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266 - What's Your Morning Routine

266 - What's Your Morning Routine

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A play-by-play of what I got done this morning before most people were even awake.

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So right now I am actually reading the original copy of the Book of Mormon, one of the first 5,000 that were ever printed. Which for me, is totally geeking out. Most of you guys who are Mormon are thinking, that’s awesome. The rest of you are thinking, that’s weird, why would you spend that much money on an old book? But for me, it’s awesome. So I’ve been reading that in the mornings, which has been cool. Try to get at least 30 minutes of reading in there.


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Good Morning everybody, I hope you guys are having an amazing day today. Welcome back to Marketing IN Your Car. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me. I’m heading into the office right now and I’ve had an amazing morning. It’s 8:49, I have a meeting in 11 minutes with the entire Clickfunnels Dev team, which is exciting. We’re making a big directional change today, which is always scary, fear and scary. But it’s going to be the best for the customers, which is all that really matters when all is said and done. It’s going to be good for you guys, so congratulations.

I’ve got 10 miles left until I’m out of gas. I’m hope I make it to the office before then, because I need to make it. And I’ve had an amazing morning so far. I want to talk about it because we’ve talked about this in the past, but I think that the more I focus on it, the more everything else becomes more amazing. And it’s your morning routine. In fact, I bought a domain; I think I bought, I think this week we’re going to record my morning routine because people always ask me what is it and how does it work?

There’s some weird things I do and some cool things I do. I just wanted to show a little bit of all that put together. That is the game plan, so it’ll be kind of fun. I want to walk you guys through basically what the morning routine looks like, because it’s getting more and more exciting and fun and hopefully you guys get some ideas for yours.

So the first thing I found out is your morning routine starts the night before. It’s the hardest thing to get to bed on time. So I’ve been trying to get to bed by 10 o’clock each night. Kids go down about 9, and then I’ve got an hour to just scramble and get everything done and go to bed, which is hard because I’m a night owl. I’m the guy that usually goes to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning. So that’s been a big shift. And then days that I get to bed on time, everything works good. The day’s I don’t become really, really hard.

So I’m trying better. And on thing that’s been helping a lot, Joseph Clough who is one of our Clickfunnels inner circle members, he built a custom hypnosis track for me. He’s got an am one a pm one and a boost one for whenever in the day you need to take over the world, you listen to this other one. So it’s been cool, every single night I go to bed, I listen to that. It’s kind of getting me excited to go to bed each night because there’s this really cool thing I’ve been looking forward to and I get excited for it.

So last night I listened to that. In the future I’m going to try to….I have a float tank, so I’m going to try to listen to it while I float at night. It’ll be like float while I listen to that and then go to bed. This light’s been red forever. The day’s you’re in a rush, the light takes forever to change.

Anyway, sorry my ADD kicked in again. So that’s how it began, and then fell asleep. And under my bed I have these pulse….I think it’s called Earth Pulse. These electromagnetic fields that go under my bed. And it’s kind of geeky and amazing at the same time to make you sleep better, recover faster and a bunch of other awesome stuff. So that’s the night before.

Then I wake up in the morning. I’ve been setting my alarm for 4:45, I think I’m going to start setting it for 4:30 though, because my pre-morning stuff seems to take longer than I hope. I keep thinking I’m going to get done in 15 minutes, but it takes 20 to 25 minutes. Anyway, today was 4:45, tomorrow it’ll be 4:30. So 4:30 my alarm goes off, I wake up, there are 3 major goals. One is thanks to Alex Charfen, hyper hydration. So I get a big Clickfunnels bottle full of water, I try to pound it as fast as I can, no matter how much it hurts and it usually hurts. I don’t know how people do that, especially first thing in the morning. It’s hard, drink as fast as I can.

Number two I mix together like 30 different powders. A lot of them are like mushrooms and B Manna, and Green Drink and Red Drink and a whole bunch of powders, so I drink that. So hyper nutrition’s number two. I want to get as many nutrients in my body as possible because I’m not going to be eating until 2 in the afternoon, so I want my body to have as many goods as it needs to run off of.

Number 3 is hyper oxygenation, which Anthony, my buddy at, and Wim Hof. Wim Hof kind of developed this method, and Anthony recorded this really cool audio for me where I can just push play on my phone and then I can actually listen to Anthony coach me through the Wim Hof. So I sit in my backyard in the fresh air and I do it. It’s hard, it’s what I dread the most in the day because it takes work to breathe hard, to hold your breath and all that kind of stuff, it’s not my favorite when it happens but when I’m done, it’s the equivalent of having like 10 shots of caffeine. You’re just wide awake and you feel good.

So that’s kind of what happens in the first….trying to get that all done by 5 o’clock. So 5 o’clock I hit the road running. I’m trying to spend 30 minutes of spiritual time. So some of you guys may or may not know, I talked about this probably a dozen episodes ago, I wanted to buy a first edition Book of Mormon on ebay, but I didn’t. But I almost did. I eventually did it.

So right now I am actually reading the original copy of the Book of Mormon, one of the first 5,000 that were ever printed. Which for me, is totally geeking out. Most of you guys who are Mormon are thinking, that’s awesome. The rest of you are thinking, that’s weird, why would you spend that much money on an old book? But for me, it’s awesome. So I’ve been reading that in the mornings, which has been cool. Try to get at least 30 minutes of reading in there.

And the last 30 minutes is, I try to nickname all my different times, so I’m nicknaming this my big domino time. Where I have the next 30 minutes to figure out what is the big domino of the day. The big domino comes from Tim Farris, I heard him speak one time, “A lot of people go and make these huge to-do list and try to knock out a million things. I usually just sit around for 3 or 4 days at a time trying to identify what’s the one big domino and if I knock down that domino it makes every other domino, it knocks them down or makes them irrelevant. So that’s been my bid domino time. Where I’m planning and figuring out, for me to succeed today, what is that one big domino I gotta knock down? This funnel or this piece, whatever that big thing is and make that the priority and try to task out everything else to either help me knock down that domino or to get everything else off my place so I can focus on it.

So that’s what’s going to be happening. That’s kind of a new edition to the morning routine. From 5:30 til 6. Then at 6 o’clock, at least on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dave and Stephen and sometimes Brent and John show up and we go for a morning jog to try and get more oxygen pumping through our body and then we lift hard. We lift for about an hour, probably about 45 minutes. Really heavy because that’s the way I like it. And then from there we jump in the Cryosauna, freeze the crap out of ourselves.

And then go in and hang out with my kids, get them out the door. And then clean up and head out the door as well. At this point I still have not eaten anything, and I won’t. It’s 9 o’clock. So I’ll eat in about 5 hours from now and that’s the first time I will eat. And it’s funny because I used to always think, I have to eat to have fuel to have energy. But the interesting thing is if you are doing all these things, you get energy from oxygen, you get energy from the nutrients, you get energy from the water, you get energy from all these things. I don’t even feel hungry anymore. It’s kind of weird. I should be starving right now, and I’m feeling pretty good.

And my lunch time at about 2 o’clock, I’ll have the biggest salad known to man. It literally takes about 3 or 4 hours to eat. It’s got kale, and peppers, avocados, salmon, and a bunch of other cool stuff. And that’s….I eat that, and then I’m not that hungry the rest of the day. Usually at night I’ll eat some stuff because I like to socially eat with my kids and my family. And then start the process over.

So that’s my morning routine. So I think we’re going to record it and film it and show all the fun stuff and intricacies and hopefully inspire a couple of you to tweak yours. It’s been a fun development over the last 2 years trying to really think through it and figure it out and add things to it. I’m still not perfect, not going to lie. But the days that I execute on it correctly, like today, I feel like a million bucks. I’m excited to go in and conquer the world.

So I hope that inspires you guys to kind of sit back and think through your stuff and figure out what your dream morning routine is going to be. Because when your day starts right, it ends right. When you start wrong, it ends wrong. I know that because the days when I wake up and go and get French toast for breakfast, the whole day is done. I get nothing done that day.

The day’s I wake up and Wim Hof breathe, drink a ton of vitamins and minerals and get some spiritual time in, and figure out my big domino are the days that I actually knock down the big domino. And the days that I get home and have energy for my kids and my wife and it’s awesome. So there you go, you guys. So what’s your morning routine, that’s my question. Check out soon to a funnel near you. I think it’s I’ll be posting that here in a little bit. And it’ll be fun to actually show you guys behind the scenes what I’m doing and then hopefully get some of you guys inspired enough to go and do it on your own. That’s all I got today. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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