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286 - Two Secrets Of Wealth Attraction

286 - Two Secrets Of Wealth Attraction

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Some interesting things I learned from Dan Kennedy.

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What is it that gets people to have more perceived value in that thing you’re trying to sell? How do you actually create an amazing product that is more valuable to people? How do you position it, sell it, get in front of those people who would devalue it? Because not everyone is going to value it the same way.


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Hey everybody this is Russell, welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. Hope you guys are having a great day. I’m actually backing out of Fred Meyer, just picked up some stuff for the kids. Some milk and eggs that we ran out of. While I was there, I’ve been listening to Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Building Course. Or Wealth Attraction, how to attract wealth into your life, which has been a really interesting, really interesting. I’ve been listening to Dan Kennedy stuff forever. If you look at my, some of you know on my phone, I’ve basically….As we’re moving from the old office to a new office, I’m trying to compress all my courses into….instead of having 8 billion cd’s and DVD’s, which I’ve had in the past, my brother and I are going through and shrinking everything into audio books and then I put them on my phone.

My phone right now has close to a quarter of a million dollars in marketing, sales, and personal development courses on it. If you ever want a ton of cool stuff, steal my phone. Just kidding, don’t steal my phone. So I’ve been going through all the different courses and by far the person I have the most courses from is Dan Kennedy. I think I bought everything he’s ever published ever since the beginning of time. It’s fun, I still go through his stuff and still love it.

So this is his wealth attraction course, which is different than his typical making money and marketing, direct response marketing stuff. So it’s been interesting. A couple of things, that are not new things, but the way he said them just re-sparked my brain and I wanted to share a couple of things with you.

So first one, he’s talking about, we all know this is true, the entrepreneurs out here, that a lot of people think that what causes wealth? Well if I’m smarter, or work harder, or am a better person. But those things don’t necessarily create wealth. There’s people that are, you can keep trying to become a better person, but the laws of the universe or whatever don’t give you more wealth because of that. And one thing he said that was kind of profound, he said, “Wealth does not care if you are a pastor or a pornographer.” That’s not…..the pastor’s not going to make more money than the pornographer. Money does not care, money is paper. It has not soul, it’s just a thing and that’s what it is. 

So we have to understand that because a lot of people try to make more money by becoming a better person. I’m not saying we shouldn’t become a better person, and you definitely should not be a pornographer. Let me step that back really quick. Just caveat that, lest you think that I’m condoning that by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s interesting if you think about that. Money is indifferent.

A lot of times we’re trying to get more money or more wealth and things like that and we’re focusing on things that do not have a direct correlation with more wealth, which is interesting. We start talking like, what are the laws of money that actually cause you to get some, get more and get a lot of it. And you think about it, it’s interesting, again if you rewind back who knows, a couple of hundred thousand years ago, a hundred years, a thousand years, whatever it is. Money was barter. So I’ve got a chicken that lays a bunch of eggs, my buddy’s got a cow that has milk. He needs milk more than I need eggs, I’ve got a ton of eggs and visa versa so we trade. I value, because I have so many eggs, these eggs mean less to me than that milk. And because you’ve got so much milk that milk means less than these eggs.

Because of that we both look at it, and the cool thing he talked about in the course, money is not a zero sum game. One person wins and someone else gets screwed. Kind of like, I guess I don’t know, I don’t do stocks. But I think the stock market is that way, right? For someone to win, someone else has to lose. With money, the exchange doesn’t work that way. It’s both people can win on both sides of the transaction. So how do you actually make money? How do you get wealth? It’s coming down to creating something that is more valuable to somebody else than the money that they’re holding. And that’s it. That’s the laws of wealth.

How do you create something that’s more valuable to somebody else than the money they have in their pocket? If you can create something that’s more valuable then they will give you that in exchange. That’s it, that’s the magic. That is how you create money. Boom. It’s really that simple. Has nothing to do with you becoming a better person, or working harder. Nothing. It all has to do with you having something that provides more value to that person than the money that’s in your pocket and if so, they’ll trade you.

And if you can create something, that’s the power of the internet and the power of digital products and software and all these cool things, you can create it once and then sell it over and over again. That’s how you become wealthy rapidly. So I thought that was kind of interesting. I think all of us, on top of us trying to focus and become better people, it’s understanding the science behind money.

What is it that gets people to have more perceived value in that thing you’re trying to sell? How do you actually create an amazing product that is more valuable to people? How do you position it, sell it, get in front of those people who would devalue it? Because not everyone is going to value it the same way. I value a cryosauna at my house really, really high because I love it. But you probably think I’m insane. In fact, most of you are probably rolling your eyes every time I talk about it. But for me it was more valuable than the money, so it was a logical transaction for me.

So that was interesting and I think something we should all think about. Keep focusing on being good people though, because that’s really important too. The next part of the course he’s been going through, which is fascinating coming from Dan Kennedy because Dan’s very much like a direct response. You put an X here and this comes back, this is the return on your investment, blah, blah. And he’s talking this whole section about giving. He’s like, “The math makes no logical sense to the engineers and it works. All you do is give 10% away, give it away.”

Which is funny because if you look at church, it’s a tithe. 10% the Lord says that we should pay a tithe. So Kennedy is saying the same thing, give 10% of your money away. And if you do that more money will magically appear. It doesn’t make any sense, the math doesn’t make any sense. Try it for a month, you’ll never go back. Do it often, what you should do, he said that every time he goes on a trip he takes a 100 dollars and breaks it down to 10 dollar bills and over tips every single person. “I just want to give away money as often as possible, because when I do, it multiplies. I don’t know how it works, doesn’t make any sense, but it does.”

And it’s cool for those who are Christian, or I don’t know, the other religions that everyone believes, but it’s a very biblical thing. That the Lord has promised that if you pay tithing, if you give, he will open up a window. He will dump so many blessings on you that you can’t even handle it. And as I’m listening to Dan Kennedy, this guy who is very, not a spiritual person by any stretch of the imagination, but sharing these things, I think it’s the most fascinating thing in the world.

I remember studying under Matt Furey for a long time, I got a bunch of Matt Furey courses. And Matt is a lot more on the woo woo side of things, so I would expect it more from him, but one thing he said to me that had a huge impact on myself, he said, “The size of the whole that you give through, Will be equal to the size of the whole you received through.” So if you’re really stingy with your money and really stingy giving it away, and sharing and helping, your ability to receive money will shrink as well.

We just finished Christmas, but it’s Christmastime, and I think it’s a really profound thing. Not that we should be looking at this like, I need a positive ROI, I’m going to give money away for a positive ROI, but it works that way. It’s weird. It’s one of those things that you don’t have to understand it, and don’t have to do it for that reason, but if you do it, you will get those benefits. In fact, in the scriptures it even says, The Lord says, test me. Try it out, see if you don’t get back more blessings by doing this thing. And I don’t care if it’s….I pay my tithing through a very official, through my church, a very official form, and some people don’t, they just give it away and I don’t think it really matters, it’s a concept of giving.

Like I said, Matt Furey said, “The size of the whole you give from will be equal to the size of the whole you receive from.” And I think it’s interesting as I’m learning Wealth Attraction from Dan Kennedy, that he would spend probably 30 minutes just on that topic of giving money away. He started sharing tons of stories about people who gave money away who….And typically, when people give money away, it’s usually out of guilt. They see other people giving and they’re like, oh I feel like I have to give. It’s not that, it’s the opposite. You budget 10% of your money to go towards giving, and then you just give it away. It could be tipping people, paying through churches, it doesn’t really matter. Giving, that service of you sharing, that somehow magically, doesn’t make sense how it works, but it works.

And it was interesting to hear that from Dan Kennedy. So anyway, there’s some wealth building to share with you guys that are kind of cool, I thought. One being that money doesn’t care who you are and it’s all about creating things of so much value that people will trade you for their money. And understanding that that’s the law, the science, the laws of how you make money. And that becomes your focus. How do I make this better? How do I make this better? How do I get to more people? How do I get to the right people, people who actually want this thing? That’s how you make money. That’s really the core of it.

And then understanding also, that as you are making money to be sure to give because first off, it’s the right thing to do and that will help you with the whole “I want to become a better person” Thing we talked about earlier. But second off, if you’re looking for a positive ROI, there’s no other place you can get a better one that doesn’t make any logical sense. So just do it.

I had a friend, this is kind of funny, back in high school. One of my wrestling buddies. And he was a super cool guy, one of my best, closest friends through wrestling, but he was definitely not on the religious, spiritual side of things. He never went to church, he never followed any of what you may call a commandment or rule or anything. But it was interesting, one day we were cutting weight and we were just, when you’re cutting weight in wrestling, you’re losing ten, fifteen, twenty pounds a week and you’re miserable and tired. So the guy you cut weight with you just tell stories and talk a lot and it’s how you get through the pain of it.

We are sitting there cutting weight and he told me one time he said, “Yeah, I pay tithing.” And I was like, “you do not.” He’s like, “I really do. I have my dad, he takes 10% of my money and gives it to the church each week.” And I was like, “Why would you do it. You don’t believe anything.” And he’s like, “No, I believe that.” And I’m like, “What do you mean?” and he’s like, “I don’t know how it works, makes no sense, but every time I do it, I make more money. So I just do it.” I was like, “Are you serious? You don’t even have any belief or faith. All you know is that principle works, therefore you are giving 10% of your money away and it just magically works?” and he’s like, “yeah, I don’t know how it works, it just works.”

That always stuck with me. How cool of a thing that was. So anyway, I wanted to share that with you guys. I hope that helps. I’m home, my wife just walked out and looked at me like, “Why are you sitting in the garage talking on your phone? You should be bringing the groceries in.” So I’m going to go. Appreciate you all, have a great day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

She is having fun inside without us. Aiden is in his ninja turtle outfit, driving Norah’s new scooter.

Anyway, appreciate you guys for listening. Hopefully you got some value out of today. Remember contrast in all things. It’s the spice of life, makes it interesting, builds….

Dallin: And funniness.

Russell: And funniness, it builds your relationships.

Dallin: And Billy Bob Joe.

Russell: and Billy Bob Joe. Helps you sell things.

Dallin: And cars.

Russell: Helps you eat better.

Dallin: And hot tubs. And Lucky Charms.

Russell: Alright, we’re going to go. Peace out everybody, thanks so much for everything. Talk to you soon.

Dallin: And microphones.
Russell: What? Bye.

Dallin: And everything. And snow. And Norah.


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