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237 - Funnel Fridays - A Cool New Way To Sell All Your Stuff

237 - Funnel Fridays - A Cool New Way To Sell All Your Stuff

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If this works, this might be my new favorite way to sell.

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We did daily hangouts, which was a nightmare, but we did daily hangouts like this and we’d tell everybody, “Hey, we’re coming back tomorrow, bring your teams back.” And every single day people were bringing their teams back, and bringing their teams back and they kept organically growing like that. Now it’s kind of the same thing, we’re going to do this Funnel Fridays each Friday and then we’ll let affiliates promote them.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody, today is a special day, it’s a very special day for a lot of reasons. One, it’s Friday, number two is it’s the last day of the hack-a-thon, and number three the most important, is today is the first day ever of Funnel Fridays or Friday Funnels, I can’t remember what we called it. It’s either Funnel Fridays or Friday Funnels.

I think it’s Friday Funnels, no Funnel Friday. Oh crap. Anyway, I’ll learn it more as we keep doing it. But I think I’ve figured out a cool new way to sell stuff that’s going to be really, really, really, really cool. I hope all you guys knock me off because I’m pretty sure it’s the coolest thing ever. If you look at our typical sales process, we’re driving ads, we’re doing stuff and people were coming into the beginning of a funnel, they go through the process and they either buy it or they don’t.

And then there’s upsells and their moving from funnel to funnel to funnel and eventually they kind of drop out the back and then they’re people, they get your emails and their doing stuff, but they’re not actively engaged into any kind of sequence. So I’m like, how do you….what do we do for all those people? Because I’m sure they have money they want to give to us. How do I make them re-inspired to give us money? So that was where this thought came from.

If you listen to my whole perfect webinar concept it’s all about doing these webinars weekly and on and on and keep going forward, and doing the same webinar every single week and filling them up with people and keeping that consistently moving forward. And I still believe in it, I still think it’s the model of the future. But after people go through that, when do you ever sell that thing again? Because the reality is a lot of people want to buy stuff, they just didn’t at that time, but they might 3 months later, 6 months later it might reignite them.

In fact, it’s funny back in the day, and I should probably more with my business now, but we had a webinar called Dotcom Secrets Local and we would do our webinar to our own list every three months, and I was like everyone has seen this, I pounded it like crazy three months ago. And we do it and we make the same amount of money as we did three months prior. And we’d do it four times a year, same webinar to our same list and every single time it worked.

I was thinking, last year Mike Filsaime did the Clickfunnels webinar 3 times to the same list in one year and every single time he did over a hundred grand in commissions, so two hundred grand total sales. Jason Fladlien just did our webinar twice in the last 4 months. So it’s like, our list will keep buying a lot more than we think, but I think we get bored of it, or we don’t whatever.

So we have these limited beliefs. So there’s one thing and the second thing, maybe that’s the third thing now, I can’t remember. The third thing is that I was listening to Pat Flynn a little while ago, maybe a year ago, maybe two years. He was talking about how every Friday he was doing a webinar and people would get on and he would just talk about podcasting and the whole time call to action. Like home shopping network style, he pushed people back to go buy, and pushing them back to go buy, and pushing them back to go buy.

So I kept having this idea for a while, this is cool, what if I set up something where every Friday I did something cool, that made people want to come hang out with me and talk, and then in that thing I could home shopping network style sell people. Never blatant like, “Hey go buy my crap.” But it could be like, “Here’s me using Clickfunnels.” And they’re like, “I wish I had Clickfunnels.” And then I’m like, “Here’s me using Funnel Scripts.”

And they’re like, “Funnel Scripts is awesome.” “Oh here’s me using Funnel University.” And they’re like “Oh!” and they see inside of me using all of our products and see that, “Wow, Russell’s not only”….what do they say on hair club for men? “Not only the president, but I’m also a member.” They see that I drink my own kool-aid, and see us doing stuff, and it becomes this fun, exciting viral thing that grows and then through that process we get people to buy our stuff every single week and share it with their friends and it becomes viral and all those other fun things associated. So that’s the thought.

Today’s day one. And it’s either, or, I can’t remember, but I’ll learn that better and get back to you on it. But basically what I’m doing is there’s a page and at the top of the page is a Google Hangout, I’m doing the Google Hangout live and what we’re going to do, I’m going to build a funnel each week in 30 minutes. I told everybody to ship me their product so a whole bunch of people are over-nighting their products, so this morning I’m hoping there’s going to be a bunch of different boxes in the office when I show up so that I can pick one.

So we’re going to pick one and then we’re going to live build out a funnel. I’m going to have a 30 minute countdown clock on the screen, countdown from 30 to 0. And I’ve got to get the funnel done before the clock hits 0. It’s going to be and Jim Edwards is coming on because he’s going to write the scripts in Funnel Scripts. I’m going to be busting out the funnel inside of Clickfunnels. We’re uploading images inside of Funnel University and just…..people are going to see my work floor and how I build funnels, so it’ll be cool.

And then down below it’ll be like, “Hey get your funnel stuff. Number one, here’s Funnel Hacks, you get a discount, you get Clickfunnels for free for 6 months. Number two, buy Funnel Scripts here. Number three, get Funnel University here.” So it’s pushing them to all of our core offers. It’s kind of funny, back, this is rewind time, it’s pre-podcast, maybe it’s right when the podcast started, I don’t remember. But we were launching this company called Rippln and this is how we grew.

We did daily hangouts, which was a nightmare, but we did daily hangouts like this and we’d tell everybody, “Hey, we’re coming back tomorrow, bring your teams back.” And every single day people were bringing their teams back, and bringing their teams back and they kept organically growing like that. Now it’s kind of the same thing, we’re going to do this Funnel Fridays each Friday and then we’ll let affiliates promote them.

And the coolest thing about doing a hangout is, you do the hangout live but it’s not like if someone misses it live they miss it. Because they can come back to the page anytime after and the things already embedded in there and they can watch it now, all week long the one you just did. So affiliates can promote it all week long and keep getting, it’ll show the most recent episode and then when the new one comes, it just floats out for the new one, so it’s a really cool process.

So that’s what we’re doing. And then the other thing we’re doing, we’re having crazy success right now with Facebook Live or Facebook Mentions, whatever you call it. So I think we’re going to have a Facebook Mentions or Facebook Live for this Friday Funnel from behind the scenes while I’m doing it, which will hopefully get people more excited because we’ll get Facebook Crew all coming over as well. That’s kind of the game plan. So it’s going to be pretty awesome.

Anyway, the good thing is its happening soon. The bad news is its happening in 45 minutes, and I’m late. I was supposed to get to the office an hour and a half ago, I slept in. Now I’ve got 45 minutes to promote it, set it up, figure out what funnel I’m going to build, blah blah blah, and all that other fun stuff. So that’s what’s kind of happening now. I’m really nervous, but really, really excited. Worst case scenario, I totally screw up live in front of everybody.

Best case, we inspire some people, get them excited about using our products, they get to see how I build stuff which might inspire them to build more stuff and get them consuming our product. It’s all about operation consumption over here. That’s my goal, is to each Friday consume our product live in front of our audience so they learn how to consume it. And I think that’ll be a big difference for us.

So that’s what I got you guys. I hope that gives you some ideas for your business, for your products. I think it’s something that any of us and all of us should be doing. But I will set the model, I’ll show it to you guys in the next few weeks, and then I hope you guys copy me, knock it off, use it. Because it’s going to work. Alright, that’s what I got for today. Thanks everybody, I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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