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282 - Before You Complain About Your Circumstances...Listen To This

282 - Before You Complain About Your Circumstances...Listen To This

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Amazing stories from three of our inner circle members.

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I just want to get rid of all those things because if you’re living in America, or Canada, or most countries, we don’t have obstacles and if we do, we need to be able to get over them. There you go. It’s out there. Any time in your mind that you’re like, “I can’t figure this out because of blah.” That’s not a good excuse. You gotta figure it out. Time to stop not thinking and start thinking. That’s it.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to a freezing, freezing cold Marketing In Your Car. Today it’s cold outside. It’s under 10 degrees, but what’s worse is my house this morning, our bedroom was 55 degrees. We have something wrong with our heaters. I think I probably complained about this last winter too. Our house is kind of big, and with a big house comes heating issues. Trying to keep the whole house warm.

Last year we had the same thing. We had this huge struggle. The heater and the water are tied together. We can’t get a warm shower or warm heat. So it’s just bitter cold. I’m ordering all these space heaters. We’ve got the heating guy and the plumbing guy coming over today, but I don’t know. It might be another cold winter.

Other than that, today is amazing. I actually wanted to share with you guys two stories today, lest any of us want to complain about our situation, or our business. Because that seems to be something fun that people like to do. I see it on Facebook all the time. I see it in personal conversations, there’s always some excuse about why we can’t have success. So I want to take those excuses and smash them with a hammer and jump on them, then catch them on fire. I guess you can’t really catch glass on fire. We’ll turn it so hot that it freaking melts the glass. And then it turns into sand again, I don’t know. Whatever.

I just want to get rid of all those things because if you’re living in America, or Canada, or most countries, we don’t have obstacles and if we do, we need to be able to get over them. There you go. It’s out there. Any time in your mind that you’re like, “I can’t figure this out because of blah.” That’s not a good excuse. You gotta figure it out. Time to stop not thinking and start thinking. That’s it. So I want to tell you guys a couple of stories of some of our inner circle members who have given me, have taken from me all my excuses I ever have about anything, ever again from this point forward, moving on forever.

So the first one I want to tell you about, two of our inner circle members, Andrew and Vlad from the Ukraine, they are so cool. They’re from the Ukraine, I think the average salary in Ukraine is like 200 bucks a month or something like that. And over there, they’re not internet savvy, people aren’t. Nobody buys things online, it’s not a… don’t push someone to a website and they pull out their credit card and they buy. It’s just not something people do. They don’t trust it, they don’t believe in it.

So Vlad and Andrew they want to have success online, so they start figuring out, okay here’s this obstacle. Nobody can buy things online, yet we want to sell things online. What do we do? How do we figure this out? So these guys, who, again the average salary for a well paid person over there is $220 a month, and they were like, we want to become millionaires, how do we do that? A million dollars over there is like a billion over here. So that’s wanting to become billionaires over here.

So they get to work and start doing everything. First thing, after they join the inner circle and they listened to some of our stuff, they start doing webinars weekly. We’re going to do weekly webinars because Russell said so. They didn’t go, “I don’t want to do a webinar every week.” Or “I don’t know if I can get Facebook ads to work every single week.” Or all the other excuses many people told me since I started saying you should do a webinar a week, every single week for the rest of your lives.

There’s always some excuse coming out. So instead of making excuses they just started doing it. As they’re doing this webinar they are like, people just don’t…..they can’t push someone to a website to just buy, people don’t trust it. So to get people to buy on their webinar, they set up a little call center. They ended up hiring a bunch of people to take phone calls, but still people are scared to take credit cards over the phone. So what happens a lot of times is that people will actually mail them cash, they will do sorts of things. They were telling us the other day, and this comes back to how afraid that economy is of credit cards. The person was not willing to give their credit card over the phone because they thought it was going to be stolen. So what they did, they took their credit card or debit card, or whatever it’s called and then they wrapped it up in an envelope and mailed the credit card to them, and the letter said, “Hey if you guys can take this credit card, go to the ATM machine, here’s my pin code, run it, take the cash out, and then mail me my ATM card back.” So they did.

They’re hustling trying to figure out how to collect money. They’re getting people to ship them their ATM cards because that’s more safe for their country than to go buy things online. They’ve got call centers that they’ve built out. They’ve got people sending cash. Every obstacle known to man about collecting cash, they don’t even have merchant accounts, they’ve been able to do it. And guess what they did last year with their webinar? Drum roll please, in a country where the average salary is $200 a month, and people are scared to buy online and it’s so under-developed people can’t even buy online. Last year they did 7 hundred thousand dollars. In fact, that was a couple of months ago, so it’s probably more than that, but that’s last I heard. 7 Hundred thousand dollars from their webinar.

Is that insane? Does that not make you think, wow I’m in a country where people love buying stuff online. I’m in a country where people are used to it. I’m in a country where the average salary is not $200 a month, it’s a lot more than that. If you have any issues, like my people won’t buy, they’re broke and don’t have any money. Those issues are not real. They are all in your head. Stories you are telling yourself, stories I’m telling myself. They’re not real. If you’re willing to think through it, and not have those excuses and those road blocks and just smash through them, you can do what these guys have done over there in the Ukraine.

It’s funny because their next goal is they want to do a webinar here in America. He’s like, “you guys in America don’t know how easy it is.” And I’m like, “I know.” They did 7 hundred thousand dollars over there, they’re going to become billionaires over here. So that’s number one.

Number two. Sorry, I’ve got a stuffy nose too, so I apologize. One of our new inner circle members, and I don’t know them super well yet so I’m not comfortable sharing names and stuff, but I will share this story because it’s worth it. As I get to know her better throughout the year maybe I’ll share more stories. But they own a company over in West Africa, Nigeria, that area. They sell supplements and pharmaceuticals and things like that, and they’ve got clinics and as a company they did 15 million dollars last year, which is amazing in and of itself, especially in a third world country.

So apparently she saw my funnel hacks webinar and saw how it’s doing selling supplements, so she wants to start selling supplements, joins the inner circle comes in and we had our decade in a day on Friday to try to go through their model, their plan, things like that, and she showed me this thing, and it’s crazy, first off, she went and built out a supplement line, with 70 supplements. She’s like, “As soon as we release this, we’ll be knocked off instantly.” And I guess it’s illegal to buy supplements in the country right now unless you get all these legal things. So most people buy all that stuff on the black market, so they’re competing against the black market, people who are selling underhand.

Second off, is over there, they don’t really have addresses. So if your customers have addresses, you already have an easier job than she does. If your customers don’t have addresses you can’t be like, “Hey ship my product out to whatever West, whatever North, whatever. Here’s the street and zip code.” because they don’t have that. They’re like, “we’re in the third house on the left down from the store.” That’s the reality she lives in. She’s like, “There’s no way to ship products to people.” If there was, most of the time DHL will do it, but it’s 7 or 8 times more expensive than what we’re paying here. All these hurdles, all these variables. If I would have heard that I would have been like, “Well I guess we can’t sell supplements in Nigeria, we’re going to the states.” That would be my….I’d be going to where’s the least barrier of entry and kind of slide in.

But instead she’s like, “No, these people need this stuff. It’s going to help them and if we can figure it out we’ll be the only ones here. We will be able to be a monopoly. We’re the only ones who can do it.” So they went and got all the government approval on their supplements. So they’re the only people in the country allowed to sell supplements besides the black market. They’re not allowed but they’re going to do it anyway.

So she got this window and she’s like, “We can’t ship to people ‘s houses, so we had to figure out a way to solve shipping issues.” So what she did is insane, so cool. You ever heard of Amazon lockers? I never heard of this before, but if you Google Amazon lockers, they’re these lockers that are in different cities. Say you’re in Chicago or somewhere where you may not have…..I don’t know. Anyway, they’re lockers. Amazon will deliver to these lockers and they notify you and you go there, you go to the locker and there’s 50 lockers and you type in a code and it pops out, here’s the product you ordered. It’s pretty cool. Instead of delivering directly to your house, it delivers to these lockers and the lockers, people go and pick up their stuff. Kind of like a mailbox, mailbox etc or something like that. But it’s called Amazon Lockers.

So she saw that and was, “oh cool. That solves my problem.” So she went out and bought I think like 15 or 20 of these locker systems that she could use, and then she went, they had to be secure because people will break into these things and steal stuff there, so she went and negotiated deals with 15 or 20 banks to have these lockers inside of their banks all around the country. So now she’s got a distribution channel all around the entire country. So when these supplements are done and the funnels done, people can buy it, but once again people don’t…’s just crazy. So many hurdles.

People won’t buy stuff online over there, so they have to do everything cash on delivery. Everyone has to say, “Yes, I want to buy this.” Click the button to buy it and they have to put in some information. I think she’s going to have them pay a dollar or something just to prove they have a credit card. Then she actually delivers to the locker, the locker notifies them and they go pick it up at the locker and they pay cash at the locker to get the actual product.

Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen with this business yet, but I’ve seen how she’s turned less than that into 15 million dollars a year and I think that…my guess is that she’s going to turn this into hundreds of millions of dollars, because she’s figured it out and she’s solved these hard, hard problems.

So I wanted to share both of these stories for you guys today, hopefully just to put things into perspective. When there’s a will there’s a way. That’s it. If you’re struggling right now and you’re here in the states or in Canada, in a country that has postage, credit cards, zip codes, street addresses. I promise you guys that the answers are there. It’s been done over and over again. The trail’s have been trail blazed. People have gone before you. You just need to look and model. I look at entrepreneurs like this, I’m so grateful to have in the inner circle because they’re an inspiration to me and everyone else. You look at that and you’re like, “Man, if they can figure that out there, what can we do here? What can we accomplish in a society, in a land, in a country where this is something that’s normal. That people want to do. Where people are online buying stuff, 10, 15, 20 times a day, you just got to convince them that your stuff is exciting and cool.

I hope that gives you guys inspiration, I know it has for me. I really, every time I look at my life and business now, I’m like there’s no excuses. Every problem is solvable. These basic needs that these guys don’t have, they figure out ways to solve those problems and we can too. We just gotta think and be creative and sit back and try to figure out the answers because they’re there. The good thing for most of you guys is that most people already figured out the answers for you. That’s what Funnel hacking is about. Look at the answers, be able to look at all the stuff people have already solved, look at that and work off of the hard work of others.

I’m grateful for everyone who’s gone ahead of me in this industry and business and trail blazed for me so I could step into those grooves and kind of run a path that they’ve already created for us. I definitely was not the inventor of any of this stuff, but a beneficiary of it for sure. Someone who’s proud and grateful for those who’ve gone before us and hopefully I can trail blaze some stuff for you guys and you can jump in and follow me as well. That’s the goal.

Anyway, with that said, my nose is so stuffed right now that I’m going to stop this recording even though I’m not quite to the office. Hopefully you guys got some value out of it. I hope you just kind of look at your perspective a little differently and realize that we’ve all got it pretty good. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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