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243 - Which Vehicle Are You Driving In

243 - Which Vehicle Are You Driving In

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If you’re not happy with your opportunity…change the vehicle.

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What’s the vehicle you’re going to be using? Because if you pick the wrong vehicle, you’re stuck. But if you pick a vehicle where, let’s say you’re a doctor, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re happy in that vehicle, that’s awesome. I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk the other day, and he was talking about, “I’m not speaking to people who are content. If you’re content playing video games and eating cheerios all day, good for you man. If that’s the vehicle you picked and you’re happy there, you should be happy, that’s awesome.”


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Good Morning everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you’re from, wherever you’re at right now in your life.

I am on my way to the Clickfunnels Certification Program, so I’m excited. We’ve got about 20 or so Clickfunnels people who are all going to be there. The way we have certification is setup, we kind of learned something the last time we had certification, the first one.

We sold it, we had like 100 people come, they all came at once and it was really hard to facilitate and manage, the weirdest thing is, I think it was a 4 or 5 day event, we had everything planned, and I was excited because I was going to be like, this….and as soon as we got there we realized, one of the first question I asked was, “Who here has never logged into Clickfunnels?” and half the audience raised their hands.

Are you kidding me? And then the other half was super advanced. We had this really weird thing where I had to be teaching beginner stuff, while keeping stuff interesting. Anyway, we had the event, it made it kind of hard, we had some ups and downs and I had 2 yahoo’s that shouldn’t have been in the room that made it more difficult on me. It’s one of those fun things you get when you jump right into something. But as a whole it went really good

One of our biggest takeaways afterward was, we need to have people go through a pre-program before the show up, so that way everybody is on the same page. We’ve had about 100 people who were eligible to come to today, only about 1/5th of them, 20 of them or so, have finished all the homework assignments up to today so they were able to actually come. It kind of makes me smile, dude, everybody, you all should have been here. We thought we’d have closer to 50 people. But there is the human nature.

And some people obviously couldn’t make the dates of the event and stuff like that. That’s kind of what’s happening. So I’m heading in there today. What’s cool is now we’ve got Norah, who is amazing. A thousand times cooler than me, she is actually running the whole certification program now. I get to come in and talk this morning about some cool stuff and then she’ll be running the rest of the event which will be pretty awesome. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of cool things that I’ve been mapping out this morning trying to figure out what could be the best thing I could give everybody and make it inspirational and motivational, but also the tactful things you need to go and implement and stuff.

So the presentation called the Anatomy of the Successful Funnel Consultant, and it’s pretty cool so I’m going to share a couple of things that are on the top of my head as I’m driving in. I can’t go deep on everything because it’ll take me 2 hours. Some of the fun things, one of the things that I’m going to talk about, that I think is interesting is just the level of the opportunity that you’re in. I’ve done a podcast on this back in the day, for the hardcore fans who’ve listened to everything, if not, you should go binge watch it all, and catch up.

Anyway, it talked about level 10 opportunities, it’s interesting a couple of my friends here that go to church with me, so we moved to a new area, which is a little more affluent, bigger homes,, bigger things, so it was kind of like, when you go to our church, the way Mormon church’s work, we have things called Wards. Wards are all the people geographically close to you. So in our Ward, all the people who live close to us all go to the same ward. So it’s interesting, you go there and everyone there is like a doctor, or dentist, or an entrepreneur, or a blogger, or a network marketer, or a builder, they’re all business type, or people that…higher income type people.

They’re just kind of cool. One of the doctors, I don’t know, I love the doctors, one of them is usually funny. We went and hung out with him and his wife and they were talking about how, “In this ward, in this area, we’re the, the doctors are like the welfare, because you have all the entrepreneurs who are making crazy money and the doctors seem like the poor ones.” Which is kind of a funny thing. Then one of the other doctors I was talking to, he kept asking me, “I don’t understand what you do? I went to school forever, I cut people open, I operate on them and do all these things and you’re obviously making way more money. I don’t understand it.”

We got into this debate and he’s like, “How are you that much smarter than me?” and I was like, “Are you kidding me? You think I’m smarter than you? Dude, you’re a freaking doctor, you cut people open. They could bleed out on your table, you’re dissecting arteries and gluing them together and doing all sorts of….you are way smarter than I’ve ever dreamt of being. It’s not even a remote conversation. Put two of us in a room, ask anybody. You’re way smarter than me.

The only difference right now, the reason why I’m able to make more money than you is not because I’m smarter. I would argue that day and night, that you are way smarter than me. The only difference is the vehicle that I chose to apply my knowledge in has the ability to make more money. That’s it. I probably spent as much time studying marketing and sales as you have doctor stuff, that’s the official term, the only difference is the vehicle.”

That’s what’s so cool about this whole, I was thinking through this with these funnel consultants, is just you’re going to have to put in time and effort and energy and work, it’s not just a slam dunk, easy thing over night. It’s not hard, like going to college. You got to go for 6 years and hope to figure something out. You can figure it out in a couple of months, but there’s effort that goes into it, but the power in it, is the fact that the vehicle you’ve chosen, has the ability to generate lots of money. People will pay $10, 15, 25 thousand more for a sales funnel.

The vehicle you chose is the right vehicle. Now it’s like, I get really good and focused on driving that vehicle and doing a good job with it. So for all you guys, and I know a lot of you guys listening in, aren’t funnel consultants and things like that, what makes for me at least, makes me think about the vehicles we choose. Is the opportunity you’re in right now with your business, is it the right vehicle. Is it the vehicle that has the ability to get you where you want to get in life. If not you should go get a different vehicle, because there’s tons of them. There’s so many opportunities.

That’s the biggest problem for me. There’s all these vehicles people are handing me and I’m like, “oh, I could drive that one, or I could drive that one. They’re so cool. All of them are so cool.” But when you find the right vehicle it can grow exponentially. In the podcast I did a little while ago, I was talking about one of my friends, named Bill Harrison, we were in Kenya together 3 or 4 years ago.

He was talking about this concept, he said, I think the company that he owns right now, I don’t know their numbers, but I think he said, “We do somewhere between 5 and 10 million bucks a year. “ If you know this guy, he’s one of the few people who geeks out on marketing as much, if not more than me. I haven’t been to his house, but one of my friends was at his house, and he’s a single dude, he said the whole house is like, every room is book shelves from floor to ceiling. You walk in and see the chair and there’s like a stack of 30 books on each side of the chair.

This dude is hard core and he told me, “I feel like I have a level 10 understanding of marketing in sales, but I feel like I’m stuck in a level 3 opportunity. I can do whatever I want, but I can’t scale past this size, because this is the size of the vehicle that I decided to choose. I’ve had friends that don’t know that much about marketing and sales, and they’re not that good at business, but they walked into a level 10 opportunity and they’ve sold companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.” So part of it is looking at, it doesn’t matter how good you are at the thing if the thing is only this big. If the vehicle is not bigger than that, you are stuck at your limit and you can’t get any bigger.

My friend who’s a doctor, it doesn’t matter how many lives he’s saved, he’s kind of limited. The vehicle is what it is. He’s going to make a lot of money, but that’s the size of the vehicle. So we have to look at what vehicle are we putting ourselves into. That was a big conversation, when I talked to Bill about this; I was like, “Wow.” I look at myself like, what’s the opportunity I have. I’m looking around and the best companies in the world are doing what I was doing at the time, we’re making maybe $10 million a year.

There’s also the stress and liability and all sorts of things associated with that. I was like, I don’t like this. I’m looking at this vehicle and looking around. I don’t really like this vehicle very much. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in it. So I had to consciously change my vehicle and I look at it now, and my vehicle is Clickfunnels and this funnel stuff that’s associated with it, and that vehicle the sky’s the limit, at least in my mind right now.

This year we’ll probably do between 3 and 5 times of our best year ever in the past, it’s just, it’s not that I got much smarter, it’s not that I’m working harder, it’s that I stepped into a better vehicle. So it’s something to consciously think through. What’s the vehicle you guys have selected for your life, for your business? Because your vehicle can only go as fast as it’s able to go. So if you take that and strategically pick the right vehicle first off, second off strategically become level 10 at your skill set, you have that double mix, then it gets crazy.

Then you can start writing your own paychecks all day long for the rest of your life. That was kind of one cool thing I’ll be talking about that I think is really, really cool. What else? What else do you guys want to know about? I’ll give you the next point. This relates to everyone. I may have talked about this. I’m doing so many little publishing content in a lot of places and I can’t remember everything I say. So if I ever repeat myself, please forgive me. But if I ever repeat myself, it’s because it’s essential for you to hear it twice. There you go.

One of the guys in the mastermind, Henry, who is a designer and a super stud and just someone who I love and respect, he talked at mastermind. He was talking, do you guys remember that cartoon, Voltron? It was like Voltron, and Thundercats, and later on Power Rangers. Similar concepts, right? Where there was like 5 superheroes, and they go and fight bad guys, but every once and a while the bad guy gets too strong so they have to morph together into this super thing to become Voltron, which is the head and arms and legs, it’s these 5 people coming in to one super person, who they can now go and beat the bad guy.

So what Henry said that was kind of interesting, “When I first got started out here I was kind of a superhero, I was good at my thing, but my thing wasn’t complete. It was part of a whole. I was going out there and I was doing good at my thing, but I was missing other parts. I’m a really good designer, but I was missing strategy and traffic and execution and testing and these other pieces. What I had to do is I had to become Voltron. I had to assemble my team of people that have the superpowers that I don’t. I started assembling that team.

As soon as I had my Voltron team, I was able to take over the world.” And I think his first year he did $600,000 after he assembled his team. So for all you guys, a big piece of that is, think about that, if it’s Voltron or Power Rangers, it doesn’t matter, pick one of them for the analogy. But the key is, it’s time to start building that out. I need this person and this person. Start figuring that out. Because all of us want to be the owners and think we’re geniuses and all that kind of stuff, but the reality is, okay however good you are, you’re not good at everything.

And even if you are good at something, there’s probably people who are better or should be spending time in it. For me, I think about my level 10 opportunity, the only way I was able to step into that level 10 opportunity was by partnering with level 10 people who are also level 10 opportunity.

They became my Voltron. I can be the best salesman, marketing dude in the world, but if I don’t have a cool product to sale, what am I going to do? Same thing, I look at Dylan and Todd, who are the co-founders of Clickfunnels, Dylan who has been making amazing stuff from the beginning of time, but he needed a marketing and sales guy. Todd is building amazing things, but he needed that.

So it’s like, when we brought our powers together, we’ve got Dylan doing the front end stuff, Todd doing the backend stuff, me doing the marketing and sales, and from there we’ve brought in other people as well and built our own Voltron, inside of a level 10 opportunity. The sky’s been the limit. There’s some analogies for you that I hope help.

One cool thing about an analogy, that we learned at Inner Circle from Darin Stevens, he talked about how metaphors and analogy’s speak to the subconscious mind, which is kind of cool when you start thinking about it. The more that I learn about persuasion and speaking more, I understand the subconscious mind. And this is funny for me, because I don’t care about politics, whoever wins…..I don’t know, my belief pattern is, if you’re religious at all, there’s some really good books that have been written by people who are inspired that tell us how things are going to end, and we know it’s not going to end good.

It’ll eventually become really, really good, but we gotta go through some really, really bad first. So it’s inevitable, I don’t care whether it’s Hillary or Trump, to me it does not matter. We’re going to go through a bunch of crap, and we know how the story ends, so it doesn’t matter to me. So I’m not a big person that cares about politics at all, outside of the fact that I love watching the sales and the techniques behind what’s happening.

So anyway, Trump just did this whole speech last week, totally just ripping on Hillary. It was like, the greatest speech of all time, in my humble opinion. Because he was……it was just awesome. The way he speaks to the subconscious mind is awesome. He never……he always is associating labels with people, all the time. It’s never, “This is my opponent, Hillary Clinton.”

He’s like, “Hillary the criminal, Hillary the scam artist.” He’s just so shady, but he uses these words with the name so our subconscious mind starts linking these two things together, which is so powerful and so crazy and so cool. It’s just fun to watch. I don’t know if he’s going to win or not, again I don’t really care. It’s entertaining to watch and watch his language patterns.

We were talking at the inner circle meeting about, for persuasion, people want to be really good at speaking. You’ve got to learn how to speak at a third grade level. If you look at good copy, the best copywriters, if you look at their sales letter, if you take a look at them, they’re written at a third grade level. When you go above third grade, that’s when it gets too complex, you lose sales. So it’s all about simplicity and dumbing things down, which is kind of cool.

Anyway, there’s websites you can go and take a sales letter run through and it’ll say what grade level it’s written at. So people took Donald Trump’s speech and ran it through, a bunch of speeches, and he’s speaking at a third grade level. So he’s speaking correctly, which is amazing. Anyway, a lot of cool stuff. With that said, I think the moral to the story as I get closer and closer to the hotel… Man, I got 20 minutes before it starts. I always plan incorrectly. I thought this road would move faster, but there’s tons of traffic, so I hope I’m not late to the event.

One time we had an event here in Boise, I was driving and I got a ticket on the way and I ended up showing up 15 minutes late to my own event, which was super embarrassing, so I hope I make it there in time. Whoa, I almost just killed the car. Too many things happening at once. Alright, so what was I saying. So my moral of today’s lesson, that I wanted you to kind of think through was, first off figuring out the vehicle that you want to pitch your tent in. What’s the vehicle you’re going to be using? Because if you pick the wrong vehicle, you’re stuck.

But if you pick a vehicle where, let’s say you’re a doctor, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re happy in that vehicle, that’s awesome. I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk the other day, and he was talking about, “I’m not speaking to people who are content. If you’re content playing video games and eating cheerios all day, good for you man. If that’s the vehicle you picked and you’re happy there, you should be happy, that’s awesome.” I wish I was better at being fulfilled.

There’s a Tony Robins talks about the science of achievement, and then the art of fulfillment. Science of achievement, science is very step by step, so any of us achieve anything in life can figure out the science. There are the steps to go and achieve this thing. Then the other side, is the art of fulfillment. So how do we become fulfilled? That’s not a science, that’s a way harder, more complicated thing, especially for entrepreneurs, to feel fulfilled because we’re always wanting and seeking more, and trying to get more. So kind of like Gary Vaynerchuk, if you’re fulfilled, good for you man.

Don’t listen to anything I’m saying, because if you’re fulfilled and happy, that’s awesome. Good for you. But if you’re not, it’s probably the vehicle that you’re in. You’re sitting in, I can’t even think of a bad car, what’s a crappy car? You’re sitting in a Volvo and you want to drive 100 miles an hour, it’s probably not going to happen, that thing’s going to break down. But if you’re in a Volvo and you’re like, “Dude, I just want to drive around my town.” Done, if you’re happy there, don’t worry about changing the vehicle.

But if you’re not happy that what you got to work out, change the vehicle. Then the big part of the change the vehicle, often times, maybe you can’t drive it by yourself. So you gotta start building out your Voltron team. So those are my two big takeaways, hopefully for today for you guys. Change the vehicle and build out your team of superstars. So that’s what I got. Anyway, I’m going to bounce. I appreciate you guys. Thanks for listening, this is an 18 minuter. You get long sessions when I’m not driving to my office.

We’re moving to a new office that’s like 3 minutes away from my house if I’m walking, actually it’s a little bit longer than that. But still, you guys may get really short Marketing In Your Cars. I’m going to start walking so I can talk for 5 minutes, which would be awesome. Alright, with that said, appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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