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274 - The Switch Vs. The Stack

274 - The Switch Vs. The Stack

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What I learned tonight while writing my book.

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Then it’s never inspiring, exciting. They’re just like, “Yeah, this is a little bit better.” So the goal is to always to position what we do as a new opportunity. So I’ve been geeking out talking about a new opportunity. Everyone’s in a different aspect. How do I position my sell as a new opportunity?”


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing At Your Desk. I am not in the car right now but I just gotta share this with somebody and everyone’s asleep so you guys get it.

So I’m working on a book and it’s funny writing a book, it’s so cool. I recommend everyone writing a book at least once in your life. Because it looks at what you do through so many different lenses and angles. So just write a good book, some people just write a book. The entire time writing a book, for me, when I’m writing this book I want it to go down in the histories of time, Dotcom Secrets book the same way. I want them to be evergreen. When I die I want people to read it and be like, “Dang.”

I was telling my kids the other day, “How cool will it be when I’m dead and you actually read my book. Who knows if you’ll be marketing guys or not. But you’ll read it and be like my dad was actually awesome.” That’s the goal. So I’m working on this book and it’s supposed to have the final draft by today. I’m going back through so deep. I’m on page 50, I have 250. Not getting it done today. No way on earth. But it’s okay because… fact, Bowen just came up and said, “Dad you’re only on page 50, supposed to be done today. Are you scared?” I was like, “No, it’s more important that the book is amazing than it’s done on time.” So there you go.

Okay, you guys ready, this is so exciting. Some of this is going to be out of context for some of you guys who haven’t been geeking out with me the whole time on this journey recently. Some of you guys this will be the next step, the next layer. One of the things I’ve been talking a lot about in the Inner Circle, I think I’ve talked about it a bunch on this podcast as well, the difference between an improvement offer and a new opportunity. If we build a mass movement you cannot……not only a mass movement, but if you want to make money, flat out. Improvement offers are horrible.

The analogy I keep using in the book. If you have a Volvo, there’s two things you can do. One is you can sell people how to make this Volvo better. Lets paint it, get the dents out, make the engine run better. Or…do you think people want that? No, they want a new car. That’s the new opportunity. Don’t offer people ways to make them better. If they admit that they’re……If you’re selling, “I’m going to show you how to make yourself better.” The nature of them giving you money, they’re admitting they’ve failed. So it’s a huge hurdle.

Then it’s never inspiring, exciting. They’re just like, “Yeah, this is a little bit better.” So the goal is to always to position what we do as a new opportunity. So I’ve been geeking out talking about a new opportunity. Everyone’s in a different aspect. How do I position my sell as a new opportunity? And I’m like, “That’s a good question.”

Inner Circle, the last two or three weeks, we talked a lot about this in a lot depth and details with everyone. Iv’e been thinking about it and writing about it. In fact, I spent three hours the other day trying to explain this and in three hours I got one page written, which is why this book’s never going to be done. But if it ever does get done that page is going to be amazing.

So tonight I had another big breakthrough. I’m trying to think, how do you position your new opportunity? And initially I had ten different ways and I started widdling and I’m like, these two are the same and these are the same. Finally when it all broke down to it, there were only two ways to position your new opportunity. So this where it gets good. You guys ready?

So the first way, what I’ve written down here, I’m calling it an opportunity switch, and the second way is called an opportunity stack. I’m just gonna read a couple of paragraphs.

“While there are a lot of ways to start your improvement offers, there are only two ways we can position a new opportunity. There’s an opportunity switch or an opportunity stack. The first thing you need to understand is that when anyone runs into your new opportunity for the very first time, they’re either looking to change from whatever opportunity they are currently using to try to get what they want. Or they are looking at ways to get more from their current opportunity.”

Says opportunity like ten times, I might clean that up a little bit, but regardless, the gist of it is when they come to you, you know the first time they’ve been trying to lose weight, lets say that’s the vehicle they’re going into, “I need to lose weight.” They’re looking around, they’ve tried other things. You’re not the first typically. Or they’re trying to be more happy or make more money, whatever their thing is, you’re not the first.

They’re currently in an opportunity. They’re in a vehicle driving around doing something and they see yours. So when they see they do either one of two things. They’re like, “my car is awesome and I need, I want more from this.” Or they’re like, “I hate my car, I need a new car.”

So it says, “Regardless which of these people you’re talking to the answer for them is your new opportunity. But you need to present differently based on if they’re looking for change or if they’re looking for the same.” So the first opportunity switch. Opportunity switch is like, hey you’re currently doing this, but I’m going to shift and do this instead. O this comes back to, “you’re driving a Volvo and your Volvo sucks. So do present an improvement offer, which is new paint or whatever.

You shift them over and say, “Look your Volvo sucks. We’re selling you a new car. We’re selling you a Ferrari.” Or whatever that new opportunity is. So that’s the opportunity switch. So if your in the weight loss market, you’re like, “you’re on the Atkins diet? The Atkins diet sucks. We’re switching you over here to the Bulletproof diet.” Or whatever that is. You’re shifting the opportunity of whatever they’re doing currently to get their end result to whatever it is you want them to do.

The second thing is an opportunity stack. They already have an opportunity and loving it. You’re saying, “I’m not trying to get rid of this opportunity, I’m trying to stack on top of it.” So let’s just say, you’re an internet marketer, and you’re loving internet marketing but you’re like “I was to invest my wealth.” So I’m stacking. Keep your internet marketing, but we’re going to take some of your money and put it into real estate, stacking opportunity. So that’s kind of an example.

It’s me like, if you got a Volvo I’m like “Cool, I like your Volvo. Keep driving it to your office every single day, but on the weekends you need a Ferrari.” So we sell you a Ferrari. So it’s stacking opportunities. So I’m doing those and I just wrote that whole section of the book and I’m like cool that breaks them down for you to think through. My position is an opportunity switch or an opportunity stack. And almost every offer, it’s really easy to see how this is an opportunity switch, that’s easy. But the opportunity stacks are harder.

Some things, I feel like everything can be positioned as an opportunity switch, almost. Some things can’t be a stack, if that makes sense. It’s harder. So I started thinking, what should people do? All the sudden I realized, holy crap, so I actually wrote this paragraph and be completely transparent. This book is an opportunity switch. I’m bringing people in, read this book and my goal of the book is to give you an opportunity switch. I want to switch you to my book, if you don’t know it’s called Expert Secrets. I’m shifting you, trying to give you this opportunity switch from whatever you’re doing, you’re in network marketing, real estate, you’re an employee. Whatever it is you’re doing, I want to switch you to have the opportunity to this expert career. I want to make you an expert.

So there’s the switch. Then after they’ve switched and I’ve got them, then I start doing the bolt on opportunity stacks. Now you say I’m an expert, cool. The next opportunity for you is Clickfunnels. I’m going to stack that. You get Clickfunnels and I’m like, the next thing you need is called Funnel Scripts, I’m going to stack that. Then there’s fill your funnel, I’m going to stack that. Then there’s Clickfunnels certify, I’m stacking. This becomes the value ladder.

I’m looking at, if you guys could see my image here, it’ll be in the book I just sketched it out. It’ll be in the book, don’t worry. The front says opportunity…. it’s kind of a value ladder, the front says opportunity switch, it’s got the picture of the expert secrets book. The side says opportunity stack and it’s got a little value ladder. And it’s taking people up and each rung in my value ladder is a stack. So I’m stacking, stacking, stacking all the way up. Isn’t that crazy.

People always ask me, “Russell I’m building my value ladder. Where should I start? Front, back, middle?” Now I know the answer, I never knew the answer before. But the answer is you start your value ladder wherever the opportunity switch happens. Someone come to you initially that’s your first job, is the switch. Now that I’ve switched them, they’re in your value ladder, and you do opportunity stacks. You’re stacking on these opportunities. Holy crap, I don’t know if that made any sense to you guys, but I am freaking out right now.

This is like, it just opened my mind to so much coolness that I didn’t even know was there. So I hope that you got a little bit out of that, if not read the book. But that’s the key you guys. You lead with an opportunity switch, and after they’ve switched then the rest of your value ladder becomes the opportunity stacks. That’s why a lot of people will build 4 or 5 webinars and they’re like “Only one webinar works.” And that’s the reason why. For the most part, a whole different marketing efforts, depending on paid efforts, should be focusing on one thing, switch.

After they switch and then all the other things will all into that current audience. that’s the transition from cold market, to warm to hot. They come in cold, they get switched, they get warm. And then from the switch they get hot and then you send them up the value ladder. Holy crap this is so cool. So freaking cool, so exciting.

I cannot wait for this book to be done you guys. You are all going to love it. So awesome. So that’s all I got. So what’s your opportunity switch. Think about it, people are coming to you, they’re already driving some vehicle, they’re already doing something to try to get the end goal they want. But they’re probably not happy, so you gotta come in and say, “You’re Volvo is driving you where you want to go, but you’re miserable. Time to get out and go over here. I’ve got a Ferrari.” Or I’ve got a Lambo or a…..whatever, a jeep. Whatever your opportunity is, bring in the opportunity, opportunity switch. Now they’ve switched you can focus on opportunity stacking. Holy crap, game changing stuff.

This books literally going to re-change how selling is done, I think. At least for the people that read it, the rest of the people won’t even know. All of you guys and me, who all geek out on this, we’ll just take over the world. Appreciate you all, thank you for listening, I’m going to get back to work. I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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