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237 - TRAFFIC SECRETS!!! (A Sneak Peek...)

237 - TRAFFIC SECRETS!!! (A Sneak Peek...)

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Episode Recap:

Everyone’s been begging me for a glimpse of Traffic Secrets, and while I can’t show you the book, I will give you a sneak peek. On today’s episode Russell gives an interesting sneak peek into his Traffic Secrets book which he is in the process of finishing. Look for these awesome things in this episode:

-- What he has been doing over the last few days to finish the first draft of the book.

-- What his plans for the cover to look like are.

-- What each section of the book will be about and when it will finally be out for everyone to read.

So listen here to get an amazing sneak peek into Russell’s new upcoming book, Traffic Secrets.

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Best Quote:

So it is the end of the time. No more procrastination is allowed. I have, it’s done, it’s game time. The other crazy thing, if you look at the Dotcom Secrets book, it was 58,000 words. The Expert Secrets was 60,000 and the Traffic Secrets book as of today is 87,000 words. And it will probably end up close to 90,000 when all is said and done. So it’s 50% bigger than the Expert Secrets book, which is crazy and I hope my publisher doesn’t kill me, because they told me to write a 250 page book. But I didn’t listen because I had to write until it was done. It’s funny because people are like, “Well how long is the book going to be? How many pages?” I’m like, “I don’t know. It’s going to be as many pages as it needs to be to explain the concept.” That’s just how it works.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Can you tell which car I’m in today? You can probably tell, it’s pretty quiet. When it’s the jeep you really, really know, when it’s the Tesla you’re just assuming I’m either just hanging out or I’m in the Tesla. So we’re in the Tesla heading downtown. It is the last day of writing the Traffic Secrets book and I got a few minutes to share with you guys some thoughts about some things I want to talk about. So with that said, let’s queue up the theme song and I’ll be right back.

Alright everybody, I hope you guys are all doing awesome today. As I mentioned in the intro I’m in the Tesla right now driving downtown. And today before I am allowed to go to bed today, the manuscript, the first manuscript for the Traffic Secrets book will be finished, which I’m really excited for. It’s supposed to be done on Monday, and then it became, it was going to be Tuesday and then Wednesday and then Thursday, and today is Friday, so it is getting done.

And then my wife and kids are heading downtown to Utah this weekend, which I am very grateful for. I wish I could be with them, but I needed, oh I needed the extra time. I am killing myself to get the book, like I said the manuscript will be done tonight and then tomorrow or tonight hopefully I’ll start at the very top and doing a read through and start going through editing stuff, tweaking stuff.

I’ve had about 5 or 6 people that have been going through and reading it and then leaving comments on this site inside Google docs, leaving comments of like, “What about this? Or this? And this made no sense. This was awesome. Do you have any more context here, or do you have any story to light this concept up?” So they’ve been going through, following behind me doing all that kind of stuff. I also have Joy Anderson on my team who has been going through doing editing. So it’s been edited an cleaned up, formatted and stuff like that. So that’s kind of a, we call that a line edit, then there’s a concept edit. So we have 4 or 5 people going through doing concept editing and adding their remarks in.

So now tonight or tomorrow I will start at the very top and I will do my last edit, which is me taking the concept edits, weaving them in, deleting them, adding or taking away, whatever I need to do to make sure that all those things work good. And then at that point, Joy will follow with one more line edit, and then we’ll submit section one to the publisher on Monday, and then sections 2 and 3 on next Friday.

So it is the end of the time. No more procrastination is allowed. I have, it’s done, it’s game time. The other crazy thing, if you look at the Dotcom Secrets book, it was 58,000 words. The Expert Secrets was 60,000 and the Traffic Secrets book as of today is 87,000 words. And it will probably end up close to 90,000 when all is said and done. So it’s 50% bigger than the Expert Secrets book, which is crazy and I  hope my publisher doesn’t kill me, because they told me to write a 250 page book. But I didn’t listen because I had to write until it was done. It’s funny because people are like, “Well how long is the book going to be? How many pages?” I’m like, “I don’t know. It’s going to be as many pages as it needs to be to explain the concept.” That’s just how it works.

It’s why some people, I drive them crazy at our live events. They’re like, “We need a schedule.” I’m like, “Nah, we don’t do that.” “Why not.” “Because I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to teach the session. I’m going to teach until I’m done.” When I’m coming to sell, I know I got 90 minutes, everything is timed out second by second by second, everything I’m going to say, but if I’m coming to teach, I’m teaching until everybody gets it. And sometimes we’re going to go late, sometimes we’re going to get done early. So it’s just going to be as long as it needs to be. That’s how I feel with this book.

And then what’s crazy is some of you guys saw the launch, the top ten affiliates for that are going to Fiji in like a week and a day, whatever that is. So Collette and I are jumping on a plane and flying to Fiji, which is I don’t know, hopefully it’s a long international flight because I’m also re-writing the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books over the next two months. So I’m trying to get the Dotcom Secrets re-writes done while I’m on the plane. I write on really long planes. So writing it on the plane to Fiji and on the plane back getting Dotcom Secrets re-writes done, which will probably add an extra 20,000 words. I’ve got some cool sections I want to add in there that I think are foundation, essential foundational things that I want to add into Dotcom Secrets, and the same with Expert Secrets. We’ve got some cool updates and additions and things that I think would be really powerful to have in there.

So we’re doing that, and then I’ll give, I bought the rights back from those two books from my original publisher, and I’m giving them, or selling them, however that works, to the new publisher. So we’ll have all three books. At Funnel Hacking Live, my goal is to have a box set on stage for everyone to see. I’m not sure if it’ll be done in time, but that’s the goal. We’ll see. And then the actual launch-launch date is cinco de mayo, which is long and far away. But with a legit publisher they make you do things out in the distance, which is why I’m scrambling now so I can have the book by May 5th. But it’s good.

The other thing we’re doing is, if you’ve seen the Dotcom Secrets book, we filmed, Brandon Fisher and I did this really cool thing where we spent 6 hours to film literally 7 seconds of video where I’m in front of this wall, there’s all this stuff taped to the wall, and the camera zooms in, it turned out so cool. And then that became the cover shot for the Dotcom Secrets book. And the Expert Secrets book was just a picture of me onstage. I think I’m going to change that for the new updated version. And then for this book, it’s Traffic Secrets, and I need an image for that. So while I’m at the penthouse this weekend, we are staging this huge shot where it’s going to be me overlooking Boise with these three monitors with all these traffic graphs on it, and we’re getting a crane and a camera to fly in and do all these crazy things at night overlooking the city. It’s going to be so cool. So that’s also happening so I’ll have the cover shot done hopefully by this weekend as well.

So yeah, a lot of fun things are all happening and I’m excited and pumped and I cannot wait. But also me telling a story about the book, which I’m sure you guys are fascinated by. I wanted to give you some value as well, and kind of give you a glimpse inside of the book, if you guys are okay with that. I’ll probably do more of that over the next few months, just kind of share different ideas and concepts.

But it’s interesting, as I wrote the book, there’s three sections. Section number one is really me laying out the foundation for everything else. So it’s, and you guys are obviously more advanced than the typical reader, because you’ve been listening to me for the last, you know, 600 whatever plus episodes hopefully. Bt it’s really the foundation of like, who is your dream customer, where are those people congregating, and then who are the people that have already pre-congregated? Who’s your dream 100, right?

So we figured that out and so that’s the whole first section. And then teaching the traffic that you, excuse me. So you have your dream 100 and then it’s like, now do I earn my way into that traffic, and how do I buy my way in? So you’re earning your way and getting free traffic, you’re buying your way and doing paid ads, and then you convert all that traffic into traffic you’ve earned, traffic you control and traffic you own, which is your own email list right.

Then you have an email list, how to do follow up funnels, how to follow up, all that kind of stuff. So that’s the core foundation, section one teaches that. And again, I think a lot of you guys know those things. I go into a lot more depth and detail, but that’s the core things. Who’s your dream customer, where are they congregating, who’s already congregated them? Those are your dream 100. And then how do we work our way into the dream 100? How do we buy our way into the Dream 100 after we’ve done that. And now, we convert that traffic from traffic we’ve earned and traffic we bought into traffic we own. Boom, now we have a list, here’s how we follow up with that list, and boom, now we move into section number two.

So section number two of the book is called Funnel Hacking: The Algorithms. And it starts going into, “Okay, how do we funnel hack Facebook and Instagram and Google and YouTube, and podcasting. And I just showed 5 networks. The two biggest social networks, the two biggest search networks, then podcasting because I love podcasting. And then I left it open. I didn’t go into every single network on earth. I didn’t go into Twitter and Linked in and TIkTok and Snapchat and all the others, although I could’ve.

The reason why is because in those 5 chapters I lay out a framework, and the biggest, most difficult thing for me writing this Traffic Secrets book is I’m writing a book I want to live for forever and be evergreen on the most un evergreen topic of all time, which is traffic. Literally the Facebook ads manager changes every single day. So it’s like, how do you write a book and take a snapshot in time, like this is how it works, when tomorrow it’s different?

So instead I tried to show a pattern. This is the pattern of how it all works, and how it works over and over and over and over again. And I show that pattern in the current Facebook, current Instagram, current Google, current YouTube, current podcasting, but then I’m trying to not just give a man a fish. A lot of times it’s like here’s the fish, this is how you do it, just copy the process. But instead I’m trying to teach people how to finish in this book.

So it’s like what’s the pattern every single time. So if you look everyone of these chapters it’s kind of interesting. The first section of every chapter is like the history. Like if you want to know where the platform is going we have to know where it came from. Like how to Google start, how the algorithms change, why do they change, what was the purpose behind this one and that one and that one? Because if you understand why Google is making these changes, and you can start thinking like them and understanding, this is what their goal is and what they’re trying to do and their intention.

Because you may be reading this chapter in the book right now, and it may have already shifted, so you need to be able to understand and find the history of what’s happening and where we’re at today. That’s number one, is getting a lay out of the history of each of the platforms and what the end goal is of each platform, which is always how to make the best experience possible for the end user. Google wants to make sure when you go to Google, you get the best results. Facebook wants to make sure when you show up to Facebook that you love the things that are in your feed. That’s it.

So that’s what they’re trying to do. How do we align with those networks, instead of trying to compete against them, which is what all the spammers and scammers do, how do we align with the will of the network and then if we give them what they want, they’ll give us what we want. So it’s all figuring out that alignment. That’s number one.

Then number two, the next step in the process is always who on the platform has already figured this out? Who’s already identified your dream customers? Who’s already publishing? Who’s getting tons of views and likes, whoever it is? Let’s find those dream 100, I tell everyone, let’s say it’s Facebook. Go into Facebook, unfriend all your friends and go follow all your dream 100. That will make it so your newsfeed is just a real time swipe file of the pulse of your market, what’s happening, and you can feel it, as opposed to being distracted by all your friends and family posting cat pictures and such.

So you delete everyone and just follow your dream 100. And now you have your pulse on the market. Now you can feel what’s happening in the market. What’s working today? What kind of things are people posting? What’s getting the most likes, and the least likes? It gives you the ability to see in real time what the algorithms are rewarding. That’s the magic of it.

So we go back and understand the history, we take a snapshot of where we’re at right now, and we do our dream 100 on the specific platform and we start watching and observing what is being rewarded today, and that gives us a snapshot of this is what’s happening and how we need to do. So now you have that.

And the third thing is okay now, based on the snapshot we understand what’s happening, how do we build our publishing plan. So we build a publishing plan, so we have a show on the network that we’re focused on that becomes our show. And then you can leverage that show to earn your way in to other, into your dream 100 and then to buy your way into the dream 100. So that’s the next phase of the pattern.

And then you’re siphoning off the traffic you’re earning, the traffic you’re buying, and converting traffic of your own. And the last section is how do you go and just do paid ads directly on a platform. But that’s the pattern I show in every single network, over and over and over and over again. So if you want a sneak peek at the book, that’s it. It’ spick a platform, looking at the history, figuring out where do they come from, what were the algorithm changes that happened? Okay now we understand, this is what’s been happening over the last decade, now I’v ecome to play this game, now I know the rules of the game, now I’m going to follow my dream 100. What are they currently doing today that’s being rewarded by the platforms? We look at that closely and then we start modeling it. And then after we model it, we start innovating on it for our own show. Boom, we create our own show. After we have our own show, from there we come back, step back and we start figuring out how we use our own show to leverage to buy our way into other people’s shows, and then how do we buy ads to buy our way into other people’s show, drive traffic to build your following, and also to fill your funnels.

And t hat’s the game my friends. And it’s so much fun, it’s so exciting. I cannot wait for you guys to read this book. Anyway, it actually was really helpful for me to explain that out loud to you guys as well. I’m going to go back and maybe add a little pre-section before section 2 that explains that better. I think I explained it very well after the section, but I’m going to plug that into the actual section I believe. So anyway, fyi. Thank you guys for letting me share that with you.

And the last thing I’ll tell you is section number three of the book is called growth hacking and it’s fun. It’s where we start going into all these other ninja ways to get traffic that most people aren’t thinking about or talking about. Yet, they are responsible for a ton of our traffic. So oh man, I can’t wait for you guys. I hope you enjoy this all. It’s fun. This whole game is so much fun.

Alright, that’s all I got my friends. I appreciate you all, I’m almost to the penthouse. I’m actually speaking at Stephen Larsen’s Offer Mind on Tuesday and I’m going to be talking about the same thing I just shared with you guys. I’m going to go a little deeper into it though, so they can understand it at a little deeper level. But I want, I just wanted to kind of flush it out here a little bit. Again, testing my material here. And I’ll be sharing it in the book obviously, but as his event. And for all you guys how are anxiously waiting for the book as much as I am, I cannot wait to give it to you guys. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. It’s been a labor of love, it’s been a lot of work. And I hope you guys get a ton from it.

So with that said, I appreciate you all, thanks for everything. And I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye everybody.


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