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297 - The Only Way That You Can Continue To Grow...

297 - The Only Way That You Can Continue To Grow...

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Semi-deep thoughts after writing the back cover of the Expert Secrets book.

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The only way to continue to grow is to transition from this growth into contribution. How do we share this growth with other people? And as you start helping them and sharing with them and you see them grow, That’s how you start to grow again. Your growth becomes dependent upon the growth that other people have.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I am so tired. I was up til 3 last night editing the book. It’s the final edit and guess what? It is finally getting really, really, really, really close. And it’s, I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of it. So I’m just excited right now. But yeah, I was up til 3:00 editing and I woke up super early today because we got Funnel Friday starting in 11 minutes. So I’m racing to the office to go, I’ll probably be late. But that’s kind of like, you’re on Russell Brunson time, you’re going to be a little late sometimes.

But anyway, it’s funny how much, I don’t think pain is the right word, but how hard it is for me to get into the book, writing, editing process. Because I think this is the final edit. So everything I leave there is going to be in print in a physical book for forever. And it’s never going to go away. So it’s like it’s so final. Steven was like, in the Dotcom Secrets book, there’s probably like 10 things I want to change. So it’s just like, you can’t, it’s final and that’s it.

So it kind of stresses me out, but what can you do? It’s been good though. I started finally going through. I got about 50 pages of the 250 pages or so finished. So I’m hoping in the next day or so, I’ll be done. And then this thing we can send off to the publisher and get the formatting done and turn it into a book. So that’s exciting. It’s funny, I was Snapchatting me procrastinating last night and showing people stuff. You know how I have my little doodle drawings, which is kind of a cool thing I think. I feel like most people think it’s cool. But someone Snapchatted back, “Those drawings are cute but there childish and unprofessional.” Or something like that. I was like, “Are you kidding me?” People are amazing. Why would you tell someone that? I wish I could see who it was on snapchat so I could tell them off. But I’m too nice of a guy, so I won’t even though I want to.

Alright, so what I want to share with you. I was writing the back cover of the book last night. And that’s a hard thing to do too, because you’re just like, some people that’s all they’re going to read. So what do you say and how do you say it? I probably re-wrote ten times. That probably took 2 hours just to write that and get it. What’s interesting, when I did finally write it, I was kind of nervous because it’s, I don’t know, it almost goes a little deeper than….I don’t know. But I think it’s how I feel about this book, but it’s also how I feel about my mission in Clickfunnels.

I’m trying to think of which part I should tell you now. Actually, I’ll rewind. So it’s interesting, Liz Tennison who is now helping me run the Funnel Hacker community and certification program and stuff like that. She’s awesome. She came to our house and she was filming a testimonial last week and when we were filming it I was asking her story about how she became an entrepreneur. And she told a story about when she first joined Mary Kaye, and the founder of Mary Kaye before she passed away she had a chance to hear her speak. And once she heard her speak, she was talking about how Mary Kaye for her was more than just a job or a business, it was a spiritual thing. And she said, “You know, a lot of times we can’t get into people’s houses with the Bible or with God, and so this is another way we can do it. Get into their house and try to help and serve them through makeup.”

When Liz was telling me that she started to get emotional, and I started to get emotional. I was like, dang that’s such a cool thing because in a perfect world all of us, the way we serve each other is by bringing God and bringing things into people’s lives, you know it’s hard in today’s day and age. People don’t want that. People fight against their, it’s just like how else can we serve these people and get them to where they need to be? And it’s through other avenues we have to serve. So for me, and I think my entire team, we always talk about how Clickfunnels is more than a business or product. It’s a spiritual thing, we give people the ability to share their message and grow and help and serve as well. For me it’s bigger than a business, which I think I’m so passionate about it and why we’ve had so much success with it.

So anyway, the reason I told you that is because I was writing this book, I was realizing that some of you are going to read this book, Expert Secrets, they’re typically not at the beginning of their journey. Most of them, and I’m going to most of them, most of us, most of you, all of us, the time that you pick up this journey is not you’re doing nothing else and then like, “I want to wake up an expert.” It’s usually because some experience happened in your life that made you want more, so because of that you started reading and studying and learning.

And then after you learn things, you got excited, so you’re experimenting and tried it. Some things worked and some things didn’t work, and then You’re making up your own experiment. And it could be any avenue of life. Some of you guys, it was in fitness, some of you guys it was in relationships. Some of you guys it was in wealth, money, finances, or marketing. All of us have different things, but there’s something that happened. Some experience that made you go deep on the topic. And what happens is that we’ll typically go through a period of our life which is extreme growth. We’re learning, we’re learning and we become better and better at this thing and you’re growing.

When I started wrestling, I started getting excited by it and started geeking out and learning and growing. It was this phase of my life where I went through extreme growth, but then there comes this point where you can’t grow by learning anymore. You just keep learning and learning and eventually, me learning more marketing tactics is not going to, I’m not growing anymore. You start to plateau. And when you hit that plateau point, I don’ think there’s any way you can grow by continuing to grow, it’s impossible.

The only way to continue to grow is to transition from this growth into contribution. How do we share this growth with other people? And as you start helping them and sharing with them and you see them grow, That’s how you start to grow again. Your growth becomes dependent upon the growth that other people have. Does that make sense?

So it’s this interesting transition point. You know the back of the book said basically, you pick up this book, you’re probably half way through your journey. You’ve probably gone through that and you’re growing and you’re stuck, and the only way to really progress is to help people become like you, to get to the spot you’re in right now.” I just think that it’s fascinating. I look at other things around me that that’s true in. An industry that I joke about a lot, but it’s serious is network marketing. You can make money but you plateau quickly, and the only way you can really grow is by helping those around you grow. That’s how you get this leverage and growth and make insane amounts of money that some people do in network marketing.

If you think about your kids, half of your life is this growth phase where you’re selfish and you’re, most of us go through this phase of life and we’re kind of selfish and it’s all about us, then you find a spouse and then it’s all about you guys together. And then you get married hopefully, then you have kids and suddenly when you have your first kid, it transitions to, okay you’ve gone through this testing ground, the only way for you to progress now is to help these little people progress. And that’s how you start to grow. That’s how you become the next level of who you are supposed to become.

Business for me is like that. It’s like having kids, it’s like it gives you the ability then to continue to grow. And from the spiritual standpoint, well I don’t know how deep I should get into these kind of conversations through a marketing podcast, but in a spiritual sense I think that’s how God grows. It’s through the perfection in us as children becoming more and growing and serving each other and it’s just such a cool cycle when you look at it from that standpoint.

Anyway, without getting emotional or too much probably further than I’m supposed to on something like this, I just thought I’d share that with you guys because I think that what you and what I and what all of us are doing matters. And it matters a lot. Because it gives you the ability to affect other people’s lives. So this mission you’ve been on to grow and develop, the only way for you to continue that progress is by the transition where now you are becoming an expert. You’re helping other people, you’re serving them and bringing them up to your level. And when you do that, that’s where true fulfillment and happiness is. So I think it’s pretty cool.

So there’s my message for today. With that said, I’m going to be late for Funnel Friday. It’s starting in 2 minutes and I’m probably 5 minutes out. But that’s what happens when you pull all nighters trying to change the world. Anyway you guys, with that said, I appreciate you all. Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed this podcast or any other Marketing In Your Car podcast, please go to iTunes and rate and review, that’d be sweet. Share it with people. Right now we’ve got a contest that’s happening for any of the MP3 players you give away at, we’re giving a $20 bounty. So you get $20 for every free MP3 player you’re giving away. But it only lasts for the next 10 days or so. If you want to participate in that, go to and tell the world about this podcast and we’ll pay you for it, so it’s kind of fun. Alright you guys, thanks so much for everything and we’ll talk to you guys soon.


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