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252 - The One Thing

252 - The One Thing

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If you can get them to believe this… the only option is they have to give you all their money.

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to be successful first off, you can’t be selling, you can’t be trying to improve somebody. Nobody wants improvement. That is…..ambitious people want improvement, and the masses, 99% of the world are not ambitious. People have desire, but they don’t have ambition. So if you’re selling to ambitious, “Here’s how to improve your golf swing. Here’s how to make this thing better. Here’s how to improve something.” By default you will make less money.


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Good morning everybody in Marketing In Your Car land. So glad to have you guys all here today. Heading in for an amazing day, I’m excited. I honestly, last night, had dreams all night about stuff in the Expert Secrets Event. It’s crazy.

I wish that you guys all could have been there. In fact, it’s insane that you weren’t there. We’ve been hanging out now for 252 episodes, or 251 episodes, if you haven’t joined the Inner Circle and you weren’t here last weekend, seriously? Come on? What are you waiting for? Have I ever let you down?

Come on, you guys. Anyway, the event was amazing, but the process, oh the process. I’m so excited about the process. I totally want to start doing high end events where people come in for 2 days or 3 days and we just take everyone through that process. I had multiple people afterwards tell me, “Man, everyone that comes into your world should go through this. Anyone who joins Inner Circle should go through this process first.” Because it helps to identify so much of what you’re actually doing and selling and how you’re positioning it.

Oh, so many cool things. Anyway, today I’m excited because I’m going back through all the PowerPoint slides from the event, making tweaks and changes based on some of the stuff we discovered together as a group. Things that as I was teaching didn’t come out quite clear, or I hit road blocks. Or things from my stories that weren’t the right stories the first 2 or 3 times. Sometimes I tell a story…..I was like, “Huh, that story was completely inappropriate or weird or the wrong thing.”

So just kind of re-factoring everything in the process. And I’m going to go through and record while it’s still the top of my mind. Re-record all the sections and that will help as the audio commentary as we go through and we start writing this new version of the book, which I’m so excited for. So that’s kind of what’s been going down over here, and that’s what I’m excited for today. I also have decade in a day so we also had a bunch of new Inner Circle members who came in.

I think it’s 4 of them that we’ll be doing coaching sessions with this morning, which will be kind of cool. So for those who are wondering about the Inner Circle, it’s typically always sold out, but every once in a while there is a spot or two that open up. People who don’t renew or the people who don’t love money, I think. So anyway, for the most part those are always booked out but we did have a couple of slots open up, I think we might have one or two more for people who are trying to decide if they’re renewing or not.

So if you’re interested, go run and go to because there might be a little, small window where you can get one of the last one or two spots left, if you’re interested. With that said, I’m going to move back onto Expert Secrets. So I’m probably just going to, as I’m geeking out on this for the next while, share some things. I’ll share like last night when I couldn’t sleep because it was so, so, so excited. It comes back to a concept I talked about a lot.

And it was something that in the event, I had planned maybe 10 minutes to talk about this concept and it ended up turning out to be over 2 ½ hours of us going really, really, really, really deep into it. And it was… opened up my eyes to really understand this whole thing. So let me step back. The concept that I’m talking about right now is the one thing.

We’ve talked about this before. Any time you have to convince your prospects of more than one thing, your conversions will drop in half instantly. So you’ve got to pick one belief that you have to get them to believe. So everyone’s like, ‘What’s that belief? What should it be?” And for a long time I was like, “Just pick one thing.” But the more we thought about it, we started realizing the one thing, first off…….I wish you guys could read the whole book right now. I wish the book was done so I could read it right now. But it comes back to, to be successful first off, you can’t be selling, you can’t be trying to improve somebody.

Nobody wants improvement. That is…..ambitious people want improvement, and the masses, 99% of the world are not ambitious. People have desire, but they don’t have ambition. So if you’re selling to ambitious, “Here’s how to improve your golf swing. Here’s how to make this thing better. Here’s how to improve something.” By default you will make less money. So a big part of the whole thing we talked about how to build a cult/ how to build a culture, I mean.

It was all about one of the three steps of building a cult following is you have to have a new opportunity. That may be a whole other podcast for a whole other day, but assume that you’ve got a new opportunity that you’re selling. So they have this new opportunity, so you think about that opportunity. There is got to be one thing that people have to believe. If they believe that one thing then they have to accept your new opportunity.

So you gotta think about it. What is that one thing that they have to believe in? If they believe that then they have no other alternate options except to give you money. And every business has this. Every new opportunity has this. So you gotta think through it. So some examples, I’ll step out of business just to give some practical real world examples, so I’m going to go to religion.

Religion is probably the easiest place to really identify this. So let’s say, you are considering Christianity as your new opportunity. With Christianity there’s one belief you have to believe. It’s like if the Bible is true then Jesus Christ is our Savior, direct correlation. If you read the Bible and you’re like, “I believe with all my heart that this is true.” Then the only answer is that “Okay, Jesus Christ is my Savior.” That’s it, there’s no other if’s, and’s, or but’s. Okay, I look at, I’m a Mormon as all you guys know. Mormons are Christians and we believe in a book called the Book of Mormon.

So if I read the Book of Mormon, if I believe that boo is true, that’s the one thing. IF I believe that thing is true then everything that Mormons believe, therefore I believe, because it’s the one thing. I now believe in Latter Day Prophets, I believe in Temple ordinances. Here’s all the things that Mormons believe. If you believe the Book of Mormon is true then you have to believe all these other things. Same thing is probably true in every religion.

If you believe the Koran is true then this all the stuff you have to believe. So religion is very….you look at religion they are all tied to a one thing. What’s the one thing you believe? If you believe that then everything else is part of that belief patterns. So you gotta look at your business and your new opportunity you are providing people and there’s always the same thing.

Like when we were launching Clickfunnels, if I could get people to believe that the only way their business could succeed is they have to build sales funnels inside of Clickfunnels. If I can get them to believe that there’s no other option. You have to give Russell all your money now, because he’s the only person now that provides that thing. Come back to religious. If I believe that Christ is the Savior, or if the Bible is true, then I believe that Christ is my Savior and I have to follow him because the only way to get salvation is through him.

That’s what it comes down to. It’s almost like we have to figure out how to make that same statement for our business. If I can convince them that the only way for their business to survive is to create funnels through Clickfunnels is the one belief I have to get into the habit. And if they honestly believe that in the core of their body, then they know that the only way to business salvation is through Clickfunnels, is through what I’m offering. That’s it.

So until you’ve identified that statement…….that has to be step number one. Because then when you start building the webinar, the whole event was about the webinar, everything else in the webinar is built around that. What are all the false belief patterns based on that new opportunity? And what is that thing? And how do we knock down those belief patterns? Everything else gets tied to that, but it all stems from this concept called the one thing. And the one thing is tied to a new opportunity, but what is that sentence?

So I said it, it was supposed to be a 10 minute, I explained the one thing in 10 minutes, and everyone wrote what their belief was and they had to get people to convince. And everyone kept sharing with us and then kept coming back with headlines and I’m like, “No! I’m not looking for a headline here, you guys. We’re looking for….” We ended up developing this sentence and it was like, “If I can get them to believe ‘blank’..” and in that blank you put in what new opportunity is. “If I can get them to believe that the only way to make money online is by having sales funnels built inside of Clickfunnels.”

There’s my sentence. If I can get them to believe that, then they’ll have to give me all their money because I am the salvation or success, or whatever you want to call it, could only come through that one path, that one vehicle, right. Because when you’re presenting a new opportunity you’re presenting, man, this will set us back to the previous section with building your culture. Is it, you have to have a new opportunity, so it’s like the new opportunity is the vehicle.

If I go to the car dealership, there’s 50 cars there. I’m trying to convince you that this car is the only car you can drive, the only car that makes any logical sense. If I can convince you of that, that this is the vehicle, you have to buy that car. That’s the only vehicle you can go with. So for everyone, if you guys can step back and figure that out for your business, your thing. What is the one thing? The one thing that I can put in a sentence like this, ‘If I can get them to believe that the only way they can be successful is through blah.’

And it’s your system, your thing, whatever it is. If you can get them to believe that, then that’s it. All of their other concerns disappear. Pricing disappears. Everything else. Every other concern instantly disappears. That’s what we call it in the training. We call it a big domino. It’s a domino where if you know that down, it’ll make all the other dominos…’ll either knock down all the other dominos or make them irrelevant. That’s the key. Think about that a little bit you guys. When you can identify what that thing is, it becomes very, very powerful. And then the rest of the webinar is based on, ‘what are the false beliefs based on that thing?’

And we broke it down at the live event and based it on three things. Secret number one is always tied to the vehicle, secret number two is always tied to the internal struggle, secret number three is always tied to the external struggle. We’ll share that stuff in another podcast, but for today that’s what I want you guys to think about. What is your one thing that if your customers believe that and they believe that success or salvation or whatever you want to call it, is only available through that one thing, what’s that one thing you have to get them to believe.

Because that’s it. If we can get them to believe that one thing it knocks over all the dominos or makes them irrelevant and they have to give you money, there’s no other option. That’s the key, you guys. Oh, it’s the key. It’s the biggest key on earth. I can’t believe that it took 2 ½ hours in that meeting with everyone there going back and forth before all the sudden it was like the angels were singing. We’re like, this is it. That’s the key.

And last night I couldn’t sleep, I spent 8 hours tossing and turning thinking about the one thing. It may seem simple, but think about it, spend some time and effort. Because that is the key that will unlock infinite cells for you for the rest of your life. So that’s it you guys. I’m at the office and I’m going to go start working on my PowerPoint. Appreciate you guys, and talk to you all again soon.


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