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289 - Grab The Big Pile Of Cash First

289 - Grab The Big Pile Of Cash First

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The process of going from hot to warm to cold traffic.

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So we start with the hot, it’s funny in my Inner Circle, everyone’s trying to convert cold traffic. I’m like, “Wait, there’s a huge pile of cash sitting right in front of you. Grab the big pile of cash first. That’s your warm market, grab them first. That’s the hot market, excuse me. Then there’s the warm market, which is one step back, that’s the next big pile of cash, so grab that before you go for the cold.” Make all the money you can out of the hot market, then go to the warm market, then you go to the cold. And each level of that process, moving from hot to warm to cold, the sales process, the funnels, the messaging, the language patterns, all those things change.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to a freezing cold Marketing In Your Car. Boise has been covered in feet of snow, not foot, feet. Many feet of snow. Everything has been frozen. We’ve had three snow days in a row, back to back to back. But I had to get to the office today because we were doing a webinar, and I don’t trust my home internet connection as much as the office. Plus I miss everybody, I wanted to see them all again. I’ve been working from home the last few days.

I still haven’t finished the book, it’s killing me. But we did get launched the Marketing In Your Car free MP3 player. So if you haven’t got yours yet go to I’m guessing though if you’re listening right now, you’re probably on. We had to do a couple of things, I think I told you. Our old RSS feed, I totally screwed up on so we retired that podcast. So it’s, that one’s kind of paused. It says archived image there. And then if you come to the new one, that’s the one you’re listening to right now. And we’re all hanging out and having fun over here.

And what’s been fun, by kind of restarting the thing and launching the free MP3 player, we were able to do a new launch around it, which is fun. So we’ve got over a thousand people in the first 24 hours have gotten a free MP3 player. So hopefully a thousand of you guys are listening to this, or more, that are new. And hopefully we’ll keep growing. I just appreciate all of you guys sharing and all the good feedback for the podcast. Makes me happy.

In fact, today was really, really cool. One of my friends, he’s the Clickfunnels member and someone I met, I think at the first Funnel Hacking event, anyway, his name is Travis Cody. He sent me, I got this box in the mail today and I opened it up and there’s a video playing on the screen of this box, talking and it’s Travis talking. And then I looked down and inside of the box there’s these two huge books, and I pull them out and a lot of you guys know I’m Mormon, so there’s a Book of Mormon. It looks like a special font on it, different color and everything. And it looks like two Book of Mormons, but it’s the Book of Brunson. I’m like, what? I open it up and it’s all of my podcasts put in this book. It was the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten.

I don’t know, he says he’s got an idea, so maybe we’re going to start selling these as an actual product, but it was super cool. So I got the Book of Brunson now. So if I start quoting scripture, I’m like, “The Book of Brunson, Chapter 2, Verse 16.” You’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s all coming from this podcast. It was a super cool gift from him. So thank you Travis if you’re listening. Appreciate that, it was really fun. It’s just been fun re-getting excited about this podcast. I’ve been doing it for so long now and at first, I don’t think anyone listened for a long time. But I was doing it because I thought it was fun.

And the cool thing is that, because of the way I set up the RSS feed, I had no way to check if people are actually listening. Which is actually helpful because then I didn’t know if anyone was listening, so I didn’t assume people were listening. Now, a few years later, I know we’ve got a lot of listeners. Now that we’re moving things over I’ll actually be able to see how many people are listening and downloads and all that kind of stuff. So that will be kind of fun. But regardless, it’s something I enjoy and it’s been hugely beneficial for me, just to get out my thoughts and ideas and what I’m thinking.

And you guys have obviously have been a huge sounding board for me as we’ve gone from near bankruptcy when I started this podcast, to where we’re at today. And I just appreciate you guys listening and sharing and commenting. So if you guys are listening, please I love for you to come and comment on the new feed because we switched over, obviously there were zero stars, I think we’re like 35 or 40 stars now, so that’s good. But the more you guys can come and comment, let me know. Right now, especially for the next week or two, I’m really intently reading comments. So feel free to drop a comment. I’m sure I’ll read it, which will be kind of fun.

With that said, welcome to the podcast, those of you guys who are new. So for those who are new, the way this works is as I’m driving to the office and back I just share cool ideas and things we are working on and stuff that I think would be helpful for you. I’m heading home from the office right now. I had a webinar today with JLD, John Lee Dumas, which was fun and worked awesomely. We helped serve his people well. We sold a bunch of Clickfunnels, which is the key to happiness for me and for them as entrepreneurs, as you know, which is really cool.

And then afterwards we had a Dream 100 meeting. What is a Dream 100? As you listen and you guys catch up on my podcast, I talk about this a lot, but this is the foundation of promotion of business for me. So go back and find some of those calls where we go deeper. Basically Dream 100, who are the 100 people in your market that have your dream customers on their list right now, and how can you get them to promote you to their audience?

When we launched the Dotcom Secrets book, we built the dream 100 list, and we started sending people Dream 100 gifts in the mail. We sent them copies of the new book that was coming out, we sent Ferrari key chains because we were giving away a Ferrari. We did all these cool things, we kept sending them out. And we did that to get people to promote. And it’s funny because from that Dream 100 campaign, we got a whole bunch of people promoting the book that I didn’t have relationships with at all.

We found who were all the top business podcasters that are out there. So I had a bunch of them and we started sending them the book and stuff. John Lee Dumas was one of them, I never met him at the time. A couple of days later I get an email saying, “Russell, your book is awesome. I want to promote it.” And now we’ve done 3 funnel hack webinars, he’s sold a few thousand copies of my book and we’ve made a bunch of money together. And it came from the Dream 100 concept. John was just one of the many people we did it with. But I built lists of 100 people, and honestly my Dream 100 list keeps growing and growing.

And that’s what today’s meeting was about, kind of trimming that down. Who’s our Dream 100 for my next book launch coming up in April? And we’re putting those things together and kind of mapping out a strategy. And a couple of things I want to know. One thing, the book launch is at the end of April, so we’re like almost 3 1/2 months away. And we’re doing this now. A big part of this is digging the well before you’re thirsty.

A lot of you will launch a product and then start going and bugging JV partners and stuff and it’s like no, do that work ahead of time. So we’re planning out now, we’ll be contacting everyone and getting people information so they can get it on the calendar, and we’ll be sending copies of the book as soon as they come out.

We’re trying to prepare for that and get it ready and build a good relationship with everybody before that. Just to kind of get people excited for the book. But it’s the foundation. So what’s cool is we have our new reality show that’s close to done called Funnel Hacker TV as well. So we filmed the Dream 100 process today so you guys will be able to see it soon. You’ll see how this is the foundation for everything we do in our business, building that list of partners. And initially… biggest goal of the Dream 100, if I can get them to promote my book or whatever the thing is that we’re selling, that’s the best. If I can get them to promote on a podcast, or through their blog or email, that’s number one. So we try that initially, but a lot of people can’t or won’t.

So after that is done, we try the first phase, which is let’s get them to promote it, that’s a warm audience, excuse me that’s the hot. We got the hot and transition down to warm. The warm audience may not know me but I can market to Toni Robbins’ followers, or Tim Farris’ followers, or things like that on Facebook, so that’s a warm audience. People may know Toni and not me, but I can create a bridge page that bridges that gap between Toni and me, and then get them to buy the book or whatever the thing is, register for the webinar.

So we start building bridge pages to our warm audience to bring them from there over. So that’s the second thing, taking the Dream 100 list we have and then going after them as a warm audience. We’re advertising directly to them as opposed to Toni or someone directly marketing to his people. So that’s phase number two in our Dream 100.

And then phase number three is to go into cold traffic and stuff like that. So one cool thing we’re doing that’s not live yet, but may be live by the time you guys get this. Changing up So again, depending on when you go there. If you go there and see a picture of me standing there with a bunch of links around the sides of me, that’s the new one. I’m doing this blog and the blog I’m going to be documenting this journey of how we’re doing this whole thing from the dream 100 to the book launch and trying to take you on a journey from how we went from 0 to selling hopefully a million copies of my book. So that’s kind of cool.

So you’ll see the transitions we go from hot traffic, our own existing lists, then our partners lists, then shifting and transforming down to a warm audience. From there trying to saturate that, and from there transition down to a cold audience. And what’s the differences between going after warm traffic versus cold. Because it’s different. The way I position hot, if you’ve read the Dotcom Secrets book you know about hot traffic, warm traffic, cold traffic, but it’s different the way I sell to each of them.

So we start with the hot, it’s funny in my Inner Circle, everyone’s trying to convert cold traffic. I’m like, “Wait, there’s a huge pile of cash sitting right in front of you. Grab the big pile of cash first. That’s your warm market, grab them first. That’s the hot market, excuse me. Then there’s the warm market, which is one step back, that’s the next big pile of cash, so grab that before you go for the cold.” Make all the money you can out of the hot market, then go to the warm market, then you go to the cold. And each level of that process, moving from hot to warm to cold, the sales process, the funnels, the messaging, the language patterns, all those things change.

I’ll be sharing those and documenting them on the new Russell Brunson blog. How we went from 0 to a million copies of my book here over the next, I mean who knows how long it takes to get me a million bucks, probably a couple of years, which will be kind of cool.

We’re going to be doing all sorts of stuff. We already have in the works, plans to do infomercial, radio campaigns, mass market, PR. It’s going to be a ride. It’s going to be a fun journey. So hopefully you guys will come along on the journey with me. But just know that that’s kind of what we’re doing. The goal is to show the strategy. How we roll out a book and how we take that book and help it to, the Dotcom Secrets book, when we launched that, it was the foundation that got us, to now we’re almost 30 thousand active customers inside of Clickfunnels. So that’s the goal, how do we do that and how do we leverage a book or any kind of front end product, to build the back end of your company.

So that’s the journey that I’ll be taking you guys on. I hope you can join me for the ride. With that said, I’m home. In a day or two or whatever check out, check out the blog and we’ll start the first post. I already wrote the first post, and we’re going to start doing that once a week. Sharing the journey and showing you how many books we sold from each of the things and that’ll be the game plan. With that said, I’m home. Appreciate you guys, thanks for listening, thanks for subscribing. Please come comment and share, let me know what you’re thinking. I’m excited to be on this journey with you guys. Talk to you all again soon. Bye.


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