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299 - Getting Excited, Offline Funnels That Work, Make Sure You Don't Sale B To R

299 - Getting Excited, Offline Funnels That Work, Make Sure You Don't Sale B To R

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited that I survived the drive to the office today.

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When you start getting excited by every single thing that happens, even things that normally aren’t that cool, but you’re like, “That was awesome.” First off, your brain starts going, “Wow that actually was awesome.” Right now I’m out in the snow and this is awesome. I have a chance to share with you guys and get a sales letter. I got two things done today in the snow. How awesome is that? Most people would be like, “I’m in the snow, I’m miserable. Life is crappy.” And that’s the reality most people live in. 


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Hey everyone, good morning. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I’m stuck in the snow right now and most people would be complaining, but guess what. I’m crazy effective right now. I can barely move, apparently in Boise when there’s a half a centimeter of snow it shuts the whole city down. So I’m stuck in the snow.

But while I’ve been stuck in the snow, listen to everything I’ve accomplished already. We’re sending out a letter to our Dream100, letting them know about the book launch on April 18th. By the way if you guys want to participate in that, mark it on your calendars today. April 18th is when the Expert Secrets book is going live. So I was going to write that today, but I was like I don’t have time to write it. So I have a guy on my team, and I think everyone needs a guy on their team that does this. His name is Levi and what he does is, I vox him stuff and he writes it out and cleans it up.

So when I want to send emails, I just vox him and then he puts the emails in Clickfunnels and Actionetics and types them all out. Then I look in there, tweak it and then send it out, which has been so great. And then today, for the sales letter I just voxed him, “Hey man, I’m stuck in the snow. Here’s the sales letter I want to send out.” So I sent it to him, he’s going to write it out, give it to me, I’ll edit it and then we’ll send out an actual physical sales letter from there.

The cool thing about that, I don’t know about most of you guys, but this is the hard thing about writing. This is why I think copywriting is typically so hard and everyone struggles with it. It’s because most of us are really good selling face to face. I can sell you on why you should go see this movie or why you should whatever. Those things are easy to do. But it’s like, if I have to write that to you, it’s so much harder and then you start writing, you’re creative brain that’s really good at selling, starts getting out and your analytical editing brain is like, “Wait, you have a typo there. You need a period. You forgot the comma. What about capitalization.” So you’re going back and forth and it’s painful.

I know for me, when I start writing emails, I log into Actionetics and start typing it out, I start stressing out because it doesn’t look good. I spend half the time editing and half the time to write. I’m going back and forth, and I know the story is really good, but it takes so long to type it out that I just shorten the story. I don’t even tell it. I don’t know, it’s just not as good as it could be. So what I do now is vox him the stuff, tell him the story and vox it and he writes it out. I’m like, “Dang, that looks actually really good.” He knows the format I like my emails in, so he puts it in 99% the way there and I go and clean it up and send it out.

Anyway, I think that’s cool. So I hope you guys think it’s cool too. Because it’ll be a shortcut. But it works for sales letters, works with emails, works with anything you’ve got to write. Even my book, that’s how I wrote my book initially. The first draft came from me dictating through my phone and then Julie on my team re-writing it and then me going back and doing deep edits from there. I think its magic because it pulls the editing side out of your body, or out of your brain and gets you to be creative when you’re just writing. So don’t actually write, just talk.

So I got that done, and then I thought that was going to take my whole drive to the office, but I’m halfway there. I’m stuck behind a big old, what’s it called? A tow truck. I guess it’s probably more efficient to have a tow truck behind you, so if you wreck he can pull you out. If I wreck, he’s going to be gone by the time anyone notices.

But yeah, I’m stuck. We’re going 1 mile an hour. I got my meeting in 4 minutes. Not going to make it in time. But I got time to hang out with you guys, which is even better. So thank the snow because that’s awesome.

So today’s message, what I wanted to talk about, is all about being excited. I think that the worst thing about most people nowadays, nobody is excited about anything. I’ll have the coolest thing and I share it with somebody and they’re like, “Wow.” I’m like, “What? Wow? That’s all I got from that. Dude, you should be going crazy.” If you notice one thing about me, I get so excited about everything. Even the little dumb things that shouldn’t matter. I just get excited by it.

It’s interesting what happens when you do this. So a couple of things, when you start getting excited by every single thing that happens, even things that normally aren’t that cool, but you’re like, “That was awesome.” First off, your brain starts going, “Wow that actually was awesome.” Right now I’m out in the snow and this is awesome. I have a chance to share with you guys and get a sales letter. I got two things done today in the snow. How awesome is that? Most people would be like, “I’m in the snow, I’m miserable. Life is crappy.” And that’s the reality most people live in. Where because I’m excited I’m like, “That is pretty cool. I could do this. What else can I do?” In fact, I was on slack. I downloaded the slack app, which we started using in our office. I’m messaging people and getting crap done while I’m sitting here doing nothing.

I also snapchatted a story about the new office. I’m getting a lot of crap done in the snow. And then when cool things do happen, again someone goes to see a movie, I’m like, “How was the movie?” and they’re like, “It was alright.” I’m like, “What? How was that alright? You just saw….”It could be anything, “You just saw Batman and Superman fight to the death. It was alright? Are you serious? That was awesome. I don’t care who you are or what you think, that was amazing.”

This weekend I saw Rogue One again for the second time. And what was cool was Chad Woolner, one of my buddies/chiropractor, he put this thing on, so this is cool. He, and you may think this is impossible, but he’s an offline business and guess what he did, he used a funnel to make a bunch of money this weekend. So this is what he did. He built a page in Clickfunnels, he recorded a video of him telling a story. He told his origin story about why he got into chiropractic, and at the end he invited people as a guest. He said, “Even if you’re a member of our clinic or not. I don’t really care if your part of a community. But we rented out a whole theater, we’re going to be showing Rogue One, if you want to come. If you want to bring your friends and family, bring them all. It’s my treat because I’m a chiropractor who cares.” And then he sent it out to his list of clients and friends, posted it on Facebook, drew up some ads and everything.

And from that he filled up a theater of 300 people, and so my kids and I all went and saw Rogue One with him. So he shows up to Rogue One and he had recorded a whole bunch of video testimonials of all his patients, so everyone is sitting in this movie before the movie starts, a captive audience of 300 people. And he’s playing on the huge screen all these testimonials talking about why he’s amazing, why his clinic is amazing, which is awesome.

Then after the movie’s done, as soon as the credits come in, boom he cuts the credits, the lights come up and he’s like, “Hey everyone, before you leave, we’ve got some prizes.” So he does a drawing and gives out Star Wars things and everyone’s excited and everyone’s sitting there listening to him, again captivated. He’s got 300 people sitting in the room and then he keeps talking about a special offer, “Hey if you guys want to come in and get adjusted by the chiropractor that everyone is talking about in the videos, and the one’s that served you and let you come to this cool movie. If you want this law of reciprocity to work both ways, we’re even going to do something better. We’re going to make a special offer.” What, are you kidding me? You can’t make a special offer if you’re a chiropractor. Everyone charges $40 for an adjustment. “No, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to make a special offer. If you come in for an initial exam, we’re going to give you a free massage and on top of your massage, we’ll give you a $50 amazon gift card, just for coming in and letting us check you out.”

So people are like, “Dude, that’s a good offer. I want a free massage and a $50 gift card. It’s worth it to come in. And my neck has been kind of hurt, my back, have him look at it. My insurance is going to pay the bill. I’m in for that.” Boom, all the sudden he gets this table rush, there’s a huge line of people outside, signing up for free chiropractic care. All because of a movie.

So first off, I’m sitting there as the marketer in the room freaking out, snapchatting the whole thing. “This is amazing. I’ll find funnels. Funnels work for offline business, are you kidding me?” How many chiropractors do you know that closed 50 people yesterday? He had a captive audience with 300 people and closed 50 of them on chiropractic care. Yeah, one. The only dude that’s actually using funnels. So there’s number one.

Number two is I’m watching this movie for the second time and I’m with my kids. I’m like, “This is so amazing.” And I’m looking at people, all my Facebook group are writing these reviews, “The movie is okay, wasn’t’ that funny.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me? Did you not see that scene with Darth Vader at the end? He’s thrashing everybody. It was amazing.”

Anyway, I’m just saying, you guys need to be more excited. Everyone needs to be more excited. There are some amazing things, we live in this day and era and time when all this amazing stuff is happening around us and we’re missing it because we’re so bored. We’re so unimpressed with the remarkable that’s happening around us. There are literally miracles happening every single day all around us and we’ll look at it like, “Meh.” What? Dude, did you see what just happened? How are you guys just ‘meh-ing’ that? That’s a big freaking deal. That’s something we should all stop and be like, ‘wow.’

So anyway, I try to be excited all the time. I’m sure it drives some of you guys crazy. I’m sure I’ve got a lot of people who can’t stand me because of it, but the people I want to surround myself with are those who are seeing the miracles happening around us. Realizing that this stuff that kings would have paid everything they had, given up their entire fortune to watch the movies we get to watch for $10. And the fact that I’m in a car right now, it’s snowing outside, it’s freezing cold, and I’m able to say I want this to be 70 degrees and I want my seat to be warm. It is. I’m sitting in comfort right now.

This is better than having…..the Pharaoh’s back in the day would sit in one of those carts people would carry them around. I bet it was still hot. This is the miracle, I click a button, I push my foot down and it moves forward and it’s heated. This is exciting. Are you guys missing this? I may be going to the extreme here, but I want you guys to stop today and I want you to look around and start acknowledging this amazingness that’s happening and be like, “Dude, that was awesome. That, right there, that was amazing. That right there, that was amazing.” The fact that I walked, I just drove by a Jack in the Box, I could drive in there right now and for $5 have somebody make me the most amazing meal on earth. That’s amazing. Yeah, that’s not healthy, but it’s pretty amazing, you have to admit.

Anyway, there you go you guys. With that said, life is good. Sure, there’s some bad things happening around us, but look around at the miracles. We have it pretty dang, freaking amazing and I hope you’re all grateful for that, because I am and I hope you are as well. So count your many blessings, because they are there. You just gotta look for them.

With that said, I’m at the office. I haven’t died, which is like, I’m freaking out excited about that too. I could have wrecked multiple times. I’m a horrible driver right now. I’ve been snapchatting, writing sales letters, and voxing, and podcasting all on this ride and I’ve survived. That’s amazing. I’m pretty stoked about that. I don’t know about you guys, but I hope you are. Some of you are like, “Man, I wish he would have died and it would have ended the torture.” But for the rest of you guys, we survived it, that’s exciting. We should all have a party today or something. I don’t know. I think it calls for a party.

So alright, there you go you guys. I’m excited, hope you are as well. And for any of you guys wondering if offline funnels work. They do. You gotta think a little bit, you gotta be a little creative, but the key message is the same. Capture results, push people into a funnel, after you’ve done that, try to get a captive audience, create an irresistible offer. The game is the same. Doesn’t matter where you’re at, you’ve just gotta think through it.

I had someone the other day, “Yeah, that works for B to C, but it doesn’t work for B to B?” I’m like, “It depends, is the B to B, are they people? Because it only works on people.” So yeah, if they’re people that you’re going to be communicating with, this stuff works. If they’re not humans and you’re dealing with robots, I guess…..but b to b, B to C, as long as it’s not B to R, B to robot, business to robot, you’re screwed because robot’s have no emotion. But for everybody else, this crap works.

So there you go. We should get t-shirts, that say something about B to R. Okay, I’m pulling into a snow filled thing, and I have my flip……..oh I’m sliding, I’m sliding, but I’m stopped. And I’m officially at the office and we’re alive. I’m pretty stoked about that too. Alright you guys, talk to you soon. Have a great day and unless you sell B to R you should be smiling because funnels work. Talk to you soon, bye everybody.


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