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275 - You Paid $100K For What

275 - You Paid $100K For What

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My reasoning behind my recent investment.

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I got there and Dan Kennedy was nowhere to be seen. There was this old guy in the back, who later became one of my first real mentor. His name was Bill Glazer and he’s someone I love and respect a ton. He’s like my marketing dad. And he was in the room and I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down, and it was my first mastermind. The experience at first it confused me and then it transformed me.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Hotel Room. There’s a weird echo. That is why…..I think yesterday I did one from my house. We’re not even in a car anymore, we should change the title of this thing if we’re going to keep this pattern down. Just kidding.

I’m here tonight because I am actually in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’ve had a bunch of people asking me why I’m here, second off, more specifically why am I here? Because I recently joined a part of…..I mean, I’ve been in mastermind groups a lot for ten years now. And I joined Bill Glazer’s back when my business was floundering and I didn’t realize how much it cost to join the mastermind group, all I knew was that I’d gotten some Dan Kennedy cd’s in the mail that were Dan Kennedy talking about his platinum group and I listened to them and it was the most amazing conversation I’d ever heard. So I was like “Holy cow I just wanna be in that room.”

So I called up GKC the company at the time, I said, “Hey I want to be in Dan’s platinum group. I heard about it and I wanna be in it.” They’re like, “Sorry, it’s sold out for three years.” I’m like, “No I need to be in it.” They’re like, “Sorry.” We keep going back and forth and finally after I bugged them enough, I had a friend on the inside who got me in. And they said, “You’re accepted fine. Here’s the money.” And they sent me the order form and I didn’t realize it, I thought maybe it was 5 grand or something but it was $25 thousand. I was like, “Goll!” So I didn’t have that money, but I didn’t want to tell that after I bragged about how cool I was to get into the group that I couldn’t afford. So I just did it.

And I jumped right in and went to my first event and I thought it was Dan Kennedy’s mastermind group, and I got there and Dan Kennedy was nowhere to be seen. There was this old guy in the back, who later became one of my first real mentor. His name was Bill Glazer and he’s someone I love and respect a ton. He’s like my marketing dad. And he was in the room and I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down, and it was my first mastermind. The experience at first it confused me and then it transformed me.

For the next six years I was in that mastermind group and it went from having a tiny business to making a million dollars a year to making ten million dollars a year to losing it all and then growing it back up. Kind of this huge cycle of my life, it was awesome. Then Bill sold the company and I decided to not keep going to it. I was looking for other mastermind groups, and I joined a couple other ones. I won’t mention their names because none of them were that awesome. I plugged in and there were pieces that were good and people that were good, but it was just never home for me. So I tried a couple of times and just didn’t have any luck.

Finally I was like, “you know what? If I’m going to do this, I need to create it. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s created what I wanted. So that’s when I created my Inner Circle which has become amazing. As you know, last month, or this month, we did 8 days of meetings that were a hundred people in the Inner Circle. We have 4 groups of 25 and it’s just amazing. I facilitate mine very similar to how Bill Glazer used to facilitate his. Although at this meeting, the last meeting we had, Garrett White came and added some really cool things, we’re going to start adding to our meetings. So it was really awesome.

So it’s been really, really good but at the same time it’s really hard. When it’s your event you have to be on the whole time. You don’t get to sit back and just be there. So I kind of miss that. And I was hoping and looking and joined a couple other programs, and I even…..and I’ll say this now. I joined Joe Polishes 25k group, and if I’m completely honest the networking was amazing. I would say the networking is second to none. But I didn’t get what I…..what I want a mastermind for is different. Networking is good, but that’s not why I’m there.

I’m there because I’m trying to learn in a different plane, different level, different vibration, whatever you want to call it. Learn on a different level and I never got that in 25k. So I wasn’t planning on renewing and then I was there, they offered this 100 thousand dollar thing, so I thought about it for 5 seconds and I said I’m in.

A couple reasons why and I want to share them with you because hopefully it will help you understand why I’m here and hopefully it will give you guys permission to invest back into yourselves. The first reason is Joe Polish is running it with Dean Graziosi. Dean has been on more successful infomercials, has done more successful infomercials than anyone I have ever met. And he’s done it with books in the financial space, which is “hey, by the way, I have a book coming out in financial” or the how to make money space. Similar.

Part of me wants to do an infomercial or a radio deal and he’s been crazy successful in infomercials and radio and events and a bunch of things that is in the avenue of business I’m a part of, so that gets me excited. Second Joe Polish is one of the best network connectors I have ever met in my life. And I didn’t want to lose….I wasn’t planning on rejoining 25k because I didn’t get what I was looking for out of it. But I didn’t want to lose that relationship with Joe because there’s a lot of value there. He’s super cool, and super connected to everybody on planet Earth.

So I was like, I don’t want to lose that relationship and this could be the ability to have that at a higher level. Third thing is that, you know ever since me and other people have 25 thousand dollar group, a lot of people have them and a lot of people get into them. Joe’s is, I know other people have done it, but he was one of the first pones that’s done 100k group. And I thought the people signed up to do a 100k is typically a different caliber of people. Those that can write a check for 100k is a different caliber of person. So it’s going to get me the ability to be in the room with people at a higher level and hopefully plug in and find out the next two days what we get. Hopefully they have some different ideas and different things that are thinking different levels that I typically do. That’s what I’m really excited for, that piece of it.

Then I’m trying to think of the reasons. I know the last one. The last one is one that hopefully will be good for you guys. The last one is because I’ve thought about doing a 100k group before. I don’t know if I will or wont, I have no idea. I’ve thought about it but I was like I can’t ask somebody to give me 100 thousand dollars, if I haven’t given somebody 100 thousand dollars. There’s something about that. After Bill Glazier took my 25 thousand dollars happily I decided I wanted a mastermind group and I sent out an email while I was at the first mastermind group and I got 30 applications and I launched my first mastermind.

Because I’d spent 25 thousand dollars I felt like I had permission to do that. Justin and Tara Williams, when they joined my Inner Circle the first time, they had a $2,000 product, and I think the very first meeting, we were all like, “You should launch a $25 thousand program.” And I think it was partly because they had done it, they had paid 25 grand, second off, they got permission from all of us and they went and did it. I think they said, I can’t remember the number, but it was like 18 people paid them $25k off the first promotion. They didn’t even have a sales team in place. They just sent some emails and took credit cards, which is nuts. It’s so cool.

But it gave them, the best part, we gave them permission. I think it’s funny how sometimes we’re not congruent with ourselves. We want to ask people to buy stuff, but then we don’t buy things. I have friends who pirate everything. They don’t pay for videos or movies or games or anything. So they’re basically stealing everything and then they’re trying to sell people their products. There’s some kind of incongruence there that, I don’t think it’s possible. I’m sure it’s possible for some people.

I have a friend, there’s this pirating website, and I don’t know the call but, where you can get basically every internet marketing course known to man is on it. You have to have a secret login and then you can download…kind of like Napster back in the day, but it’s kind of like internet marketing Napster. Every product ever is on there.

I had a friend that was on that site and he was downloading everybody’s products and courses and going through them. And he told me that for 5 or 6 years he never made money online, despite the fact he had every course known to man. Then one day he woke up he realized that, “If I’m going to ask people for money, and I’m not willing to pay money then I’m a bad person and I’m not going to be successful. I canceled my membership to the account, deleted the account and then started buying people’s things. And just by the nature of me no longer stealing and actually investing, people were more willing to invest in me. I grew a company and business because of it.”

So another big part for me is just that. I should be able to invest something like this so that when if I ever someone for 100 thousand dollars, I’m not going to be freaking out because I’ll know, was it worth it for me? I’m going to create something that will be worth it for them. Those are the best couple of reasons. So that is why I joined the 100k group, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to be here the next two days and I’m excited to see what I get, what I learn, if I get any big aha takeaways, I’ll come back and report and share with you the good stuff.

But it’s also good to just step away, I’m so much in the heat of business for a long time, it’ll be nice to sit back and be able to think. That’s what’s happening. That’s why I’m in Scottsdale and that’s why I invested that much money. Hopefully the fruits of this will be good. I’m going to be speaking to the group actually tomorrow about some ninja funnel stuff, which will be really cool.

My real goal of this, some of you guys know, Clickfunnels we just passed 23 thousand active customers, maybe more than that now. We’re trying to get to 30 thousand by the end of the year. We’re getting close. We’re pressing a little. We got a big campaign in December, those things should hit it. And then next year we’re trying to get to 100 thousand. It’s a more than 3x leap, which companies don’t do that. Especially now with DC capital. We did, we set a goal, a big hairy audacious goal.

Anyway, we set the big goal and that’s what we’re trying to do next year. If I’m going to do that I gotta think different. I gotta look at things differently and have a strategy going into it. Some of the people in this room I think are going to be key to that strategy actually working. We will find out what I will know soon. That’s the game plan. Appreciate you guys, I’m going to go to bed, because eI’ll be busy tomorrow and I need to get some rest. Appreciate you all. Thanks for listening and now it’s time for you to go join a 100k group, or 25k group, or 10k or whatever it is for you. Because that investment will somehow magically give you the ability to let people invest in you too. I don’t know how it works, but it does. There you go. Alright you guys, appreciate you all. Have a good night, talk to you all tomorrow.


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