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253 - Your Manifesto

253 - Your Manifesto

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Step 2 of 3 in building your own cult-ture.

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The new opportunity is the big aha you will have when you read the book. The reason why most people, if your offer is failing, means you’re probably selling an improvement or repair offer, where you’re trying to make things better as opposed to a new opportunity. And I make a pretty dang convincing argument that you have to have a new opportunity. And we look at pretty much every offer we ever had that succeeded were all tied to a new opportunity. None of the improvement offers have ever made any money.


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Good morning everybody. I hope you are doing amazing. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope things are going amazing for everybody today. I am so exciting. We are coming in to start filming episode number 2 of Funnel Hacker TV. I cannot wait for you guys to see this.

I cannot wait, you guys are going….I hope. I really hope actually. You may hate this show, but I think you’re going to like it, I think you’re going to love it. We’ll film episode number 2 today, which is today. So episode number one we all went into Biohacking Secrets. We built out the book funnel for that. So if you go to you can get the free book and see the funnel and blah, blah, blah.

So that’s step number one. That was the first thing that we did. That’s working awesome. So episode one is all about that and kind of telling Anthony’s story and that kind of thing, which was cool. Episode 2 now we’re doing a funnel with my Christian Ferrante (good luck spelling that), he’s awesome.

Someone’s who’s been working with us for a long, long time. He’s just an awesome guy. So he’s been building a survival product forever. I wanted to be in the survival space for a long, long time. Ever since all the people I know have started crushing it in survival. And I always wanted to do a survival straw that you drink. Have you seen those little straws that are like a filter so you can drink out of a toilet if you want to? So when the world comes to an end you are still good to go.

So that’s what I always wanted was a survival straw, so we’re kind of partnering on this and doing a survival straw offer and it’s going to be cool. But this episode, the first episode was very emotional. Anthony’s an emotional guy and the story’s awesome. So that was episode one, we want to lead with that.

Episode number two now we want to kind of start defining some of the core things like what funnel hacking actually is. So that’s what’s going to be kind of cool about this one. We’re actually going to go and this is going to be a funnel hack episode. We funnel hacked two survival funnels yesterday and Steven designed them on these big old poster boards so we’re going to be showing those on the video and walking through the whole thing and really mapping out exactly what we’re going build it and then we’re going to go build it. It’s going to be amazing.

I already pre-bought ads that are going to be running tomorrow for this funnel we’re going to be doing today, and a bunch of other cool things. So that’s kind of what’s going down. It’s going to be a fun day. We have today and tomorrow to shoot, but the ads go live tomorrow morning. So we pretty much have to get it all done today. So cross your fingers. And I got to get home because we got people coming over tonight. So it’s not like I can pull an all-nighter.

We got to get this done during business hours today, which will be a ton of fun. So that is what we’re scrambling for. So that’s what’s happening. So many fun things. I tell you what, I spent probably, I don’t know, 10 or 12 hours yesterday working on the new Expert Secrets book. I gotta tell you, I am so, so, so, so, so, so excited. I would say, and I don’t think I would’ve said it over myself, but after the event we had last weekend talking about Expert Secret stuff and going deep into it.

I always get people like, “The event was amazing. Best thing I’ve ever been to.” Those things always come with any event you do. This was different. I had people who don’t normally give compliments to me, to try to pat me on the back, come back and pull me aside and be like, “Dude, this is the best thing you have ever done, ever.” Which is exciting. Multiple people………So I’m just dying. I want this book to be done.

I’m hustling more than I ever have because you guys, I spent the last 8 months writing the first version of the book, and it was good, but it didn’t fire me up. Now all I want to do is have this book done. But it’s going to be good. It will redefine everything you believe about selling and how to sell and how to build a following. I can’t even tell you how cool it is. One of the really cool things, one of the things we talked about at the event is that there’s two pieces.

One’s you becoming an expert and two is building a following. If you don’t have a following, it’s the whole, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a noise?’ No, it doesn’t. If you’re an expert and there’s no one there that listens to you then it doesn’t really matter. You’re just some crazy person on the corner yelling. So how do we build a following and what goes into that. So we broke that down a lot. What’s cool is there’s 3 core components.

You see the book, you’ll see all the hand sketches in the book and it’ll make more sense. But it’s basically a charismatic leader, a cause and a new opportunity. Those are three things that have to be present for there to be a mass movement. For there to be people to buy into your vision and things like that. You know, a charismatic leader/attractive character, we talk a lot about that. The new opportunity is the big aha you will have when you read the book.

The reason why most people, if your offer is failing, means you’re probably selling an improvement or repair offer, where you’re trying to make things better as opposed to a new opportunity. And I make a pretty dang convincing argument that you have to have a new opportunity. And we look at pretty much every offer we ever had that succeeded were all tied to a new opportunity. None of the improvement offers have ever made any money. So there’s another lesson for you, but that’s a lesson for another day because we can go deep into that.

The cool thing we figured out yesterday is the middle one is the cause. Creating a cause. When you create a cause, it’s got to be something that is all based on the vision of the future because people are afraid of what the future could hold. They don’t want to move, there’s fear around that. But when they’re faithful in the future it makes them want to move towards that compelling future, that vision that you’re kind of painting and illustrating. So that was a big part of it.

Then I was trying to explain that at the event. I was like, “How do we get everyone to get this and understand it?” and I was struggling for them to get it and all the sudden I had this thought pop in my head to show the intro video for the reality show that we’re filming episode two of today. Because in that I wrote the script and it was all about this call to action. I wanted this to be an us versus them, like we’re separating us from traditional business.

We’re separating us from college. We’re separating us from VC backed companies. I wanted a very clear, defined us versus them. So when you guys see the intro the first time, first off you are going to love it because it’s pretty dang cool. Second off, you’ll see how it’s this thing that you’re drawing a line and taking sides. You’re with us or against us type of thing, it’s pretty cool. I showed the video, and people when they saw it were like, “I understand now what you mean by starting a cause or a movement.”

So yesterday I was working on the book and I was writing that section and getting stuck. I was like, how do you make this interesting? I don’t want to just have the book be very strategic. “Oh you need to start a cause, it’s got to be important.” That’s dumb. What’s the tangible, practical things afterward? So I was thinking more and more through that and all the sudden I started thinking back like in the movie, Jerry Mcguire.

In the very beginning Tom Cruises character, I guess his name is Jerry Mcguire in the movie. Anyway, he sits down and he writes out that manifesto of what he thinks the issue should be and he hands it out and that’s the turning point where everyone is either with him or against him, and most people are against him, but he gets Renee Zellwegger or whatever her name is to follow him. That document is what stirred people to action and to want to move towards this cause, which is really cool.

That’s kind of the concept. So I started saying, I feel like every business, every cause needs to have that. That moment where they sit down and write out the Jerry Mcguire letter. This is their manifesto of what they believe and who they are and who they’re not. Well how to do they write that. What’s the tangibles? So then I went back to the video for Funnel Hacker TV and I listened to it 5 or 6 times and there was a very cool script that was in there and I sketched it out.

Number one you introduce the attractive character, the charismatic leader. Number two he earned his movement. From there you move over to us versus them. You talk about what you stand for, who you are, who you’re not. From there you talk about why your movement is better and then you talk about who this is not for and then you transition at the end to who you are and who are as movement.

It was so cool, so I sketched out the whole thing. I drew it on a flag, so it turned out so cool. So now we’ve got an actual script and a process for people to build out their manifesto or whatever you want to call it. The call to get people into your cause. That was a big aha yesterday that we got that and we got that into the book. It was so cool. So anyway, just something to think through today.

We’ll get deeper into the charismatic leader and the new opportunity, but today I want you thinking about your cause. What’s your cause? Why should people buy into it? What are the alternatives they have that you need to kind of shun and push aside? Why is your cause the best? Those are the questions I want to you to ask yourself, first off.

And then second off, I want you guys to sit down and actually write out, pretend like you’re Jerry Mcguire and you’re pissed at everything that’s happening in the industry and write out your manifesto and create that and then that could be the rallying call for your people, for your cause. You will see that coming in full light here very soon as we release the first episode of our reality show.

I think it’s something you guys are going to love. So that’s all I got you guys. I’m at the office, time to go film. I’m only 9 minutes….6 minutes late. So that’s pretty good, not double digits today. Alright guys, talk to you all soon. Bye.


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