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265 - The Framework For Your Future Based Cause

The Framework For Your Future Based Cause

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As I’m re-geeking out on Expert Secrets, let me show you something new that I found. On this episode Russell talks about re-writing the Expert Secrets book and how that lead him to doodle out the framework for a future based cause. Here are some of the awesome things he explains in this episode:

-- How to build your own framework instead of teaching by just giving a mess of random information.

-- And understanding what a future based cause is, with some examples from political elections.

So listen here to find out how the updated version of the Expert Secrets book is going to be more clear and awesome than the old version before it actually comes out in May.

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Best Quote:

So anyway, I’m so excited. I’m so excited for you guys to get these new copies of this book. It’s funny I got people who are messaging me, “I just bought Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets!” I’m like, ‘Ugh. Dang it. It’s good, but it’s going to be great.” I’m like, ‘Read it but then read the next one coming out in a couple of months from now. I promise it will be worth it.” It’s so funny.


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Hey, hey, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope that you are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing in life right now, and I appreciate you taking a short break to hang out with me on this podcast and to talk about marketing and all the things that get me, and hopefully get you excited as well. With that said, let’s queue up the theme song, and when we come back I’m going to share with you some updates about the things that I’m learning while I’m writing the books.

Alright everybody, so first off, so many exciting things happening. We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, if you’ve been following along you know that recently I wrote my third book, the Traffic Secrets book, and then I started to rewrite the Dotcom and Expert Secrets books. I rewrote the Dotcom Secrets book and ugh, I’m not going, yeah, it’s basically a brand new book. So that was like the whole second book, and I started the Expert Secrets book and I’m like, “Oh, this one’s not going to be that big of a deal, this one is gonna be simple.” But I am now two weeks into it and it is literally a brand new book.

So if you read the old ones, they’re okay. The new ones, they’re insane and I’m excited for it. And yesterday actually, the publisher, Hay House, they sent me back the interior proof of the Traffic Secrets book. So we took it and printed it out and spiral bound it, like the exact same size it will actually be when it’s a book. So I’m actually holding right now in my hands the first Traffic Secrets book, which is crazy and it’s insane, and I can’t wait to deliver this to you guys so you can start using it.

Especially right now, I don’t know if you guys are feeling the season we’re in, but we’re in the season of Mark Zuckerberg shutting people down like crazy. Left and right, everybody’s accounts are getting shut down, which is what I prophesied about in the book. So I’m hoping the book comes out before he shuts everyone down, otherwise people will be like, “Yeah Russell, we saw that happen a while ago.” Whereas if you read my book first you’re going to be like, “Russell’s a genius.” So let’s just pray that he keeps everybody’s ad accounts live at least until May 5th. And then afterwards he can do whatever he wants because now you’ll have the new blueprint for traffic without having to rely on the Zuck, or the Berg, or whatever you want to call him.

Anyway, that’s exciting. But today I’m coming to you because like I said, I’m sitting here doing a rewrite of the Expert Secrets book. And I’m excited because there’s so many things I’m adding in here and one of the big sections I talk about is frameworks, and how to create your own framework and then how you teach your framework and how you use that to teach people, but then also how to use it to create products. Anyway, the framework is like this core, foundational thing that I never talked about before.

I did a podcast episode about it a little while ago, which is worth listening to, it’s called the Framework Plus Four Secrets. Anyway, I’m not going to go deep into framework stuff, just letting you know I’ve been geeking out on frameworks, and because of that as I’m going through this book, I’m deliberately making really solid frameworks.

So for example, yesterday, it was, a little more than yesterday, it was the night before yesterday, which doesn’t really matter to you. But I was doing edits on the chapter, the Future Based Cause chapter in the Expert Secrets book. And if you read that, the chapter is good, but it’s like, “Here’s a whole bunch of ideas. You could do this and this and this.” So it’s good from like an idea generating chapter. But as I was looking at it there’s no framework to it. It’s just like, “You could do this and do this. And I did this. Here’s what Brandon and Kaelin did.” So it was good for ideas, but it wasn’t good for like, “Here’s a framework you could model and you could replicate, you could simplify, you could use over and over and over again.”

So I started looking at all the stuff that was in there, and then I broke it down and I simplified into an actual framework, and then I made a doodle, because I’m a doodler. So I doodled, I listed out the steps of the framework, then I doodled it out, and then I started freaking out and I sent the picture of the doodle to like 10 people, they all freaked out, and then we doodled it, and now it’s in the book. So you guys will see the doodle, I wish I could show it to you right now. Maybe I’ll send a picture of it, and Kris can make it the podcast cover. So maybe go back and look at the podcast cover of this episode and you’ll see the doodle.

But basically it was a doodle about how to create a future based cause. And what’s interesting is, now I’m thinking, here’s random ideas and then building a framework and then plugging those frameworks into, or those ideas into a framework. Now it’s so simple and so replicate-able. So I’m going to kind of walk you through this.

So this is coming back to the Expert Secrets chapter on how to create a future based cause. So basically, let’s see if I can pull it up in the book as I’m going through this, that way, got it. Okay so the way that I did the structure, so secret number 4 in the book might change, it might be 5 actually if I add another chapter earlier. Alright, so there’s basically 4 steps inside of this framework.

So step number 1 is you have to launch your platform to become your dream customer’s guide to the result they’re trying to get. So this is where it’s like, basically the dream customers, they could be trying to get their result from anybody, so why should they pick you and why should they pick your movement and your tribe, and your people?

So I talk about creating a campaign slogan, so for the funnel hacking movement the big slogan is one funnel away. It’s something I’m always talking about. I’ve been talking about it for 4 years now. I keep preaching it from everywhere I can, “You’re one funnel away. You’re one funnel away.” That’s my campaign speech to get people into our movement, right. It’s the same thing, you know, in political elections, every politician has some kind of slogan they use to try and get people to follow them and into their political party and vote for them.

So us, as entrepreneurs, we gotta do the same thing. We’ve got to treat our business like a campaign, we’re campaigning for the attention of our dream customers. How do we get that?

And then what’s crazy, in the Expert Secrets book, the original one, I shared two or three political campaigns, I’m like, it’s interesting if you look at political campaigns most of the winners used future based causes and most the people who lost used improvement offers. So yesterday as I was writing this chapter I went back through and I was like, ‘I want to see how far back that’s actually true.”

So I went back and I found all the campaign slogans, all the way back to the year I was born, so 1980. And what is insane is every single person from 1980 til this last election, the person who won always had a future based cause as their campaign slogan. And every single person who lost always had an improvement offer, all the way back to 1980. It actually went back further, but 1980 was the year that I was born, so I was like, I’m going to stop here. But I have them all here inside the book, it’s so crazy.

In 1980 Jimmy Carter, so the loser’s again, they had improvement offer that focused on the present, so Jimmy Carter when he lost in 80 was “A Tested and Trustworthy Team”. So he’s saying, “We’re focusing on the present. We’ve got a good team, we’re trustworthy, we’re going to do good.” Whereas Ronald Reagan in 1980, his campaign slogan was, anybody know? Drum roll please, I’ll give you a hint, Donald Trump used it in his last election. So 1980 Reagan’s slogan was, “Let’s make America Great Again.” Which is a future based cause, a new opportunity, it’s crazy.

And then you go down and look up Walter Mondale, in 1984 lost to Ronald Reagan, and Mondale said, “For New Leadership” which is very much an improvement offer, “We’re going to make better leaders.” But Ronald Reagan said, “It’s Morning again in America.” A future based cause. Boom, this thing’s happening.

Anyway, it goes down, Bob Dole had an improvement offer. Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Romney, all of them had improvement offers, and all the winners had, anyway, it’s insanely cool. So that’s number one in my framework.

So I talk about that, I explain it, tell the story, and then it gives them tactics of a strategy of how it works, and tactics of how it works. And I show a bunch of case studies of people who have done a future based cause.

After that, now I’ve done a campaign, I get somebody into my movement, my cause, and the next thing is I have to give them an identity shift. So this is now where I need to make them become a funnel hacker. I get them t-shirts, I give them an “I am” statement. I am a funnel hacker. I build funnels. Do all these things to make this transition to put on, as Kaelin Poulin said at Funnel Hacking Live 2 years ago, she’s like, ‘When someone puts on their swag, their t-shirt or whatever, it’s an identity shift, but it’s like they’re putting on their superman cape. Now they’re a different person, they’re able to accomplish things differently because of this identity shift.”

So number one is, I campaign for their attention, number two, I’m giving them an identity shift. And then step three now is when somebody comes into my community, they’re trying to get a result. They’re trying to make money, trying to lose weight, trying to whatever result your business has, plug that in right here. So you’re taking them on this journey of achievement, trying to achieve something. And if you see my little doodle here, there’s this doodle that moves people up the value ladder, you’re trying to get them to achieve something.

The problem is that most of the time you’re trying to achieve something, it’s way out there, “I’m trying to lose weight. I’m trying to make money. I’m trying to build a company.” It’s not a very tangible thing, you’re just running towards growth a lot of times.

So what we do then is inside of that we try to create these milestone awards to give people ribbons, to give people awards along the path which will help pull them towards a result. So for us it’s the two comma club awards. Two Comma Club, when someone hits a million dollars, that’s the milestone. When they hit Two Comma Club X, that’s ten million, it’s a milestone. Two Comma Club C, what? What’s Two Comma Club C? C is the roman numeral for 100, so it’s the 100 million award. We also have Three Comma Club award that we’re building for somebody who’s going to earn that someday.

But we have these milestone awards that pull people to the end of the finish line. So that’s the journey of achievement. And then this comes back to the Hero’s Two Journeys, so many cool things. Also inside the Expert Secrets book, that every hero’s got a journey of achievement, but they also have a journey of transformation. So the second thing that’s your job inside of this future based cause is to give them the journey of transformation.

So what are you doing that way? It’s like the social missions. It’s what we do with Village Impact, with OUR, it’s this new Two Heart award that we’re coming out with soon. Anyway, a whole bunch of cool stuff.

Anyway, that is the framework that I created. So I took this mass chaos of the chapter, a whole bunch of random things and I built out a framework. I made a doodle to go with the framework and then from there it will actually go through and people can go through now and see to build a future based cause, here’s the structure, here’s what I do, now it’s replicate-able, and they can see it and do it over and over and over again.

So I think one of the big things this podcast, and there’s two kind of points to it. One is, diving back into creating your own framework, don’t just teach stuff with a whole bunch of, ‘This is cool and this is cool and this is cool.” Create a framework you can develop and design to make something that’s replicate-able for somebody so they can come back and they can do it. Number two is understanding the future based cause, some of the cool things that tied back to that.

So anyway, I’m so excited. I’m so excited for you guys to get these new copies of this book. It’s funny I got people who are messaging me, “I just bought Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets!” I’m like, ‘Ugh. Dang it. It’s good, but it’s going to be great.” I’m like, ‘Read it but then read the next one coming out in a couple of months from now. I promise it will be worth it.” It’s so funny.

Anyway, well, with that said, I’m going to get back to writing. I got 2 weeks left to write to get this book done. So wish me luck. Also we’re almost sold out of Funnel Hacking Live tickets, if you don’t have your tickets to Funnel Hacking Live yet, you should get there, this year’s event is going to be insane. The lineup’s insane, we announced Tony Robbins is coming back to speak. We got Tom Bilyeu’s the founder of Quest Nutrition, that he sold for a billion dollars, now he runs Impact Theory. We got Ryan Holliday, who’s my favorite author. We got tons of people in our funnel hacking community. We’ve got Prince Ea, who’s about one of the best storytellers I’ve ever met, or ever seen. He’s got videos that have been seen like 2 billion times on Facebook, all based on just amazing storytelling.

Anyway, so much good stuff happening and it’s all happening at Funnel Hacking Live in January. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, you should hurry.  We might be sold out by the time you hear this, but if now, we’re going to be sold out soon. So make sure you get your tickets at Alright guys, with that said, I appreciate you all, thanks for hanging out and we will talk to you soon.


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