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295 - How the Mañana Principle Will Prepare You For Tomorrow...

295 - How the Mañana Principle Will Prepare You For Tomorrow...

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Episode Recap:

What you should be doing now… On this episode Russell talks about what the manana principle is and how you can use it to your advantage during this unprecedented times. Here are some of the awesome things to look for in this episode:

-- Find out how Russell relates the movie, Forest Gump with the times of uncertainty that we are currently living in.

-- Find out what the manana principle is, and while it’s usually a bad thing, you can use it to help you.

-- And find out how planting seeds today will help you prepare for the season of harvest.

So listen here to find out how you can use the manana principle to come out of the other side of the Coronavirus better.

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So we’re just shifting, this is an easy shift. We’re taking the stuff right now that we’re normally worried about, and we’re shifting it to manana. And the stuff that we normally are going to do manana, the stuff that’s actually important, about building our life, building our business, building our family, we’re going to shift it to today. It’s just shifting the manana principle.


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Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. And today I want to jump in here really quick because obviously there’s so much craziness happening in the world around us, and I wanted to give you guys a plan and a process, and my thoughts on kind of the best places to focus on and what to do be doing during this season. And I have no idea if the season is going to be a week, a month, 10 months, a year, 5 years, I don’t know.

But I do know that it is a season. If we’ve noticed anything over the history of all time, since man began until now, everything is cyclical, there’s seasons. So we’re in a season, it’ll end. But there’s things you could be doing right now to prepare for the harvest.

So I just finished a Facebook live a minute ago. I’ve been doing these Facebook lives where I’m reading parts of the Traffic Secrets book. But at the very beginning and the very end I talked about a concept of the Manana principle and how to shift it and make it work for you. So with that said, I’m going to queue up the theme song and when we come back, you’re going to hear parts of my Facebook live. You’ll hear the first part, which is the beginning, I’m going to have my brother cut out the middle part where I’m actually reading the book, because it’s outside of the context of this podcast and what I want to share. And then I’m going to share the end of it as well.

So it might be a little repetitive, because you’ll hear part of the message twice, but I think that’s okay right now. I want to drill this into your minds because it’s the difference between you coming out on the other side of this hugely successful, or you struggling. I’ve been telling everybody, I’ve said this over and over again, this whole process we’re doing right now, reminds me so much of the movie Forest Gump. If you guys haven’t seen it, you should go watch it this weekend with your families.

But in Forest Gump when they were trying to become shrimpers and they were out there and they were getting their butts kicked, losing to everybody, and then this huge storm came and everybody put their boats up, and their boats got destroyed during the storm, but if you remember the scene with Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan out there in the middle of the storm, going crazy, and they were staying on the boat having so much fun keeping alive. And when the storm ended, when the season ended, when it shifted, they were the only boat standing, all the other boats had been destroyed in the storm. And they went on to build up this billion dollar company, Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, right.

And anyway, obviously it’s a fictional story, but the concept is true. Those who weather the storm will come out on the other side stronger than ever. So what can you be doing now? What should you be doing today, this weekend, next week to make sure that when this season passes, when the storm subsides that you’re on the safe side of it? So with that said, we’re going to the theme song, when we come back I’ll share with you guys part of my Facebook live from today. Thanks so much.

We just did our Clickfunnels meeting and yesterday we had the highest number of people logged into Clickfunnels ever. It’s like more than double what happens on a normal day, which means this is literally the season of Funnel building. You guys, you’re home, you’ve got the chance right now to finally create. There’s always an excuse, “Oh, I can’t build a funnel because of this, because of this. I’m too busy, I’ve got this, I’ve got…blah, blah, blah.” There’s always, for some reason, people always have this, we call it the manana principle. “Tomorrow, manana, tomorrow I’ll do it. Tomorrow I’ll do it.”

And what I want to do, I want to suggest something for you guys right now. I want you to take this manana principle most of us have, “I’ll do the work tomorrow. I’ll do the thing tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.” I want you to do this as an exercise, it’s going to be really fun, okay. What you’re going to do is the thing that you know you need to be doing, that you normally put off until manana, I want you to stop and I want you to do that today. And then the stressing that you were planning on doing today, stressing out about the Coronavirus, about food, about toilet paper, about whatever you’re stressing about, I want you to take that stress, and I want you to stress about it manana.

So we’re just shifting, this is an easy shift. We’re taking the stuff right now that we’re normally worried about, and we’re shifting it to manana. And the stuff that we normally are going to do manana, the stuff that’s actually important, about building our life, building our business, building our family, we’re going to shift it to today. It’s just shifting the manana principle.

If you guys can do that, it’s going to be amazing for you because number one, you’re not going to be stressed out, because you’re going to be like, “I don’t have time right now, I’m busy building funnels, tomorrow I will worry about the stress.” And then today you can get back to work.

And what’s cool about that, if you do it today, this is going to be all of Friday, all of today, to be able to work, to create, to be able to read, to be able to study, to be able to learn, whatever the thing is that you’ve been procrastinating, you will have a chance to finally do it today. And all the stress t hat you’ve been sitting on for the last week, you move to tomorrow, and you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I’ll worry about it tomorrow.”  And then ask yourself, “Will you survive today? Is your family going to be okay? You got food for today? Sweet, worry about it tomorrow. Let’s get back to work.”

And then what’s going to be cool is tomorrow, I’m going to suggest you do the same thing, move it till manana and get back to work. So there you go, there’s the manana principle in a way that will actually serve you, as opposed to hurting you. But again, we had more than double as many people log into Clickfunnels yesterday than we’ve ever had. Which means it’s the season right now, the season to build funnels, the season to build hope, the season to start preparing and building your foundation, because this season is going to pass, and the people who aren’t frozen by fear in this season, when they come out of it, they’re going to have the chance to go create and do some amazing things.

So I want to make sure you guys aren’t freezing during the season of fear. Worry about it tomorrow, manana. Right now get back to work, focus on stuff that you can control, things you can create, things you can do, because the season will end, and I don’t know if it’s going to be two weeks from now, two months from now, two years from now, it does not matter. It’s going to end and the people who have been preparing during this season, who have been planting the seeds right now, are the ones who will reap harvests. So now is the time to plant seeds.

So what that means, two things, number one, if you haven’t got the Traffic Secrets book yet, go and get it. This is the seeds you need to get to be able to master traffic. Number two, this right here is Funnel Flix, now Funnel Flix is an amazing tool. I’ve licensed, I think there’s 2600 videos in there, all of them courses I learned from when I was learning this game. I went to all those people and I was like, “your courses were the best I ever went through, can I license them from you?” and I paid them a small fortune, I think over a million dollars so far in licensing fees, because I wanted to be Netflix for entrepreneurs.

So we entered the streaming wars, we launched Funnel Flix and it’s live. And right now we have a really cool thing for this weekend, it’s called Funnel Flix Premier Week. You go to right now and you put your email address in there and you get these four videos. 1, 2, 3, 4. I think each day it unlocks one, so you’ll get this one immediately. The first one if Frank Kern, if you don’t know who Frank Kern is, he’s one of the OG’s of internet marketing.

We had him speak at Funnel Hacking Live, we didn’t tell anybody he was coming, it was top secret. Then in the middle of, we had this whole Funnel Flix presentation, we had him come down and bang on the thing and it opened up and Frank came out and delivered a message, it was insanely good, and people went nuts. It was like standing ovations, screaming, it was as close to what a rock star would feel like in our world. If you can imagine that, imagine your biggest rock star coming out and all the people, “Ahh!” that’s what happened. And we captured it for you and you go watch that presentation right now. Well, not right now, wait till this is over, then watch it this weekend.

And if you like Frank’s stuff, I licensed every, I think almost, 13 or 14 of Frank’s courses, almost everything he’s ever published is also in Funnel Flix now. So if you’re a Funnel FLix member you can geek out on Frank this weekend and get excited. It’s all in there from, anyway, all his best stuff is in there, which is exciting.

Right now everyone is stressing out because of all the economic turmoil, so what I want you to do is I want you to take that stress and I want you to stress about it manana, tomorrow. So take that, “Tomorrow I’ll worry about it. Today I’m focusing on planting seeds for my future.” Start planting seeds of like, reading a book, creating funnels, building stuff, making videos, publishing, whatever your seeds are, start planting those seeds ASAP, because harvest is coming. But if you don’t plant now you’re going to be screwed when the harvest comes. So start planting your seeds right now, take all the stress of the CoronaVirus or whatever you’re stressed about, put it tomorrow, manana we’ll worry about that.

And then all the stuff you normally do tomorrow, which is the planting of the seeds, you’re like, “I’ll plant tomorrow. I’m going to study tomorrow, I’ll build a funnel tomorrow, I’ll make a video tomorrow, I’ll publish tomorrow.” It’s time to stop and take that to today, moving that forward. And we’re going to do that right now. Does that sound good?

That’s the game plan you guys. Appreciate you all, thanks for hanging out, this has been a fun week so far. Hopefully you’re enjoying the time with your family and your loved ones, make sure to prepare yourselves you guys, we don’t know what’s going to happen. But the best thing you could possibly be doing right now is planting seeds for tomorrow. The harvest will come, if you have not planted during this season of planting, you’re going to be in trouble. So now is the time. Appreciate you guys, thanks for everything, go get your book. and, go have some fun and have a great weekend. Thanks everybody, we’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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