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298 - Follow The Big Piles Of Cash

298 - Follow The Big Piles Of Cash

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Stop being offended when people market to you and instead, do this…

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Why are you getting offended about their marketing? That’s why you signed up for the first place. Yes, you can go and buy their products and you will learn from that, but I learn more from watching the process. That’s what we call, we talk about Funnel Hacking. Watch the process, what people are doing and that is worth its weight in gold. Usually that is worth more than the product.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I feel bad, this is 3 podcasts, almost in a row, where I have actually been in my car. I feel like I’m a fraud or a sham or something. I don’t know. But I’m at the office right now and it’s kind of a bittersweet day. We are packing up the office. All of my books are no longer on the bookshelf. They’re in boxes. Most of my courses I threw away, or my brother Scott took them and is turning them into audiobook files so I can listen to them in my phone. And we threw away literally an entire dumpster full of CD’s and DVD’s and courses. It’s a little emotional, I’m not going to lie. But we’re going to survive.

A few minutes ago we drove over to the new office and we saw it and everything’s getting put together and it’s so exciting. We have a glass wall, which looks super cool. We have our own bathroom, which may seem lame to you guys, but it’s so exciting for us. Because this is, I’ve rented a lot of offices, this is the first we’ve actually owned, which is so exciting. So those bathrooms are actually my bathrooms. I guess they’re our bathrooms. No, I paid for it, they’re freaking my bathrooms. Just kidding.

Alright so as we’re packing stuff up, I’m putting things and I have to decide what goes in the garbage and what gets saved. So I’m throwing away things with tears in my eyes. Hoarder Russell, because I’m totally an info product hoarder, so I’m throwing away my piles of everything that’s built the foundation for our entire company. If it doesn’t matter, even though it does, we’re throwing these things away. Some of these I’m like, “Not throwing that away. That’s gotta stay.”

So I’ve got this binder here, sitting on the floor. I just looked at it. I looked at it and it made me smile for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s from Frank Kern. Frank’s stuff is always fun, I always love his stuff. It’s a binder and on the outside of the binder it says, 32,800,000 swipe file. So I grab it and opened it up and inside there is 1, 2, 3 4 booklets. There’s one booklet that says the Annihilation Method, one that says Stomper Net, one that says Pipeline Profits, one that says Serializer.

And when you open up these little booklets, guess what’s inside? The only thing inside is half a paragraph explaining what this is and then it’s the emails that he sent out during this product launch. So it’s just copy and pasted all the emails.

And I started laughing because this is part of a product that I don’t know what we spent on it, but you know it’s probably a $1000, or maybe a $2000 course. And this was a big piece, the swipe file books and swipe file from 4 campaigns that each of them made, well combined made 23.8 million dollars. But they’re the swipe files. What’s hilarious about this, if you think about it, is if you were on Frank’s or anyone’s list at the time during this thing happening. You got these emails for free. And they came in your inbox and they didn’t cost you anything and you already got them.

Yet, fast forward a year and all the sudden you say, these emails made 23.8 million dollars, and suddenly people pay you $1000 to read these emails. The same emails that were already in your inbox. In fact, they probably are in the inbox. That’s what’s so funny. So I started thinking about this because people join my list for what reason? They want to learn marketing, right. So they join my list because they want to learn marketing and they want to learn stuff, and they want to figure out how to sell their products and services better.

And they’re on there and getting the emails and then people unsubscribe and then I read the, I don’t do it often because it stresses me out and makes me whatever. So I look at it and there’s the comments that are like, “Why did you unsubscribe?” and they’re like, “Russell sends too many emails. All he does is try to sell me stuff.” “Russell always trying to get me to go to another webinar.” Or whatever. “He keeps talking about Clickfunnels.” And it makes me laugh because if I fast forward a year from now and take all those emails and put them in a binder, I could sell them to the same people for $1000. “Here’s the sequence that I sent out that made us a million bucks.” And they’re all excited because they want to buy it.

But the reality is like, you are joining my list or other marketers lists to learn how to market. Why are you getting offended about their marketing? That’s why you signed up for the first place. Yes, you can go and buy their products and you will learn from that, but I learn more from watching the process. That’s what we call, we talk about Funnel Hacking. Watch the process, what people are doing and that is worth its weight in gold. Usually that is worth more than the product.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of thousands of dollars of products I bought and never went through the product. Yet, in my mind completely justified the entire cost because I got to see the sales videos on each page. I saw the upsells and the downsells and I saw those things. I saw the email sequences they sent to me later. And all those things came into my head and I started learning and understanding them. And my next email sequence I’m like, “remember when Frank did this on email 3? I’m going to do that in my next email.” “Remember when So and So did this?” we start looking at those things and tweaking them based on what we’re learning.

And so I just wanted to say for you guys who are trying to learn marketing. First off, step number one, do not be offended by marketing. Because that’s the whole point. You can’t be offended by what you’re doing. Second thing, those emails or Facebook Live’s or things that are bugging you where right now you’re like, “Man, they keep doing these things…” Those might be the same case studies that next year you’re buying for $1000. So you should watch the process, watch what’s working. And if somebody’s doing something consistently, it’s probably working really well. If they do it for a little bit and stop, it probably isn’t working.

So that was my message for today as I was looking through this, I was just kind of smiling and thinking about these emails. If I search my email inbox from whenever these campaigns were, 7 or 8 years ago, I guarantee they are all in my inbox still. Yet, I paid $1000 to get the booklet of them because of the result they got.

So this is kind of two tiers. So number one is, again, don’t get upset when people are marketing to you, take that and learn from it. Add it to your swipe files, funnel hacking files, whatever you want to call it. Then number two, think about the byproduct of what you guys are doing in your business. People will pay to see what’s working for the marketing of your business.

When we had our supplement company we had the info product, all the other stuff we were doing before we created the 108 Split tests book. That book was just, here’s all of the things we were doing, here’s the case studies, the ads we ran, what worked here, what didn’t. That’s what we showed people.

I was watching the other day, one of our Facebook ads, some of you guys probably saw it. There’s a video of me promoting the 108 Split tests book and I got two pictures. I got a picture of one webinar registration page and another one. And I was like, “Which webinar registration page do you think wins? One of them out converted the other one by whatever.” And the ugly one won.

And I was reading the comments from all these people who are posting, “That was not a true split test. You split tested wrong.” And yelling at me because I didn’t split test the right way, the way that they think split testing should happen is completely wrong. Because they are like, “You have to have the exact same copy, the exact same thing and only change one thing at a time.” And I was like, “Okay, that’s true on the second or third tier of a split test. But where are you at in business right now?” Anyway, I just wanted….

In fact, I was talking about this earlier with these guys here in the office, one of my friends Matt Bacak, I remember I used to hear him speak and he the rule, he called it the piles of cash rule. He’s like, “Whenever I am looking at someone and they give me advice, I look at the size of their pile of cash and if it’s bigger than my pile of cash I take their advice. If it’s smaller, I ignore them.” I want to go back to these guys and just be like, “Okay, so you’re telling me my split test process is wrong. I just want you to look at your pile of cash real quick and if it’s bigger than mine. Cool, I’m wrong. But if it’s not maybe you should learn and instead of complaining in the comments of my Facebook ad, maybe you should be like, ‘why would Russell do that? Why would he test two completely different layouts first before he gets into headline tweaks or little tiny tweaks that we typically do on our split testing.’”

Number one is because, and I talked about this before on the podcast. When we’re doing split testing, level number on is not headline tweaks and tests, its radical shifts, so it’s one page design versus a completely different page design. That’s the first thing I’m going. From there I figure out the right page design that’s going to have the highest conversion. Then we go deeper into the copy, the elements the images. All the other pieces we go deeper and deeper and deeper in. but it starts with two radically different looks and feel. That’s the key in my mind.

Because if I would have done, and that split test specifically, if I would have done it the way that they were suggesting, I would have picked the one that was the loser, and I would have started split testing headlines of the loser. And I don’t care how long I tried, what do they say? You can’t polish a turd. I could have kept polishing that thing forever and 15 years from now, I never would have had a winner. But instead I had two radically different things and found out, “Wow, this direction is dramatically better than that one. Now I’ve got this nice shiny diamond and now I start going in there and chiseling away and making it perfect.“

Not that the message of this podcast, was not to teach you guys split testing, but It’s teaching you don’t get offended by people marketing. Don’t leave comments about how you’re frustrated about something that you don’t understand because it’s not the way you would do it, because maybe you’re wrong. Maybe somebody else isn’t. I also wanted to drop the whole pile of cash rule because I think that it’s a good rule for everyone to live by. With that said, thank you Matt Bacak for that idea. I’m going to come back to that and start sharing that more often with people. Look at where and how you’re getting your advice from. Follow the piles of cash.

So that’s it you guys. Appreciate you all. Remember the big piles of cash. Look and take advice from those whose are bigger than yours and those who are smaller, don’t pay any attention right now, because it will save you a lot of time, frustration and headache. So there you go guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing days and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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