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240 - One Little Golden Nugget

240 - One Little Golden Nugget

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One cool trick I picked up from the mastermind.

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And they’re like, “Hey go get your free fast start guide. Go right now.” And they always push people to this free thing, which is an opt-in. People opt-in and they go through their on-boarding indoctrination process through email. I think last month they got 50 thousand opt-in’s through that little channel, which is crazy. I was like, right now I have all these other squeeze pages, I’m driving people to all these places and all sorts of stuff, which is good, but what if I had just one squeeze page that I focused on instead of 20 and that was the goal to get people into that.


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Good morning everybody, well not everybody, just the important people that actually listen to this podcast, good morning. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey, hey everybody, we survived another 4 days jam-packed Inner Circle smack down, it was amazing.

It was legitimately amazing. So instead of bragging about it, so those that aren’t in feel guilty that they didn’t make it in, I just wanted to say it was awesome and I appreciated everyone who came and played full out. It was really, a great 4 days. Now I’m at the end of that and I’m tired and I’m worn out and my body is shot. And one thing that’s funny, when I used to go to masterminds, when they’re not your own, you can kind of pay attention or dose off, or whatever.

But when it’s your own, you gotta be present all the time. So unfortunately I had to use a little too much caffeine this week just to keep pure, perfect focus. So I’m going to be detoxing my body for the next few days so I can get all the caffeine out of my system. Because even, it’s weird during the middle of the night you’ll wake up and you’re like, “I should be so tired and I can’t sleep.”

Anyway, it’s weird. So I am detoxing from caffeine, so if I go through withdrawals, if I start crying on one of these meetings with you guys, that’s why. Just joking. Anyway, I’m heading in right now, about to do the second episode of Friday Funnels, which is exciting. I hope you guys come and check it out. I hope you guys come participate in it. We had a lot of fun. I talked about last week, I hope that you guys, if you haven’t done a Friday Funnel yet, or a Funnel Friday, or whatever it is for your business, something like that, it was really fun.

We did 30 minutes, put a countdown clock and then tried to build a funnel as fast I could and everyone was watching and going crazy and it turned out really cool. It was a great….it was a lot of fun for the cult community and everything, so that was really, really cool. The interesting thing I wanted to talk to you about today, and this is one of the more simple nuggets that I kind of picked up from this weekend, but it was one of those simple nuggets that I needed.

Because sometimes in my head I get things over complicated, I get excited and I try to build super complex things. I think that for most people, I’m still, my funnels and my concepts and my process flows are still pretty simple. I’ve seen some of your guys stuff, you send me over my maps and things and they’re insane. I open them up and I just want to go back to bed because they’re so stressful. So mine are pretty simple, but I still have some things happening.

And a couple of things, one thing I shared in the mastermind was about, in Clickfunnels now, when you join Clickfunnels, there’s a 21 day ignite your funnel process that we take people through. Basically each day you get a short 3 to 5 minute video and I give you one task to do over 21 days. There’s a whole bunch of reasons and strategy behind it, and I’m not going to go into it now, its outside the context of this podcast, but it help reduce our churn by almost double digits.

It was insane. It got people consuming our software and a whole bunch of other really cool things. So I was like, man that would be cool if someone came into Clickfunnels and go through this big indoctrination process, they start using our software, consuming, we help build a relationship with them, it’s just really powerful and a really cool strategy. So then one of the couples in the Inner Circle, Brandon and Kaylin, they’re in the weight loss space. T

hey’ve been doing perfect webinar, they’re crushing it, they’ve been doing Periscope webinar, just like I talked about with you guys 50 episodes ago, they killed it on that twice now. They’re just, they’re doers, they’re cool, I just really enjoy them and watching them.

One thing that was cool that I saw that they were doing, they have their Facebook Live’s where they’re promoting a webinar on Facebook Live, they’re promoting a product or something like that, but in between they’re doing a lot of cool training stuff.

And so she talks about a cool concept, and at the end of it she’s like……oh wow, I just drove by this truck that’s jacked up on a…..that was really weird. Sorry. A.D.D…. Okay, so they do these things and they just push to the end, and I can’t remember the….dangit, they’re going to kill me for not knowing this, but they have a domain name, it’s something like, or faststartweightloss or something like that.

And they’re like, “Hey go get your free fast start guide. Go right now.” And they always push people to this free thing, which is an opt-in. People opt-in and they go through their on-boarding indoctrination process through email. I think last month they got 50 thousand opt-in’s through that little channel, which is crazy. I was like, right now I have all these other squeeze pages, I’m driving people to all these places and all sorts of stuff, which is good, but what if I had just one squeeze page that I focused on instead of 20 and that was the goal to get people into that.

So I think I bought or something like that. I probably should check out the domain names before I promote them live. It’s something like that; it’s not live yet anyway, so it doesn’t matter. So that’s kind of the thing and I’m going to use that as a call to action in everything that’s not selling an actual product. So it’ll always be pushing everyone into that.

And then my thought is treating that kind of like, doing an indoctrination process when someone joins Clickfunnels that I’m doing to my list. I need to take them through an indoctrination process, which is similar to what we talked about with soap opera sequence, those type of things. But I was like, we’ve got a big product range and in my mine, there’s an order that people should consume our products, so I’m going to use that and make this really fun, exciting.

I don’t know how many days it’ll be, 20, 40, 50 days, but walking them through this concept. Some will be teaching, some will be referencing, “Hey go get the book.” “Hey get on this webinar.” Or something, and push them through our product line and product offerings, while teaching, educating along the way and using it like a funnel fast start.

Here’s the fast start. Come through this process. Now everyone who enters my world goes through this process, they get indoctrinated, they go through my soap opera sequence, they build the relationship with me as the attractive character, but the time they end the process, then they can come in our normal, Seinfeld sequences.

They’ve been indoctrinated; they’ve kind of gone through this really cool process. Anyway, it’s not something new. We talked about it in the Dotcom Secrets book, taking you through a soap opera sequence, but I think that after doing it as a consumption sequence, after somebody joins Clickfunnels and they see the power of the 21 day, daily chunked out videos, I think I’m going to use that in our actual email sequence and then make that become the core focus of where we try to drive all the traffic.

So, I don’t know, I’m excited. I’ll be testing it out and I’m sure I’ll be bragging about it as we go through. But that’s kind of the one little nugget, again it’s one of those little tiny things they just mentioned in passing and I bet most people didn’t even catch it in the group, but I was like, “Whoa.” You know that feeling when someone says something and it wasn’t the big aha, but you have the big aha and everyone else is just quiet and you’re seeing this thing, everything starts, all these connections start being made instantly.

That’s kind of what happened in my head. So I’m trying to explain the connections here, I have no idea if I explained it right or if the connections will make your connections. But it was super cool. Anyway, there’s just one little nugget, I hope that was useful for you guys. Alright now, last thing because I’m about one minute away from the office.

I was really nervous about this last Inner Circle group, because we had less people just because of circumstance, but a bunch of overseas people in that group that couldn’t make it, things like that. But what was cool, because of that we had a little less time, or a little more time. So we gotta do some extra sessions, which was cool. So I did some training sessions and then twice we had people who were kind of working on webinars, they just weren’t quite hitting it yet, so instead of just trying to coach them through and then move on to the next person, I was like, “Alright.”

And I jumped out of my seat and walked up to the front. I sketched out their whole webinar and then I pitched the webinar for them live. I did it twice and it was cool. I think it was cool, I thought it was cool. But we basically just built the entire webinar for them and they gotta watch me pitch it and they recorded it and then had this tool that they could go pitch.

So it was pretty cool. I’m curious how many of you guys would pay me a crap-ton of money to just write your webinar pitch and then pitch it for you real quick and then you guys can just copy my pitch. That’d be pretty cool actually. Alright I’m at the office. I’m going to bounce and get back to work, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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