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270 - After Info Products, Then What?...

270 - After Info Products, Then What?...

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Episode Recap:

The only way to 10X your business is this. On this episode Russell talks about having his end of year meeting, and realizing how moving away from just info products is what allowed his business to make over 100 million dollars. Here are some of the awesome nuggets to listen for in today’s episode:

-- Find out why all the top businesses in the community have grown by finding something outside of the info product to sell.

-- And hear what questions you need to ask yourself in order to figure out what your non-info product could be.

So listen here to find out why you should start thinking about stepping outside of just having an info product if you want to grow your business beyond 30 million dollars a year.

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Anyway, I wanted to put that out there for you guys just to kind of think about. Again, I don’t know the answer for you, and you’re probably not going to know the answer for you yet, but that’s what I’d be thinking, with my eyes wide open. I’d have my eyes open and looking around for opportunities. Looking as you’re serving your customers through your information products, having your eyes open like, “Okay, what do they need? What are their frustrations? What problem do they have? What’s the issue? How can I solve this?”


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a very special, can you hear that, it’s the Christmas edition of the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m in the Tesla and the kids messed it up so when I turn on my blinker this sound comes on. So Merry early Christmas and I’m excited to hang out with you this morning.

Alright everybody, we’re getting close to Christmas. So by the time you guys hear this, it may actually be Christmas, or the day after Christmas, I’m not sure exactly what day this will drop. But today is basically the last day at the office for everybody before we get ready for Christmas vacation. And I’m excited, it’s been a crazy, crazy year and we are finally starting to wind down.

Two nights ago I finished the rewrite of the Expert Secrets book, yay, which is so nice to be done. Yesterday we had an insane meeting which literally changed my destiny for forever. I can’t talk about it yet, but in the future I will. So that happened yesterday, and then today the kids have the last day of school, and then after school I’m running and grabbing the kids and tomorrow is the State Wrestling tournament, and Dallin was 8 pounds over this morning, which means I get to grab him from school and take him back to the house and wrestle with him for like 5 hours to make him lose his 8 pounds.

Oh, every time I turn the blinker on you’re going to get some Christmas sounds, so merry Christmas. I know some of you guys are like, “What 8 pounds? He can’t do that.” But we’re wrestlers, this is what we do. So he’s going down weight for state, he’s never gone down this low. Anyway, it’s going to be, he cut weight earlier this year once and had to lose 2 pounds and it was like a nightmare, so we’ve got to lose 8 by tomorrow, by this time tomorrow morning. And then we have the big church Christmas party tonight. So today is a little hectic and stressful, but then tomorrow we have wrestling, and I’m so excited. We’ll be wrestling all day and it’ll be awesome.

Anyway, I’ve gathered you guys here today, my lesson for you today is interesting, yesterday during the big meeting, we had a chance to share all of our numbers, go through our books, go through everything, and see where the actual revenue in our company is coming from, look at the different, you know all that kind of stuff that you get to do at your yearend stuff, kind of looking at your numbers and stuff.

And it’s interesting because this year’s been awesome. So that’s great. We made more this year than I ever dreamt was possible, which is also fun. But it’s interesting because, and it’s funny because the first decade of my business I was in the information business, right. I sold information products, information things. I also on the side sold supplements and some little software and things like that, but the majority of what I sold was always information because I like selling how-to stuff, it’s fun.

So that was kind of the, you know, my business. But it’s interesting, selling information, as awesome as it is, there’s always kind of this cap. The biggest companies, I look at someone like Tony Robbins, and I don’t know his revenues on the Tony Robbins brand, but he’s probably the biggest info person, maybe Dave Ramsey, he’s got a big info business. I don’t know, there’s a couple people out there that do really well, right. But no matter how big they get, there’s a ceiling. You don’t see anybody who’s got a hundred million dollar a year info product business, there’s none that I can think of. Maybe there’s some. But none that I can think of. I guess Agora, Agora would be the only ones I know that are that big.

Okay, there’s a couple, but you kind of cap out at this point. So it’s like, you know, I think this year if you look at just the info products we sold, we probably did, I don’t know maybe 30 million dollars in info product sales, which is great.. That’s awesome. But for us, the other 100 something plus million all came from software. And I was sitting there thinking, man, my whole first decade of my business I just sold information products. And when I shifted from selling information products to selling information products that push people into some kind of software product, that’s when the dynamics and metrics for our business shifted.

That’s when it shifted from a level 2 or 3 opportunity to a level 10 opportunity, was the software side of it. And I’m telling you this because not all of you guys are going to create software companies. You know, I look at Lady Boss, Brandon and Kaelin started selling info and they built their business up to a certain point and then released supplements. And supplements was their level 10 opportunity, that’s how they’ve kind of blown up to the next level.

Alex and Layla Hermosi, they sold info products, and then right now, just this week launched a food service, where it’s like all the gym owners can get meal prep ordered for all their clients. And I have no idea what their metrics and numbers are, but based on the fact they have like 5000 gym owners, and if each gym owner is selling 10 meals a day to people, that’s 50 thousand, 100 thousand, I don’t know what the metrics, 100 thousand meals a day that he’s going to be selling through this thing. So all the info products were good, they made a really good living off it, but the big opportunity was leveraging the audience they built from the info product for this food business, right.

So I look at that, I look at the people in our community who are having the biggest businesses and the most success, it’s like, they have info products with something. With software, with supplements, with food service, with fill in the blank.

So my question for you that I want you to ponder over this Christmas break and over new years, and just as you guys are going through this season of getting ready for the new year, what is your version of that? What is your Clickfunnels, what is your supplement line, what is your thing? And start thinking about that because when you figure that out, again, pre clickfunnels I was always 5 to 8 million bucks, somewhere in that range, and we were doing awesome, that’s great, but we always hit that cap, and it wasn’t, you know we were able to more than 10x it when we added in this secondary piece, the backend, the software, the thing.

So I don’t know what that is for you, but I’m throwing it out there. Info products are the greatest way to generate an audience, to build a following, to make money profitably, to acquire customers lower than anything else in the world. So I’m obsessed with info products, I’m not saying to not do them. I’m saying, keep doing them, but then what’s, to what ends? Where are you putting those people, what’s the goal, what’s the point, what’s the purpose of it?

And for a lot of you guys you’re going to struggle thinking about that. It took me a decade to figure out Clickfunnels, so it’s not something you might answer today, but I would start putting that in your head. The info product is business but to what ends, what’s the purpose of it, where am I putting these people eventually? What’s my Clickfunnels? What’s my supplement line? What’s my food service? What’s my thing? Because when you start thinking that way it’s going to open up a backend that’s not just a backend upsell of more info, you know, which is good.

The typical info model is you go from a book to an online course, to a workshop, to a live event, to a mastermind group. That model is awesome. But you’re going to be capped at 10 to 20 million bucks, which is great, nothing wrong with that. But if the goal is to keep growing and get to 50 million or 100 million or a billion or beyond, I have yet to see it, outside of Agora. I haven’t seen anybody else get to those numbers through information alone. So it’s like, where are going to put somebody? What’s that thing? What’s the next piece?

Anyway, I wanted to put that out there for you guys just to kind of think about. Again, I don’t know the answer for you, and you’re probably not going to know the answer for you yet, but that’s what I’d be thinking, with my eyes wide open. I’d have my eyes open and looking around for opportunities. Looking as you’re serving your customers through your information products, having your eyes open like, “Okay, what do they need? What are their frustrations? What problem do they have? What’s the issue? How can I solve this?”

When those questions start happening, that’s when the software idea will pop, that’s when the supplement idea will pop in your head, that’s when the food service… you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, all my clients need this.” Boom, there it is. There’s the thing that takes you from 10 million to 100 million, it’s the next thing. And it’s not more information probably, it’s the tool, it’s the thing that they need to have more success with it.

So there you go. Merry Christmas, there’s some more jingle bells for you. I appreciate you guys all for listening. I hope you guys have a great Christmas and happy New Year. I’ll probably do more episodes before New Years, so you’ll hear back from me. But I just wanted to share that with you and get your minds thinking as you enter the new year, about what is your level 10 opportunity. What’s the big thing? What’s it going to be? With that said, I will talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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