyway, so today what I want to talk to you guys about, because I get a lot of questions about this, people asking me. We have an event coming up this year, and it’s funny because I’m going to share this part of it, because this may inspire some of you guys to do something similar. If you look at, I’ve always had this problem where I hate teaching the same thing twice. That’s why when we launched Clickfunnels and I was like, “I’m going to do the same webinar live every week for the next year.” And I ended up doing it five or six times a week the first two or three months. It’s like, “If I say these words again, I’m going to kill myself. I’m bored of them.” But it obviously worked right, which is why I encourage all of you guys to do that.

But I also have the same thing with events. I used to do events here in Boise and people would come into them, and I’d teach the event and it was amazing. Then the next time we’d do the event people would come and it’d be a different group of people coming in and I’d teach a whole new event. People always asked me, “Why are you teaching a new event.” I’m like, “I just hate teaching the same thing twice.” By the way, that is stupid of me. I’m just going to preface that now, that I’m wrong. Just so you’re not like, “Yeah, that’s how I feel too, Russell.” Because if you think that, you’re wrong too. We’re both wrong.

Anyway, so for years I kind of thought that. And then when we finally decided to start doing events again, Funnel Hacking Live was the event. And I love Funnel Hacking Live, and you all should go to it, it’s like our…I love it. It’s fun. And it is, again, it’s an event where I have a chance every single year to create. I usually do four or five presentations I create from scratch that are brand new, stuff I never shared before. So I have this really fun ability to kind of get my need of creation and new things and all that kind of stuff.

So I do that every year and I love it, and we have other speakers come in and it’s really, really cool. But anyway, about a year ago I was hanging out with Brendon Burchard and we were talking about events and stuff and he was talking about, he does two big events a year. I think he might be changing the names of them, but one of them is called Experts academy, and the other one’s called High Performance Habits.

And he was making fun of me because he’s like, “Yeah, when I do my events I’m on stage all day every day, for like four days. It’s just me talking.” And I was like, “Why do you do that? Bring in other people.’ And he told me, he said, ‘If you think about Tony Robbins, what was it 30-50 years ago, I don’t know whatever it was, Tony took all his material and he sat down and he created an event that was called Unleash the Power within, and that became his flagship event.” And he’s taught it like four times a year for the last 30 years. He knows it word for word, and things may tweak here and there a little bit, but for the most part it’s the same event. He created this event that would fulfill all these things and then he produced it. And that’s why it’s so amazing because it gets better and better because he’s done it so many times.

And then, I don’t know, ten years later as he was doing one of his geek out sessions he figured out this whole new event that he wanted to do. And I remember he talked about this at Date with Destiny and he spent a whole week or something, wrote the whole event, and then he brought a whole bunch of people in the room and did the event for people, and it was the very first date with destiny event. And then that became the secondary event. And that was created, what 25 years ago? Whatever it was, and he’s been doing it twice a year for the last 25 years.

And Brendon said, you know when he got into his business, it wasn’t about doing a new event every single year, it was about, “I’m going to create an event, and that event happens all the time.” And so for his, I think the first one was the Experts Academy, he’s done it every year for however many, a decade now, and then he created the high performance academy one a couple of years ago now, and that’s his flagship program that he does every single year.

And when he’s telling me this, I’m like, Well, I want my own flagship course, that’s just me teaching.” And I was kind of bummed out because I didn’t have one. And I was like, I don’t even know how to fit it in, or where I would fit it in, or how it work?

And anyway, we were planning the Two comma Club coaching program for this year, I thought what if I did an event that was just for that group and it becomes my flagship program? And then I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if it wasn’t just the parents got to come, but they were able to bring their children as well, their kids. But not super young kids, but 12-18 year old kids, bring them as well. And I could do this event, but in a really cool way that’s different. You know, because I could stand up and I could teach for three days and I’ll be awesome and I think people would love it, but if I can do it in a way where it’s interactive enough to stimulate the adults and give them what they need, but entertaining enough and broken down to a level that would be so powerful that the kids can grasp it as well, and make it a family experience, that’s the goal.

And I was nervous about it, but then you know, in the last, man it’s crazy, in the last few years, we’ve got tons of kids now making so much money inside of Clickfunnels. We’ve got teenagers who have hit two comma club, we’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s really powerful seeing that. I’m like, man, teenagers, it’s not like in the future we’re going to do this thing. Teenagers are here now, they’re having success now, we might as well come and cater to them and serve them and help them to understand and be on the forefront of all that. So we decided to that this year.

So this year is our very first one. I think we have about 6 or 700 people registered. I think 250 of those are youth, which I’m pumped about. So this event’s happening. And we plan the event, get everyone signed up for it, then I start freaking out, like oh my gosh, I gotta make sure this is good. And then my kids are coming as well, so now I gotta really make sure it’s good so my kids get it. But then it’s like all my inner circle members and a whole bunch of the two comma club coaching students, my top level clients, I gotta make it stimulating and awesome for them too. So now I’m all stressed out. And by the way, I’m also writing a book during this period of time, as well as running Clickfunnels and taking care of my kids during the summer. So there’s a few things, but I’m really excited for it.

Hopefully this will become my flagship that I do once a year for all my two comma club coaching students, and that just becomes like a thing we do. And that’s kind of the vision and the game plan. Anyway, that’s kind of why I’m doing it.

So the question then is, how do we prepare for it? Well, for me it’s been interesting because I’m trying to not just be me onstage speaking. A lot of events are that way, I’m like, I want it four or five levels deep. So what we’re doing, and this is just, I’ll just give you an example of just one module because it’s a snapshot and hopefully it will give you guys ideas for your own thing.

But what we’re doing basically is I’m teaching the strategy right. So one of the modules which will be probably half a day, is going through these different core funnels inside of a value ladder. There’s a handful of core funnels. So I’ll be teaching the strategy of each one, that’s number one. Then number two, I’ll be giving a swipe file. Like here’s 40 of those types of funnels that other people have done that you can look at and be like, “Oh, that’s what he’s talking about. I see how it works here and here and here.” You see them over and over and over again. So they get the swipe file.

Number three they get the share funneling. So it’s like, now you’ve seen it here’s the link. You click on it, and then the framework is built for you and you can come in there and you can just replace things and make it all pretty and nice for yourself. That’s the third phase. And then number four is, we’ve partnered with someone who’s really good at making Trello boards, they make some of the most intense, insane trello boards. So for each of these funnels we have these insane, intense, amazing step by step by step trello boards that go with it to make sure you get every single step in the process right, to execute one of these funnels.

Then on top of that, is every single step inside the checklist we’re going through and making videos, so if someone gets stuck like, I can’t figure out this step, there will be a video for every single step they can watch and be like, ‘Oh, that’s what I gotta do. It’s super simple.” I got a 30 second to a couple minute video, depending on the task, that shows it.

So now it’s not just me teaching conceptually a concept, it’s like I teach it and then I show it to you, and then I give it to you, and then we help you to implement it, and it’s like all these different levels deep. And then after the event, we’re going to have our coaches doing these hack a thons where they get on and it’s like anyone who wants to build that funnel jumps on, and everybody builds the funnel together. And no member gets left behind. There’s always people behind helping to, let’s say I can’t figure out how to get my domain purchased.

The way we do these hack a thons are really cool. It’s like, okay, everyone get on this right now, and they’re usually smaller groups like 30-40 people. “Everyone go buy your domain right now. Did everyone get it? If you didn’t get it…” and three people got stuck so it’s like, “Okay, here’s the coach. Go offline with the coach real quick and he’ll help.” They go offline, the coach gets it done, they jump back in the group. “Okay, everyone’s got the domain now. Now step number two is do this.” And we go step by step by step until everybody has got it done. And over the course 7 or 8 hours the funnel is done, it’s beautiful, it’s ready to rock and roll.

So you see how we’re layering all these different levels and it’s just for that one module, but it’s how we’re trying to really make this so that this program is simple, it’s powerful, it’s useful and it’ll be the most amazing thing ever created on this planet.

Anyway, that’s the game plan, and that’s what we’re doing inside the unlock the secrets event. I’m excited for all my two comma club x’ers and all my inner circle members. I’m excited to see you guys there. And if you haven’t got your tickets yet, go and get them. We should have about a thousand people at it, I think when all is said and done. We’re a little less than two months away, and I’m sure we’re going to talk more about it, but that’s the reason behind it. This is going to become my flagship, just like Tony’s got UPW or Date with Destiny. And Brendon’s got his, this is now mine. It’s called unlock the secrets and it goes through the Dotcom, Expert, and Traffic Secrets books. And I’m pumped for it.

Anyway, that’s kind of the game plan. I hope that helps. I’m at the airport now. I’m go grab Dave. Appreciate you all, thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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