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239 - To Snap Or Not To Snap

239 - To Snap Or Not To Snap

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My thoughts on building your culture every 10 seconds.

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I want our customers to feel like Clickfunnels is their company. Like they are part of this. They are part of this movement. They’re part of this cult. They’re part of this culture. Whatever you want to call, we want them to feel like they’re part of it. I want them to feel like Clickfunnels is their business. This is their platform. This is their home where they build their company. I don’t want this to be Russell’s company.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing amazing. I am heading into day number 4 of our Inner Circle Mastermind. Actually, technically it’s day number 8. We did 2 groups last month and we had 2 groups this month.

And then we will have gone through all 100 people in our Inner Circle, which is pretty cool. We’ve had a really good time. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little worn out. It’s a lot of work when you have back to back mastermind groups, but it’s how we roll. It’s been fun though, the first group was a little bit bigger, we had a few more people in that one, which was cool. It was just fun, a lot of the people I have been working with through Voxer and stuff like that, remotely for a long time.

Had a chance to sit down and actually hang out with them for 2 days. A couple of them, this will be day 4, they kind of hung out for the whole time, which has been so much fun. And it’s interesting just watching….I feel like everybody in the room has a superpower. But everybody’s superpower is different, so it’s so cool when you get everyone in a room like and there’s this overlap where it’s like, “I’m really good at this, but I’m really bad at these things.”

And there’s always somebody in the room who’s really good at the thing you’re bad at, and it’s just the coolest, I don’t even know how to explain it. I guess it’s probably where they get the name Mastermind Group from. I think the story behind that, if I remember right, it was….I can’t remember if it was… was in Think and Grow Rich, right? I haven’t read that book for forever, I think decades. Dang, I’m getting old. Anyway, in that book, I think it was Henry Ford, or was it Napoleon, I don’t remember, but it was someone.

Telling the story about how they were interviewing, I think it was Henry Ford, I could be completely wrong, don’t quote me. But the concept of the story is right. Basically they were saying, I think someone was interviewing them or something and they were kind of mad, because he was this rich dude who wasn’t that smart, and they’re like, “He’s not that good at anything.” And after 4 or 5 times of quizzing him he was like, “I don’t know the answer. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Finally he’s like, “You know what, what I have is a mastermind group of people that any question that you asked me, I can get the answer within 1 person, because of the mastermind group of people who I surrounded myself with.” And I think that’s where people started calling things mastermind and stuff like that, but it’s true. In this group, at least for me, every one of my problems can and will be solved.

Because while I’m really good at a few things, everyone else is good at a lot of other things I’m not, so we can leverage that and share the things that I’m good at. And they can share the things they’re good at and we can all win together. It’s very amazing. I honestly, I feel so, and I’ve said this probably every time I’ve done a podcast during Inner Circle, I can’t believe I get paid to facilitate this whole thing. It’s nuts. I’m learning the coolest things. In fact, finally somebody, Kaylin, she is one of my Inner Circle members, she runs…..anyway, they’re crushing it, they’ve been here the last 3 days and they are coming back in tomorrow, or today I guess.

My brain. Anyway, I’ve been very hesitant to Snapchat because I think it’s stupid, and she convinced me that it’s not stupid, that it’s actually awesome. So now I think it’s awesome. So I’m going to start Snapchatting here soon. And I’ve got a whole process and a method behind it. One of the themes from last Inner Circle and this one that I’ve been trying to talk to everyone about is how to build your own cult, I mean culture. Cult is the root word of culture.

So how to build your own cult, how to build your own culture, how to build your own community, whatever you want to call it. So we’re sharing all sorts of things like that, and one of the big things I was talking about was letting your cult in behind the scenes of what you’re doing. I think that’s part of why Marketing In Your Car has been adopted so well. Because everyday I’m just talking about what we’re doing and sharing stuff and just giving it all away and people like that.

The Periscopes and Facebook Live and we’re doing this new reality show thing we’re filming. All these pieces, people just want to see behind the scenes of what’s happening. It’s like the reality show is cool. We’re taking 2 weeks of time and chunking it down to 30 minute episode, so you’re seeing pieces of it. Snapchat was cool because, I finally got it. It was like, a reality show behind the scenes every single day of all the little aspects of what’s happening, in 10 second increments.

So I’m really excited to start focusing on that and growing that. So you’ll see me, hopefully next week, start this out, but starting the process of really focusing on the building of a Snapchat following because I was want to bring people into the cult. Brent just passed me. I’m driving to the Inner Circle meeting and Brent just drove by honking. If you listen back a few episodes, Brent was the same one who got into a wreck on his way to one of the Inner Circle meetings.

Maybe I shouldn’t follow him. Anyway, for everyone, if you haven’t been sold on Snapchat yet, it’s just a really cool way to get your really hyper-active fans the ability to see a glimpse of everything that’s happening throughout your day. I was watching one or two where people snap 800 times a day, which I think is stupid, but I think if you do 10 a day and you’re taking people through the progress. “Hey, picking which supplements I want.” Boom. “In the car driving, about to start my podcast.” Boom, “At the office, about to start working on this funnel.”

Boom, “Funnel got done.” Boom, “Heading to a meeting.” Just showing little 10 second clips of the process of your day and sharing those with people. Again, it’s like the behind the scenes. It’s building the culture. One of the things I keep stressing with everyone here in the mastermind is just if your customers perceive you as “Oh, there’s this guy and there’s his company.” Then that’s not the right thing. What we need to be focusing on is getting our people to say, “this is our company.”

I want our customers to feel like Clickfunnels is their company. Like they are part of this. They are part of this movement. They’re part of this cult. They’re part of this culture. Whatever you want to call, we want them to feel like they’re part of it. I want them to feel like Clickfunnels is their business. This is their platform. This is their home where they build their company.

I don’t want this to be Russell’s company. I want this to be our company. That’s the big thought. So the more you can let people in behind the scenes, the more they feel part of what you’re doing and not looking at what you’re doing, if that makes sense. Anyway, I think that’s kind of my big thing I wanted to share with you guys today, because I think it’s interesting and exciting and cool. It’s just figuring out more ways to shift it from, this is Russell’s company, to this is our company.

And I want all of our customers feel like it’s theirs. And I’d love for you guys to discuss this. In fact, come over to our Clickfunnels group and let’s talk about it. Come hang out and say, “Hey I listened to Russell’s episode, and these are things I’m trying to do to build my cult, or culture.” Or whatever you want to call it.

But things you’re letting in people behind the scenes, how you’re doing it. You’re talking to people about other things to build that building and language patterns. You’re going to see some cool stuff next week in the Clickfunnels group. We’re working more on changing it from the Clickfunnels group, first off, to the Funnel Hacker group.

People identify themselves in our culture as funnel hackers and they are and you are part of a community. It’s not just, “Oh I use Clickfunnels.” No it’s, “I’m a funnel hacker. This is my identity. This is who I am, I build funnels.” If you look at the t-shirts we’ve launched, they’re all focused on that, identity based.

That’s what we’re trying to build. So anyway, hope that gets the wheels in your head spinning, because that’s what my wheels have been spinning on and it’s really fun and I really enjoy it. Alright, well I’m pulling in the parking lot for the mastermind. So I’m out of here. Appreciate you all and we will talk soon.


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