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225 - Should I Start My Own Reality Show

225 - Should I Start My Own Reality Show

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Recently one of our fellow funnel hackers started working for me, and he’s in the office, sits right behind my desk. His name is Steven Larsen, some of you guys may know him, so he’s been actually…I’ve been focusing a little more on strategy since he’s been here and he’s been focusing on building out and we’ve been kind of going back and forth until something looks really good.


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Hey, hey, hey, I hope you guys are doing amazing, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I did one this morning, a podcast, which was 3 minutes long because I was preparing for our meeting, and I was talking really fast, but hopefully some of you guys got some cool value out of that. But I have something I wanna talk to you guys about, but I’ve been all bottled up because I’ve had 9o’clock meetings, when usually I’m in the car right before 9. Anyway, I’ve just had less time to talk and hang out. So I’m going right now to the store to grab some stuff for my wife, so this gives me a cool opportunity to share some cool stuff for you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

So I am crazy excited right now about something that we’re doing that I think is going to be amazing. I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous to tell you guys, not even everyone on my team, not even my partners know this yet. Todd will probably find out about this from this podcast. And maybe Dylan, I don’t know if he listens or not. Kind of what we’re thinking. How has marketing been done up to this point? It’s all about creating cool funnels, driving traffic and that conceptual thing. Or doing Periscopes or hang outs, or cool things. All I’m trying to figure out….I’m trying to be the next level, the bleeding edge, the next cool thing. I was trying to really figure out how do we….I feel like we built a really cool brand and a community and all this kind of stuff. How do we expand that? How do we take that to the next level and make it bigger and better?

So that was the question. Last week my wife and I were out visiting our nanny, who just had a baby so we went and saw her and saw the baby and everything. So we were driving around and talking before we went to Jack in the Box. Was it Jack in the Box? Anyway, some horrible fast food restaurant, that tastes way too good, and definitely not on any of the diets on earth, but nevertheless we went there with the kids. And as we’re driving we’re talking about HGTV’s Flip That House, and we’re talking about just some things like that and as we’re driving all the sudden this inspiration I feel it just hit me from above thinking…saying, the cool thing about those shows is that they pick a house, rehab a house, you watch the whole process and in that process they’re telling the back story and all these things. They have this sub-story of things happening. Each week there’s a house that they’re finding, they’re rehabbing it, flipping it or whatever and making it awesome. That was our favorite one, with Chip and Joanne Gains, but all the house shows are similar.

I was thinking about it, we’re working on a lot of side projects. Things I’m kind of doing on the side. Funnels I’m building for companies that we’ve traded equity for, stuff like that. And I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if we made our own reality tv show and showed behind the scenes, so people could actually see what happens? And I started thinking of different funnels I’m working on and one of them is Bio-hacking Secrets with my friend Anthony Diclementi. We’ve already recorded so much cool footage of him with his Cryosauna with laser lights, and all these crazy….the visuals are already amazing, because we’ve been filming the whole process and we’re about to launch it. I’m like, you’re building all this stuff behind the scenes and no one gets to see it and it doesn’t really help the Clickfunnels community other than some of them hear about it later. But I’m like, what if that became a thing and each week we pick a funnel that we’re building anyway and we build it out live and everyone gets to see the story? And it’s not just like a boring thing us in the office like, “Blah blah blah.” Make it fun and exciting and have story lines and a whole bunch of things like that. So that’s kind of the idea.

So we’ve mapped out the first 12 episodes, 12 funnels and some of them are projects like Bio-hacking secrets, the prove it funnels we’re working on, a couple things like that and some of them….For example, tomorrow I’m actually being interviewed, or he’s interviewing me or something I guess, I don’t even know. Robert Kiyosaki are getting on appear.inmeeting and we’re recording it, gonna pre-record this intro for the webinar. Because me and him are doing a big webinar next month. And he can’t show up on them live because he’s going to be out of the country, so we’re filming the intro together and then we’ll show the intro and I’ll do the webinar live to his whole list. And his list is crazy huge, so we could in theory, I don’t know do half a million or million dollar webinar, and wouldn’t that be a cool episode to film that whole thing? Film me tomorrow as I’m driving to the office, freaking out excited and there film behind the scenes of me interviewing Kiyosaki and us being on this thing together. And film the webinar actually happening and showing all the nervousness before and showing people registering and showing up and stats and numbers, and doing the webinar and showing the pitch, the close, the percentages. Just showing the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Or with Bio-hacking Secrets, we’re about to launch. It’s a free book funnel, plus a tele-seminar funnel, plus a webinar high ticket funnel. All of that Is 90% done. So we’re going to fly Anthony out and film the story of us launching this thing, and how we buy the ads and how we get the right things and testing the campaign and seeing what’s converting and what’s not converting. Doing all the stuff we do anyway, but showing you guys behind the scenes of it, in a really cool, fun exciting thing. Wouldn’t that be fun? So that’s kind of the first half. Again, I’m trying to think, how do we make this fun and engaging and exciting.

Recently one of our fellow funnel hackers started working for me, and he’s in the office, sits right behind my desk. His name is Steven Larsen, some of you guys may know him, so he’s been actually…I’ve been focusing a little more on strategy since he’s been here and he’s been focusing on building out and we’ve been kind of going back and forth until something looks really good. So I thought on the show, instead of me talking about it and building it and being really annoying person who thinks he’s really important, instead wouldn’t it be cool if its like, I’m coaching, which I’m doing anyway, but I’m coaching Steven through building these funnels and doing the whole process. And he gets to ask questions and be in on the strategy meetings and all these kinds of things. And that way you guys get a unique view where it’s not just what in my head what’s happening, it’s me explaining it to him what’s happening. So he’s kind of in proxy for the rest of the audience, learning along as this thing is happening, as we’re building it out and seeing behind the scenes as we do the pages and the funnels.

Anyway, I’m so exciting. So we started filming some of them today. We’ve been working on the Prove It funnels. We filmed behind the scenes of us doing the whole strategy session, pre launch stuff. Next week I’m flying out to actually speak at a network marketing event and a Prove It event. So we’re going to film me in the air flying there, telling the story and those kind of things. And then my next book’s coming out, so we’re going to film that story. And we’re going to show behind the scenes of that book funnel. I’ll show you behind the scenes of the Tony Robbins book funnel. Dave Ashworth book funnel and all the other ones we’ve done and just kind of episode by episode build out different things and show you behind the scenes of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it. And the actual numbers, and the actual stats and having complete transparency.

And the other cool thing we thought, if we have an episode that goes live, on the site we’ll have the episode there, you could see each month by month, we could do income reports similar to what John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire. Show each month, Bio-hacking Secrets launch. Month one we did this, month two, month three. Show the running stats of what each of these little business, each of these funnels is actually generating for us. And just try to be complete transparency. You guys can look at what we’re doing and then funnel hack it for your own businesses.

So that’s the idea. I’m excited, I hope you’re excited. We’ve been so crazy. We have some crazy ones. One of them we’re flying down to Columbia to go drop ship roses. One of them…..anyway, we’ve got some crazy, crazy stuff that you guys are going to love, and you’re going to have the chance to see behind the scenes of everything. So that’s the first part. The second part, I’m not sure if I should even talk about this yet, but we’re trying to figure out how to make, and this idea came to me, I actually did a Periscope tonight, asking our Periscope followers, “What do you guys think about this?” Trying to get them engaged with the idea and get some other feedback, what they’d want to hear and see in the episodes.

One thing I kind of talked about was, I don’t know if you guys watch the show the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. You shouldn’t, but if you do you know what I’m talking about where they every night that it’s on, people all around America have these big bachelor parties where they get their friends and family, everyone gets together and they watch the episode together live and they talk about it for the next week waiting for the next one. I was like, what if we build these really cool things like mini hack-a-thons or something where each week when the episode is live; people could run a hack-a-thon in their local area and invite their friends and family members have everyone come over and watch this thing, and watch it streaming, and see the actual ups-ell unfold and see how cool it is. Wouldn’t that be awesome. We were thinking about even having it kind of like a pre level certification. Our certified partners could run bigger versions of these, but having this as like a pre thing where you pay a little bit to get in, and you get in we send you a box, and the box has got like 10 Funnel Hacker t-shirts and it’s got a special gift that’s only for people who are hosting funnel hacking parties. And it’s got…..we’re talking about, Steven had an idea of making a lead pages dart board and having that there. A whole bunch of awesome stuff.

But that would be the thing and that would get people all around the country each week as we release these episodes, we release them at the same time, getting everyone on board, getting everyone to watch together, and commenting and sharing and talking. Make it a really cool, interactive community type building thing where we’re all experiencing this together at the same time. That’s my thoughts. So with that said, I would love to hear your guys’ feedback. Hit me up on Facebook or whatever and say “Yay” or “Nay” or “This is stupid” or “this is awesome” or “I would love to watch that and share it with everybody I know”. Because we’re trying to make this a cool thing. It’s gonna be called Funnel Hacker TV. Some of you guys have seen we had two episodes of Funnel Hacker TV in the past, but we’re going to try and make this into a real thing. I think it’s gonna be amazing. So I’m crazy excited.

We’ve got, we started filming the first ones today. We’ve got a couple more tomorrow. The fun thing I’m learning is, and I’ve always been pretty good at project management, because that’s what I’ve normally been doing. But now we’re project managing 13 funnels at once because we’re filming different parts and different things with each one. And trying to make sure we have each of the sections for each of the things. It’s gonna be amazing. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Please keep it a secret. Don’t tell anybody else. Hopefully it gets you guys excited and gets you thinking about cool things you can do in your own community to get people more engaged and more excited and I think this is going to be it for us. It’s going to take the marketing to the next level. And just the community and this whole brand we’re trying to build and take it more mainstream and make it more fun and just make it not a software program. We don’t want this to be that. We want this to be a cult, I mean a community. So that’s the game plan. I appreciate you guys. I’m walking in the store to grab my wife’s stuff. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Have a great night, appreciate you all, and that’s about it. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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