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231 - The Epiphany Bridge

231 - The Epiphany Bridge

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This is the key to selling almost anything to anyone.

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Whatever business it is, there was some epiphany that happened to you that got you into this thing. And then you got into this thing and you became obsessed with it. You started studying it and learning it, you learn all the jargon and the keywords and all these kind of things that came from that. And you became very educated, so now you know all these things about this topic, and now you go and try to sell to other people and you're using all these terms and this rational that stuff that logically you learned about the product or services.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to an Inner Circle version of Marketing In Your Car. Alright ladies, gentlemen, friends, foes, anyone who’s listening to me right now. Hopefully there’s no foes, but I guarantee there’s people who hate me who are listening though. So those of you guys who are out there hating me and listening to me. Thank you anyway first for subscribing, I appreciate you just as much as the people who love me.

Anyway, we’re heading into another week of Inner Circle meetings, so I’m excited. Those who are in the Inner Circle, we basically capped out the group at 100, so if you didn’t make it in, then that was your fault. I’ve been talking about it for 3 years. So it is capped out and sold out. We basically broke it down into 4 groups of 25. So the first group and the second group happen Monday, Tuesday, and then Wednesday, Thursday. And next month will be the next two groups. So if you’re interested in being in, in the future, the only way to get in is if someone else drops out. So those people who hate money will be the ones to drop out. Those who love money and like to get more money will continue to stay in for forever. So that’s kind of how it works. Just cross your fingers and hope somebody hates money and then you’ll have a chance to actually get in. And the way to get in at that time is go to and apply, we’ll put you on the waiting list, for if and when that ever opens up again.

So that is the pitch for something that’s already sold out. So there you go. For those of you guys who just want to hang out and talk to me while I’m driving, I’ve got an idea for you guys today. I’m going to share this in the meeting, but I thought it was really important and it’s kind of been one of the big epiphany’s I’ve had over the last two weeks or so, as I’ve been thinking through things and looking at stuff that works and why it works. I’m a big believer in….a lot of times we do stuff unconsciously, we’re unconsciously competent, we do cool things, but we don’t know why they work. So I like going back looking at why did that work. It worked for some reason, and if I understand why that worked maybe I can use it in other places where I can more effectively craft it and engineer it so it’ll do better. So that’s kind of my thoughts.

The thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot, I’m not going to call it copywriting, because it’s not that, but it’s related to copywriting. It’s the copywriting sister or something. It’s the way better looking sister too. It’s important. I spoke last week or two weeks ago at a network marketing event, and I didn’t have any notes prepared. I didn’t know what I was going to speak about, I just didn’t know I was going to get up in front of about 100 people, I think about 100 people or so, from the Prove It! Community and talk about what I thought was important. And I was thinking about network marketer. I was literally, they were announcing me, I was like, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, what should I talk about and I was praying for inspiration. And all the sudden what popped in my head was this concept of a bridge. And we’ve talked about bridge pages before and other things, but I was thinking of this concept of a bridge. I was thinking about how most people, and I’m going to talk about network marketing, but I don’t want that to turn off the non network marketers, because this is true for every business, but network marketing especially.

So most of us, we get into a business, whatever business, whatever we’re selling, or whatever the thing we’re in, we’ve gotten there. We didn’t just immediately jump in. What happened is that something happened in our life and it’s somewhere along the line we had this epiphany like, wow I need this thing, this product, this service. Or the reason why you created whatever product you sell, you have this epiphany, so I want you to kind of…..that word epiphany put that in your pocket, we’re going to come back to that in a minute. But you had this epiphany and then because of that you got into whatever it is that you’re selling today. Whatever business it is, there was some epiphany that happened to you that got you into this thing. And then you got into this thing and you became obsessed with it. You started studying it and learning it, you learn all the jargon and the keywords and all these kind of things that came from that. And you became very educated, so now you know all these things about this topic, and now you go and try to sell to other people and you're using all these terms and this rational that stuff that logically you learned about the product or services.

But you forget that typically you didn’t come into whatever it is you’re selling logically, you came into it emotionally. You had this emotional epiphany that got you into that thing. But then you learned all this logic because you get excited about the topic and then you go try to sell people logic later. And therein lies the issue. One of my friends named Kim Clavier, she’s an old time network marketer, 12, 15 years ago I read one of her books called “If My Product’s So Great How Come Nobody’s Buying it?” Which is a great title. And in that she talked about this concept of what marketers do and she was talking about network marketers, but this concept is called techno-babble, where they come in and start spewing these terms and phrases and all these things down someone’s throat that they learned, and it totally turns people off. But that’s what we do because we’re so proud. “Oh, we’re the number one blah blah, we’ve got the industry leading blah blah, it’s ground breaking.” All this crap that we spew out, all the logical stuff that we learned that strengthened our belief in the product is what we start spewing out at people. And the problem is they never had that initial epiphany. Therefore, all this logic you’re spewing on them, just offends them, totally offends them. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating. Dude, don’t try to pitch me on this crap.

So what I was thinking about as I was walking on stage after they introduced me, was this concept of our goal as marketers is we have to give our audience the same epiphany that we had. Because that’s what sells somebody is the epiphany. So if tell someone, “Hey I woke up.” Let’s say for me it was ketosis , I always tell people “Your body needs ketosis, it’ll help you lose weight.” all these things and they’re like, “What are you talking about.” They don’t know what those words mean. So if I come back and I say, “hey what was the epiphany that helped me understand ketosis?” for me I had a friend one time, who was in ketosis and I was totally making fun of him at dinner one time because he was eating chicken and broccoli and not having any dessert. I was like, “Dude, you’re a moron.” And he explained ketosis to me, kind of like a campfire. So those of you who are in a Prove It! Company, if you’ve ever seen the campfire explainer video, that’s how I came up with that video. The concept of that video, that’s what bridged this epiphany gap for me, and that is why I am a believer in the product and the service so much, because I had that epiphany, oh this is why it works.

So I made that explainer video, all I did was I tried to take people from where I was at and give them the same epiphany I had. That’s the bridge I created to get them over here to my company. So stepping now, is for us as marketers, we have to cut out all the techno-mumbo jumbo crap that we’re so used to saying to try to sell people stuff. Because that’s not what sells them. What sells them is the original epiphany that you had that got you to sell whatever it is that you’re selling. You have to remember what that epiphany was and then the story that gives them the same epiphany you had is the key. So it’s not you telling them your epiphany, because that doesn’t help. It’s you telling them a story that gives them the same epiphany that you had. Because when they have that epiphany, that’s the key. Then the selling isn’t hard, it’s easy.

So I want you guys thinking about that. Take a step back in time to wherever it is that you were when you had the epiphany that got you into whatever product you’re selling and think about that and figure out what that story was and then figure out how to tell the story. It could be through video, it could be through a sales letter, it could be through a webinar, it could be however, but you’re going to share how you had that epiphany. And when they understand how you had that epiphany, excuse me, when they have that epiphany then they’re in. Then you can support it with all the logic and all the techno-mumbo jumbo that you guys are so proud of, but don’t lead with that, because that will turn them all away. Whereas if you lead with the epiphany and they have that epiphany, they will come seeking the logical explanations, to strengthen that for them. That’s the secret, that’s the key.

Anyway, I’m excited. I hope that helps you guys. If you look at how I crafted that story by the way, I had had an epiphany two weeks ago and I was trying to give you that same epiphany. So did it work? I could have just told you that the key is you need to have an epiphany and then you need to have a bridge story to connect that epiphany. If I would have told you that, some of you guys would have been like, alright epiphany, sweet Russell. But because I told that story and the process, I told you guys how I had the epiphany, hopefully some of you guys had it as well. So I practice what I preach. I used on you what I’m telling you to use on your people as well.

Anyway, I hope that helps. It’s like a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream. Did we just have inception here? Anyway, alright guys, I am in downtown Boise, and the traffic’s crazy. Pretty sure I’m going to wreck, because I’m driving with one hand, shifting with one hand and on the phone with the other hand, so I better go before I die. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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