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234 - My Outside Perspective

234 - My Outside Perspective

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Something cool I learned from wrestling…

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So again it could be meditation for you, could be prayer, could be hiring a coach, could be all those things combined. Kind of my big takeaway for this week is that while I am good in the heat of battle, I’m doing well, better than I’ve ever done, I need to take those moments to look back and get the outside perspective from somebody or something else that I might be missing right now. Because no matter how good I think I might be, I’m missing things.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Good morning everybody. I hope you guys are all doing amazing. I am heading into the office now as normal. I probably should just quit saying that because you guys are all riding with me every day and you all know that’s kind of the game plan.

But I wanted to share with you guys a cool insight I had two days ago. I need to preface it, because in my mastermind groups every year we get a group amazing women who join who self identify themselves, so I wouldn’t say this if they didn’t say it, but since they do I can tease and I can play off of it. But, they come in and usually everybody introduces themselves, “Hey I’m so and so and I’m in the woo woo niche.”

Woo woo typically means all of the mindset and spiritual healing and all these things that are grouped in, in the woo woo, right. So that’s kind of our joke in the Inner Circle like, “You’re one of the woo woo teachers.” It’s kind of funny. So with that said, I do believe in a lot of those kind of things and I think there’s a lot of value and stuff and a lot of cool things that come from that.

Anyway, one of our members….some of you guys may have heard of them or met them, but if not, they’re amazing. Their names are Justin and Tara Williams and they run a couple of podcasts. One in the real estate market which I……if you want to flip houses, these guys are amazing, they flip like 100 houses a year, but that’s not the kind of business I want to be in, but if you do go check it out. I don’t even know the name of the podcast there is.

They also do one called 8 minute millionaire, which is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s really, really fun. And then Tara just launched a new podcast called, I’m going to mess up the name; it’s like the Energy Healing Podcast. She launched it and I kind of saw them launching it, but I didn’t know much about it, and then at the group she got up and kind of presenting and explaining what they’re doing.

And we were teasing them, “Oh no, you’re in the woo woo market now. You guys went from hardcore house flipping to becoming a millionaire to woo woo in a year, which is kind of funny.” But it was awesome and she showed the process and the model that they’re doing. It was really, really cool. In fact, maybe I’ll talk about it another day, but if you want to see a really interesting, simple, clean model, I’m really kind of watching them close, because I think it’s cool, but if you go to and make sure you spell it right.

I’ll make sure my sister-in-law transcribes these; I’ll make sure she goes to the right site, so it’s right in the transcript. If you go to, it’s a very simple page telling you a story, you opt in, they get you to listen to the podcast. The podcast pushes back to an energy healing calm, and then eventually I’m sure they’ll go to hiring coaching and a bunch of stuff like that. But it’s simple, the podcast is the traffic generator, and then you look at the podcast, she did a really cool job of when you come in and taking you through an indoctrination.

First thing she introduces the podcast, second podcast episode tells her story and then after that it goes through a 21 day jump start. 21 days of hope to help you become indoctrinated and understanding energy healing. Why she does it, how she does it, all these things, which increases your desire to want to go get the coaching call, and things like that. Anyway, needless to say, I’m going through the process.

While she’s at the Mastermind, she reads my energy, totally the woo woo realm of things, so if you guys don’t believe in that kind of stuff, I totally understand it, but I was like……it was strangely amazing and interesting and yeah. So we actually, during the mastermind I had them come over and talk to my wife and I more about what they do, and did a session with us then, and then I drank the kool-aid and signed up and paid them a bunch of money to do some of my own sessions.

So my very first call was on Monday, which was Memorial Day. So I woke up early in the morning and did that and it was interesting. I would say I’ve done a lot of coaching, a lot of coaching, probably more than most people on earth over the last ten years, but I would say that it was the most specific personal development, life coaching, whatever you want to call it, session that I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of good things that are….but the problem is they are more generic; the way she does things is very focused on me.

Anyway, I will leave it at that because there’s a bunch of stuff that is outside the scope of this podcast. I wanted to share that first off because I think the model is really, really interesting. Second off, during my session I learned something really interesting about myself, that I think would be good for you guys too. So therein lies what we’re going to be talking about for the next 5 minutes till I get to the office. So during my session we were talking about just things and how I work. She was asking me, “There’s some kind of wrestling analogy here that you need to figure out and explain to me.”

And I was like, “Okay.” So I’m kind of thinking through it and I don’t remember exactly what she said for this to kind of come up or anything but, I remember the moral of the story and it was talking about wrestling, and any of you guys that have ever been to wrestling match, this is kind of how it works. When you’re in high school they’re 6 minute matches, when you’re in college they’re 7 minute matches, it’s basically 2 minutes for each period, there’s 3 periods.

First period both of you start on your feet, then after 2 minutes, or in college the first period is 3 minutes, then there’s a quick break. The break literally is maybe 10 seconds, it’s long enough for the ref to flip a coin, see who gets their choice, whoever wins the choice can say they want to go top, bottom, neutral or defer. Top means that you get to start on top of the guy, bottom means you get to start on the bottom, where you’re on the mat and the other guys on top of you. Neutral means you get on your feet again and defer means you let the other guy choose and you choose the 3rd period.

So that’s kind of what is top, bottom, neutral or defer. So that goes really quick, you pick “I want bottom.” And then right before you walk back to the center of the mat and kneel down you look back at your coach for a second, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, a really short period of time, just long enough for your coach to be like, “Dude, Russell, he’s leading his right leg, look for that. You’re missing it but he’s leading his right leg.”

Or “Hey Russell, keep your elbows in. You’re overextending your arms.” Or whatever that little piece is. And my coach is able to see what I’m not. Because I’m right there, my face is in the middle of this thing. We’re beating the crap out of each other, there’s heads and all sorts of things are happening. And I’m aware of as much as my subconscious mind is picking up from all my training and my practice and everything, but there’s things from the outside I’m not able to see just because I’m so close to the thing.

So I look back for a second and the coach is like, “Hey, your elbows are flying, keep your elbows in.” I’m like, “Oh crap, I didn’t even realize. I’m getting out of position.” Or “Hey look for the under-hook on this guy, he’s reaching.” Or “Hey, look he’s stepping.” Or whatever it is, they give me a second, maybe 2 seconds of really fast coaching from an outside perspective. You go to the middle, boom you start again. You go for the next 2 minutes, the period ends, you come back, reset, you’re standing there and look over to the coach and the coach is like, “Boom, here’s this outside nugget that you’re missing.”

And then the match is over. And what’s interesting, if you look at those little things, it’s tiny periods of time. Seconds, maybe 5 seconds max. But you’re getting this perspective from outside, from something that…….I think about this a lot. For me, and I don’t know if I’d say this in all situations, but you got Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is better than his coach.

Typically if you’re in competition, you’re better than your coach, you’re coach may have been better back in the day, but they’re not actively competing. So you’re the best, you’re technically better than your coach in that period of time, but the coach still has a different perspective that you don’t have. He’s able to look from the outside and be like, “Wow, Russell is doing a lot of good things right, but this is where he’s getting in trouble. This is the piece…” or whatever those things are.

And it’s that outside perspective you get for a second. And one of the big takeaway’s from my session with Tara was understanding for me in my business, I’m in the heat of it. I’m going a million miles a minute and doing all sorts of stuff just like I’m in a wrestling match, and the thing I was missing was I wasn’t taking that time to look back at a coach, look back at whatever.

And it could be a coach, it could be a spiritual thing, through prayer, which I think is probably more of where I need to be focusing at. It could be, you know whatever, but it’s taking a second and looking back to get the outside perspective so when you go back to battle you have that ability to execute better. So that’s kind of where I wanted to share with you. For each of you guys it’s going to be different. I think for me, and it’s one of my things I’m trying to work on for the next month or so and really figure out, is where are those times for me?

I’m not a big fan yet of meditation, but I know people who are obsessed with it and seems like in my world, everyone is getting more and more obsessed with meditation and I just don’t feel like I have the time for that right now. Some of you guys know I just bought a flow tank, so the flow tank is going to be at my house next week, it’s being delivered. When you do a flow tank session, it’s like an hour sitting in this tank floating in salt water, you just kind of sit there for an hour, so it’s going to be my forced meditation time. I don’t even know how to meditate.

So I’m probably going to, when I’m locked in there push play on some meditation thing that forces me to meditate. But it’s going to be my time to force me to stop and look back at my coach. So meditation could be a thing, it could be hiring a coach. I look at one of our Inner Circle members who’s been killing it, just finished a new webinar and sent it to me today and was like, “I’m so excited.”

And I felt bad because I’m so excited about the webinar, but there’s 3 final mistakes almost everyone makes in a webinar and she made all three of them and I was like ahhh. And I feel, I almost feel bad being that coach that’s like, “Hey, this is the three places I see that you’re already making the mistakes,” because I know how much time they’ve put into the presentation and all these things, but that’s what they’re looking for.

That outside perspective. “I’m in the battle, I’m creating, I’m doing all this stuff and it looks perfect to me and I look back at the coach and the coach is like, “It’s looking good, but you’re overextending, your elbows are out.” Or “You’re stepping too hard with your left leg and that’s why he keeps taking you down.” Or whatever that thing might be. So hiring a coach or mentor, I’ve been a big believer, and it’s funny because I haven’t for the last year and a half just because Clickfunnels got a little crazy.

But prior to that in my life, I always had a coach, someone I was paying for coaching, and it wasn’t always like a business coach. It was a health coach, or a life coach, relationship coach. And right now I’ve got my new energy coach, so it can be all sorts of different things, but always having some coach that you’re paying so you have someone to look back to and be like, “Hey I need an outside perspective. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong?”

So again it could be meditation for you, could be prayer, could be hiring a coach, could be all those things combined. Kind of my big takeaway for this week is that while I am good in the heat of battle, I’m doing well, better than I’ve ever done, I need to take those moments to look back and get the outside perspective from somebody or something else that I might be missing right now. Because no matter how good I think I might be, I’m missing things.

So that’s what the outside perspectives for. Anyway, that’s what I wanted to share with you guys today. It’s cool, I’m excited. I’m excited to see where my journey goes with Tara as a coach for a little while. And just see the different things I get from that. So I’ll share the cool stuff with you guys. But that was the big takeaway for me. So think about that you guys. I’m sure that you’re all amazing at what you do, but look back at the coach to get the outside perspective.

That’s what I got. I’m almost to the office today you guys. I got calls. Ugh. I hate days when I have calls from noon to 4. It’s killing me. I just want to build funnels. Anyway, so I’m going to film from 9 until noon. So I’m going to go bust out four things really quick, then get on calls all day and that’ll be my day.

And then tomorrow, we’ve got all Dylan, Todd and Ryan, my Clickfunnels co-founders/partners are flying in for 3 or 4 days and next we’ve got the whole team flying in. So tomorrow will be a fun day of getting crap done, planning for world domination.

Taking a step back so we can move 50 steps forward and it’s going to be good. I’m sure we’ll be broadcasting live from some of our secret sessions, so hopefully you guys are tuned into Periscope and Facebook Mentions and all the other places we’re posting cool stuff because we’ll be sharing inside, behind the scenes of what’s happening. Alright guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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