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242 - Behind The Scenes Of My Three Hour Funnel

242 - Behind The Scenes Of My Three Hour Funnel

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What really happened to get launched.

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...the only reason I’m getting on Snapchat, is because now I understand the benefit, I’m going to try Snapchat. So I want to see what other people are doing so I can understand how they’re doing it, how they’re engaging. I’m going to follow cool people, so I started following people. Now, it’s funny, I’ll log into Snapchat 50 times a day, refreshing to see if people I’m following posted anything. I’m annoyed when they haven’t. I’m like, crap this is a cool platform because I want to be annoyed.


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Hey everyone, good morning, good morning, good morning. I’m excited to be with you here for longer than 10 seconds on a special edition of Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, so yes, yes.

I’ve been going a little Snapchat crazy for the last little bit, and I’m excited to be on a platform where I can talk to you for a little longer than 10 seconds. Anyway, as you guys know, I got intro’d to Snapchat a little while ago, a couple of days ago, and wanted to try it out. Did the first day and thought it was really fun. I thought it was actually a really good platform for me.

Especially with next week we got some crazy stuff. Next week we’re flying out Ty Lopez is doing a webinar for us, I’m flying out and hanging out at the mansion for a day. Dude, just kind of get some people excited about that webinar, which will be cool. After that, we’re going and Marcus Lemonis is having us on The Profit, crazy, crazy, crazy. So we are going to be filming a part, I’m going to be in the episode building funnels for people.

So we are going mainstream, funnels are becoming mainstream, which is cool. And a bunch of other cool things and I’m like, “How do I show that to people? I can talk about it post-production in here, Marketing In Your Car, which is fun, I can go into more details and share the cool stuff, but how do I take you behind the scenes, snap by snap. So we’re going to be snapchatting the crap out of that trip along with everything else we’re doing. Anyway, it’s worth trying to figure out Snapchat, if nothing else, to see behind the scenes of next week, which is going to be amazing.

So I think I found out if you go to, I think it adds you directly, or faster or something. Alright so, this is kind of the behind the scenes. I thought Snapchat was cool, did the first snap, had one person watch it, and I was like this sucks, how do you get people? So I got to figure out a way to get people. I was like, what if I just create a page that educates them on why they should be following me and snapping and all that kind of stuff?

So I create this page and it kind of goes through what to do and how to do it and all that kind of stuff, which is kind of cool. So then I started promoting that a little bit and we got a little bit of traction by people who already knew what Snapchat was and they jumped on and that was kind of cool. But then it just kind of died real fast. I was like, that was a lot of work, the juice was not worth the squeeze. Now I got 12 people watching my snaps, so that’s not any cooler. And I was like, how do we grow this?

As I’m asking myself this question, I want you guys thinking about this for your business as well, so from a podcasting standpoint, from an affiliate program, from a blog, from a Facebook, whatever it is. For me, the question in my head was how do I grow Snapchat faster? And again, I think the process I’m going to walk you guys through is the same process I would be going through if I was asking any of the other questions. How do I grow my affiliate program? How do I grow my podcast? How do I blah, blah, blah? So that’s kind of the thought right?

So what I did is I started going back, and this is, and we’re jumping all over the place for the faithful followers of Marketing In Your Car, so if you jump back to the episode where I talked about an epiphany bridge. So I started thinking about what gave me my epiphany to want to actually care about Snapchat? And I was like, for me, it’s cool. A couple of days ago I met Brandon and Kaylin, they showed Snapchat, I was like this is cool and they showed me how they get 20,000 people per snap to watch this thing. I’m like, dang.

They put in a year’s worth of effort, but now they get 20,000 views every time they push a button, which is nuts. I don’t know any other platform you can do that on. You can be on informercials and you can’t get 20,000 people to watch at the click of a button. They get 30 a day that 20,000 people watch, it’s pretty cool. So that was kind of my big epiphany. Like wow, if I could build it up that’d be awesome.

Then I was like, the only reason I’m getting on Snapchat, is because now I understand the benefit, I’m going to try Snapchat. So I want to see what other people are doing so I can understand how they’re doing it, how they’re engaging. I’m going to follow cool people, so I started following people. Now, it’s funny, I’ll log into Snapchat 50 times a day, refreshing to see if people I’m following posted anything. I’m annoyed when they haven’t. I’m like, crap this is a cool platform because I want to be annoyed.

When I’m, this is probably more than you wanted to know, when I’m going to the bathroom I want to see a bunch of snaps from the few people I’m following. If they haven’t posted something I’m annoyed. Dude, wake up you guys. Do something funny. You need to entertain me now. So I was like, crap, this is kind of cool. I can just keep doing stuff and people during their bathroom breaks or whenever, I don’t know when people Snapchat, they can catch up on all the weirdness that we’re doing. I was like this is a cool platform.

I need to take people through the same epiphany I had. So we set up, that’s what my page was initially telling them how to follow me, but I was like, let’s step back. What if I can get Brandon and Kaylin to give everyone the same epiphany they gave me? So that was my first thought, I was like, cool. This is literally yesterday morning. So then I Vox those guys. I’m like, “Hey can I interview you for like 30 minutes talking about Snapchat?” and they’re like, “We’re about to jump on a plane, we can’t really do it, unless we do it at this time.”

I’m like, “Sweet, let’s do it. We’ll do Google Hangout, We’ll jump on and talk to guys for 30 minutes about Snapchat to give everybody the same epiphany I had. So that’s step number one. Step number two is I’m about to leave my house to come to the office and I’m like, well how am I going to get people to actually want to register to watch this training? I gotta do something different, unique and fun. So what if I Snapchat me selling Snapchat and telling about the epiphany I had with snapchat and then introducing the people that gave me that epiphany.

So I’m weaving 20 different marketing things into one, I hope you guys are seeing this. So then I’m like, what am I going to Snapchat? And I was like, with video’s, what does really well is if you’re taking someone on a journey. If you are just you in your office like, “Hi, my name is Russell, I’m in my office. Let’s talk about something.” It’s not nearly as powerful as you starting somewhere and taking somebody on a journey and a process with you. It’s kind of like you are taking them on this whole epiphany with you.

So I was like, I’m about to go to the office, what if I take them on this journey? “I’m leaving my house, going to the office, talking to Brandon and Kaylin, you guys are kind of going on this journey with me, opt in and you’re going to see the same conversation I’m about to have.” So that’s what I did. I got out Snapchat and I started Snapchatting my whole journey. Me putting my backpack on, walking out the of my house. Getting in the garage deciding do I take the Corvette or do I take the bike? The bike’s way funnier so I took the bike.

Me, driving my bike while I’m Snapchatting this message. And then I’m out of wind and it keeps cutting me off because I only get 10 seconds. So instead of trying to be all polished I played off of that, let me complain like 5 times about how short these things are. So I’m taking them on this journey to the office and then I go into the office, go to my desk, and I share what they are going to learn, and I show pictures of Kaylin with her ripped 6 pack abs to make people want to hear what she’s gotta say.

So I create this whole video of like 20 or 30 ten second Snapchats, and I’m trying to make it fun and entertaining. I had my brother edit one upside down because I wanted a pattern interrupt because it was like 5 shots in a row of me riding my bike and it just got kind of boring, even though it’s ten seconds at a time. I’m like flip it upside down that way it’s a pattern interrupt so they don’t get bored during the 4 or 5 sessions of me riding on my bike.

Anyway, we made this video, honestly on my ride to the office, had my brother edit it, flip that thing around, then we posted it on Youtube. Then I made and posted that Snapchat video of me Snapchatting talking about Snapchat with an opt-in box. Next page then, I had just a really simple process, 1, 2, 3. Number one watch the training from Brandon and Kaylin, so as soon as we did the Googe Hangout, then I put the embed code on that page. Even though Google Hangout dropped 2 or 3 times, we didn’t edit anything.

Because I was like, I don’t want to; I just want to go fast and hopefully show people you don’t have to be so polished to make things cool. So we did that. Step two is like, “Hey go to this page now to follow me.” So then it takes them to a page I created the day earlier that walks them through how to find me, how to follow me, how to watch my snaps or my story or whatever. I should learn the terminology. Then step three was like, “Hey you guys should share Snapfunnels with your audience because if you could educate them on how to do this, then they’ll be more likely to follow you as well. So what I’m going to do is if you share then we will give you a share funnel link for this funnel then you can use this funnel for your marketing.”

I used a script I’ve been looking at for the last month of so that I thought was cool and I was wanting to use it. It’s called Upviral. It gives a little widget you put on your page, like share this, then you share it, you earn points and things like that. It’s pretty awesome, so we had people go and to get the share funnel link you had to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I think or something like that. So they share it, boom, boom, boom.

After they share it all three places it unlocks and emails them the share funnel link for that funnel and now they’ve got that, which puts people into Clickfunnels if they’re not already a Clickfunnels member, which is cool. So we did that whole campaign and by lunch time it was all done.

Busted it out on Clickfunnels, got it done, post on Facebook and we started watching it grow. Instantly it started growing, which is cool because I had a meeting right after that, so I wasn’t able to promote it or anything. I just posted on Facebook and people started sharing it and opting in, and sharing it and new people opt in, and it started virally growing on its own, it was crazy.

Then last night, finally before I left, I emailed the Clickfunnels list saying, “Hey, here’s the Snapchat funnel, go get it for free.” So they could go do that, and then I emailed my list just talking about the title, which is how to ethically build a cult following in Snapchat. Anyway, it’s been cool. It’s been less than 24 hours since we had the idea.

We had, I don’t remember the exact numbers, over a thousand people have opted in. It’s growing, people are watching my snaps, it’s starting to grow really fast, it’s exciting. So why did I share that with you? One is because I was kind of recapping in my head, which helps me to get it out, and realize what we did.

And number two, that same process you guys could use for anything. Think back about why you started your affiliate program. Think about why you started your podcast, or started your blog. What was the epiphany you got? Create a training video giving people that epiphany and then create a funnel that gets them in the training video, which then gets them to subscribe to your blog, which then gets them blogging, because if they’re blogging they’d be more likely to read your blog. People who write blogs, read blogs.

I don’t write a blog, so I don’t read a blog. I only Snapchat because now I Snapchat. So educate people on what you want them to do, or how to do that thing that you’re now doing and then in the process teach them to consume your part of it. And then throw in a viral campaign to make it go viral and see what happens. So there you go. Oh, and also by the way, I could have named this Snapchat Cult Secrets, but I’m the funnel guy right? I talked about this 3 or 4 episodes ago. Funnels has become our thing, so I called it snapfunnels. What does it have to do with funnels? I don’t know, it’s Snapchat and there’s funnels and things like that.

Anyway, it’s syncs with the branding. Anyway, I hope….that one little campaign took us three or four hours to put the whole thing together, it turned out amazing and it was all just pieces of the stuff we’ve been sharing through the podcast. So I hope you guys are picking up the gold we’re dropping, because it’s powerful strategy for anyone to build their following. So use it, abuse it. I will be using it and abusing it more. My guess, I’m hoping Dave Woodward who runs our affiliate and our business stuff, is listening to this.

Dave, let’s do this for the affiliate program stuff. I have a really cool epiphany story, I haven’t launched our affiliate program, so boom, me and Dave are doing that. It’s done and done and happening. So that’s exciting. We should do it for our podcast, I mean a lot of different ways, maybe we’ll do podcast funnels, actually I’m totally doing that. It’s coming soon to a funnel near you.

Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I’m at the office, time to launch Biohacking secrets, it’s going live today. And also is going live today. So we got two cool things happening. So I’m going to go promote the crap out of both of them. So appreciate you all, have a great day and we’ll talk soon.


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