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271 - The Perfect Webinar For Emails

271 - The Perfect Webinar For Emails

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Holy crap, this works for email too!

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I thought what if, what if I did the Perfect Webinar as an email sequence? Email number one is addressing the big domino and telling my first epiphany bridge story. Email number two was secret one. Email three, secret two. Blah, blah, blah. Like that. And I was like, “Holy crap this is the perfect webinar in a five day email sequence. This could be as good, if not better than even actually doing the actual webinar.” How insane is that?


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Hey everyone, good morning, this is Russell Brunson and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. I’m heading in to day 7 of 8 of our Inner Circle, Mastermind meetings. We got a new group coming through today, which is going to be so awesome. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit worn out and tired, but I get so fired up by hanging out with these people that it’s all worth it and amazing.

Each new group, it’s interesting there’s such a different dynamic for each group that comes. I get so much different value from each one. Everyone’s like, “Which group is your favorite?” I’m like, “Each one is so unique, there’s so many different reasons. It’s just amazing how it all just works.” Anyway, I don’t know. I’m just grateful and blessed to have a chance to be part of this, and be able to facilitate it. It’s insane. I gotta pinch myself. I can’t believe this is my life right now. I get to hang out with all these amazing people.

So that’s awesome. I’m heading in, so I wanted to give you guys, I’m driving right in the sun, I literally can’t see anything. The car in front of me, I’m just looking at his tires, hoping that he doesn’t slam on his brakes, because I cannot see his brake lights. Anyway if I die, if I crash, that is why. I’m driving into the sun.

Alright, so I got a big insight that I got yesterday that I thought was kind of cool. The Perfect Webinar, as you guys all know, it’s perfect. The only time it doesn’t work is when people screw it up. Because it’s perfect, you don’t mess with the Perfect Webinar. It’s perfect. In fact, if you don’t have a copy of the script yet, got to, I actually owned but it expired somehow and some dude bought it and wanted to sell it back to me for like 20 grand. I’m like, you know what? I’m going to buy perfectwebinarsecrets. Take that, $10.

So if you haven’t got the script go get it. We over the last two and a half years here in the Inner Circle stuff; we’ve gone deep with people. I can’t even tell you how many millionaires have been created from the Perfect Webinar Script, which is so cool. In fact, Expert Secrets, the whole book, is basically focused on building out the perfect webinar, but it goes insane deep. gives you the script and the psychology behind it. When Expert Secrets comes out it’ll give you how to build your cult based on the perfect webinar. So cool. I mean culture. I can’t even wait.

One of the big insights I had yesterday, which was interesting and I’m excited to test and I hope some of you guys will as well. If you look at the Perfect Webinar Structure, it’s based off convincing somebody of one big idea. What’s the one big domino that if I can convince them of this one thing, then they have to give me their money. For example, if I can convince you that you have to have a sales funnel to make money online and that Clickfunnels is the only sales funnel software on earth. If I can convince you of that, then you have to give me money. There’s no other alternatives.

So that’s the goal, every business. How do you create that one belief. If I can get them to believe this, then they have no choice but to join my cult-ture. They have to. So that’d be the first part of Perfect Webinar, and again I talk about it in the original script, I know that. It took two years of working with hundreds and hundreds of people on their webinars to figure that out. That’s number one, figuring out that. What’s the one big domino that if you knock down that domino everything else becomes irrelevant? It either knocks down every domino or they become irrelevant. So that’s the number one thing to figure out for your perfect webinar pitch, or any pitch. I say webinar, because I always talk about webinars. This is actually the point of this podcast that this works outside of webinars. But I digress.

Let me step back, so that second thing after the big domino, I gotta get someone to believe that. So there’s a lot of things we do to cause that belief. Seriously the guy in front of me just stopped in the middle of the road. Come on.

So there’s a lot of things to do. We talked about the epiphany bridge story. We talked about how we tell the stories to get people on the same state that we’re in when we had that epiphany. These are all things I’ve talked about tin the podcast in the past. If you look there are typically 3 core beliefs that keep somebody from believing whatever your big domino is you’re trying to knock over. The first thing is they have to believe in the vehicle you’re trying to convince them. So I had to get people to believe in funnels. Then I had to get them to believe in ketosis. You had to get them to believe in membership sites, whatever it is that have. You have to convince them of the vehicle, the right vehicle. So that’s secret number one, tied to their false belief pattern around the vehicle and convince them the vehicle is right.

After you convince them, yes the vehicle is correct, I do need funnels. Ketosis is a way for me to lose weight, whatever that thing is. Then the second thing that happens, people are like, “That’s cool but I don’t know how to use a funnel.” or “that’s cool but I can’t not eat candy.” So the second one is that you’ve got to break down their false believes about their internal believes. What do they believe about themselves? “I can’t do this because I’m not technical.” Or because, “I don’t have willpower. You gotta convince them, it’s so easy, you can do it. Let me show you why and how.

So the second secret is always tied to a belief in the internal self. Third secret is typically tied to some external thing. Well I believe funnels is the way, I believe I could use Clickfunnels, but I don’t know how to get traffic, so even if I did it wouldn’t matter.

Okay, I believe that ketosis is the way for me to lose weight, I finally believe that I have the will power to do it. The problem is my spouse. My wife makes me chocolate ice cream for breakfast everyday and there’s no way she’s going to stop. Or whatever, what’s the external things you’re going to blame it on? Because after a while people are like, “Well I could do it, but this thing over here is causing me to not have success.” So you gotta figure out what’s the external belief and smash that one too.

And then you transition to the stack, the pitch, the close, all that stuff. There’s like a five minute run-down of the perfect webinar that is hopefully, if it’s the first time you heard it, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. If you’ve gone through a little bit, you’re just like, “oh Russell, just went another level deep.” So I hope that helps. If it didn’t help go get, watch the video and then come back and listen to this and this is just the next layer on top of that.

And again, when the book comes out, it’ll go deep. Deep in a cool way, not like a nerdy deep when you’re so lost and confused where you’re just confused. But deep like, you’re like, “This just gets cooler and cooler every page.” Hopefully. That’s the goal.

So I digress, once again. Sorry ADD coming back. Alright so the whole point of today’s podcast is during Inner Circle I had some epiphany. Obviously I perfected the perfect webinar standing on stages in front of a big audience trying to sell them stuff. Which is the best way to master a skill because what happens when you’re in front of a thousand people trying to sell something? Either they stand up and run to the back of the room and give you money or they don’t. There’s no way to fake that. Everybody can see.

So after being humiliated on stage multiple times, not selling anything. I thought I have to master this. So I spent about two years of my life on this circuit. On the road speaking and perfecting this thing and it’s still always evolved, as you can tell from today, it keeps evolving. But initially it came from me onstage speaking and selling. So that’s kind of where it started and then it transitioned over to tele-seminars, which was awesome and then it transitioned over to webinars.

So I call it Perfect Webinar, but I almost feel like I’m cheapening it by calling it that. In fact, in the book I’m trying a different name for it. It’ll still have the word perfect in it though, because it is perfect. Don’t screw it up. The Perfect Webinar, we’ve done it on stage, teleseminars, webinars. So a little while ago I wanted to see, “I wonder if this work in sales videos?” so I did a couple of sales videos. We did one in our market. We did Funnel University, we did it as a sales video. I just created one for Have It All Moms, which is a weight loss product we’re part of. A couple of other places, and guess what? It worked as a sales video script. In fact, I think it’s superior to any other script ever.

In the DotCom Secrets book I call it, star, story, solution, but it’s not as good as Perfect Webinar. I gotta think of a name because you don’t want to be like, “Here’s my VSL webinar.” No. so obviously VSL is truncated, it’s shorter, stories are faster, but it’s the same pitch. Identical, in fact you’ll be able to see those soon. The Funnel University one’s a longer one. It’s almost like a real webinar. But I’ve done ones on Facebook Live that are shorter. I’ve done ones, Have It All Moms is about a 25 minute video I think. It’s compressed but it’s the same process.

You take them through, what’s the one big domino? What’s the vehicle? What’s the internal believe? What’s the external belief? Move them through the stack and create an irresistible offer. So that’s kind of how it works.

Yesterday, one of the guys showed me that he did a whole product launch, kind of like a product launch but not really. He didn’t want to go create a whole webinar because he’s like, “If I do a webinar and it’s 2 hours long, and I do it and people don’t buy, I don’t know what spot kept them from buying. I didn’t know, so I didn’t want to do a webinar until I figured it out.” So what he did, it’s John Hutchinson by the way, he’s a super cool dude in the financial market. So he went and recorded a video of each thing, so the intro and a video of secret one, secret two, secret three stack, and then close. Then he made it, I’d say a product launch, but it’s not really a product launch.

But he drove people to the first video and they watched it and then on the video it’s like, “click here to go to the next page.” Or “see video number two”. Clicks there, boom takes them now to secret number one, then click to secret two and secret three and then click to close. So what he did, he was watching what happens between video one and video two. Video two and video three. So he could see, where’s the drop off point? What is not inspiring people to go to the next step?

What’s interesting is the transition from video one to video two and video two to video three sucked and three to four, four to five and five to close were amazing. So he’s like, I know the last two thirds of my webinar is flawless but the first third is boring people because they are not progressing at a high enough rate. So he’s going back now and tweaking those things. He’ll keep testing it and eventually turn it into a webinar.

But I thought that was really smart, really intelligent way to think about things and look at things. And while he’s doing that, all the sudden I had this thought. Some of you guys may know this, some of my emails recently have been super long. I hired this dude named Levi and what we’re doing is, when I write emails and I write them out, I don’t know why I hate writing email copy. And I had these cool storied, but I get annoyed writing copy so I just truncate them so they’re not cool. So I hired this guy Levi and I vox him an email. So I’ll send him a ten or fifteen minute vox, he transcribes it, tweaks it, cleans it up and turns into an email, throws it in the auto responder, I read it, make a couple of tweaks, re-read it and click send, which is why I’ve had a whole bunch of these 2,000, 3,000 word emails that are converting like crazy.

Just telling stories, the way I would tell a story if I was talking in person. I thought what if, what if I did the Perfect Webinar as an email sequence? Email number one is addressing the big domino and telling my first epiphany bridge story. Email number two was secret one. Email three, secret two. Blah, blah, blah. Like that. And I was like, “Holy crap this is the perfect webinar in a five day email sequence. This could be as good, if not better than even actually doing the actual webinar.” How insane is that?

So what I’m going to do, I’m going to test this either next week, or the week after. I’m not sure when. I will try to return and report my results to you, but basically I’m going to vox Levi all of the emails in a five email sequence that goes through the perfect webinar and send them out and we’re going to see what happens. My thought is it’s going to be amazing. So I’ll find out, and I’ll report back to you.

The moral of this story is that this perfect webinar script, as perfect as it is for webinars, is the perfect selling script. The perfect selling system, the best way to create and present a pitch or an offer since the history of mankind. I don’t want to take the credit for rediscovering how sales should work, but I’m going to take credit for it right now. Just kidding.

It’s funny, I was trying to hire all these researchers to go and figure out who was the fastest growing non-VC backed SASS platform in the history of the world, and I realized there’s no way to test that because if they’re not VC backed they don’t have to report the numbers so there’s no way to know. I have to realize that I think I am the number one and if I’m not, someone should come challenge me. But I’m going to just tell everyone that I am from now until the rest of time. So if you guys wonder what Clickfunnels is, it’s the fastest growing non-VC backed SASS company in the history of the world. And I’m sticking to that until somebody proves me wrong, because I’m pretty dang sure I’m right.

Same thing with this. I’m going to call this the greatest sales something, something……..nothing cool yet. I’m going to think on that. If any of you guys have an idea, shoot it over to me because I honestly wouldn’t……when I was putting this together, Steven Larsen on our team was like, “this redefines how sales as a whole should be done forever.” I was like, “holy crap, it is.” It’s so amazing. I’m excited for it. I’m proud of it.

I cannot wait for you guys to have the Expert Secrets book, but until then go to, go get the script. It’s $4.95 shipping and handling. It’s free. I think we order form bump the power point slides, which I know that 47% of you will take that, because it’s the greatest up-sell order form bump I’ve ever had. So thanks for that. But you’ll get the power point keynote slides, so you can just rebuild your webinar quickly.

Then there’s an up-sell where we did a three day event on a perfect webinar. I’d recommend getting that too because in that course, at one of our Ignite events I had 100 people in the room and I actually did the perfect webinar live on stage with an audience. We made like $30 grand and everyone watched me do it live and it was super, kind of intimidating and scary. But that whole video’s in there of me doing it. So you can see not only me doing the pitch, but see from how I stand, how I actually deliver it. All that kind of stuff. I hope it helps.

Anyway, I’m at the event center. I gotta bounce. I am one minute early. That’s actually not too shabby. Appreciate you all and we will talk to you guys all again soon.


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