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233 - My New True Believer Funnel

233 - My New True Believer Funnel

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How to get people to profitably join your podcast, follow you on social media, and so much more.

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The problem with most content things is that the way you get traction is first off, you’ve got to do it consistently for forever which kind of sucks. For most of us it takes a long time before you have success. I was doing this podcast for probably 3 years before anyone listened to it. But I didn’t care because it was fun and it was an easy format.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope that the weekend was amazing for those who are listening live. Those who….I guess it’s never really live, those who are listening in kind of real time, for those who are listening some other time, hope you had an amazing whatever today was for you. And I have got some crazy, cool things happening this week. I’m excited.

We’ve got…..we’re launching the Keto Funnels for the Pruvit company which is going to be cool. It’s not live today but it should be live by the time most of you guys hear this, within a day or two. So if you wanna see a little bit behind the scenes of what we’re doing go to, that should be live, like I said, in a day or two. We’re going to be rolling those out, funnels for a network marketing company, so it’s kind of a big experiment. We’re going to be testing out, if it works good here, we’ll probably do it with other companies. Anyway, it’s kind of a little sample test to see if we can build out funnels for companies and make it so that a company person basically comes in, drops in their Pruvit ID and unlocks all these secret funnels, so it’ll be kind of cool to see how the first test goes. I think it’ll do well, we’ve built 2 pretty amazing funnels for that company and I think that people are going to love them and do a lot of good stuff with them. So that’s kind of plan number one that’s happening this week.

Also Bio-hacking Secrets should be going live. We would be going live this week, but we have to record one more product, so Anthony’s flying back out for that early next week. We’ve got the hack-a-thon starting. So we’ve got, this weekend basically Clickfunnels partners and co-founders are all flying in, and next we’ve got pretty much half the dev team, maybe more, maybe the whole dev team, a whole bunch of the dev team, a whole bunch of the marketing team. So for a week we’ll be doing a whole bunch of crazy, cool stuff, while we’re filming episodes for Funnel Hacker TV. There’s a lot happening, which is fun, also at times, overwhelming, not going to lie. But it’s good.

I got a couple of big projects I’m trying to get out the door and then I can start focusing on some of the fun things that are going on with Funnel Hacker TV. But today I wanted to share with you guys an idea that hopefully will be a big idea for some of you guys. Because I think I cracked the code on something. If you think about how most people grow, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, I know Snapchat is the new cool thing, and podcasts is cool, and blogs are cool and all these things are cool, right? The problem with most content things is that the way you get traction is first off, you’ve got to do it consistently for forever which kind of sucks. For most of us it takes a long time before you have success. I was doing this podcast for probably 3 years before anyone listened to it. But I didn’t care because it was fun and it was an easy format. But it was hard because, luckily I was monetizing my life in other ways, but this is your marketing strategy, it sucks. If your marketing strategy is, let’s go blog, let’s go podcast, let’s go Snapchat, things like that, it’s tough. So I’m always looking, how do we beat the system? How do we make it so that we can get customers and people to subscribe profitably? Where we make money every time somebody joins our podcast or gets on Snapchat or whatever that thing might be.

So I’ve been thinking about that. How do I do that? What’s the best way? I have an idea and I’m going to be executing on it, and I hope a couple of you guys copying me, because if you do that’d be awesome. My guess is that most of you won’t but hopefully one or two of you will because that’ll make it worth sharing the idea. What I’ve been looking out is, I’ve been doing…..We’re getting close to episode 250 in the Marketing In Your Car Podcast, which is crazy. Don’t you guys think? We’ve been hanging out 250 days, we’ve been sharing this message together. So that’s kind of cool. My problem is when we go pay, “Hey go subscribe to Russell’s podcast.” It’s expensive, and it’s hard to track, it’s less effective, it’s not the best thing in the world right? I know it was almost impossible to track as when we were trying to guess , we were spending $100 to get someone to subscribe to your podcast. it was obviously free things in your list of a bunch of other things to do, but for me to buy ads to get people to build my following, crazy expensive, not worth it, not even worth the time and energy. That’s why putting out good content is good, people share.

A lot of you guys have found out about this podcast because people shared it with you or whatever. So those are the good things having good content, but I don’t want to rely on good content to get my message out there. Because no matter how good your content is, at first it’s not spreading. So how do we do it? So I had this idea. Building a funnel specific to getting people to subscribe to my different channels and things like that. What I was thinking about doing, and a couple of ideas and tips kind of came along with this thought process, but one of them I was looking at all the podcasts I’ve done in the past and there’s 5 or 6 that are focused on webinars that are really, really good. Things that I wish everybody could listen to. So I’m like, what if I take those 5 things and I’m like, “Hey opt-in for the 5 top webinar strategy’s” or whatever, they opt in and boom, I just give them the links to those 5 podcasts. So that’s one way I can start paying to get people to opt-in and have some kind of metric, but it still doesn’t make me really money up front. So I’m like how do we do this?

So my big thought, my big aha, I’m excited for this, is I’m going to be taking 250, well as soon as we get 250 episodes, we’re getting close. I’m going to make……I’ve been sourcing it in China. In China we’re getting these really cool pre-loaded MP3 players, and I’m going to pre-load the first 250 episodes of Marketing In Your car on that thing. So I’m going to go and actually pull out the audio intros and exits, just so you don’t have to hear the same song 250 times, for those of you guys that binge listen. But I want to encourage people to binge listen. So what better way than to do that than to give them devices with all those things pre-loaded on it. It ends up costing me $5 or $10 in China to get one of these MP3 players. It’ll be wrapped in my logos and all that kind of stuff, and I’m going to do a free plus shipping on it. Free plus shipping you’re going to get 250 of my top podcast episodes. So that’ll be basically the offer, and we’ll have some kind of order form bump and some kind of upsell, right? Whatever that is.

So now, I can go on Facebook and get my email list and other people’s lists, and all the traditional marketing channels to give away this MP3 player, which people who download my MP3 player with 250 free episodes of my podcast, what do we know about those people? They’re probably either interested in my podcast, or they will become because now I’m giving it away to them to binge listen to them really, really easily. So they will come through that funnel and after that funnel, now this is my, in my mind it’s my funnel to connect people to all of my social outlets. So day one would be a thing like, “Hey, thanks so much for listening, the MP3 player is on its way, but I want you to subscribe right now so that you can get all future episodes. Because episode 251 and beyond are not on this MP3 player, so you have to click here to subscribe. So, boom, we’re getting people subscribed to itunes that day.

So now I’m causing consumption and then I’m getting people to subscribe. And then day number two is going to be something like, “Hey guys, this is Russell. You know what Snapchat is? Here’s 5 cool snapschats I sent out in the past, I want you guys on this list, because if you’re not getting my Snapchats you’re missing out on some cool crap that’s coming directly to you through the Snapchatty-thingy.” I actually haven’t started using Snapchat yet, in fact I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s the big next thing, so I’m like, how do you get people to subscribe? Well it’s hard, you have to train them.

So I’m going to get a freaking pay for ads until somebody to go download Snapchat, search for my name, click on my button, that’s the most inefficient way on earth to grow a following, it’s horrible. But for people who have said, “Russell I’m going to pay you for 250 of your episodes.” those people are a little more engaged and now I have a full day focused on, “Hey guys, today’s a Snapchat day. Anyone who has a Snapchat you’re going to get blah blah for free. Go and do it.” And we bribe them and motivate them to get them to subscribe to Snapchat. The next one can be like, “Hey guys, this is how”….I don’t know, LinkedIn or Pinterest, or Instagram, or whatever, I’m going to use that communication funnel after somebody gets this free plus shipping thing to connect them into all of my social channels and that’s going to be the funnel. So that way in theory if we execute it right, usually it costs us about $10 to get a free plus shipping buyer, and if we can make $20 or so from that initial funnel, that’ll cover our shipping costs and basically now we’re breaking even, and now I’ve got people’s attention, to now get them into our other channels for free, and in a really cool way that’s not them clicking on an ad in Facebook, but actually watching a video of me educating you, coaching you how to do it, telling them what to look for, to how it all works. And that’s kind of the thoughts. So that’s my thought you guys. So I’m going to be building out really cool, I don’t even know what we call it, a funnel with the sole purpose of profitably acquiring subscribers to my blog, podcast, Snapchat, all those other things.

We should probably come up with a cool name for it. What do you guys think? What would be a cool name to use for it? Call it the…..oh what if we call it, have you guys ever read the article called the Thousand True Believers, or A Thousand True Fans, is that what it’s called. Oh and there’s a book called the True Believer which is a book about how to start your own cult, not that I’m studying how to start my own cult, but if I was, I would definitely be reading the True Believer. What if we call this the True Believer Funnel. The True Believer Creator Funnel. That’s too many words. Let’s call it the True Believer Funnel, this will be just between us people. You guys on the Marketing In Your Car and that’s it, nobody else gets this one right now. So this is the True Believer Funnel. That’s what we’re going to start focusing on, where we can profitably acquire people into our cult, sure. That’ll be the game plan.

Anyway, that’s my thought. Hopefully that helps some of you guys, gives you some cool ideas. Again, you don’t have to be as elaborate as me, with 250 episodes on, you can go pick 5 episodes and sell it for $7 or you could do like I’m doing. Burn them on a CD. Initially we burned it on a CD we just never sold that one. But as a MP3 player it’ll be super cool, it’ll grow and grow the way we’re looking for, plus I can put on all my other follow up sequences and a million other things. Anyway, that’s totally the game plan you guys. So feel free to Funnel Hack it, rip it off. But you will see me executing it very quickly. We’re getting MP3 players designed right now. My brother’s cleaning up all the audio from past Marketing in Your Car’s making it easier to listen to, and I got to get to episode 250. When those things are finished, we will have an MP3 player with 250 episodes pre-loaded on it, for your listening enjoyment.

That’s the plan you guys. Alright, I am outta here. I got a busy day and I’ve got field day today with my kids at 1, so I’ve got 3, about 4 hours to bust through all my projects, then I am out. Which I am kind of excited for, the day’s I only have 3 or 4 hours to get stuff done, I typically get more stuff done than the days that I have 10 hours. It’s forcing me to get everything done in a compressed amount of time to get to my kids field day today. Cause this is the last week of school for them, so it’s going to be really, really fun. I am in charge of the tug o war, so I’m going to be….just picture this, me vs 10 little kids in a tug o war. It’s going to be so fun. I’m excited. Alright you guys, have a great day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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