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272 - The One Big Domino For The Next 10 Years

272 - The One Big Domino For The Next 10 Years

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How to shortcut 10 years of growth into one year.

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My guess is when you start thinking, “What can I do right now that’s going to propel my business forward a decade in the next year?", you’re probably not going to see it right away. And it’s going to be hard for you, because given the tools you already have, the answer is not there.


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Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and this is the last podcast of this decade. It’s New Year’s night, New Year’s eve and in a few hours it’s going to be next year, and next decade. So with that said I want to give you one thought to think about as you’re building your company over the next 12 months.

Hey everyone, so we are packing up right now, taking the kids downtown for New Year’s here in Boise, they have a potato drop. Literally they have this huge potato and they have a tractor come out and they hook the tractor up to this potato, and then the potato drops. Just like in New York City you get the ball drop, we get a potato drop. So we’ve never seen it, so we’re going to downtown Boise to experience the potato drop, we’re pretty pumped about that in a really weird way. That’s going to be really fun, and then we’ll see if the kids make it to Midnight or not. So that’s kind of what’s happening tonight.

It’s interesting when I was thinking about what to share kind of for the last podcast, I thought it would be fun to do the top ten things I learned this decade, or this last year, or whatever. I may still do something like that. But as we’re packing up the house now and I’m getting ready to leave, one thing keeps going through my mind, it’s actually simpler, it’s not a whole bunch of things. It’s one thing for you guys to think about, so I wanted to share that, and hopefully it’ll help somebody right now, in whatever you’re looking at.

So it kind of stems back to probably 7 or 8 years ago. I was in New York at Joe Polishes Genius Network event, and Tim Ferris was there, and I’d never seen Tim Ferris speak before, and I was kind of excited. And he was onstage talking and he did some Q&A and stuff, and I remember at the end someone asked him some question like, ‘What’s the question we should ask you Tim, that we haven’t asked you?” or something like that. And he kind of thought for a second and he said, ”You know, what’s interesting, I get reporters all the time who want to follow me around all day and get a day in the life of Tim Ferris.” And he’s like, “I always tell them no because if people actually saw my life, they’d be really bored. I wake up in the morning and I drink some coffee or some tea, and then I sit and read a book, and then I think.” You know all these things. And he’s like, “I’ll sit there sometimes for days or weeks, or sometimes even months just trying to identify what are all of the dominoes out there, and then what’s the big domino that if I knock down that domino, it’ll knock down all the other dominoes or make them obsolete.” And he’s like, “Because of that, I don’t do a lot of stuff, but when I do something I execute on it perfectly and it’s this huge thing.”

Anyway, after he said that I thought a lot about that. And I think for the most part I’m not really that way. I’m more like, I’m moving forward all the time. You guys see it. I’m moving forward, idea after idea, after idea, and I’ve been executing on this funnel, and this funnel, and this idea, and this book, and this thing. And we’re moving fast, and I think that’s good, especially when you’re getting started I think it’s good to be trying and testing a lot of things until you kind of identify what your thing is and you really figure it out.

But something that has been interesting over the last couple of months as I’ve been writing these books and doing these things, the one thought that keeps coming back is like, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of things that incrementally are helping to grow the company. But I was like, “Is there a thing, is there a big thing that if we were to do it or execute on it or knock this domino down that would short cut us 5 years or 10 years or more and get us there faster?”

And it’s funny because when I thought, you know when I was thinking about that, there was not a funnel that I could launch, like “this is the funnel that will 10x Clickfunnels. This is the funnel that will speed up the time. This is the book I need to write.” You know, it wasn’t ever anything like that. So at first I was like, “I guess there’s not. There’s nothing I could do that will shave off 10 years of our success and get us 10 years further down the line faster.”

So for a while we thought that was impossible because we were looking through the lens that we normally look through. And so because of that, we weren’t able to see the answer to that. But then we started looking at it through other lenses and different’ people’s perspectives, people that are smarter than me, people that have done things in different industries, and looking at that. And because we started looking, all the sudden it became apparent that there are a couple of paths that would literally take off a decade of growth for Clickfunnels. We could get where it would take us 10 years going the direction and path that we’re on now, we could get there within the year from now.

And at first we were like, “That can’t be possible. That doesn’t make any sense.” But because we started asking that question, looking through different lenses outside of just our own perspective it started opening up all these opportunities and ideas and this whole new world of things that are possible. So I’m not able yet to tell you what the answer was for me, and that shouldn’t matter, because the answer for you is probably going to be different. But you will see it play out over the next 12 months of my life, and the life of Clickfunnels, and you’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, that was the move Russell chose. That’s interesting. That is how he’s shortcutting a decade and getting it done in a year.”

So you’ll see the strategic moves that we’re making, and they’re exciting and they’re fun, and they’re awesome. And I’m sure I will talk about it as the pieces come out and I’m able to share more. But more so I wanted you guys to start thinking about that. My guess is when you start thinking, “What can I do right now that’s going to propel my business forward a decade in the next year? You’re probably not going to see it right away. And it’s going to be hard for you, because given the tools you already have, the answer is not there. Just like for me, given the tools of like, “What’s the next funnel? What’s the next book? What’s the next thing?” the answer wasn’t there. It was me keeping, continuing to ask that question and open my eyes and getting to know other people who have a different frame of reference and different lens that opened up these possibilities to me and to us as a team at Clickfunnels.

So anyway, I want to encourage you guys to start asking that question, and then start looking for the answer, because it’s there somewhere. It’s not within your immediate ability to execute on it, but it’s there somewhere, you just gotta start looking for it. And if you search for it, my guess is you’re going to find it.

So anyway, that’s the thing. What’s the big domino, what’s the big domino for you guys this year, that’s going to propel you forward a decade. Think about that. And then watch as we start executing on ours. I’m excited. I’m so grateful for all you guys and the fact that you listen to this podcast, the fact that you use our software, the fact that you read my books, the fact that you care means the world to me. And I’m just grateful for you guys during this New Year season. And I appreciate you and I cannot wait for the upcoming year for you guys to see what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. It’s going to be fun. So thanks for being along for the ride. Appreciate you all, have an amazing new year, and I will talk to you guys all next decade. Bye everybody.


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