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280 - Why To Promote Consistently To Your Existing Buyers

280 - Why To Promote Consistently To Your Existing Buyers

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I didn’t think this was going to work, but it totally did.

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If I can inspire action, that’s the only thing that matters. Because it does not matter what we made to anybody, except for me I guess and probably some guys on my team. But for the most part it doesn’t matter. What should matter, hopefully it insights you to take action on what you’re doing.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell, I want to welcome you guys to Marketing In Your Car. It’s a cold, snowy day here. Two of my kids have got fevers at home, sick. Man, you gotta love the winter time. We had a fun birthday party for the twinners on Saturday and church was good Sunday, so I’m excited for the week.

This week we are focusing on planning internal system structures. We got James Friel, AKA the man, who is flying to Boise, I guess he’s probably already flown to Boise. Gonna meet with him in like 12 minutes. So he’s coming in, Michelle McPherson on my team is coming in, and all the marketing side we are focusing, the next week, on getting our systems built out so that we can be more consistent so that next year, we’ll just focus on selling the stuff all day, every single day. It’s gonna be awesome. That’s what’s happening today in our world.

It’s funny because a couple Marketing In Your Car’s ago I was talking to you guys about how I was doing a big webinar and I’ve so many people hitting me up on Facebook and Voxer and all the channels that people can grab my attention on, asking me for results show. “Russell, we want a results show. We want to find out what actually happened on the webinar.” Honestly, I get nervous sharing the results with people. I don’t know.

I think it’s part because back in the day when we used to sell to more of the business opportunity market, people would only buy if we talked about the numbers, and now it’s like, we don’t talk about numbers, we just talk about results and the results for our customers, you know what I mean, let’s talk about what happened to these people and these people, and that’s what we focus on more, so I don’t ever really share our own stats that much. It’s just weird. So I won’t share them exactly, but I do want to share a little bit. Just enough to get you guys excited. That’s the goal.

If I can inspire action, that’s the only thing that matters. Because it does not matter what we made to anybody, except for me I guess and probably some guys on my team. But for the most part it doesn’t matter. What should matter, hopefully it insights you to take action on what you’re doing.

I’ll tell you the moral before I tell you the punch line. The moral of the story is that you should be promoting your internal list often. Back six years ago we had our first auto webinar ever, we made it a point once a quarter, we’d promote our webinar to our list and make the same amount of money every single time. It’s like, it doesn’t make sense though, because if you’ve all heard it, you heard me talk about it, you should have already bought it, if you haven’t bought, why are you not buying this? What’s going on? But for some reason it worked and we did that for 2 years. Every quarter we’d redo our webinar, promote it to our same list and make the same amount of money.

It’s interesting. I think I told you guys, we’re planning on retiring this webinar, changing the offer, and increasing the price. So we thought let’s just do one more big webinar to our own list, which is crazy because, again, if you follow me, I’ve kind of been talking about the same thing for two and a half years. Talking about Clickfunnels and funnel hacking and funnels. Anyway, so I just always assume that everybody on our list, who has ever heard my voice has already bought Clickfunnels. But apparently I’m wrong.

In fact, some of you guys right now are listening to this and you’re not a Clickfunnels member. Are you serious? Do you hate money that bad? Do you not trust me? I don’t even know what to do anymore. If you’re not a Clickfunnels member, I don’t know, honestly….if I didn’t have Clickfunnels, I have no idea, I can’t even recall how we had success in the past. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it’s so easy with Clickfunnels, so there you go. There’s my shameless plug.

Again, I assumed everyone had purchased it. So we did the webinar, we promoted it, we ended up getting almost, not quite, but I think it was almost 6 thousand people from our list register for the webinar, which is crazy. I think it was like 5800 or something if I remember the numbers right. And then we had affiliates promote another one that was happening the next day, which was basically a replay of the one we just did. We got some affiliates, it didn’t go huge, we had about 1 thousand register through the affiliates, probably upwards of 7 thousand people total registered for this webinar, which is nuts.

Actually, it’s interesting, probably closer to 7500. Okay, that’s interesting. Alright, so I’ll just share the number that’ll help you get to the number. Basically we averaged about $100 for every single person who registered for the webinar, is about what it ended up being. From this campaign from 5 day webinar sequence. We had about a little of 3 quarters of a million dollars is what we pull out of our own list in December, promoting the same offer we promoted every single day for 2 ½ years, just because we made an event out of it and made people exciting again and kind of redid it.

What’s interesting is, Dave Woodward, on our team went and pulled all the stats and numbers and what’s crazy is that a lot of people who were signing up, they were people who, a lot of people who never had a Clickfunnels account, which is interesting to me. People who had had a Clickfunnels account, but had canceled. People who had had a Clickfunnels account, but it was paused and then there’s people also who are Clickfunnels members, but the majority of people who bought were people who had exited, who had left, isn’t that crazy?

So somehow or another they came in, they had used it, they drank the kool-aide and decided they didn’t like it and they left or whatever. Then this campaign got them re-fired up and re-excited and re-bought into the vision of Clickfunnels and Funnel hacking and that kind of thing. Our one big fear is, is it going to cannibalize our MRR? So for software, the metric that drives all of the focus is MRR which stands for Monthly recurring revenue, so every month we’re watching that number increase and grow and trying to keep it a very steady path or percentage. We’re trying to keep the consistency, so our big fear is, man if everyone who is a CLickfunnels member takes this, because when you buy the software you Clickfunnels Backpack and Actionetics free for six months. That could kill our MRR if everyone buys it.

But what’s cool is it didn’t, it actually spiked our MRR because more people were coming in. Plus, yesterday for example, was Sunday, so we had queued up two emails for Sunday, and we sold a lot of funnel hacks packages, but we also had over a thousand people who created Clickfunnels accounts yesterday. So not only did it get people to buy upfront, people who didn’t buy upfront, it got them sold on Clickfunnels, they went and created an account anyway. Isn’t that crazy?

So there’s all this lift that happens from that, from the live event, from a promotion like that to your own existing customers. Anyway, I thought it was really interesting, so my moral of the story for you all who are listening, those of you guys who have been doing what we have talked about since last year, where you’re doing a webinar every single week, go back to your list of these webinar people and do a webinar to all of them. “But Russell, they already heard about the webinar, they already saw it.” It doesn’t matter, now they’re ready and prepared to take this journey with you, when they might not have been before.

It’s interesting, one thing that kind of puts it in perspective for me, I have a friend in the dating market, his name is John Alanis and he spoke at, he’s the one that actually taught me the whole attractive character stuff, he’s awesome. And he spoke at Daegan Smith and I had an event a little while ago called the Invisible Funnel. At that event he spoke probably three or four hours about the attractive character and he was showing us his email marketing strategy and, it’s funny when I first met him he was emailing his list twice a day and trying to convince me to do that. I never got to that point yet. I still get paranoid.

I got to a point where I started emailing at least once a day, most days. So that’s kind of where it started with, but then he, at that event, he showed how he emails his list 9 times a day now through different personalities and personas. I was like, 9 times a day! That’s crazy. Why would you do that. He said, “Russell, you gotta understand. My men, they are on my list for entertainment purposes only. Most of them got girlfriends, they joined, they’re interested, they want to learn stuff, we have a good time hanging out. It’s not until somebody breaks their heart that they need my thing. When their girlfriend breaks up with them, that’s when what I sell actually matters. I gotta make sure that second that that happens that I am at the top of their inbox. If it happens at noon and someone else is at the top of their inbox, they’re buying that guys stuff. So I gotta keep emailing consistently so whenever the breakup happens, whenever the heartbreak, whenever that pain happens, that’s when you want to be at the top of mine.”

So I’m not that aggressive, but think about it. People buy your product because they’re in pain at that time, or there’s a need for them at that time, that might not have been there the first time that they registered. When they registered, they came through and were like, “That sounds kind of cool.” But they didn’t take action for some reason. The second time around is when they’re like, “Wow, this should and must become a must.” And so you never know when you’re going to hit thme, so it’s just being consistent in your messaging and you’ll find people when they’re ready.

There you go guys, I’m at the office. Going to go hang out with James Frill, get some Trello on. James Friel, AKA mister Trello. I hope that’s the name he’s still going with because he was going to get an image done and everything. I’m really excited. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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