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223 - How Direct Response Can Improve Your Daily Life

 223 - How Direct Response Can Improve Your Daily Life

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How to become a better father, husband, and person.

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His quote was that “No success can compensate for failure in the home”. For me, I think about that a lot. If all my energy is going to my work, and I don’t have that because I’m spending so much energy and focus there, I can’t fulfill my home duties, then I’m a failure. That’s something I think about. So I’m trying to think about how to increase energy levels.


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Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope you are doing amazing. I am excited and happy as always, it’s not always but as often as possible. A lot of people have been messaging me asking me about how the early mornings have been going. First off, thank you now I know you’re listening. I had a couple people message me at 5 Mountain Time because they knew I would be awake, like, “Hey are you awake, are you in funnel time?” I love it.

So I’ve got a confession to make, I’ve not been perfect this week. Monday and Tuesday I did it. It was easy, it was fun. Wednesday I did not wake up, and Thursday which is today, I woke up. This is what I’ve found, a couple things. First off, the hardest part is not waking up early, the hardest part is going to bed on time. Is that crazy? You would think that that would be way easier because, I’m gonna go to bed, I’m tired anyway. But that is the hardest part.

So what happened, another interesting thing is, waking up in the morning, typically when I wake up early I’m going out to lift, so because of that your body kind of has this reaction where it freaks out and your brain has 3 or 4 things fighting against it, so there’s a lot of resistance, whereas waking up to get on the computer to do funnel time, I didn’t have any resistance, it’s kind of interesting, that part was really easy, but going to bed was hard. Initially I was going to try to go to bed at 9, but I realized my kids go to be at 9 or 9:30, so that didn’t work. So I tried to get to bed by 10, that’s my goal. First night did it, second night did it, the third night the kids went insane, which happens way more often than I’d like to admit. So they were crazy and then it was, what time was it? It was probably 10, probably about 10 when they went to bed when I was coming down trying to get things ready and checking things and cleaning up, all that kind of stuff. Pretty soon it was 10:45, I was oh man, it’s almost 11 and I was walking to the room, and I walked by my wife who was in the other room, and she just turned on Dancing With The Stars, and I was like, I’m just going to come in and watch one dance, one dance. Next thing I knew it was midnight and I’m like you know what, I’m not waking up tomorrow, so that was hard.

And then last night, because I love, I can’t tell you how much I love it though. I get so much done, I feel like no matter what else happens the rest of the day, it’s just a bonus. So I really like it, so I tried last night to get to bed. And my kids finally fell asleep. I was able to leave their room at about 9:30. I finally got to bed about 10:30, so it wasn’t too bad, and then I passed out and was up at 5. So I did it today, feeling good. So hopefully I can keep things moving through.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you guys about today has been on my mind. Usually when we do something, we just lump it as a success or failure. Our brain has two camps, this worked or it didn’t work. And I’ve learned with direct marketing that’s not how it works. In direct response marketing the cool thing is we’re able to see and track what happens at every point along the funnel, along the process. How much did we spend per click? How many clicks did we get? How many people saw our ads? What was the cost per view, per click? Then on the landing page, how much did we spend per opt-in? What conversion rates were? Landing page, sales page, emails, open rate, click through rate, up-sell rate, average cart buy all the little pieces. I didn’t get this for the first 7 or 8 years of my business until I started working close with Todd Dickerson on our team, who’s the genius who does all the split testing and those kind of things. And he got really good at looking at those numbers and figuring them out and showing us the stats. I realized, wow when you actually know all that stuff, two things. First off you know how much money you can spend to acquire customers. Second off you know what’s broken. It’s really easy to look at and be like, whoa, that’s not converting well. That should be higher, let’s tweak that and change it and start fixing all the things along the way. And hopefully if you guys have been following me for any amount of time, you’ve learned that we’ve talked a lot about that. The book Dotcom secrets, was a lot about that. So you learn the process is true there.

I also want to stress how it’s not just in marketing, it’s in all things. I was looking at this whole morning thing, by day three I was like, this sucks, doesn’t work. But then I was like, well it’s not that it didn’t work. Let me look at the process, what are the pieces that did and what are the pieces that didn’t. I’m looking at it, I’m looking at the bedtime is the hardest piece. That’s where my conversion rate sucks, I gotta figure out how to make that better. At the waking up part, hasn’t been hard so far, where some people that might be the hard part for you. Looking at the different things and trying to figure out where the bottle necks are and the low conversion rates are. And then what to do to tweak that and make it better and more exciting and all those types of things.

So my next game that I’m going to play with my brain, is figuring out how I can get to bed and asleep by 10. What are the things I need to do? How do I motivate myself? What are the, you know I’m not sure what that is yet, but that’ll be my fun thing to figure out. How to increase my conversions on what time I go to bed for the next little while. So that’s kind of a one off example. But think about all aspects of your life. What are other things that are important to you? With your husband or your wife, or your spouse or your girlfriend or whatever? Look at the process. Was my day awesome? Yes or no? If it wasn’t, why, what happened? Here it was good, I did this part and it was really good. I did this part and it was good, but then boom, I screwed up here and then the whole thing went south. I said this stupid thing and the whole thing went south.

Start looking at that and being aware of it. Instead of being like, that day sucked, or that let’s say that you’re hanging out with your kids, you’ve got three hours playing with your kids, at first it’s really fun, but you get tired or bored or whatever the thing was. And you’re like, that wasn’t as good as I thought. Why? What was the reasoning? I look at me and it’s like, I’m always trying to figure out how do I optimize the experience with my kids each day? Because I work so hard, that I want to make sure that when I’m not working and I’m with them that my focus is there, my energy is there and I’m able to give them what I want. So I look at , some days are just awesome, sometimes I’m like, man I am a good dad. Other day’s I’m like, Man I am a horrible dad. Why?

For me, I look at it, when I am a good dad, it’s when I’m out jumping on the trampoline with them, I’m running with them, I’m doing stuff, I’m creating, when I’m engaged with them. The times when it’s horrible is the times when I’m looking at my phone, I’m checking things. I’m not engaged, whatever it is. OR I’m tired, my energy levels are low. They want to jump on the tramp and I’m like, I’m so tired and I’m find excuses and ways to not be an awesome dad. So looking at that, I’m like, why was this day awesome, why was this day different? This day what was the process I did? I had good energy. Did I take different supplements? Did I sleep more? Did I eat different? Was that before I ate or after I ate? What was all the little things along the way that made that experience amazing?

My kids, I found out, and I’ve really….this is one big reason when people ask why I’m trying to eat healthy and why I’m doing all these things, and it’s less for trying to look sexy, because you know, come on. Just kidding. I’m such a dork. The real reason honestly is I feel like during the day, I’m giving 100%. I focus I have energy and I’m doing awesome and by the end of the day I’m worn out, I’m tired and my brains tired and my body’s tired. And I feel like, am I giving the best of my time to my work as opposed to my kids and my wife. That’s not right. How do I keep my energy levels high for the last 3 hours, or keep them the same level they are for the first 8? Because I feel guilty if I’m giving 100% the first 8 and then I’m only giving 60&% the last 3. So for me, it’s a big piece of that. I’ve been figuring out, what do I do? How do I eat differently? How do I get in a different state so that when I get home I can actually be aware and awake and have the energy I need to be an awesome dad and not a lazy dad.

There’s a quote, and Stu Mclarin actually posted it on his Facebook wall today. It’s from a guy named David O. Mckay. For the Mormons out there, we all know who he is. For those who are not Mormons, he is someone who us Mormons consider a Mormon Prophet, that lived I don’t know how long ago, 50 or 60 years ago. He’s no longer alive, but he had a quote that was really important, and it kind of ties into today’s message. His quote was that “No success can compensate for failure in the home”. For me, I think about that a lot. If all my energy is going to my work, and I don’t have that because I’m spending so much energy and focus there, I can’t fulfill my home duties, then I’m a failure. That’s something I think about. So I’m trying to think about how to increase energy levels.

There’s a couple examples. There’s a sales funnel how we do it. In a new morning routine, how we do it. This is how we do it on a time with your family, but it works in any part of your life. So instead of just looking at aspects and being like, this was awesome or this was lame. Start looking at the process and see what things to optimize and tweak to make it better. And the more conscience and aware you are of those things the more you can affect them and make them better. That’s the message for today. What should we call this one? Let’s see, just so you guys know, when I finish this podcast I send my brother the title and he titles it. But I want your guys’ help on this. What should we title this one? We could title it, how direct response effects your…how direct response can improve your daily life. That’s kind of cool right?

Alright, Scott, that’s what we’re going to call it. How direct response can improve your daily life and the sub headline will be how to become a better father, husband, and person. That sounds good. Alright guys. That’s what I got for you today. Start looking at your process in life, start optimizing and if you do, you will be happier, you will be better, and you will enjoy your time here on this amazing earth a lot better. So that’s what I got. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. Bye. 


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