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261 - How Changing Your Environment Can Take You From Good To Great

261 - How Changing Your Environment Can Take You From Good To Great

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How Changing Your Environment Can Take You From Good To Great

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Sitting in your office and looking around and see your desk, your monitor, your computer and there’s a certain energy that’s from that. And this is the Woo Woo side of things, so I don’t really understand this stuff. But you kind of feel that, right? You sit in there and you’re like, this is my world and my things. And what happens is, after a while we get comfortable in our situations and things. And sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a very negative thing. Complacency is one of those things that’s like, if we’re complacent then we’re like, “Oh, I’m good.” And then you don’t try to grow.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell again and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys enjoyed the new intro. Was it pretty cool? So we’re matching and modeling, I’m not sure if I told you guys this, but the TV show intro which is coming soon to a Youtube channel near you. So it’ll be at, if you go there you can kind of see the actual intro, which is really, really cool. So this is kind of….we’re trying to like kind of blend those things together. So we decided not to change the name Marketing In Your Car, we’re keeping it Marketing In Your Car, but it’s basically Marketing In Your Car for Funnel hackers. Its showing you guys what we’re doing in real life each day as the funnel hacker. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy that. For those that have been faithful followers for a long time, you know for the first 100 and something episode it was like a disco, 70’s music then we switched to a quick thrown together one and then this one is…..anyway, who knows. It could be worse, but at least it’s changed. Change can always be good.

So speaking of change being good. I wanted to talk about that for a little bit, because right now we’re going through some fun changes. We just bought a new office and now we’re rehabbing that. I think next week we start knocking down walls and kind of starting that change. You know last year we changed our home and moved to a new home, there’s just a lot to do with that. I was listening to a Matt Furey call. I don’t know I bought a whole bunch of these really random Matt Furey CD’s from back in the day and they’re all over the place. I think its like, the grab bag was 8 grand, every CD he’s ever done, so I just got the whole thing. So there’s one random one, so I don’t know if anyone could ever find it again, but he’s talking about the energy of a room and how you can change it. He’s talking about how if you go sit in your room and look around, or your office. Sitting in your office and looking around and see your desk, your monitor, your computer and there’s a certain energy that’s from that. And this is the Woo Woo side of things, so I don’t really understand this stuff. But you kind of feel that, right? You sit in there and you’re like, this is my world and my things. And what happens is, after a while we get comfortable in our situations and things. And sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a very negative thing. Complacency is one of those things that’s like, if we’re complacent then we’re like, “Oh, I’m good.” And then you don’t try to grow.

One of my favorite things that I’ve ever read was in the book, Good to Great, it talks about how good is the enemy to great. Why are there not more great marriages? Because there’s a lot of good marriages. Why are there not a lot of great careers or jobs? Because there’s a lot of good ones. Why is there not a lot of great companies? Well there’s a lot of good companies. So because of that people get complacent and they don’t grow. So good is the enemy to great, which is so cool and interesting and intriguing to think about. And so this is just thinking about changes and thinking about you know, moving offices in a couple of months. But even right now I’m in this office and I’m looking at everything and there’s definitely an energy or whatever you want to call it, but there’s something from that situation. There’s some positives and negatives. There’s some really good patterns I’ve developed in that space and in that spot where I’m sitting. And there’s some negative one’s too. So it’s like, moving and change is good because it breaks this pattern. And it gets us out of a state of complacency. I think complacency a lot of times is what gets us in trouble.

Now there is, this is always a two edged sword. There’s the other side of becoming complacent. Complacent sounds like a negative, maybe it’s not for everyone, for me it sounds like a negative word, but the reality is it’s not always negative either. You know if you study Tony Robins, he talks about the two core things he does with people. He’s not a motivational speaker. If any of my friends call him a motivational speaker I’m going to knock them out. One of my good friends went on this huge rant about Tony talking about how he’s a motivational speaker and how bad it was, so I ended up buying him tickets an flying out to the event and making him go experience. I’m like, “Look, he’s not a motivational speaker.” So what it Tony? Tony focuses on two things. First is the science of achievement, so how do you achieve more in life, right. How do you get more done. And notice the words, the science of achievement, science. So there’s a scientific process to achieve something that can be replicated over and over again. So the first thing he helps people with is the science of achievement. And the second is the art of fulfillment. And fulfillment is harder, especially for super aggressive entrepreneurs who…we’re trying to achieve, achieve, achieve and no matter how much achieve, how much you get, how much you help and grow and whatever those things are that are important to you, you always on the other side, most of us struggle with fulfillment. Actually feeling like, man I’m good.

I gotta be honest, I sometimes envy people who are complacent, who can just sit there and be like, “I’m good.” So there’s a fine line of complacency that keeps you from living the life you want and serving the way you can and impacting people and places in this world versus the other side of the coin, which is how to do you have fulfillment. How can you….and notice he said the art of fulfillment? So science is the system, it’s a replicate-able thing. Art is different. I like to talk about that with funnel hacking and Clickfunnels as well. There’s an art and a science to every funnel right. The science is like, the structure. Here’s how it works. The art is like, what gives it that sex appeal. Gets people excited and intrigued and gets them to opt-in and buy and register. So there’s an art and the science behind everything. I’m going down some rabbit holes on today’s thing, I don’t know why, you guys. I apologize.

But I think the main thing I wanted to kind of go on and hopefully I haven’t gone on too many tangents from this, but the main thing I want to stress is just look at your life and realize first off that good is the enemy to great and it’s okay to be happy and have fulfillment, but also look at things…, “I could do better. I know I could achieve more, I could help more, I could serve more, I could be more.” And look at those things and say, “Okay, what do I need to change this thing? What’s the pattern? What’s the rut I’m in that’s keeping me in this spot right now?” And a lot of times its as simple as changing your environment. Changing the way you sit, taking your office and flipping the desk around and moving everything around. And it’s such a weird thing, but that change will cause…’s weird. How does shifting my desk from here to here change things? How does me standing where I’m working versus sitting, how does that change things? All those kind of things, but it does. It breaks these patterns.

Our life’s a series of all these different patterns that we’re developing. Some patterns serve us for good, some for bad and some kind of just get you in a rut. That’s why we call it getting in a rut. So if you’re in a rut and you want to grow and expand I’d recommend change. And it can be, for now let’s look at changing environment, because that’s such a simple thing to change. It doesn’t take a lot of work, it’s just moving things around and shifting how you sit. Changing whatever it is. Just a radical change of your environment. That’s what that Matt Furey thing was all about. Take your desk, flip your monitor around, move your desk. Change the pictures, open a window, paint a wall. Do all these and it seems so ridiculous and dumb, but that change will be the catalyst that will break a pattern and get you out of a rut and help you go from good to great. See that all tied together right? I’m totally counting that.

It’s probably my ADD mind today. We’re working on a new funnel. It’s going to be awesome. I think I’ve talked about this before, but we pretty much identified in Clickfunnels, there’s 6 or 7 different types of business owners who use Clickfunnels and they all use it for different reasons. So we’ve done a bunch of surveys and stuff to find out what those are and based on that I’m writing, it’s so much work, but I’m writing 7 different webinar pitches, one on each customer type. So that’s the project of a lifetime for me. Trying to get the first presentation perfect and then rebuild it for the other 6 to 7 markets. I’m kind of…..I say 6 to 7 because there’s one that’s a crossover and I’m debating on one presentation or two. And then basically what we’ll have is a site where someone comes and they take a survey, from that it will identify what kind of business owner they are. And from there we’ll have an email sequence, a landing page, a webinar registration. Everything that’s very, very congruent to who, what type of business they actually are. And that is what we are working on here at Clickfunnels headquarters. So my goal is in the next 14 days, have that all done, recorded, live.

And then the other cool piece I want, I really, really, really want, it’s been interesting. I want a cool…not a viral video, but that’s the best way to describe it, but a cool video to get people to take this survey, so I’ve been looking a lot. Obviously some of the fun ones are Squatty Potty and Poopouri and Vidangel is really good. Fiber Fix, the guys that did all those is a company called Harmon Brothers, so I’m working with them because they’ve got a funnel that’s not converting, so we’re talking about trading. Having them do a video for me in exchange for me fixing one of their funnels. But it’s just so many things happening. It’s like how do I stop everything to go fix their funnel, which we looked at. The problem is blaringly obvious so it’s a simple fix, but in exchange am I going to get a cool video that we can use to get people to take the survey that then helps Clickfunnels take over the world.

Lots of cool stuff. So that’s it you guys. Speaking of changing environments. So this can work with your customer list as well, it’s kind of interesting. We’ve been doing this Dream Car Contest for the last year and a half, two years. Trying to get people engaged, we’ve tried all sorts of stuff to get people engaged. “Go give away Clickfunnels accounts, get a car.” So finally I was like, “Let’s change the message.” So we created a site called, if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. It’s like a training course, it’s completely free. I did a pattern interrupt, if you go to the page you will see it’s not a typical sales video. It’s me doodling and sketching things out and it’s… I don’t know, turned out pretty cool. The conversion rates are amazing. Just that change in messaging to get people re-engaged in our affiliate program has been huge.

We did the math, if we could get basically 100 credit card signups a day for the next 100 days, which is how many days were left in the year when we started the program, we’d be at 30 thousand customers at the end of the year, which is awesome. That was our goal. So we launched it and right now we’re getting a lot. Like closer to 200 members a day that are signing up right now. We get between 4 and 5 hundred to sign up for Clickfunnels that do step one of the process, but then….before it was closer to 70 or 80 a day that actually put in the credit card in step 2. Now it’s closer to 200 a day, which is awesome. So it’s working. But again the same message we’ve been talking about. It’s changing the environment. The frame that we push people through to get them engaged in the process. So it works on a lot of different levels if you think about.

Anyway, you guys I hope that helps a little bit. I’m at the office. I got a fun day of webinar building. So I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow. Bye.


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