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264 - On The Brighter Side With Collette (Part 4 of 4)

264 - On The Brighter Side With Collette (Part 4 of 4)

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Episode Recap:

On this special 4 part series Russell shares 2 interviews from the On The Brighter Side podcast that he and his wife, Collette did with Monica Tanner. Here is what you will hear during the second part of Collette’s interview:

-- How Collette feels about her life being documented in social media.

-- How she feels about Russell saying she’s the one who keeps him grounded.

-- What some of the biggest blessings are to come from Russell’s success.

-- And what she project Collette is now working on to help support other wives, mothers, and women.

So listen here to the exciting conclusion of Collette’s interview with Monica in this 4 part series.

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Best Quote:

I love it. I feel like I’m in a really unique position where he cares so much, and I feel like sometimes I talk to other wives, moms, friends that don’t have, I mean, it’s just different. So I feel super blessed that he is very visual with his family. It’s exactly what he wants and every time I do take the kids on a little road trip so he can finish a project, or we go do something, his comment is always like, “This house is too quiet without you. Bring back the family, it’s too quiet.”


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets show. This episode is the exciting conclusion of our 4 part series of my interview with Monica Tanner from On the Brighter Side podcast, and then my beautiful wife’s interview as well. So I hope you have been enjoying it. I know I got tons of feedback on Instagram and Facebook from people who loved Collette’s interview. So if you loved this one too, again, take a snapshot on your phone, go post it on Instagram or Facebook and let me know. Tag me in it, and I will make sure Collette reads your comments, what you thought about her episode.

So that’s all I got. With that said, I will queue up the theme song, and when we come back you will hear the exciting conclusion to this 4 part episode where you will hear the rest of Collette’s interview with Monica Tanner from On the Brighter Side podcast.

Monica: So a lot of your life gets documented on social media. I mean, I know everything you’re doing all the time, not just because we’re friends but because I follow Russell and I see what you guys are up to. What is it like to live in the public eye so much? Are you ever just over it, like, “Get that camera out of my face” or, I mean, what is that like for you when he’s documenting so much of your personal life?

Collette: Sometimes I forget. Like he just pulls it out and he’s insta-storying everything, until we go somewhere and he gets spotted. Or we are at an event, and people are like, “I just love Norah.” And I’m like, ‘Eww.” And then the realization hits, that’s a lot of people who are watching what we are doing. And sometimes I kind of freak out when the camera comes on, and I’m like, “Whoa, I’m out.” Until I realize he looked like a single dad. So I’m like, “You know what? I need to be in some of those stories.” I’m like, I’m very involved, make sure I look that way.

Monica: Well it’s true in my family, I mean, way lower scale, but I document a lot of my family’s life on social media too. And sometimes they’re like, “Mom, do not post that.” Are you ever just like, “Russell, do not post that.”

Collette: Uh huh. And sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, did you catch that? Who’s going to see this? Oh my gosh.”

Monica: I love it, I love it. One of the things that just warms my heart, Russell is a really good dad. He’s a really good dad, he’s a family man, I mean he is who he says he is, which I absolutely love. And not many people can really say that, but he is just super genuine. And when I asked him about that, how he stays so grounded and so kind of true to who he is, he gave you all the credit. He said, that he gets so passionate about things and he could spend months at the office and forget about everything and everyone else in his whole life, but he says that you don’t really care about all that stuff, and you just kind of love him for him. And you’ve created this home that he loves to be, and this family where he loves to be a part of, and he considers that his greatest accomplishment. So what do you think about that?

Collette: I love it. I feel like I’m in a really unique position where he cares so much, and I feel like sometimes I talk to other wives, moms, friends that don’t have, I mean, it’s just different. So I feel super blessed that he is very visual with his family. It’s exactly what he wants and every time I do take the kids on a little road trip so he can finish a project, or we go do something, his comment is always like, “This house is too quiet without you. Bring back the family, it’s too quiet.”

But he is such an energy, a ball of energy that keeps up. I’m not kidding you. There’s constant wrestling at the house, there’s constant jumping and playing outside, he is very aware of the time spent at home. And I’m so blessed because I feel like that’s not the case for a lot of women. And I just love how involved he is, he is very, and I love being the one to keep him grounded. I feel like I’m jumping all over the place, but I do sometimes like, “Keep it real. Can you please take out the garbage.”

I don’t know, he’s just, he just is a normal guy and that always makes me giggle when we run into people and they’re like, “Oh my goodness it’s Russell Brunson.” Like, “Uh huh, yep.” He’s an amazing grounded man. I don’t know.

Monica: It’s funny for me too, because I’ve gotten to know you guys, and I think I got to know you long before I knew even what a Clickfunnel was, but I’ve always known him as this kind of shy, quiet, stand in the background, hold the baby, kind of guy. And then when you see him onstage, and when you watch his incessant videos, and you can see I’m reading all of his books, and it’s like, “Wow.” Because he accomplishes all of this. But when I think of Russell, I think of him standing in your doorway holding Norah or participating in whatever your family is doing, I mean he’s always around. And I just think that’s so admirable.

And I think he’s right. I think you do have so much to do with that because you don’t care about the flashy cars, and the big houses, and all the toys, you just love him and your family.

Collette: I do. Sometimes I’m like, “Can we please just get a normal vehicle. I just want a normal vehicle.”

Monica: You don’t want the fat jeep?

Collette: One that’s not going to die because of all the bells and whistles. Anyway, I give him a hard time, but he really is a hands on type of dad and it makes me happy. And the funny part, when we do go, well let me say this, when he’s so busy at work and all he wants to do is come home and spend a vacation at home, I’m ready to go on a real trip, where we’ve created this beautiful home to be able to enjoy. So I have to keep that in mind, like, so let’s give him a couple of days at the house, and then let’s go play.

Monica: And then let’s go somewhere fun, yeah. So what has been the biggest blessing for you, being married to him, an entrepreneur, somebody that goes a million miles a minute, and is always constantly thinking of these bigger, better, awesome things. What has been the biggest blessing for you?

Collette: I think the biggest blessing is being able to do so many amazing things. I’ve been able to, I mean, of course I want to say my children. My children, I’m super blessed because my dream is always to be, not just, but to be a mom, and a stay at home mom and to be able to do things with my kids. And I think the other blessings are, like I’ve been able to go to a lot of events, such as Tony Robbins, or just different relationship things to better myself and grow, because sometimes that’s really an expensive thing to do.

I just feel super blessed to be able to have these tools in my life. And I say it all of the time, because of the people, like Russell’s inner circle people, the people that come to the events are amazing. So I feel so blessed to have a part of all these amazing people lives.

And then, I think the other thing too is my, I feel so blessed, I could probably pull out a thousand things, but we’ve been able to do a couple of charities, a couple different charities. And it is funny, when the number, sometimes Russell will come home and be like, “Oh my gosh, this is how much we made today.” I’m like, “Great, who can we help today? Can we put this money towards so and so.” I’m already giving, I’m giving it away. So I just feel so blessed to be able to help freely, I guess, because it does give me a little bit of a comfort.

Monica: Yeah, no I mean I think that’s amazing. And you guys do give back so much. And I always tell people too, when people find out like I know Russell personally, they’re always like, “I can’t even imagine what it would be like to sit down and talk to Russell or have him help you with this.” And I’m like, “You know what, the thing about Russell is he probably wouldn’t charge anybody anything for anything.” He probably, he loves, he is so passionate and loves this stuff and I think he genuinely love helping people.

But he does prescribe to this kind of rule, that you pay attention when you pay, and I think that’s true. But also the money that he is able to make, he has so much power to do good with it. You guys do give so generously to so many organizations that help so many people. So not only are you helping people to create their dreams by charging them so that they take seriously what they’re learning, but you guys take that money and you do just these crazy, amazing, beneficial things with it. So I just think that that’s so beautiful. And you are extremely down to earth. I mean, it’s so funny. Because if you just stripped everything away and you were to just meet the Brunson’s, it’s like any other family that lives in any other town.

Collette: Yeah, just normal people.

Monica: Totally normal people. But you do do a lot of wonderful things in the world, so I do love that. So I ask all my guests on the show the same question, if you had the undivided attention of all, I think you would probably speak the entrepreneurial wife, the wives behind the scenes, what is the greatest piece of advice you could give them about maneuvering through all the ups and downs and just kind of navigating all the things that come with being married to an entrepreneur?

Collette: Oh gosh, that’s such a good question. I was really pondering this question this morning because I’m like, how did I get through all of my ups and downs, because there is a lot of them. First of all, prayer, a lot of prayer. And then, you know what, I have an amazing village of friends and advice given through life coaches, I mean, I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I just feel like to navigate the ups and downs, I don’t know, I just have an amazing village of girlfriends, and I don’t speak negatively of my husband. When you are having a down, just help encourage positive things. I really do, I just love being able to talk to a certain group of friends every day, about our day, and we call it meta reporting, when you meta report your day to others.

I don’t know, I just feel like to navigate, get through it, just have good friends.

Monica: Good support systems.

Collette: Yeah. And I’m not going to lie, there’s sometimes a lot of tears, and there’s sometimes a lot of frustration, but then to learn how to communicate that well, which is not my strong suit. So I would definitely say, have your village of people, that you talk positively about your problems. It really does make me think pretty darn hard, because I have a lot of women come up to me and ask, “How in the world do you allow the time your husband or your spouse to keep going with journey?” because it is hard and there are a lot of ups and downs and it really does make me think every single day, how in the world have I done it?

And I really do, I talked earlier a lot about my blessings and things like that, but I really have been blessed with a good group of women that help navigate certain thoughts.

Monica: Find your good support system.

Collette: Find a good support system. Find a good support system and just get through it. Journal, journal it because it’s really fun to go back and look and see how you did do it, sometimes it’s kind of amazing how you figure it out.

Monica: And that’s a good point too, just to realize that you’re not alone, that there’s people experiencing similar things. And actually, this leads into my next question, because you’ve learned so much through this journey, through the opportunity to go through these ups and downs to learn all these things, and to not be sure sometimes. And now you have the opportunity, your time is freeing up a little bit because your kids are growing up, to start a new project that I know is really exciting for you. I am so excited. You guys were my biggest supporter as I was starting my podcast. Both of you. Russell’s always giving me good constructive criticism, and he told me actually recently that you came to him and said, “Have you heard Monica’s recent podcast? They’re getting so good.” And that meant the whole wide world to me.

Collette: They’re so good.

Monica: I’m like, that just means so much to me that you’d notice, that you would point that out, that you’d say that. So anyway, I am so excited to support you in this project that you are now doing, taking all of this knowledge, and all of your experience and putting it out there. So tell us about this new project that you’re working on.

Collette: Okay, so not too long ago, we had the Unlock the Secrets event in Colorado. This happened in August and a good girlfriend of mine, she actually helped decorate and design our home with all these projects that we like to do, and she came to me and she said, “I have this vision to start a podcast in bringing greater connection for women, and would you like to be a part of it?” And usually I get really nervous, because you know, you’ve asked me a couple of times to be part of some of the things, I’m like, “Not the right time. I’m not ready, the kids are too small.” All the excuses.

So this new project that we’re working on, it is a podcast and it is sharing her journey, and it is basically putting stories into words that will show the people who have shared a certain struggle, that they are seen and that they are heard, which is exciting. Because navigating when you just were asking the question too about the greatest piece of advice, I feel like women come up to me all of the time and they ask me, “How in the world do you do this?” and then it really makes me think because I’m like, “I don’t know.” It really makes me think.

So I’m really excited for this podcast that will be coming out, it is sharing her journey, and it is just basically letting women tell their stories so that people can feel validated in their own stories to generate more openness as we share stories, people can relate to others and people can relate to us as well. We’re just real people. So kind of the same thing you’re doing, just an audience more for housewives, moms, sisters, women that struggle with bringing, I don’t know, togetherness and communicating.

Monica: Yeah, and supporting each other.

Collette: And supporting each other.

Monica: I hear you.

Collette: So just real stories, so I’m hoping to have people on that will talk about their stories.

Monica: I hear you, and really the thing is, when you’re in the thick of raising kids and doing the family life, it can get really, really lonely.  And I think in my life I’ve been really lucky also to have a very strong support system. But it’s just so good to know that there’s other people doing what you’re doing, and even if their experience is a little bit different, that there’s always something we can learn from each other and we can always reach out with a hand of understanding. I love what you guys are doing. So you’re doing it with two other women who are also awesome. Do you want to talk about them for a second?

Collette: Sure. Nicole Goggins and Kirsten Brockner, Kirsten is who approached us both to see if we would like to do this project with her. And she basically came to us with this quote that was the inspiration, but it was a quote about women who were all down there in a village and they’re doing laundry together until one by one they each get a washing machine. So slowly, anyway, a slow wave of depression came about because they weren’t talking with each other as frequently, and so anyway, they found that it was the absence in the community that kind of, you know you just need the community to build relationships. I don’t know.

So anyway, I just, Kirsten came to us with that and I said, “Heck yes.” I’m super excited but nervous to share and get all the critiques and all the things that come with sharing and I don’t know. And then Nichole has been a dear friend for a very long time, and I’m excited to do this with them.

Monica: Yeah, well you guys are awesome. I’m so excited to follow along. Where can the listeners find this podcast and follow along in what you guys are doing?

Collette: Okay, so we haven’t quite launched yet, but we’re getting super close. But you can find us at SharingHerJourney on Instagram and also on Facebook. And I believe we will be having a launch party hopefully in the next couple of weeks, keeping our fingers crossed. But yeah, if you’re interested check us out on Instagram, SharingHerJourney and stay tuned for the launch party, we’re excited.

Monica: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming. This has been so fun to just chat with my friend.


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