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258 - Jack Bauer Goes ClickFunnels

258 - Jack Bauer Goes ClickFunnels

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Building out 3 funnels and a product in less than 24 hours, Jack Bauer style.

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So everything we talk about in Expert Secrets is built around that. Because it’s about, you’re trying to cause a movement, be a vehicle of change, get people to change their life. So what’s cool is this weekend for the fitness product, initially, I own this domain and I’ve spent probably hundreds of thousands of dollars between getting the trademark, the domains, people trying this process in the past and having it fail multiple times. So anyway, the domain before was called body evolution and that was what we were going to do and this weekend we realized that’s probably the wrong angle so we changed everything.


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Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody, I’m excited for today, it’s going to be a nutso day and I’m excited and I have to apologize. It’s been a little while since I did a Marketing In Your Car, and that’s on purpose kind of.

I just got called up Stu Mclaren and he just snapchatted me and yelled. He said, “Dude, where’s Marketing In Your Car? I’m trying to drive somewhere and I can’t do it without Marketing In Your Car.” The reason why I haven’t done one, after episode 257, which we just finished, I was going to get all new branding and audio and everything. So I’ve been waiting to get that whole thing done and it’s just taking forever and turning out lame, to be honest.

It’s an early morning this morning because something crazy is about to go down and I need you guys to know about it, in case something bad happens. As you may or may not know we have been feverishly working on Funnel Hacker TV, a bunch of new episodes. In fact, if you go to you can see the intro now, it’s live. People are going nuts for it, so it turned out really cool. When you watch that video I want you guys thinking about everything we’ve been talking about for the last 257 episodes because it’s been a lot of stuff, and notice how everything is kind of weaved into that.

Someone commented on Facebook, “Russell you did the two handed throwing a fireball thing, freezeball like subzero did during it.” I’m like “Yeah, I do everything. I practice what I preach.” Notice the us versus them, notice the manifesto, notice how we’re splitting our audience in half, notice how we’re picking common enemies, notice all the stuff we’ve been talking about for the last couple of years you guys. This is all for us kind of coming together into very concrete, actionable things.

It’s all about how we’re building our cult-ure. Watch that video because you will see what we’re trying to do. Again, I try to let all of you guys in behind the scenes what’s actually happening, which is kind of cool I think. You guys get to hear me kind of brainstorm why I’m doing what I’m doing. But then you can visually see it from the external side. So I hope you guys are watching close because a bunch of crazy stuff’s about to happen. So today we’re filming an episode of Funnel Hacker TV, but of course I couldn’t just do another episode because that would be boring.

I need to do something bigger and better and more exciting. So what I decided to do, is today instead of building one funnel or two, we should be at least three. And instead of having a product that we build the funnel around, we should create the product today too. So today we’re building three funnels.

One for an info product, two for supplements. We’re also recording an entire info product product. But wait, it gets better because when we were planning this I thought, how could would it be if we did a Jack Bauer 24 theme, because it’s still my favorite show ever, of all time. So we’re doing this whole thing in 24 hours. So today at 8am, let’s see it’s Monday morning, we are starting a 24 hour countdown clock and then we will be done Tuesday at 8am.

We’ve got a whole bunch of people coming in. Vince Palko from Adtunes flying in, he is hand sketching out the sales videos. We’ve got the dude’s who own Weight Shake are flying in, we’re building a funnel for them. We’ve got Dave Woodward and Kerry Woodward who are coming in, she’s the guru, the expert on the info product side of this. And we got Brandon coming and filming everything and then we’ve got 3 or 4 film crews. Because we gotta film all these different things, then we’ve gotta film them filming them because it’s all about behind the scenes for the reality show. It’s gonna great.

We’ve got actors coming in, we’ve got 3 or 4 different locations that we’re filming at, it’s literally nuts from a coordination standpoint. In fact, if we pull this whole thing off, I will be so impressed. The biggest reason why I’m doing this, why we do a lot of these crazy things, the reason why I do Funnel Friday’s, the reason I do all this stuff is I want to make it more attainable for people. To see that this isn’t a 6 month process to launch a funnel, which is what most of you guys are doing. This should be, and I know 24 hours is ridiculous for most people, but if I can get three funnels in 24 hours, and each of these funnels…..I’ll only build a funnel if I think it’ll make at least a million bucks a year.

So if I can build 3 million dollar funnels in 24 hours, you should be able to build one in a week. So that’s kind of the premise behind why I’m doing this craziness and why it’s exciting. So I will report back to you guys when it’s all done. Maybe tomorrow morning when I’m driving home if I’m not dead, I’ll give you a recap of what happened and how it all went down. But I’m excited; it’s going to be so much fun.

The finished products are ones I’ve been looking for for a long time. And what’s fun is the Expert Secrets book we have a big huge section about how to be a vehicle of change and we looked at all the different big cults or whatever you want to call them throughout time and how they were created and the commonalities between them. And every one of them had three core things, an attractive character or charismatic leader, a movement, and then a new opportunity. So everything we talk about in Expert Secrets is built around that.

Because it’s about, you’re trying to cause a movement, be a vehicle of change, get people to change their life. So what’s cool is this weekend for the fitness product, initially, I own this domain and I’ve spent probably hundreds of thousands of dollars between getting the trademark, the domains, people trying this process in the past and having it fail multiple times. So anyway, the domain before was called body evolution and that was what we were going to do and this weekend we realized that’s probably the wrong angle so we changed everything.

We went back and forth, Dave Kerry and I about a dozen times figuring out different names and hooks and angles. And what’s the movement and what’s the new opportunity and all sorts of things and finally Sunday Morning it all came to a head and we figured it out. So the domain that we got is and haveitallmomsclub or, but it’s all about having it all and women can have it all and moms can have it all.

You can be a mom and you can be a business owner, and you can have good health and you can do all these things, but you gotta change some stuff first. A lot of it begins with the fuel you put in your body and all these things. It’s kind of like a weight loss program, but the problem, and this is me going back to the whole, I’ve been reading this “red ocean blue ocean thing” and thinking a lot about that. It’s like weight loss is red ocean, there’s a billion people all fighting and there’s blood everywhere in the water and we could go in there. Or what if we created our own blue ocean?

So our blue ocean is becoming a mom who has it all and how do you do that? Initially you do it through weight loss, that’s how you build the energy you need to have it all. So it’s a weight loss program, but it’s not positioned that way. So we’re totally in the blue ocean just hanging out by ourselves, and if we execute it correctly today it’s going to help us take over the world. So I’m so excited. So that’s all happening, which is cool. And then the other side, oh I’m so excited. So tomorrow, Tuesday we are on the Profit.

So Marcus Lemonis and I have no idea if I’m going to actually be on the profit, I’ll probably be on the cutting room floor. I don’t even know exactly what’s happening yet. But we’re going to be on the Profit, and so we thought if we’re going to be on the Profit, we need to throw a party. So initially we were going to throw a party at my house. But then one person became 2. 2 became 10. 10 became 30. 30 became 50 and I realized my wife is going to kill if I did a huge party with 50+ people at my house, so we called the local movie theater and we rented a movie theater that holds 200+ people and now we’re throwing a real party and we’ve got almost 200 people rsvp’d to come to that tomorrow.

So we’re going to be watching the Profit together with a whole bunch of funnel hackers here in Boise and then the second side of it is episode number one of Funnel Hacker TV should be done today, so we’re going to show that at the episode as well. And show them Funnel Hacker……show them episode one to all those who are in Boise on the big screen which is going to be so insane. I’m so excited. So that’s happening tomorrow, which is cool. And then on top of that, I was thinking when Funnel Hacker TV does come out, I may or may not like to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, the whole series, it’s so embarrassing. But when I do, when we first got married, everyone thought it was cool. Now nobody will admit it’s cool.

We used to have Bachelor Parties and we’d all get together with all our friends and eat food and have fun, and watch the show. Place some bets on who’s going to get sent home each week and it was awesome. Now my friends all matured, I didn’t yet, but all the rest are like, “We’re too cool for this.” And they watch big kid shows now. But we’re still stuck on the teeny bopper reality show, my wife and I. So we watch it together every week and we love it. But what’s interesting is that across the world everyone’s throwing what they call Bachelor parties and they happen all over the world.

Every Monday night everyone gets together and watches the Bachelor parties and it’s really, really cool. So I’m like, “Well I want to do the same thing with our reality show.” So I’m trying to get, my guess is it’ll take a little while to get this actually happening consistently, but I was like, I wanna run little Funnel Hacker parties all around the world where people get together and they watch Funnel Hacker TV together as little parties right. So each week we launch Funnel Hacker TV, everyone gets together, everyone watches together, it becomes this really fun thing, and the people who are hosting the parties have a chance to talk about funnels with each other. And you can invite your friends and family members over.

People who don’t know what you do for a living, because that’s kind of a thing that happens with all of us. And Let them watch and be like, “Oh that’s what you do. How exciting.” And then it becomes this real, tangible, fun, exciting thing. So that’s where we’re trying to go to. So I thought let’s start this with the Profit party. So we’re doing these Profit viewing parties all around the country and around the world hopefully. The hard thing about the Profit is it doesn’t play in every country.

So we got people in Canada and Australia who can’t even see it are trying to set up these parties anyway. One of those things that’s kind of frustrating. But the nice thing about Funnel Hacker TV when it comes out, there’s no limits. Because it will be on Facebook and on Youtube and stuff like that. I’m definitely excited for that. That’s kind of what’s going down over here. But that’s the process we’re trying to start now, having these local meet ups.

People watching this show together and hopefully that will become something that we’re able to use long term to get people to start doing these funnel hacking hack-a-thons all around the country. All just steps we’re trying to do in building our community, building our following, getting people to share our message and hopefully making our business not just static boring business. But something people look forward to and something that people that it becomes part of their life.

You know I was thinking about this, and I’ll probably end on this because we’re almost to the office and I gotta start running because my 24 episode starts in 32 minutes. I remember the first time I ever went to a Send Out Cards event, which is a network marketing program, and I’m going to this event, and basically I’m going to offend somebody here so I apologize, but Send Out Cards is basically really bad software.

I’ll just call it that as it is. When it first came out it was really cool, but now it’s like every card platform on earth has surpassed them. But I went to this thing and it’s like, I remember David Frye, who is one of the top money earners in the company, he’s like, “Russell, this is software. This is a software platform and look at this. People are at this event.”

And there were 4 or 5 thousand people and they were crying and they were on stage telling their stories and it was like this movement and I was like, “It’s a software program. Why are people on the stage crying that doesn’t make any sense.” And since we built Clickfunnels I thought about that. I don’t want this to be a software program, I want this to be a movement. So how do we do that? So all these things we’re doing now are all part of that.

Some may work and some may fall on their face. I don’t know, but I just want to share it with you guys. Because whatever it is you’re selling, if it’s software, if it’s info products, if it’s supplements, the more you can turn it into this, the more you un-commonitize yourself and you become something unique and something special.

So that’s what I got. I’m at the office and I gotta go bounce. See you guys later. I will share with you guys what happens 24 hours from now. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and we’ll talk soon. Bye everybody.


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