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274 - The Top Marketing Secrets From My Inner Circle (Part 2 of 2)

The Top Marketing Secrets From My Inner Circle (Part 2 of 2)

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In this episode, learn the #1 marketing secret from: Daniel Den, Joe McCall, Ray Higdon, Krista Mashore, Sarah Petty, Marley Jaxx, Eric Beer, Katie Richardson, Thomas Shipley, Nicholas Bayerle, Mike Arce, Joe Marfoglio, and Chris Baden.

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Instead of constantly going back to the drawing board and creating yet another thing, we’ve been able to hone in and focus on our launches, focus on our average cart value, and focus on providing massive value to our members, and that has lead us to, I mean, every single month we have multiple six figures of income rolling in, every single month, from these membership dues, and most importantly people love it.


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What’s up everybody? It’s Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you guys enjoyed the first episode. Was that fun hearing some of the marketing secrets from some of my inner circle members? I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, and I had so much fun listening to them. So today we’re going to do the same thing, I’ve got a whole bunch more that I want to share with you guys. So I’m going to queue up the theme song and when we come back we will jump right into the second half of the biggest marketing secret from the last decade from each of my inner circle members.

Daniel Den: What’s up Funnel Hackers? This is Daniel Den with the X Factor Effect. My business partner Pedro Superti and I are inner circle members and we teach marketing and sales but we do it through a different angle than most. We teach that the secret to breaking through even faster in your industry is to first differentiate your business while also differentiating your marketing and sales. And the biggest marketing secret that I wanted to share with you that we have discovered over the last year is one that can easily add an extra few hundred thousand dollars or even an extra million dollars, or more in sales to your bottom line. Because we discovered a few years ago a different way to sale that actually requires a lot less selling, cool right.

In fact, some people have said that it’s a way to sell without selling. How cool is that. We discovered this secret during the launch of one of our courses. That course is one that helps business owners who have struggled in markets due to their competitors competing on price and causing price wars. But instead of simply selling the course, we first created tons of content that sold our audience on a very specific belief. That belief was that the reason why your business is stuck competing on price is because of the fact that you haven’t differentiated yourself from the competition. And if you differentiate then you can avoid price wars. So that was the belief that we sold.

Very simple, if you differentiate you can avoid price wars. And we beat that message into our avatars minds. If you differentiate then you can avoid price wars. And when we finally launched the sales video, tons of people watched little to none of the video and they just simply clicked the buy button because they believed the new belief that we had already shared with them. So tons of the sales of that course came as a consequence of the belief that our audience had adopted.

Amazing right? And it truly felt that we sold a lot of that course without actually needing to sell the course. We had, what we had to do was simply have our audience adopt what we now call a core belief. And in this case the core belief being that if you differentiate then you can avoid price wars. Now, for all of our products the core belief is the first thing actually that we sit down to discuss for the marketing message. We say, “What’s the core belief? What’s the core belief for this product or service or coaching program or mastermind group that we’re putting together.” Whatever it is we say, “What is the core belief?” Because we know that if the core belief is strong enough, that many sales will come as a consequence. And we know that this core belief marketing strategy at least doubled our sales over the past few years. So how freaking cool is that?

Now the interesting thing about this strategy is that there’s someone we know who does the same thing when selling Clickfunnels. Yes, that’s right, of course, Russell. Russell does the same thing. He frequently sells the belief to people that you are what? You are just one funnel away. You are just one funnel away from accomplishing your goals, from breaking sales records, etc. You are just one funnel away. What a powerful core belief. Because if you first believe that you are one funnel away, then you naturally want to buy all of Russell’s stuff as a consequence of that newly formed belief. So how powerful is that?

Well, for us it’s been the most powerful marketing strategy we have discovered over the past years, and it has been responsible in millions of dollars in additional sales for our company. So my advice to you is to discover what the core belief for the next product or service that you are trying to sell is, and that will also help you to explode your sales.

Joe McCall: Hey this is Joe McCall from the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, and my greatest marketing secret that I have learned in the last ten years has got to be the importance of niching down to one thing. You know as a creative kind of guy, I’m always coming up with crazy ideas. So I’ve run into this trap before of having multiple different products, teaching different things, all involved with real estate investing, but different segments of real estate investing.

So when I started hearing people talk about the importance of the one thing, you know when The One Thing book came out, I heard other people start talking about having just one customer, one product, one source of traffic, one conversion metric or tool, one customer for one year, this one thing stuff started really making me nervous and really actually, honestly, scared me. But it wasn’t until I heard Russell Brunson talk about the importance of having that one core offer, but then you can use your creative energies to create different front end funnels. So you can have one main core offer and then use different front end funnels to get people into that front end, or into that one main offer.

So that actually helped, it sounds kind of weird. It sounds really, really simple. But for me it was revolutionary. So I took all of my different products and I kind of got rid of some, condensed some, simplified others, and brought it all down into one niche product that was kind of my own blue ocean in the real estate investing space, and the topic is lease options, investing in real estate with lease options. And I just really hammered down on that. I really started focusing for, I just thought okay, I’ll try it out for 6 months. Then it turned into probably about 3 or 4 years now, well about 3 years, where I’ve just focused on that one thing. And literally my income is probably about tripled since I started doing that. And I’m seeing year over year increases and it’s just really cool.

But the nice thing is right, I can still have that one core product, but I can, I’m not stuck with just one method to get people in there all the time. I can have different funnels, different lead magnets to get people in. And that’s pretty cool right. I can still get juiced about doing different, kind of being a rainmaker you know. Creating different front end offers, getting people in through different media. I mastered podcasts, then from there I went into video and from there I went into doing paid ads. And so once you master something, one traffic source, you can go into another traffic source and master that as well.

So that’s it, pretty simple and I hope that helps you guys. Take care.

Ray Higdon: Hi, my name is Ray Higdon and I have been a big follower of Russell Brunson for, man, so many years. I remember the first video I watched of him and his, he was talking about the micro-continuity. This was probably 10 or 12 years ago and it made a powerful impact on me and I’ve been a big fan of Russell’s ever since.

I’ve also been a multi-year member of his inner circle and we use Clickfunnels throughout our entire business and I would say the biggest marketing lesson that I’ve had over the last 10 years, and just looking back 10 years ago I’m dead broke, in personal foreclosure, over a million dollars in debt, I had lost it all in the real estate market. And today we have a company that’s been recognized on the INC 5000, we have, this past year, grew our revenue by 33%, which is pretty cool. And at Funnel Hacking Live, we’ll actually be receiving our 2 Comma Club X award, which is for generating 10 million dollars through a single funnel.

So the biggest lesson is to focus and really hone in on one main thing. And I remember I had a conversation with Russell at one of his masterminds a few years ago. He talked about how he had been stuck at single digit millions and where he would create a great product, sell the heck out of it, and then back to the drawing board to create another one. And that’s exactly what we had been doing. We had been doing very successful product launches and so we had, we launched it and that made $700,000, our best launch made over $900,000 in less than 2 weeks. And then when it was over, it was back to the drawing board of, “Okay, what are we going to launch next.”

So Russell taught me how to really hone in on one main thing that could really make a difference and generate revenue and be something that we marketed ongoing. So that and his book Expert Secrets, lead us to creating our group called Rankmakers. And Rankmakers is the number one community for network marketers and we charge $20 a month, we have over $15,000 people in there and we just launched it 2 years ago. And that is, that funnel for Rankmakers has now generated over $10 million dollars.

So instead of constantly going back to the drawing board and creating yet another thing, we’ve been able to hone in and focus on our launches, focus on our average cart value, and focus on providing massive value to our members, and that has lead us to, I mean, every single month we have multiple six figures of income rolling in, every single month, from these membership dues, and most importantly people love it.

So we’ve helped a lot of people. We would definitely never have impacted this many people or generated this kind of money without that single concept of come up with one thing that you really want to focus in on and hone in on, versus constantly creating new trainings. So I really appreciate all that I’ve learned from Clickfunnels, from Russell himself and his entire team. I’m so glad and grateful that I met Russell.

Krista Mashore: Hey everyone, my name is Krista Mashore from Krista Mashore coaching and my number one marketing secrets is what you do prior to getting your lead magnets out there. Now what do I mean by that? Here’s what most marketers do, they put out a lead magnet, and they want people to give them their name and email, their address, whatever it might be, and it’s getting harder and harder to actually get people’s information. Why? Because we forgot one huge crucial step, and that is giving them a reason to want to give you their information.

And what I have found that by properly distributing video on consistent continuous basis to my client avatars, to my clients I want to interact with me, they are much more likely to give me their information. This has been insane in both of my business in real estate and in coaching and here’s why. You’ve got to think about how much competition is out there right now, right. Everybody is asking for people’s information. You get it everywhere, there’s ads popping up all the time. But what if before ever asking for someone’s information you actually just gave them value. You got them to know you, to like you, to trust you, you broke their barriers down, you’ve positioned yourself as the expert, as the authority figure, and you gave them a reason to actually want to give you their information.

This has been a crucial, crucial strategy that we have used in both of my businesses over the past few years, and it just works magnificently. So before you put a lead magnet out there, make sure people know who you are. Make sure you are giving them constant value, you’re constantly helping them, you’re serving them, you’re giving them tips and tricks, you’re making their life better. You’re showing them that they should actually listen to you and that you’re the person that knows what you’re talking about. The only way they know that is if you constantly and consistently are putting out content through video. And you will be shocked that this absolutely changes and transforms your business.

Listen, it’s getting harder and harder to track people’s attention. Isn’t it getting harder and harder to get eyes on us? But when you are constantly putting out information, putting out content, letting them get to know you, see you as a person, developing a relationship with them, you’re building a relationship with people, they’re more willing to give you what you want back from them.

Think about this, when you get married, do you just meet somebody and say, “Hey, let’s get married,”? No, it’s a process. You maybe pick up the phone, you text, you do a video chat, then you have breakfast, then maybe lunch, then you have dinner, then you hold hands, then you hug, then you kiss, then you get engaged, and then you get married. It’s the exact same thing I’m talking about when developing a relationship with your clients, with your audience. Utilize video first, before you ever ask them to give you anything, first give them as much value as possible, and do it through video. Because when you do it through video, you’re developing a relationship with them, you’re breaking down their barriers, and you’re giving them a reason to want to actually give you their information.

Now here’s the thing, this seems like it’s so, “Oh duh, that makes sense.” And it seems so easy, and we’ve been told over and over how important this is, but are you actually doing it, and are you doing it consistently? Thanks so much, this is my number one marketing secret, and make a super great day.

Sarah Petty: Hey Russell, it’s Sarah Petty with and our biggest lesson that we’ve learned in the last 10 years is that no matter how bad our sales are, or how down we are, all it takes is literally one idea, and we can turn anything around in a matter of days. We had a huge {inaudible} summit on October 10th of 2010. The date was 10/10/10 and the event was called 10/10/10 and our twins were turning 10, so I had a huge party. Note to self: Don’t ever do that. But we had so many photographers, we teach photographers how to make money, going to the website of this telesummit, or this joy summit as we called it, it was those early days with the web so it just kept crashing. And no one could get in, and no one could therefore buy anything. And we were getting lambasted on social media, it was terrible.

We put so much work into it, and yet nobody could access it. So we realized, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re not going to make money. We’re not going to be able to pay bills.” So we did some damage control, we moved everything to a different server, we had the event on 10/17/10 and we killed it. If we would have had Clickfunnels and the ability to have more OTO’s we would have really killed it. But we knew, there was always a way to fix things.

A couple of months later we were down again. We had a goal of $50 grand just to pay bills for the month and we were panicked, and we just watched what someone else did, we put our idea together and had it up and running and we opened the gate for everybody to buy. And again there were so many people in there that it shut it down. And we thought, “oh my gosh, here we go again.” We’re having PTSD from the 10/10/10 event. And it came back up 15 minutes later, and there was $235,000 in our account. We were laughing and crying because we had a limit of like 35 people. So that was a good problem to have.

So our lesson is that with online marketing with tenacity and one idea there’s always a solution. So we never get down. We don’t entertain the outcome that we don’t desire. We just say, “Okay, this is what happened. What do we do next?” and everyone can do that too. Don’t give up, friends.

Marley Jaxx: Hey, this is Marley Jaxx and above all the marketing secrets I’ve learned over the past decade, I’d have to say that learning about the value ladder has been the most impactful. I could have never predicted how implementing a value ladder would completely reshape my business, qualify my buyers, and explode my lifetime customer value. And because of the value ladder I don’t need to do any extra work convincing my audience that my services are worth their investment. They enter in the bottom of the value ladder and at that point they’re separated into two groups, the group that prepared with their credit cards in hand, and the group that isn’t yet ready to buy.

And I loved how last year at FHL Russell held up a copy of Expert Secrets and was like, “How many of you have read this book?” and of course every hand went, and then Russell was like, “Then why are you all here?” demonstrating that people pay more for the same thing packaged in different ways, because it’s different levels of value. All of those people raising their hands are a testament to the fact that the value ladder works. The sea of people is made up of individuals who will pay for flights, hotel rooms, babysitters, and tickets so that they can increase their intimacy and have access to Russell’s expertise. That is the value ladder at work.

And then it also makes me think of all the people who pay to go to school for years to learn how to run a business, and for what? Come to FHL instead, get your value ladder going.

Eric Beer: Hey, I’m Eric Beer from Now, one of the biggest marketing secrets I discovered over the last 10 years is how to convert cold leads into customers by using surveys. Surveys provide information about the customer that allows me to segment and target relevant messages. And by doing so, you get a much higher response rate, and a much higher return.

So here’s what I learned, one of the biggest mistakes marketers make, is that they think they need to customize their core product offering to different target markets, when all you really need to do is customize the message and position your core product differently, based on the objections each target market has without ever changing your core offer.

So here’s how you would do it. You start off by surveying your audience, asking the right questions that allow your audience to self declare their skill set and tell you what their objections, fears, and insecurities are about your vehicle. Based on the result of the survey, you split your market into smaller groups of people with similar needs and identifiable characteristics. Based on the results of the survey, you then target each group with the custom tailored marketing messages, positioning your offer differently for each market segment.

This makes the person feel as if you customized just for them, and you speak to them in a way that they can relate. So when I do this, my effective CPM skyrockets, I market to less people, my costs are lowered, and I make a much higher return.

Now, a good example of this is with Nike. If you go to Nike’s website you’ll see that they segment with men, women, and kids. However Nike niches down from those markets when they make the Jordan React Havoc where in one case they have running shoes that have 6 different options, different colors. But on the other hand they also make Jordan React Havoc sneakers for colleges such as Florida and Oklahoma. The look of the sneakers is customized by each school, but it’s the same exact core product positioned differently for target segments.

Now, it’s funny because also Nike just started making special sneakers for nurses and doctors. And again, same core product positioned for a niche market. Now I hope this helped you and served you in some way, good luck with everything. Go generate some leads and convert them into customers. Good luck guys, take care.

Katie Richardson: Hey hey, everybody. This is Katie Richardson on coach to high performing entrepreneurs and my number one marketing tip is this. The purpose of our interactions with our customer and client is not to sell the product. We are only trying to get them to take the next step. So what do I mean? That means your email subject headline is not trying to sell the product or give them the answer so to speak. The purpose of the email subject headline is just to get them to click and open the email. And then the purpose of the email isn’t necessarily to sell the product as well, it’s to get them to click and go to our landing page.

Our Facebook ads, we’re not trying to tell them everything about our product and sell the product in a Facebook ad, because guess what? That’s impossible. We’re just trying to get them to click and go to our landing page. So figuratively speaking, when we try and sell our product in the email subject headline or in the email, or on the Facebook ad, what we’re essentially doing is we’re standing on the other side of a very crowded room, trying to shout across the noise to our ideal customer or client and trying to get them to understand what we’re saying. They can’t, there’s so much noise around them.

What we need to do is we need to walk over and meet them where they are at, this is really important to understand where they are at in their life, in their business, and first help them see that we understand where they’re at, take their hand and move them to the next step, and then once they take that step then move them to the next step, and once they take that step, then move them to the next step. They need to walk with us, get to know us, get to like, know, and trust us before they can even attempt to answer the question, “Do I want to buy this product? Do I want to move forward with this coach or this mentor? Do I want this, is this product going to solve the problem in my life?” They haven’t had enough interactions.

So the number one marketing tip I have is to meet your customer where they’re at and just get them to take the next step.

Thomas Shipley: Hi there, I’m Tom Shipley from and Atlantic Coast Brands. The biggest marketing secret that I’ve learned over the past decade is marketing offers and channels are like milk and not wine. They don’t get better over time. You know, it’s funny, we’re taught in business number one, focus is the secret of success. We’re also taught that diversifying is the secret of longevity, so how do they go together?

Let me tell a quick story. We launched our Keranique women’s hair regrowth offer and emailed Google Affiliate marketing and DR Radio. We had a winner, it won in every channel. And when they hit we decided to expand quickly with focus channel by channel into first Facebook display, TV, short form TV and long form TV, and then direct mail. And along the way, one day Google just for no reason shut down our account. So we couldn’t do search. They kept us shut down for 8 months, and one day they turned it back on. But luckily we had diversity so we were able to keep on going.

But over time this is what happened, channel by channel the cost of the, our cost per order kept on rising and to a certain point that our spend started declining channel by channel until pretty soon a number of our channels were just shut down all the way. We refreshed the creative, we gave new bonuses, but when at a certain point, an offer becomes not profitable. So what do we do? When an offer dies out and you can’t refresh it, you know then it’s time to launch the next offer, which is another lesson.

We launched our Keranique hair vitamin offer, Karaviatin, and first in Facebook and email and now we’re expanding like crazy across a number of channels because we’re making on this offer, we’re generating over a million dollars a month in sales. So here’s what the lessons that I learned that are key is overtime marketing channels become less and less effective, and become not profitable. Overtime offers become less and less effective and become not profitable. So it’s very critical to when you have a winner, to expand channel by channel and not just sit and enjoy the one channel you’re on and go all in on the offer. But at the same time, then start investing in your next offer, so when this one winds down, you have your next offer ready to go. There you go that’s my greatest lesson from 2010 and it’s served us well over the last decade. Thanks for listening.

Nicholas Bayerle: This is Nicholas Bayerle with the and my biggest marketing secret over the last decade is the pain and dream bank. For a long time I wasn’t using people’s pains and dreams to be able to motivate them to take action quicker. There’s so many times that we go into things like marketing business, sales, and people don’t want to take action right away and they don’t see the value to and they’re not ready to go after it. And the pain and dream bank for me allowed me to figure out the worst pain in the world is this, chronic pain. The reason the worst pain in the world is chronic pain, not all these other different options that you can think of in your head, is chronic pain is just enough pain for it to hurt, but not enough pain to be able to actually take action.

And to the example of this in the world would be like back pain. Everyone out there has back pain, people will have it for 40 years. It’s just enough pain for them to complain about, talk about all the time, but it’s not enough pain for them to actually go get it fixed, especially if there’s a major investment.

So one of the biggest things you could do in your marketing strategy that I’ve done is before just hitting on the dream of, “Do you want to be here in your business?” or “Do you want to be here in your health or your relationships?” and just selling that dream. First you want to get people into out of chronic pain, and into that serious pain, by poking at those pain points inside of your marketing so that you can raise that pain from before, chronic pain, to a 10, which would be you know, like a bullet wound or a broken arm.

People will go to the hospital and they won’t even ask what the amount is for the bill, they’re not going to shop around, because now you’ve hit on the pain point which has increased the urgency. Once you have that, now they want to move towards something, now you have that solution, which is then selling them on the dream. I always am pressing on the pain points inside of the marketing, and then getting them to be a fast mover so they then can jump into the dream side, which is where they want to be. And my strategy there is allowing them to tell you and then using that message against them.

So allow those people out there that are your clients, your past customers to tell you what they’re desired result is over and over again, refine that down to your best people and use that as your marketing strategy back to duplicate those best clients.

Russell: Hey, this is Russell again, so the next marketing secret came from one of my inner circle members, his name is Mike Arce. Mike runs a huge agency helping gym owners and his ideas are always amazing. So with that said, let me queue up Mike’s Vox back to me.

Mike Arce: Over the last, I would say actually 4 years, I’ve definitely learned a couple of things that helped us a lot. Because the first 6 years of our business, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, the first 6 years we were very stuck at about the 40k in monthly recurring revenue, which kind of sucked. And then in year 7 really found the importance of focusing and then also going omnipresent with that focus.

So we niched down. We used to be able to help all different businesses with their marketing and then we just decided you know what, let’s focus on an industry that I actually really do care about, for me it was fitness. So we focused on fitness studios, and then we said, let’s go omnipresent with it, meaning I want to be everywhere all the time. So believe it or not, without running one paid ad in 3 years and probably 10 months, because we just started running paid ads for the first time about a month and a half ago, we went from 40k in monthly recurring revenue to 1.4 million in monthly recurring revenue, and it’s growing really quick.

So to give you context, in July of this year we were only at $700k monthly recurring revenue, we’re already at, we doubled that since July, and every month we’re adding another 50 to 70k monthly recurring revenue. So as far as omnipresent goes, stuff we’ve done is obviously we’ve created a podcast, in fact we’ve created two. But one is specific to that particular industry. We’ve created the best conference right now for the industry, in fact it’s coming up again in a few months, but to me it’s the best conference in the industry, hands down. It’s a show. We also have created over 3000 videos that are spread throughout Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, but mainly Facebook and YouTube.

We’ve also created booklets. So these quick little booklets that take an hour to read, but they’re on marketing, another one’s on sales, another one’s on pre-sales, all that stuff. We’ve obviously created blogs, we’ve gone to other conferences, spoke there, been on other podcasts, spoke there. Dude, a lot. Honestly, everything and anything I can think of. We’ve created shows, every and anything I could think of that would give us another outlet where we can basically put ourselves as the authority in that particular niche, we’ve done. And it’s worked extremely well for us.

Anyway, I know you wanted me to keep it under 3 minutes, so you’ve done great man. Hopefully it’s something that you want to share, if not, no big deal man. Doing great with the podcast and everything. So happy new year to you, happy decade to you, talk soon.

Russell: Alright next is Joe Marfoglio. Joe is the guy on my team who runs all of our YouTube stuff. He is an amazing marketer and been an amazing inner circle member and I’m excited for you guys to hear his takeaways of the biggest marketing secret he’s had over the last decade.

Joe Marfoglio: So I think the thing that’s helped me the most over the last 10 years to be successful, or what has helped me to have the most success is finding the right partners, or finding the people that can compliment my strengths. I think sometimes as entrepreneurs we want to be like this one man game. Like, okay I’m putting this product together. I have to come up with the product, I have to come up with the content, I have to come up with the landing page, with the webinar, with the ads. So you have a lot of balls that you’re juggling and it’s really easy for one of those balls to fall, and everything to get thrown off track. Or if you’re trying to juggle all these different pieces, it’s very hard to scale and to grow, and to really get to the next level.

So for example, in one of my info products I have, we’re actually getting the $10 million dollar award here at the next Funnel Hacking Live. And I didn’t do that all by myself, there’s 3 other partners. And everyone of those partners has a special role that they do, and that’s what they focus on. One person all he does is reach out to JVs, get JVs and then he does the webinars, and the email follow-ups and that’s it. So that allows me to focus on my part, and other people to focus on their part, without having to also worry about that. And if he’s only going out and getting JVs then we have a pretty full pipeline of people who are going to promote our product.

And you know, for me, my end I take care of the fulfillment, making sure it gets fulfilled and the pieces are all put together. And so I ran the gamut, like I’ve done it all myself and I’ve made a lot of money doing it myself, but it’s way, it gets hard to sustain. So to scale and grow you just find people that can fit the pieces and do the thing that you either don’t want to do or are not very good at, or shy away from. Because also, the other thing is if it’s something that you’re not very good at, you don’t want to do, odds are you’re not going to end up doing it, or a lot of times you’re not going to do a great job at it.

And it’s not only the info business that that works for me. I also do that in my agency where, you know, if I can’t fulfill everything myself, so I find people who are the best at what they do. Because if I have a client and he’s paying me money, I want to make sure that I’m giving him the full service, and he’s getting his money’s worth. But I can’t do everything. I can’t do, we do SEO, we YouTube, I can’t do every piece of it. So I try to find people who are really, really good at it. Or I’ll either partner with them, if they’re filling a big part of what I need, or I will hire them, either temporarily or long term.

So I guess the biggest thing for me is that being humble in knowing that you’re not superman and you’re not going to do it all. And you can’t just grunt your way through everything, and just kind of grit your teeth and work 18 hours a day and do everything. It’s so much easier and satisfying if you could find partners who love to do the stuff that you don’t want to do, and work together and just move in the same direction. So I think if I could say in the last 10 years, coming to the realization of that and applying that, has helped me more than probably anything else.

Russell: Hey everyone, this is Russell again and we got one last one that snuck in a little bit past the deadline, but we thought we’d sneak it in. This is from inner circle member Chris Baden. I hope you guys enjoy this as the last marketing secret from my inner circle.

Chris Baden: The best marketing tip hands down is the Clickfunnels community. And I’m being serious here, here’s what I mean. Yes, it’s the software and the podcast and the books and the resources, yes. But it’s also the live events, it’s also the 2 comma club coaching program, it’s the whole thing, the whole community. Think about it. If you want all the best marketing tips and strategies, go where all the best marketers in marketing is happening.

See, for me, my heart was pounding almost out of my chest because I was about to make one of the biggest decisions of my life so far, and of course I make that with my beautiful wife, and she’s sitting in a rocking chair across the room rocking back and forth with our first born at the time, who was only 2 weeks old. And I look at her and I’m like, “Are we crazy or is this a good idea?’ and our decision that we were contemplating was going all in on this online marketing thing. We had no prior knowledge or experience, and it was a really nerve wracking thing because if it didn’t work, there was a lot at risk for us.

So we jumped in, all in, and in less than a month of doing that, making that decision that day in that moment, we find this thing called Clickfunnels. And here’s the thing, yes, 11months later it led to the biggest month we’ve ever had in life, and we’ve had ongoing success, but getting involved in the community I was able to form a life changing partnership with Sean and Melissa Malone. We did a launch where we did almost a quarter of a million in a month. And then we keep going and we get involved in 2 comma club coaching program, masterminds, and just 10 months of being focused of that, we did over a million dollars in sales.

Look, if I, if life has taught me so far in this experience it’s if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. So if I had to go back and tell myself just one thing, one marketing tip, what would I say? Don’t do it alone. You’ve got to get plugged into the Clickfunnels community.


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