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244 - The Insane Aftermath Of The Birthday Launch

244 - The Insane Aftermath Of The Birthday Launch

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Episode Recap:

The software crashed, Facebook crashed, everything crashed… yet somehow, the show still went on. On today’s episode Russell talks about how the big birthday announcement went. Here are some of the things he talks about that happened during the launch:

-- What crashed just 30 minutes before the launch, and why they went live anyway.

-- Find out how many people watched the announcements live.

-- And find out what FunnelFlix is and how you can gain access to this amazing new thing.

So listen here to find out some of the excruciating details of the birthday launch, and what actually changed with Clickfunnels itself.

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Best Quote:

So we launched this new thing called FunnelFlix, and FunnelFlix basically gives you, we licensed or we brought in all of my courses from the past, we’re licensing courses from people like Tony Robbins and Garret White, and putting them all into this thing, it looks like Netflix, but for Funnels and funnel related content, and media and things like that. So it’s literally like I don’t know, 50 or 60 thousand dollars worth of courses all inside one members area, looks like Netflix. It’s so cool.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson and this is the post birthday launch report, here on the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everybody, I hope you guys are all doing awesome. I am actually sitting in the jeep right now, about to start it, but I’m really tired. So I thought I would jump on here real quick and just give you guys an update on what’s been happening. It’s been crazy.

I kind of told you guys on the last episode about just some of the stuff building the buzz for the birthday launch, and all the things we were doing. And I’ll kind of give you an update of what happened there, and then what happened today, and I’m not going to lie, it’s a little crazy. So I hope you guys are up for a fun story.

So as you know, when I was in Fiji I made the video kind of talking about the rumors and what’s happening, and we posted it, and it went insane, insanely viral, more than anything I think I’ve ever personally done before in the past. And I had people, I had everybody messaging me. My friends, people I hadn’t heard from in 10 years, my dad, I can’t even tell you how many people were messaging me about, “What’s happening? Are you selling?” You know, we were trying to start rumors and it worked like I’ve never seen before. So that was really fun.

And we had people registering for Facebook, and I don’t think you can see how many people registered or not. But tons of people registering, and step number one was completed. The buzz and the hype was happening. Last night was Sunday and I don’t know, I knew the birthday launch was coming up, but we had a lot of the other things happening. Thursday and Friday I took off to read the Traffic Secrets book live, so I could find the edits I needed to make. So I was locked down.

I got home from Fiji on Tuesday, Wednesday I was trying to get the book edits done, and then Thursday, Friday I read the book live. So this week’s just been crazy. So then Saturday I went with the kids and kind of detached and just played with the kids all weekend long. And then Sunday night, about 9 I was like, I have to do slides for tomorrow. I know what I’m going to say, but I don’t know how I’m going to say it.

So I started working slides at 9 and I got done at like 1:30 last night, and then I had to go to bed because I had to lift at 6 because my alarm went off at 5:30. So I went to bed and got like, what is it, like 4 hours, 5 hours of sleep? That’s 4 hours. Dang, no wonder I’m hurting so bad right now. I got 4 hours of sleep, woke up, worked out, raced to the office, and we’re like, “Okay it’s go time.” Went through everything we had to do left. Then I jumped in and started working on slides again, Leon who is an amazing designer, he’s in Miami, he’s in Google slides with me editing slides and making it look crazy.

Jake and Nick are working on the software for the new Funnel Flicks, which I’ll tell you what that is here in a little bit. You know, going through that and going through the pages, just the whole marketing team, there’s just a million things happening. And there’s a big party happening in Georgia, and a big Clickfunnels birthday party there, and birthday cake. Everybody’s celebrating and working hard and trying to get things done. And everybody on this side here in Boise is trying to get everything done and make sure it’s working.

And thirty minutes before, I’m working on slides as fast as I can, and all the sudden I see a comment in our slack channel from one of the developers working on Funnel Flix, he said something and it was kind of confusing, something’s not working, or whatever. So I was kind of joking like, “Hey, should we postpone the launch?” And he wrote back, “Yeah, you probably should because it’s not working right now.” And I was like, “What? Excuse me? I’m going live in less than 30 minutes. This has to go live. We can’t stop this, this has to happen.”

And I run out to them and ask them “What’s happening? What’s happening?” and they’re all trying to figure it out. For the next 30 minutes we’re trying to get things figured out, and I’m running in trying to make sure the camera’s are set up and the lights, and the coordination for how we’re going to do this Facebook live, and all the craziness, running back and forth, and back and forth and finally, it’s 4 minutes before we’re supposed to go live.

And I go in there and they’re like, ‘It’s not going to work. Just do your announcement and tell them to come check tomorrow.” And I’m like, “There is no way that I am going to tell people to not buy when I’m on this Facebook Live, we’re here, we’re going to buy. Just keeping working on it and I’m going to figure out some way to spin it, and we’ll go.” And that’s the last thing I said, I ran in and I’m like2 minutes past the time and I’m stressing out, and I told everyone, we had a whole audience, a whole bunch of my team is in there and I’m like, ‘Just so you guys know, the reason I look really super stressed is literally Funnel Flix just crashed and it’s not working and I have no idea what to do and we’re going live. Alright, ready? Go!”

So we start this thing and I am sure I looked so nervous and freaked out, because I was and all this stress is happening. So let me tell you some of the good stuff that happened. So what’s crazy is 5000 people were live on at Facebook. Not like, at the end of your facebook live it will say like, “Oh during the time so many people have seen this.” But it was like, no, 5000 were on live, live. The number 5k was live. YouTube had 2000 live. Instagram live had 400.

We went on Twitter Periscope, a couple of other ones. All platforms we were close to 8000 people live, which is crazy. We had more when we did the Tony Robbins thing, but that wasn’t my deal. They wanted to come see Tony. But this was for our deal, almost 8000 people live, which is insane. So it was crazy and doing the thing, we had some troubles at first. Normally when I speak, if I’m doing a webinar, it’s all slides. If I’m stage it’s me talking and there’s slides happening in the background.

But here’s this thing and like, I was talking to the camera and there’s slides and kind of going back and forth to try and time with the video guys who were doing the slides, and we got thrown off a little bit. It was just, I wish I could tell you how much stress was happening. It was kind of crazy. And then I was, on top of that I had this extra layer of stress with my announcement, I’m supposed to be announcing we’re changing Clickfunnels, we’re getting rid of some features that people love, we’re adding some things that people are going to love, but you know, I’ve got to sell it because they’ve got to upgrade to get access to it.

I can’t even tell you the amount of stress and pressure and all the things I was feeling. Fear, I was just like, seriously we launch stuff all the time, how is it every time we do a launch it feels like the internet falls apart seconds before. So anyway, I guess halfway through the facebook live something happened and the facebook live crashed, so we lost 5000 people and they had to create a new one, and we got a bunch of people back, but we lost some. Ugh, it was chaos, o much chaos.

But I go up there and start doing my thing. I go through my slides, go through my presentation, doing my best. I have no idea if it’s going well, or just going horrible, because I can’t see anybody’s feedback. I’m like, I hope that this is going well. And anyway I do the whole thing and I end and it closes down and people are going crazy. Oh and, I’m not sure if I can tell you …. I’ll kind of go through what I talked about on the Facebook live here in a minute, but I did a price marinade in the middle that I guess in the middle people were flipping out all upset, then when I came back and dropped the price, and they were all cheering on the comments. It was all sorts of craziness.

So besides, oh, sorry right before I got to the point where I’m pitching FunnelFlix, I’m going through the FunnelFlix thing and all the sudden Dave bursts through the backdoor and is like waving his hands, I’m like, “What?” He’s like, ‘It’s live.” I’m like, ‘oh it’s live!” They’d been, for the last hour while I’m talking they’re back there trying to get things working and fixed and they finally got it to work, which was like a miracle in and of itself. Anyway, it was chaos, it was crazy and now it’s done. And in a little bit now, they’re editing the video, they’re going to post the replays everywhere.

So there should be a replay coming out here in a little bit for everyone to go and watch as well, but it turned out pretty great, despite the chaos and the stress and the pressure and the fear, just all the things. But I’m in the car now about to head home, but I’ll kind of give you a recap on the updates, in case you haven’t had a chance to see. But I highly recommend going and seeing it. Go watch me in my nervousness and my anxiety and go what it all looks like. But basically it’s kind of a twofold thing.

Number one is we are doubleing down on our focus of being the category king of sales funnels, which means we’re cutting some features, we’re getting rid of some stuff. So that was kind of the first half of the presentation. I talked about why, and I tried to make it a teaching moment as well, so people could understand the concept of category kings, and hopefully get the wheels in people’s own minds spinning about their own businesses. So that was the first half.

The second half is we were launching this new thing. The only reason why people don’t have success with Clickfunnels is they don’t understand the strategy, that’s it. So I was like, I want to make this more accessible to people. How do I make this easier so people don’t have to go buy access to like 20 different courses to learn all this stuff? How do we put it all underneath one roof?

So we launched this new thing called FunnelFlix, and FunnelFlix basically gives you, we licensed or we brought in all of my courses from the past, we’re licensing courses from people like Tony Robbins and Garret White, and putting them all into this thing, it looks like Netflix, but for Funnels and funnel related content, and media and things like that. So it’s literally like I don’t know, 50 or 60 thousand dollars worth of courses all inside one members area, looks like Netflix. It’s so cool. So you can go in now and geek out.

So what we did is basically launched this new level of Clickfunnels called Clickfunnels platinum and eventually it will be $697 a month, but right now, for those who are getting started right now, it’s $297 a month to upgrade to it. So you get platinum level, which gives you access to all the platinum features of Clickfunnels, plus it gives you access to FunnelFlix and you get all the courses in there for free, which is pretty exciting.

Actually, almost all of them, we have another announcement happening at Funnel Hacking Live, and another one happening on my 40th birthday, we’ll launch the next things and talk about the next pieces of it. But that was kind of phase number one. So phase number one is all about focusing on the core Clickfunnels software, taking out all of the extra stuff, and I said it way more eloquently in the presentation, so you should definitely go watch it, and then step two was all about FunnelFlix. Anyway, it turned out really good.

So if you want to go see it, if you go to Facebook, YouTube and search Clickfunnels 5year birthday launch, I’m sure it will pull up. If you just want to go check it out, go to and you can see what the new FunnelFlix is, it’s amazing. You see trailers for all the different courses that are in there right now, and/or you can go to is where if you’re ready to upgrade just go to and you can upgrade and get access to all this stuff.

So that’s kind of what it was and it’s been crazy and hectic and you know, I’m sure there’s still a lot of bugs and stuff we’ll be fixing tonight and tomorrow and over the next week or two weeks. But it is out, we gave birth to it, it is out there in the world. People know about it, people are signing up, people are watching stuff. I saw all these people message me like, ‘I’m watching Garret White’s course.” Or “I’m watching Tony Robbins.” And everyone’s learning and studying and I think it’s going to be really cool for families.

They can log in and watch stuff with entrepreneurs and learn from each other. Anyway, hopefully we’re doing the right move. We’re trying to make things better and better for our Funnel Hackers, for our Clickfunnels members. So I figure by doubling down focus on the Clickfunnels software and opening up all the training and making it more simple it will hopefully do that for everybody. So I’m excited, we’re really passionate about this, and just excited to hopefully help change your guys’ lives even more.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money on the side by answering Clickfunnels tickets, I talked about that in the webinar as well, and the way we’re paying people $3 to answer a ticket. You guys can make money while you’re building funnels and help pay for you Clickfunnels accounts and other stuff by actually going in there and serving other funnel hackers and helping them out.

Anyway, it was fun. I recommend going and listening to it, because you’ll learn some stuff and you’ll get to see me awkwardly, nervously fumbling through things. Usually I’m confident in my presentations, I definitely was nervous and anxious, and the fact that the software wasn’t working while I’m standing up there pitching it, and all the other things, it was a lot. But it’s done and it’s out there.

Hopefully this gives any of you guys faith for when you’re doing stuff and you’re nervous and anxious and things aren’t working, and things are breaking around you and the world seems to be falling apart, but you can still go and just do it. And just you know, run with the punches, have fun with it, and you know, today could have totally flopped, but luckily it didn’t though.

People were upgrading and having success, and it was fun. So hopefully it gives you inspiration to know that even over here, that I am stressing out and fumbling behind the scenes. Things break and things fall apart, but when all is said and done, as long as you just keep moving forward, there’s so many different points where we could have quit and cancelled. I could have cancelled last night when my slides weren’t done, let’s cancel.

But it’s like, nope, I gotta get them done. And it could have been like, ‘Oh, let’s cancel it because the software broke.” We’re like, nope, we’re just going to keep pushing forward. We’re like, “Oh, we should cancel because the Facebook live dropped in the middle.” Nope, we just keep moving forward. Just keep running forward as fast as you can.

All the obstacles and trials and things will hit and let’s just keep moving forward. Because now it’s launched, now it’s like we take the video replays and restream it, and now we can go and fix the software, now we can go and add the descriptions to all the course lessons.

There’s so many things we still need to do, but unless you launch you can’t do any of it. So it’s just like, get it out the best you can and go back and enter in on it. That’s what we did with Clickfunnels, what we did with FunnelFlix, and we’ll probably do in the future as well, but we’re trying our best, and trying to serve you guys the best that we can. So there you go. I appreciate you all.

Go check out and if you’re ready to upgrade right now and go get access to all the courses, go to, they’re all free, you just gotta update your account from the Clickfunnels normal level to Clickfunnels platinum, moving from $97 a month to $297 a month and you get access to all the training and all the stuff. So I hope you guys love it, appreciate you all, thanks for listening, thanks for being a subscriber, and I will talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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