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262 - If You Give Russell A Cookie...

262 - If You Give Russell A Cookie...

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My secret ninja system for getting a lot of crap done fast.

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You start tasking out everything, you come back a week later and hopefully you have those things and all that kind of stuff happens, right. So for me what I do is the first day is I go and I map out, here’s the 8 things. Then I look at what are all the things that I know I have to have to get this project done that take time, that aren’t on me.


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Good morning everyone, this is Russell. I hope you guys are having an amazing day so far. It’s bright and early for me. My wife actually left me today, not like the real way. She’s going out of town on a girls trip for the next four days, which is scary and exciting and sad and happy and everything wrapped into one. So I saw her off this morning, she jumped in an uber and took off and now I am the mom and the dad. But we also have an event this week, so I’m driving right now to certification program and I just basically do the first 2 hours in the certification event which starts in 28 minutes and I’m totally stuck in traffic. So I’m hoping and praying to get there in time.

But it opens up a little window for us to hang out and talk about some important things which is pretty cool. Also today, thanks to Bart Miller, some of you guys if you are faithfully listeners and fans and followers, you know that we’re creating a tv show called Funnel Hacker TV and one of the episodes was with a guy named Robert Jones, who owns a beauty academy and we’re basically building out a whole funnel with them and his business partner is Bart Miller. And Bart and son are super cool people. Anyway, while we were out there they took me on a shopping spree to teach me how to dress. So they got me skinny jeans and shirts with cuff links and weird shoes and all these things, which is totally not Russell things. But today I’m wearing brown shoes, gray socks, skinny jeans, purple shirt with cuff links, and the cuff links look like Clickfunnels gears and it’s so cool. But I totally feel like not me. But whatever, that’s what we’re trying out today.

So I’m heading in right now and just getting so, so, so excited about so many cool things. I don’t know about your guys, the other night I read my kids a book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. You all remember that book right? If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a cup of milk. If you give him a cup of milk, he’s going to want a look in the mirror to see if he’s got a milk mustache, if he’s got a milk mustache he….if he sees his milk mustache he’s gonna know his hair’s long and he’s gonna want to give himself a trim. If he trims himself he’s gonna have hairs…..and it goes through this huge thing. And the mouse ends up at the very end of it drawing a picture and putting it on the fridge. Sees the fridge and realizes he’s thirsty and wants a cup of milk. You know what would go good with a cup of milk, a cookie. And that’s the whole book.

So I read it to my kids the other day and then Monday came and I was like, “Here’s my major project I’m trying to get.” We’re revamping how we do our auto responder sequences, and really excited. So okay, this is the plan for the next two weeks focusing on getting this piece rebuilt and dialed in and I’m really excited for that. So we started mapping the whole thing out and getting everything in place but then we’re like, “Oh to get all these things done, we can’t do it yet because this has to be in place.” Which is all auto responders for us. If you look at, if you read the Dotcom Secrets book, we have value ladders and move people up through a sequence. For me, basically all of our auto responders are leading on the front end are leading people to this new quiz funnel we’re building where we have a really cool quiz, which identifies which one of 6 or 7 types of businesses you are. And there are 6 or 7 webinars in the back depending on what type of business you are. And you watch the webinar and we follow a sequence very specific to your niche, your industry, your market. And it’s amazing.

But that means before I can launch the email sequence I have to have the quiz funnel done. The quiz funnel means I have to get 7 webinars done. Then in front of the quiz funnels, I wanted to do a really cool video to make a quiz funnel, which means either I gotta make a video or we gotta hire someone to make a video. If we’re going to hire someone to do the video I want them to be the best. I think I told you guys yesterday, we had a couple of calls from the Harmon Brothers, who did Squatty potty and Fiber Fix and a bunch of amazing videos. And they need help fixing the Fiber Fix funnel and I want a video so we’re trying to swap….I don’t know if I told you this, they charge $500,000 to make a video, it’s insane. So I was like, okay that’s cool. How about I do your funnel for you, in exchange for video. So I’m trying to negotiate that, which may or may not go through.

At the same time I’m also talking to the Ackerman Brothers, who are these other guys who worked on the Poopourri video, really good script writers to write the script. I’m also taking my own whack at the script because I was like, well crap. I’ve written a couple of scripts in my day, maybe I can write it. So I started writing this really cool script based on the difference between being unemployed and being an entrepreneur. The fine line between being unemployed and being an entrepreneur and the whole script that I was writing is like, this dude down in his mom’s basement and his mom’s like….”Hey, what’s your son do for a living.” “He’s unemployed.” And he’s like, “Mom, I’m not unemployed, I’m an entrepreneur.” There’s a fine line between unemployed and an entrepreneur. What is that line? And they start going into all these different things. Just showing that fine line and the fine line is a funnel.

So we’re writing that as well, so now I’ve got three potential things, writing scripts and if I do write….and if the Harmon Brothers write the script I gotta fix the whole Fiber Fix Funnel. And the way it’s working with them, is basically I put the owe-ness on me. I like doing that sometimes. They showed me their conversion rates on the funnel and they told me what their conversion rates needed to be to start scaling media. So I told them, I’ll do this. I’ll do the work for free and you don’t have to do anything unless I beat that control. Unless I get to the numbers you’re looking for. So they were like, sweet. So I basically gotta come and do the whole thing for free. And if we smash theirs, which I know we can, then I’ll get them to do my thing for free on the other side.

So I got three people working on the script. So when the scripts done, then the webinar will be done, and when the webinars on the backend. So then we look at the webinar and basically these new webinars are going to be kind of front end of where everything is leading. So I’m changing the webinar pitch a little, similar but just kind of make it more mainstream. Right now the current funnel hacks webinar is very much towards, positioned towards the internet marketers. Because that’s like, this sexy candy that gets my market excited. But as we go more mainstream it’s a little over a lot of people’s heads, so it’s not dumbing it down, but changing the language patterns. So all the seven webinars we’re kind of rewriting to match the language patterns of each of the industries.

So then on the back of it, we’re tweaking the offer, which means we have to change the product a little bit. So I’m like if we’re selling funnel hacks, we should go back to funnel hacks and make a new version that’s even better, and then we’re like if we redo a version and it’s even better, we should also have a physical product in the mail because it will increase stick rate. Because if we increase stick rate it drops churn and everything else. So then we’re like, well now we gotta make a physical product. So then we started to look at the types of physical products, and there’s binders, there’s DVD’s, there’s booklets, there’s USB cards, there’s all these kind of things, so we spent a whole bunch of time going down that rabbit hole.

That was yesterday. So it started with, “Hey this is the project.” And then it was this whole if you give a mouse a cookie thing that took us on this huge, long path and I realized if I want to get the email sequences done I’ve got to update the core funnel, I gotta update the course, I gotta update the webinars, I gotta update the quiz funnel, get the quiz funnel done, then I can do the email sequences. And in my mind, I’m like I want all that crap done today, I don’t want to wait six months or three months or even a month. So now it’s like, how do I get all that done in the next two or three weeks? And that’s the question. Some people ask me, “Russell, how do you get so much done so fast?” And for me it’s because of that. I’m so impatient. In my mind I can see it all and it’s amazing so I want it all done today.

So that’s what I’m going to do at night. Since my wife’s not here I got all night long to work. So as soon as I get the kids to bed I just added 4 or 5 hours to my work schedule until I pass out. So that’s what I’m going to be working on for the next few days. It’s going to be so exciting and so fun. I’m just curious on you guys, if that ever happens to you as well.

So amongst all of that, that’s my project for the next however long it takes to get done. Plus we’ve got I think 7 funnels for people, or maybe 8 funnels for Funnel Hacker TV people that we’ve filmed part of the episode and we’ve got the funnels partially done. So this week we’re also launching Mark Joiners new mind control marketing funnel, which is so cool. It turned out amazing. Sean Stephenson, we did a webinar, not a webinar, we did a membership site funnel for him. I got the videos back and they turned out amazing. Anyway, Biohacking Secrets, we’re launching the Biohacking store and Biohacking week. All those projects.

Plus book number two, this week should be done with the first round and then we start the editing process. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book. Those who’ve been following, you know this summer I had about 230, 240 pages done of the book and one night I was sitting there reading it and I just wasn’t happy so I opened up Snapchat, I highlighted an entire book and deleted. Started over. And it was scary and one of those things just like, man I’ve spent six months doing this. And everyone who had read it was like, this is a really good book. I was like, I didn’t sign up to write a good book. A lot of people write good books. I wanted to write a great book. I talked to you yesterday how good is the enemy of great. So I deleted it and started over. I tell you what, now it’s a great book. I am very enthusiastically proud of it now. And I think that it’s going to change. Honestly, I mean it’s kind of one of those things people always say, we’re trying to change the world. But I honestly think that this book and the platform, obviously Clickfunnels behind it will change the world and that’s what I’m so excited for.

So there you go you guys, if you give a mouse a cookie. If you give Russell a cookie, that’s where it goes. If you’re all like me, and you’re an entrepreneur who does that, don’t feel bad because I do it too. So the question though, is it happens to most people, including me. Even last night I was sitting there like, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know what to do or where to go. So for me I just, one of my processes is, the day after I get done with an event is kind of write out all of those milestones and then place them in a chronological order. I think the problem that most people have; including me is that we’ll see here are the 8 things I have to get done, so we start dabbling in 8 of them, and we’ll do a little here, a little here, a little here and nothing every gets done because you are slowly pushing forward 8 things. So what I do, and hopefully this is the nugget of wisdom at the end of this. So after I get the, let’s say 8 different major things done. So I know there’s a quiz video, there’s a quiz funnel, there’s a new webinar, there’s a home study course, there’s an updated online course, there’s the email sequences. So there’s the major…big things right.

And the first thing I do, day number one is that I know that each of these things, it’s kind of like… I failed all my project management classes, which is funny basically that’s all I do all day is project management. But I know there’s an order. I’m like next Thursday I want to work on this. I start working on Thursday, but the logo guys haven’t gotten back to me, all the pieces I need to execute on that thing, I don’t have. Then it’s like, crap okay. You start tasking out everything, you come back a week later and hopefully you have those things and all that kind of stuff happens, right. So for me what I do is the first day is I go and I map out, here’s the 8 things. Then I look at what are all the things that I know I have to have to get this project done that take time, that aren’t on me. So logo people, copywriting people, design people, logo’s, merchant accounts. I look at all of those things that I know that aren’t me just sitting down and grinding it out. That for me to sit there and be able to grind it out, I have to have all these assets to make it possible. So I’ll probably do that today, just go out and start tasking out all the tangible pieces I know I need to get this project done.

Now everyone’s got it, so now in the background they’re all working on a dozen different things that I’m going to need in the future, but I don’t need yet. But I think through that ahead of time, so they’re all working on everything, then I pick whichever one, honestly the one that gets me the most excited. And then I dive into there hardcore and I focus on that. And I get it done. And then during that interim while I’m getting it done all these little pieces will be coming back and I’m like cool and I take them and throw them in a Trello board, I keep putting all the assets in there so I know that hey next Tuesday is the day I’m focusing on this. Everything’s there and Tuesday I log in and boom I can just run. There’s nothing holding me back.

So that’s kind of how I work. So I hope that kind of helps you guys. Because I know a lot of people get stuck in that paralysis, or the process of I’m trying to work on stuff, oh I don’t have anything that I need to work on it. For me, that’s the number one thing, making sure that all those external things that I can think through that take more time than I’m going to do on that day to make sure they’re done. For example, this week we had a planning meeting for all the different funnels that we’re doing Funnel Hacker TV and I was like, okay here’s all the funnels and I was like, okay it’s Thursday, so that’s tomorrow it’s Biohacking Secrets day. So Thursday we’re building these two funnels, they have to be done. Here’s the pieces I need. l was like Anthony I need this, this and this. Designer, I need this. So I gave everyone all the things I need. So the lst three days I’ve been coming in like crazy. I even hired some copywriters to do some bullet points. I sent them a whole bunch of stuff. I’m like I need these Thursday morning, can you do it. And they were like, it’s an extra $500 to do it in two days. I’m like done. I need them by Thursday morning, because Thursday morning I know I’m sitting and I have to get that funnel live so if I don’t have those, the whole thing falls apart. So that’s what it’s all about for me. It’s just making sure that everyone knows this is the day I am sitting down and I’m focusing on launching this project, so if I don’t have all these pieces back by this time, you are fired. Or whatever that might be, you know what I mean.

Because I don’t know about you, the worst feeling in the world, is you dedicate a day to get stuff done. Like I know tomorrow is Biohacking Secrets day. And I’m going to be busting out 2 funnels for them. And I know next Wednesday I’m finishing Mind Control Marketing with Sean Stephenson, so I have to have all those assets back that day, otherwise I wasted the day. I don’t want to get the funnel halfway done and have to rebook another day to get things done. I want to have everything done so that when I show up I can start, I can end and I can wrap that day up and know that projects completed. So what are all the things I have to have to get that done in time.

I have this huge dump truck in front of me going two miles an hour. So yeah, I hope that helps. I’m at the venue and I’m actually fifteen minutes early. Well I still gotta get in the parking garage, but as a whole this is not too shabby. Alright you guys. That’s all I got today. I hope there was some value there. I hope that you guys probably don’t do as much stuff as I do because it’s harder to get stuff done, but if you do hopefully that gives you guys a couple of ideas of how I do it. I appreciate you all for listening. We’ll talk to you guys all again soon.


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