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221 - My Day At Robert Kiyosaki's And Dean Graziosi's Offices

221 - My Day At Robert Kiyosaki's And Dean Graziosi's Offices

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A behind the scenes look at what I was really feeling inside.

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So yesterday was insane. We came to Joe Polishes 25K group today, which is in Phoenix, Arizona. And recently we got Robert Kiyosaki to write the forward for my new book, which is for me, the coolest, craziest thing ever. We became friends with one of the guys inside of their office that works there and turns out that they’re in Phoenix. I’m like, “We're going to be in Phoenix tomorrow. Can we come see you guys?” and he was like, “Sure.”


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in My Hotel Room. Hey everyone, I am actually in my hotel room shaving right now and I’m about to go to Joe Polishes 25K group and I thought, you know what….I wanted to share with you guys what happened yesterday. So you have to hear me shave, I have a horrible echo in this room. It’s going to sound horrible and I’m super late. I have to be there in 12 minutes, and instead I’m shaving and yeah, that’s how I roll. I’m never on time for anything. I am the biggest procrastinator ever.

I’m giving a talk today and I finally finished my talk and I’m like, “Oh crap, I got 12 minutes to get there, time to start getting ready.” That’s why I’m shaving right now and then on top of that I thought let’s just do a quick podcast to share the crazy day I had yesterday. That’s what’s happening. Welcome inside my world.

So yesterday was insane. We came to Joe Polishes 25K group today, which is in Phoenix, Arizona. And recently we got Robert Kiyosaki to write the forward for my new book, which is for me, the coolest, craziest thing ever. We became friends with one of the guys inside of their office that works there and turns out that they’re in Phoenix. I’m like, “We're going to be in Phoenix tomorrow. Can we come see you guys?” and he was like, “Sure.” So we came and it so crazy cool. We walked in the office and meet the guys and they guys I guess have been going through a bunch of our stuff. They listened to this podcast and bought some of our books and products. We walked into one of the offices and they had, I could see Perfect Webinar Script on the desk and some other stuff. It was cool. They had been totally going through our stuff.

They started to use Clickfunnels 3 or 4 weeks ago. They’re like, “We built 5 funnels, we have a launch happening next week. We’re loving it. We’re cancelling Infusionsoft.” All sorts of amazingness is happening. It was awesome. So that was cool. And then we had a tour of the whole office. We went into his radio station. The little studio with the microphone and everything and we recorded….I did a Periscope from there, so if you want to see that go to you should be able to see the Periscope from inside the Rich Dad office, which is so much fun.

We interviewed them and they told this story about how their whole business came about. I didn’t realize this, but I guess Kiyosaki built the game first. Sorry it’s hard to shave and talk. He built the game first and then he loved the game but nobody was really buying it so they wanted to sell the game, so he wrote the book as an instruction manual to sell the game. And then the book, I think he published it independently. It was selling well, but not awesome. But it was selling good enough that it got on Oprah’s radar. Oprah went and had him on and boom it exploded and he became what he is now, which is cool. And he used that to sell the game and then from there they did a bunch of other stuff, so that was awesome.

Kiyosaki, Robert was not there, so we didn’t get a chance to meet him, but we heard a lot of stories about him, which were very interesting. And we were trying to get him to speak at Funnel Hacking Live next year, which would be awesome. So that is one of my goals. And then a couple of other things. We talked to those guys, they have agreed to promote the Funnel Hacks webinar. So we’re going to do the webinar to the whole Rich Dad audience and get these guys building funnels, which would be exciting. Help serve them. And then we’re also kind of helping them with a webinar that they’re creating. So I’m excited about that. So we’re going to be helping them create a perfect webinar, and create an offer, and put out a $1000 version of their Rich Dad Poor Dad stuff and make them a bunch of money. So that is the game plan. See how much money we can make Rich Dad and make him even richer and hopefully he’ll think I’m cool. Because that’s why we do what we do. Anyway, I’m excited and that was awesome.

So then we jumped in an Uber and 4 minutes away we went Dean Graziosi’s office, which is Dean is like the other biggest real estate dude in the world, and infomercial Guru and everything. So we went there and got to see his whole studio where they film their shows. We saw that they have Cryosauna in their office, which is super cool because I ordered my Cryosauna yesterday for my house, so we saw that. We sat around for two hours and I wish, oh I wish we would have recorded it. It was crazy. We sat there for 2 hours, it was a direct response history lesson. The first guy I ever learned from was Don Lapre back when I was 12 years old. And Dean was business partners with Don Larpre and talked about informericials they did together. The whole story and the ups and downs they had together, it was crazy.

It was like direct response history. Going back to the foundation of this whole… was the……all these things and these stories, I was totally geeking out. You have no idea how exciting it was for me. So I sat there and listened to stories and we talked about things and looked what they were doing and tried to help them a little bit. Looked at what we were doing with Clickfunnels and how we were trying to grow that. And the cool thing about Kiyosaki’s office, they’re using Clickfunnels, at Dean’s office they’re using Clickfunnels. It’s just so cool to see people you’ve looked up to your whole life, I used to watch Dean’s infomercials, this is how dorky I am. And then I would get them transcribed and I would read them and try to understand how he did his pitch. And now to see him and his team using Clickfunnels and being obsessed with it and excited is the coolest thing in the world for me.

So that was really fun. And then, towards the end we started talking about my new book coming out, Expert Secrets and I was like “Oh we were at Kiyosaki’s office. He wrote the forward for it.“ and he was like, “ Oh what’s the plan with the book?” I’m like, “Oh, to take over the world basically.” And I was like, “ You know what would be cool” and it was funny because he doesn’t know and I didn’t even tell him this, maybe he’ll find this out someday but, at the very first 25K meeting with Joe Polishes group I was at, I was sitting at the dinner table and Dean was across from me, and I was sitting there. And I had told everyone that day actually, that I was never going to write a book again, and I looked across and I saw Dean, it was nothing he said or anything, but I was looking at him and I was like, I need to write a book, and it needs to be called Expert Secrets and Dean needs to do an infomercial for me. And then I went from there back to my hotel room and I called Julie, who is the person who helps me write my books, “Julie, book #2 is on the queue. Let me send you some money, let’s get this thing started.” Sent her some money and the book began that day. That was a meeting ago. Now it’s been 6 months since that meeting, the books almost done. It’s crazy.

So I had this meeting with Dean and I was kind of like, trying to be all cool, even though I’m super nerding out on the whole thing. Anyway, I’m like, “Hey, what I really want to do with this book, the goal with it is to take it main stream. The Dotcom Secrets book was all about getting our community and people who were marketers to understand these core concepts. Expert Secrets is about taking this to the masses. How do we get everyone to understand that they have a talent and a hobby and unique abilities that can change the world? And then Clickfunnels is the tool that allows you to do that. How do we get that out to everyone? And obviously informercials would be the coolest.” So I told him, “My real motive is I really want to do an infomercial for this book and I want you to help me.” And he’s like, “Done. Let’s do it.” And I was like, “What? Are you kidding me? Youre going to help me with an infomercial? How cool is that?” So we’re going to try to do an infomercial with Dean selling the Expert Secrets book, which is insane.

And he knows if it’ll work or not, but just the fact that we’re gonna try is so exciting. Anyway, so if you guys see me and I’ve got a grin on my face that’s as big as…’s huge, and I’m so excited. That’s it. When we left, Dave Woodward is with me, when we left we’re pinching ourselves. I can’t believe what we experienced in the last four hours. We just hung out at Kiyosaki’s office, and Deans office. The most amazing day ever. It can’t get any better than this. We should just go to bed and just end this because it’s such a perfect day and it was awesome. Anyway, that was my day yesterday, and now I’m up in the morning. Just finished my talk and now I got 4 minutes to be there and I still need to shower, so I gotta bounce guys. But anyway, I wanted to share that with you guys because it was exciting for me and hopefully it’s exciting for your guys as well. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. Get some stuff done and we’ll talk to you guys all again soon.


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