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293 - Behind-The-Scenes of the Traffic Secrets Book Launch

293 - Behind-The-Scenes of the Traffic Secrets Book Launch

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Episode Recap:

On this episode Russell gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of what is going into the Traffic Secrets book launch. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for in today’s episode:

-- Find out how long this launch has been in progress and what the steps have been.

-- Hear about the different phases of launching something, and see what phase Russell is in now with Traffic Secrets.

-- And find out when the book will actually launch, and what comes next.

So listen here to find out all you need to know about what goes on behind the scenes of a big book launch.

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Best Quote:

So for the last 2 years, as I’ve been preparing it and figuring it out, and testing the material, and trying to learn the message that was going to be in this book. I spoke at multiple different events. I spoke at Dana Derricks event initially, that was very first, it was Dream 100 Con, and I spoke teaching some of the principles from Traffic Secrets. And I still remember I was in the back of the room, doodling stuff out before I went up, and I was testing these different concepts and ideas to see which things stuck with people, which ones made sense, which ones confused people.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets show. I hope you guys are excited for today. So today I’m actually going to be taking a question from the clickfunnels community as we are getting closer and closer and closer to the Traffic Secrets launch. People have been asking to see behind the scenes of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it.

So while I don’t think I can show you everything just because it would take days, we could map out everything, I do want to show you guys the highlights of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. So that’s what this episode is about. The question I’m going to be answering is, “What’s happening with the Traffic Secrets book launch? Can you give us any insider details about it?” So I’m going to queue up the theme song right now and when we come back I will dive deep into that question and show you guys behind the scenes of what we’re doing and why.

Everybody’s asking questions about this right here, the brand new Traffic Secrets book, which is coming out, the launch date is actually a week from Tuesday, which is crazy. March 17th we’re launching. So the question that we’ve been getting a ton from people is this, “What’s happening with the Traffic Secrets book launch? Can you give us any insider details about it?”

So I would love to give you some insider details. There’s so many things that go into a book launch, or any kind of product launch for that matter, and a lot of people ask questions about what are we doing and how are we doing it. So I’m going to kind of tell you guys some of the stuff.

So the first thing, step number one was, it actually started almost 2 years ago, so this is some seeding for you guys, to understand that product launches don’t start like a week before the product launch. Like 2 years ago when I had the idea to start writing this book is when it all began.

So for the last 2 years, as I’ve been preparing it and figuring it out, and testing the material, and trying to learn the message that was going to be in this book. I spoke at multiple different events. I spoke at Dana Derricks event initially, that was very first, it was Dream 100 Con, and I spoke teaching some of the principles from Traffic Secrets. And I still remember I was in the back of the room, doodling stuff out before I went up, and I was testing these different concepts and ideas to see which things stuck with people, which ones made sense, which ones confused people.

And then a couple fo months later we did a Traffic Secrets event for my Two Comma Club X students, and we taught it again for over two days, I taught the principles again and changed things and tweaked things. And then after that I started talking about it on my podcast, and on Facebook lives and all sorts of places. Then I tested it in little spots, and I would speak different places and I would try different things, and just kept testing the material. Then I started the actual writing process, which if those of you guys haven’t written a book yet, I don’t know, some people, some of my friends like Dana Derricks is like, “I can write a book in an hour.” Not me, it takes me a year or more to write the book.

So I started the process of writing, and as I was writing, I didn’t just write in hiding, I talked about it a lot. On Instagram and on Facebook, I would share pictures, and I would share me writing. I’d share like, ‘Chapter number 3…” and I would do this cool doodle and show the doodle off, and try to build anticipation for the last year, and excitement.

And hopefully you guys have seen pieces of that, and hopefully you’re excited right now. Half of marketing is making enough noise to get people to actually care. So for the last year, as I’ve been doing this, I’ve been taking people on the journey and that’s been a big part of it, because now people actually care. There’s relevancy of like why is this book, why should I care about it. And now people are excited for it.

It’s similar to like, if you guys have been you know following the whole Marvel, the MCU launch of their whole series. It was years of building up and sharing video after video and this movie, this movie, all leading up to eventually Avengers End Game, which is when the whole thing kind of wrapped. But man, it was all about the pressure and build up for a long time that people to come and that’s why it became the highest grossing movie of all time.

Alright so that’s how it started. Then as we got closer and closer and the book actually got done, then the next phase which we started recently was like, ‘I need to send this to some people to see if they like it.” What’s crazy is for me, as a writer, as anybody who creates anything, I heard Ryan Holladay say this in Perennial Seller, but when you create something, you’re creating it in private, you’re on your computer by yourself, you’re with your thoughts and you’re trying to create and you’re so excited. Then when you first try and make it public, it’s really, really scary.

So we printed 300 copies of the Traffic Secrets book, and we did our Dream 100, which funny enough, I talk about in the Traffic Secrets book. We went on every platform, podcasting, instagram, facebook, google, blogging, and just found different people in each of the markets that we thought would be good for our Dream 100 list, which were people who could potentially promote the book, and we sent out copies a week and a half, two weeks ago.

And this for me was the scariest thing, especially as people started getting it, and started posting it on Facebook and Instagram, “I got Russell’s book today.” Every time I had someone post that, I had the weird excitement and then like, “Oh my gosh, they’re going to read this thing.” And it was super scary. In fact, yesterday the master list builder, Joel Christopher, who is someone I learned from a decade and a half ago when I was first getting started, he got a copy of it, and he read the whole section one last night. And he was highlighting and posted pictures of his highlights.

And I remember I saw the message come through and I was like, I had all the fear and anxiety of like, what if he hates it. And I looked at it and it was this page and it was all highlighted all over and circled, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so exciting.”

I was at Tony Robbins birthday a week ago, and Garrett White was there, and Garrett came and gave me a hug and he said, “Brotha,” as he does, “Brother, of all the 3 books, this is by far the best.” I’m just like, ah, which is the thing you’re so scared about all the time, and then when people get it and you’re just like, ‘Ah, this is so cool.” So that’s been the second phase, the Dream 100 and getting it out there.

And now, next week we have the actual book launch which is when the funnels will be live. So my job on this phase of the book launch is to get a funnel that is going to actually convert. So when affiliates promote it and we’re buying ads to it, we’re not losing money and it’s actually profitable. So we have been geeking out and working hard on this book funnel. And because I rewrote also the Dotcom Secrets book and the Expert Secrets book, all 3 books have been rewritten now, we’re doing new funnels for all 3 of them. It’s kind of fun.

So you’ll see when the funnels go live next week, if you go to all 3 sites, they’re similar style. In fact, what you’ll notice about the style and this is kind of maybe a little tip for everyone moving forward, is it’s very much designed for mobile. Everything is one column instead of like, typically you always do pages side by side on desktop, but man, so much more traffic is coming from mobile now than desktop, that we’re just shifting our design style to really cater to that.

So you’ll notice this page design is different, it’s cool, I’ve been geeking out on it and I’m really excited to roll out this entire funnel. And the funnel, the upsells, the downsells, and all the stuff and it’s exciting. So those are the details of the Traffic Secrets launch, the launch date starts March 17th, and there’s a 3 week launch where I’ll be promoting it hard, affiliates will be promoting it hard, and we’ll hopefully sell 100,000+ copies of the book, which would be exciting. And that’s kind of the first phase of the launch.

And then at the end of that, we’re doing a live event here in Boise, Idaho, a small event with about 200 people or so, hopefully we don’t have to cancel it because of the Coronavirus. Every event is being cancelled right now, it’s crazy. But we’re doing a small event here in Boise where I have 40 of the top traffic speakers in the world coming and each doing a 30 minute presentation on a very tactical way to get traffic. Because the Traffic Secrets book is very strategic, and I want it to be very tactical.

So we have 40 speakers each coming and they’re all presenting a tactical thing, on how to get traffic from Pinterest, from Facebook, from LinkedIn, just all different ways, different platforms and different ways to get traffic. So that’s going to be happening at the end of the initial book launch. And then we’re going to be streaming those live online. So hopefully you guys have a chance to watch a lot of those. And each one of those will actually become like an ad.

So it’ll be, when you watch it, it will be me introducing the speaker, them speaking, and then me doing a call to action afterwards on the book. And each one will become a presentation, which will become an ad, and you’ll see that kind of behind the scenes as well, happening at the end of the launch.

And that happens the first week in April, and then afterwards we move to the social launch. And this is where I basically have a month and a half blocked out where I’m doing a bajillion podcast interviews, Facebook lives, other things, I don’t even know what they’re called, and that’s kind of what’s happening.

So that’s kind of behind the scenes of what’s happening on the book launch. A lot of it is for the initial surge of sales, and then the long term social, and then from there, we’ll just get back to normal marketing as usual, where we’re creating tons of ads, buying ads, I’m going to try to test this book on radio and other things. Dean Graziosi and I have been talking about potentially doing an infomercial for it. I think it’s such a universal topic, everybody needs traffic, so I’m excited to get this message about the book out to more people.

So that’s what’s  happening with the Traffic Secrets book launch. I hope that helps, and I hope it gives you ideas for different ways that you can launch your products, your services, your businesses, whatever it is you are looking to launch out into the world.

Alright everybody, I hope you guys enjoyed that episode, on next week’s episode, or tomorrow’s episode, or whenever the next one is coming out, I’m going to be actually bringing out one of my first ever guest hosts to the Marketing Secrets show. Joe Marfoglio, who I talk about a lot inside the Traffic Secrets book, he’s the guy on our team who does our YouTube stuff, and he’s going to come on and actually share some really powerful tips, tricks and strategies to help you guys grow your YouTube channel, get videos that actually work, and a whole bunch of other cool things, and you’ll see behind the scenes of what he’s actually been doing for us and hopefully get some ideas for how to grow your YouTube channel.

If you’ve enjoyed this episode though, please take a snapshot on your phone, post it on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and tag me on it because I love to see it, and then also use #marketingsecrets, and also #overdeliver if you’d like as well. That’s my new hashtag we’re going to be building out. We have t-shirts coming and a bunch of other cool stuff for that, for #overdeliver because you should be over delivering in all things you do in your life, your business, your personal life, your family, your everything. If we could all do that, it gets us doing what we should be doing in this life.

So with that said, thank you guys for listening and I’ll see you on the next episode.


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