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271 - The 90 Day Funnel Structure For 2020

271 - The 90 Day Funnel Structure For 2020

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Episode Recap:

A way to structure your funnels and your content for maximum happiness to you and your customers in 2020. On this episode Russell talks about a new structure he is going to roll out for 2020 which allows him to be creative, but gives his team the structure they need. Here are some of the insightful things to listen for in this episode:

-- Find out why Russell isn’t a planner, but why that can be hard for his team.

-- See why having everything too planned out is so hard on Russell.

-- And hear Russell’s new plan that allows him to continue to be creative, but still gives the team structure.

So listen here to find out Russell’s new plan for 2020, and see if you can adjust it to fit within your own business.

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And so anyway, it’s getting me excited. So that’s something I’m kind of working on right now, building out a quarter long calendar that’s got a structured framework that can’t shift, but then inside of that framework I have the ability to be creative and think about things and talk about what’s exciting in the market right now. If I know this week’s going to be about lead funnels, I know this week’s going to be about webinar funnels, we’ve got the evergreen stuff that we can go to, but it’s also based on the market right now. What’s exciting about webinar funnels? Let me go deep into that and kind of have some fun with it.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Show. We are done with Christmas, we’re preparing for New Year’s, and today I wanted to talk to you guys about mapping out your process for 2020. What is it going to look like? And I’ll give you some ideas on what I am working on, and hopefully it will help. So with that said, let’s queue up the theme song and I’ll be right back.

Alright everybody, hopefully you guys had a great holiday. We’re preparing for the new year, so I got a couple podcasts that I’m going to do specifically about new year’s and resolutions and stuff like that. But before we do that one, I wanted to talk today about one of the things I’ve been geeking out and being really, really excited by.

I started, it was probably a week or two ago, I was talking to Dave about this, I was like, “You know what, in our marketing, there’s kind of a, I don’t know…” I’m curious, I think there’s 2 schools of thought. There’s the Russell Brunson school of thought, where everything is just in time. I wake up that morning and I’m like, “We should do this.” And then we create a funnel, we launch it, and make money and it’s really fun. The problem with that is it’s destructive to a team. They all hate you because you’re like, they have no planning, they don’t know where they’re going.

And then the opposite side of that, it’s interesting when Julie Stoian was running the marketing here at Clickfunnels for about a year, she’s much more of a planner than me. So she had everything planned out. Next month is this funnel, then this one and this one. You know, 10 years all mapped out and planned out. And that was hard for me because I was like, “Why is this funnel next. I don’t feel the energy of it yet.” For me it’s like, “What am I excited about today? Let’s go do that thing that I’m most excited about at this very second.” But the nice thing about it is it’s better for teams, because teams can project, they can fore-plan, they can look at things.

So there’s kind of 2 different methodologies, mine is, wreaks havoc on a team but it’s really fun, and I think it does better in the short term because you’re able to feel the pulse of the market, what’s happening today, what are we talking about, what can I ….you know, you’re bringing that out and bringing it to life right then. Then the other way is better if you’re trying to scale a company, scale a team, and all those kind of things, because it gives you more ability to figure out where you’re going.

So here at Clickfunnels we’re kind of in this weird spot where every once in a while I get excited and I finish a book project or something and I’m like, “Let’s do this thing right now.” And it’s fun, and we get energy and make a bunch of money, and it’s awesome. But then it’s like, it throws everybody else off, “What about all these things we were planning, what happens to them?” I’m like, “I don’t know, just shove them in the future.”

So I’ve been trying to think, what’s the blend of that? How is the planning structure where you can plan ahead, but also how do you create something that you don’t have to plan so you can have the ability to ebb and flow with the market, to be able to feel what’s happening and all that kind of stuff?

So what I’ve been thinking about, I started thinking about this, you know we were last week, we did a Christmas launch, it was kind of like a spur, last moment thing, and they put it together, and it blew up, I think a lot of you guys bought the offer, so thank you for that. It did just shy of 2 million dollars in a 3 or 4 day period of time, which is pretty awesome. And it’s funny because we have our year end goals and what we’re trying to hit, and there’s you know, different dollar amounts. I think we were about 2 million dollars away from where we needed to hit our goal for the year. So it’s kind of the thing where it’s like, let’s just spike up some sales really quick at the end, and got us closer to the goal, and should get us to our revenue goals for the year. So it worked awesome.

I was like, “What if we orchestrated this to where it happened once a quarter? What if we looked at our company in like quarterly things, like a three month window? If we did that, instead of saying, this is funnel one, funnel two, that kind of thing where it’s super planned out, what if we had structure around it? What we’re going to do is the very first week of every quarter we’re going to do something.”

So what I’ve been geeking out on, and what we’re actually doing next week, is a 7 day live launch. So if you were at Funnel Hacking Live, you heard Brendon Burchard talk about that. If not, go get your ticket to Funnel Hacking Live, and go watch the replays from last year. But he does a 7 day live launch. So my thought is, what if every quarter we lead with a 7 day live launch, which is really fun, it’s tons of value inside of it, that I’m teaching for 3 days straight, we get all this good will, it builds up your relationship with the market.

So that kind of happens first, and at the end of the 7 day live launch there’s the pitch. For us the pitch would be, well this time it’s going to be for Funnel Hacking Live, but in the future, each quarter of the pitch would be to get people to ascend up to Clickfunnels platinum, which is our $297 a month level, where they get FunnelFlix, plus all the upgraded Clickfunnels features, and stuff like that. So that’d be the push, right, the ascension. So that happens the first week of the quarter.

And then the next, like, whatever it is…we’re still planning this, so I don’t know, this is not set in stone yet. I’m just thinking out loud. So for me, the next 10 weeks, the Dotcom Secrets book there’s 10 funnel types that I go through now. I was like, “What if we structured each week where we’re focusing on a funnel type? So week 2 now, week 1 was 7 day launch, week 2 now is all about lead funnels, the bottom of the value ladder.” And I tell people that week, “Go, here’s this $7 report at, go get it. It’s going to show you guys like 106 cool different lead templates.” And that week it’s like, go get the book, it’s super cheap, it gets people in your funnel. And then that week I’m like, “Hey, by the way, I had my team design 10 cool new lead funnels. They’re free, just go check them out.” And boom, give people new lead funnels that look amazing.

And then maybe there’s a training about lead funnels, and just that whole week we’re focusing on lead funnels. Then we have live hack-a-thons for people inside of our Clickfunnels member’s area, where if you have a Clickfunnels account we’re doing a live hack-a-thons this week. Three live hack-a-thons on lead funnels, go log in there and you can build a lead funnel.” And that whole week is just focused on that one funnel type, and we’re giving value and giving training, and all these thing, free templates, and just getting them excited about lead funnels, and that’s that week.

So there’s a little bit of selling, but for the most part, there’s just tons of value and templates and things to get people excited. And week number three now, we go to the second funnel type, which could be, I don’t know, summit funnels or whatever. And then we do that, go through the 10 funnels over the next 10 weeks where we’re selling a little bit, but for the most part we’re getting people consuming our software and buying the products and using the templates, and seeing how they can use it for their business, and show how each different funnel type works for each different type of business, and that becomes this really fun ascension that happens over the next 10 weeks.

How many weeks are in a quarter?  Let’s see, 4…. There’s 12, yeah. So the first week, 7 day live launch, the next 10 weeks are us teaching funnels, giving funnels, each of the different funnel types and templates, and then the last week of the quarter we do some big launch around something, just like we did at the end of Christmas, that will hopefully generate a couple million dollars in sales to spike our sales at the end of the quarter. And then when that ends, boom, that’s week whatever, the last week of the quarter, then the next week is the first week of the quarter, which is what? 7 day live launch, we go and give tons of value teaching it for 7 days, or for 3 days, start the ascension, and boom from there we go back to lead funnels, then to the cart funnels, and move through the sequence.

So I’m thinking about that, and I’m excited because this gives structure to the team so they know hey, this is what’s happening. So they know week three we need 10 cool new templates of this type of funnel we’re going to give away. So people know that, and they know this, but it also gives me the flexibility of like, “Hey inside that week of lead funnels I want to do Facebook lives about that, I want to do this thing about that.” And I can talk and teach and I have some creativity inside of that week to do stuff. But then the team’s got structure, they know, “These are things we know from last time that worked, we’re going to keep using those, but you know, Russell if you want to do a Facebook live and geek out and go deep on a topic during this week, go for it.”You know.

Or if we want to create more templates, or different templates, if we want to…whatever the thing might be, we’d go keep creating and adding and just having fun with it.

Anyway that’s just been kind of the fun thing I’ve been thinking about now. How do we build out a quarter with structure, with framework so the team knows “here’s where we’re going.” But then they’re still open enough that I can come back and say, “This month what do I want the 7 day live launch to be about? What do I want to create on?” and I can be creative and figure it out right there. So I have the structure of knowing that I have the structure of knowing that I’m doing something this week, but I have the creativity of figuring out what it is that I actually want it to be.

And so anyway, it’s getting me excited. So that’s something I’m kind of working on right now, building out a quarter long calendar that’s got a structured framework that can’t shift, but then inside of that framework I have the ability to be creative and think about things and talk about what’s exciting in the market right now. If I know this week’s going to be about lead funnels, I know this week’s going to be about webinar funnels, we’ve got the evergreen stuff that we can go to, but it’s also based on the market right now. What’s exciting about webinar funnels? Let me go deep into that and kind of have some fun with it.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing right now, kind of planning out some of the structure for next year. The first quarter gets messed up a little bit, because we’ve got Funnel Hacking Live and all the things. But we are doing a 7 day live launch the first week, but it’s going to have a different focus and goal. But my guess and my plan is to get all these things into place and start doing the different funnel types over the next couple of months and then the beginning of April is really starting hard again.

But then, there’s a problem, we have the Traffic Secrets book launch May 5th>, that kind of throws it off. Oh well, we’ll, we gotta have some kind of way to ebb and flow where we can shift things around if we need to.

Anyway, that’s kind of the game plan. I’ve got to figure out a contingency for when we know we have a launch like that, how do we structure that into the plans?

So anyway, alright, I hope that helps you guys, gives you some ideas and some ways to plan for those who are planners, that won’t kill the creativity. And a way to plan for the creative people who hate planning, but want to be creative. Hopefully it gives the best of both worlds. We’ll be testing it over this next year, and I will let you know how it works.

Anyway, appreciate you all, thanks for listening. And withthat said, hopefully you have a great new year’s, and an exciting time planning out the next decade. Can you believe the next decade is beginning. I’ve said this a lot recently but Tony Robbins always says that people underestimate what they can do…or they overestimate what they can do in a year, and they underestimate what they can do in a decade. I think for a lot of you guys, you’re a year, 2 years into your thing, and you may not be where you want to yet, but I want you to remember that this is the long game, where are you going to be in the next decade? The next ten years?

I, you know, ten years ago we didn’t have Clickfunnels, ten years ago my company was going through near bankruptcy. I still don’t know how we didn’t go bankrupt. We should have. Ten years ago I fired 80 something employees, I was running from an office hoping they wouldn’t follow me, because I keep up, keep paying the lease. My world was falling around me, and ten years later here we are with Clickfunnels and with you guys and with everything amazing that’s happened. So have faith in the process, know that it’s the long game, and the next decade begins.

So just know right now, I want you thinking about 2020, in 2030 where, what’s your legacy going to look like, where are you going to be, what’s going to be possible? If you just stick your nose to the grindstone and keep being consistent and keep moving forward, ten years is, you’ll be able to do a lot more than you think is possible.

Alright, thanks everybody, appreciate you all and have an amazing day.


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