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27 - Banner Ads At The Parade

Banner Ads At The Parade

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How you can use your online influence to make money from advertisers.

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That’s the biggest key. If you put out that content and put out videos and start blogging and all those things, that’s when you start getting eyeballs. It’s like a parade, and at that point you can go and sell advertising, either your own products or other people’s products. That is the key.


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This is Russell Brunson and this is the Marketing in your car Podcast. Today I’m heading to the office and actually my son Dallan is coming with me today. You guys heard about Dallan on yesterday’s podcast. Dallan has been saving up money for the WiiU. He asked this week if I would hire him, the day after the 4th of July, which is today. I just hired Dallan and he is coming to the office with me today. He’s got his chalkboard with him and his crayons and his whiteboard and he is going to make some money. He’s excited.

The other thing I wanted to talk to you today about is, yesterday we had our 4th of July parade and there were some lessons that were really fun with it. I remember as a little kid going to parades, and they were insanely awesome. There were big ole floats and all kinds of crazy stuff. Yesterday we went to the Boise parade. The Boise parade was a little disappointing, not going to lie. It was mostly cars with banner ads stuck to the side of them. I realized very quickly that all a parade really is, at least the kind of parade we went to yesterday, is a marketing tool. They talk about getting excited and hyped up.

A whole bunch of people show up in this one spot and these cars with banner ads come by that basically tell you to go do things. We saw banner ads for all sorts of things. Every float had some kind of advertisement on it, and there was no purpose for a float other than they were trying to advertise for whatever their thing was.

I thought it was interesting. Then what was kind of cool was at the end we saw the Costa Vita car drive by and we were hungry and said, “Hey, let’s go to Costa Vita.” We thought the only one was far away, but we saw on the car an address for one that was about a block from where we were at. We walked over and had lunch at Costa Vita. It actually worked. The advertising worked on us. It made me think about, there’s a lot of ways to make morey online. There’s a thousand different ways to make money online.

One of them that works really efficiently and really effectively is to get a website that has tons and tons of visitors just like a parade, and have good content or good floats or things that are there that get people’s eyeballs there. Then on the sides and middle and all over the place you just sell banner ads. It’s kind of interesting. That is an amazing business model. That’s how parades work. That’s how a lot of businesses offline work. It’s the same thing online.

For a lot of you guys, if you think about it that way, for you to make money online is kind of a two-step process. The first thing, just like the parade, you’ve got to get a whole bunch of eyeballs there. If you get a whole bunch of eyeballs there, the advertisers will come.

There’s a really cool book that I read recently. It’s called Trust Me, I’m Lying. I highly recommend it, you guys should read it. It just talks about how media is passed through online, back to the traditional media outlets. It’s a pretty controversial book, very interesting to read. One of the things he talked about is how bloggers make their money. They write unique, interesting stories that get a lot of attention and get a lot of views, because bloggers make money for every view that comes to their site, or if they work for a company it’s the same thing.

They get their base salary, but they get a penny for every person who comes and looks at it. They are not incentivized by sharing true stories; they are incentivized by sharing controversial stories to get people talking. That’s why the media channels are so messed up these days. It’s kind of interesting. I’m saying that because for you, if you want to start getting eyeballs, you can start selling advertising on your site. You’ve just got to be exciting or controversial or whatever.

That’s the biggest key. If you put out that content and put out videos and start blogging and all those things, that’s when you start getting eyeballs. It’s like a parade, and at that point you can go and sell advertising, either your own products or other people’s products. That is the key.

We are now at the office. Dallan and I are here and we are ready to work hard. I hope you guys are as well. That’s about it for today. If you enjoyed this podcast, please go to and look for the Marketing in Your Car Podcast. We would love to hear from you. That’s about it. Thanks, everybody. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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