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299 - How Many Interviews Did You Do Today?

299 - How Many Interviews Did You Do Today?

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Episode Recap:

An interesting question that’ll change how you get traffic into your funnels. On this episode Russell talks about what you need to do besides publishing every single day. Here are some of the things you will hear about on today’s episode:

-- Find out why you also need to be working your way into getting more traffic.

-- Hear some of the things that Russell is doing that has contributed to at least 1/3 of his book sales.

-- And listen to a story to help illustrate how often you need to be doing things in order to gain traffic.

So listen here to find out how you can work your way into getting more traffic, so you can serve more people.

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I’m sharing this because what Eric did, and what I think all of us need to be doing, and I’m doing, so I’m already on the bandwagon, you know…Let me step back. I always talk about how you should be publishing everyday. And publishing, you’re publishing to your existing audience right, like you’re posting a YouTube video a day, or a podcast a day, or a blogpost a day. That should be happening no matter what. But I think that thing that I’ve kind of done as a disservice is, step one you’re publishing stuff, but step two you have to promote what you’re publishing. We have to promote that. We have to get it out in front of new people, so they can come into your world.


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Hey what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I want to share something that’s almost like a part two from a podcast a couple of days ago. I shared with everybody how I am doing some of my Traffic Secrets, I’m out publishing everyday, I’m out working my way on tons of platforms. And a lot of people have said, “Oh, of course. That’s you, Russell. But does it work for other people?” So that’s what I want to talk about today.

Alright my friends, so there’s this weird thing, and if you don’t have it yet, you’ll find it when you start trying to teach and educate people, and it’s a frustrating thing because all the time, when you share something that you did or you’re doing or whatever, people always think that because you are you, that you are super human. Despite the fact that you are very human, despite the fact that I am very human. In fact, it’s interesting because it’s just funny to me because I’m like the most normal person of all time. And people are like, “Well, you’re Russell Brunson, so blah.” What does that even mean? I’m Russell Brunson, just means that I’ve been doing it, following the process, I believe it, I’m not skeptical. I’m not like, “I wonder if this is real?” I just do it and I just do it, and I keep on doing it.

And so you know, I think the last episode I talked about how I’m literally practicing what I preach. I said, go and work your way in. And now that my book is launched I’m working my way in, I’m doing more podcasts interviews in the last week than most people do in their entire lifetime. And it wasn’t hard. And they’re like, ‘It’s not hard because you’re Russell.” And it’s like, no, you don’t understand. You’re missing the point.

So I found an example, one of my friends, his name is Eric Lofholm. And he, January of this year he posted something and it was like January 1st, and anyway I was doing a group, I was doing a presentation for my Clickfunnels Collective Group, this is our highest level coaching clients. And I was doing a big presentation, so I’m not going to share all of it, but there’s one slide I want to share because I think hopefully it’ll get the wheels in your head spinning like, “It’s not just for Russell, it’s for everybody, including me.” That’s the goal. So if you say, “This is for me, including me.” Then I’ll have done my job for this episode.

So Eric Lofholm on January 2nd this year, he said, “gave speech number one of 2020, shooting for 550 speeches this year.” And I was like, that’s pretty cool. And then the next picture I showed was on January 4th, he said, “My goal this year is to do 550 speeches, so far I have been posting my year to date results. I have had 2 people reach out to me to book me, yay. No speeches today. I’m at 7 for the year so far. A few people have asked me what my definition of a speech is, here it is. A talk that reaches 2 or more people.” So his definition of a speech is a talk that reaches 2 or more people. He says, “This includes the following, guest speaker at a sales meeting, delivering a seminar, being on a podcast, delivering a webinar, delivering a keynote, or corporate training. If you want me to do a talk, let me know.”

Okay, so that’s his goal. “My goal is to do 550 speeches this year.” His definition of a speech is talking 2 or more people at a time. So that was January 4th. Then January 6th he said, “I’m all in on my goal for 2020. Here are the results for today. Delivered 5 speeches, had 9 coaching calls, booked 2 speeches, created 4 pieces of content, delivered 1 sales presentation and added 2 new members to my team. My speech goal this year is 550 for the year, I’m at 12 speeches so far, year to date.”

On January 8th he said, “3 speeches today so far. Reached 18 speeches so far year to date.” Then January 9th, “3 speeches today. 22 speeches year to date. 550 speeches is my goal.” January 13th, “6 speeches today. 32 year to date. 550 for the goal.” And then January 14th, “8 speeches today. 40 speeches month to date.” And then January 15th, “3 speeches today. 43 speeches to date.” January 16th, “Gave 5 speeches today. 48 year ti date.” Then January 17th, “2 speeches today, 50 year to date.” And then January 20th, “5 speeches today, 55 year to date.” Then January 21st, “7 speeches, 62 year to date.” And he keeps going. January 23rd, “3 more speeches, 68 year to date.” January 22nd, “3 more speeches, 65 year to date.” January 24th, “6 speeches today, 74 year to date.” January 27th, I’m going to get through January just so you can see, so, “4 speeches today, 78 year to date.” And then that’s January.

So the first 30 days he had 78 speeches year to date. And then it goes on in the presentation I showed. I showed February, and I went all the way through March. And by the last slide, I had in March, he had 202 by March 19th.

I’m sharing this because what Eric did, and what I think all of us need to be doing, and I’m doing, so I’m already on the bandwagon, you know…Let me step back. I always talk about how you should be publishing everyday. And publishing, you’re publishing to your existing audience right, like you’re posting a YouTube video a day, or a podcast a day, or a blogpost a day. That should be happening no matter what. But I think that thing that I’ve kind of done as a disservice is, step one you’re publishing stuff, but step two you have to promote what you’re publishing. We have to promote that. We have to get it out in front of new people, so they can come into your world.

So what Eric is doing is he’s going out each day and he’s doing a presentation somewhere to get people to come back into his world so they can see what he’s publishing in his own world. He’s going out and so if you think about that, that’s the thing. You’re giving these speeches, or these presentations, or these interviews, whatever you want to call them, to get people to come back into your world, to come back into your funnels. So that way you can get them to join your list, right, or follow you on YouTube or Instagram, or subscribe to your podcast, whatever it is, and then you can do your daily publishing.

So it’s kind of a two step fold, you’re publishing daily to build a relationship with your audience, but then you’re out there giving presentations to other people’s audiences to get those people like a magnet into your world, onto your list, into your thing.

Think about this right now, with the Traffic Secrets launch I’ve probably done, I don’t know, 40 let’s say 40, who knows. Maybe more, maybe less. 40 interviews. From those 40 interviews we’ve sold 30,000 copies of the book, more than that now. But around 30,000 copies. And obviously there are other things, like we emailed our own list, you know we were buying ads and stuff like that, but a lot of it, I would say my guess is at least a third of those sales have come from me going out there and talking on other people’s platforms, giving speeches, giving presentations, doing interviews, things like that to get people back in my world.

And if it wasn’t for that, if it was just me on my own list, I don’t think I would have got past 10,000 books sold to my own customer list. So 2/3 of these sales have come from paid ads, which is probably a third of it, and then me going out there and doing these things is the other third. Working my way in, giving presentations, giving speeches.

And so, I wanted to share that because again, it’s back up of what I just said earlier, but second off, it’s someone else, Eric Lofholm, he’s been doing sales training for a long time and he’s set a goal, “I’m going to go out every single day this year and try to get a speech.” His goal is 550 speeches, that’s more than one a day. And I think, as I was reading some of his other Facebook posts, it was interesting, he was talking about you know, at first it was really hard, and then he started getting momentum, and he’s like, “Man, every time I do a speech, I get 3 other people that ask me to do a speech, and then I do that speech and I get 2 other people, and then it just starts growing and snowballing.’ He said, “Even when I told people on my Facebook page, “I’m doing a speech, I’m doing 550 speeches this year,” he’s like, “When I told people my goal, then people started messaging me, ‘do you want to do a speech to my people?’ yeah, sure.”

I think part of this also was coming back to what we keep talking about, which is your dream 100. Get your dream 100 and then go to these people and say, “Look, I want to do a presentation, can I do a presentation for you today?” and start getting those people and pulling them back in.

So anyway, I hope that helps because I want you guys thinking about that. Not just publishing everyday, but I’m going out and I’m giving presentations, speeches, whatever you want to call them, to get people from these other people’s followings into my world. I’m promoting my own content, I’m promoting my squeeze page, I’m promoting my stuff, I’m working my way in. There’s a thousand ways you can call it, I call it working your way in. Eric calls it doing speeches, it’s the same thing though. It’s going out there to people who don’t know who you are, giving presentations and then pulling them back into your world.

And this is a way you can go out and you’re basically, I mean, right now in this crazy economy, it’s funny because everyone is so scared to sell. I’m seeing people who are scared to death, like they’re going to offend someone by selling. I’m like, look at it differently. You’re going out to serve. You’re going to these different congregations, you’re giving your presentations, you’re serving, you’re allowing people to come back, to learn more. And from there they opt into your squeeze page, they’re registering for your webinar, they’re subscribing to your podcast or following you on YouTube. Whatever it is, you’re giving, you’re serving in the time right now, people need it. You’re going to go out there with your voice and serve and get people in. And then after they’re in, now you have a chance to continue to serve them, help them. And then from there, you can sell them your products and your services.

And because you led with service, you led with giving a presentation, pulling them back, giving them daily content, all the things we’ve been talking about for forever, now when you ask for the sale, they’re like, “Man, this guy gives so much, or this girl gives me so much. Yes, I’m willing to give them money. I’m not mad about it, I’m happy about it. This person is serving their face off. Yes, I will definitely invest my money with them versus somebody else.”

So anyway, just a fun way to look at it. So if you get nothing else from this, in fact, I need a story. So when I was, I remember back in the day, this is probably a decade ago, article marketing was the thing. I used to write articles, post an article in directories, and we drive traffic to you. And I remember because when I learned that, and it doesn’t work today, at least not like it used to, so don’t quote me like this is a traffic secret, because it’s not. But it was like a loop hole that we had for a while in the search engines.

So we built a team where we were publishing 10, 20, 30 articles a day. If I get traffic from articles, I need to get as many articles as possible. I remember I was at this mastermind meeting and this guy got on stage, and he’s talking about how he’s not getting traffic, and he’s like, “I tried everything, I tried article marketing, I tried everything.” And I asked him, I said, ‘How many articles a day do you publish?” and he looked at me and he said, “Based on the way that you asked that question I know that I’m doing it wrong.” I go, “What do you mean?” he’s like, “I published 2.” I’m like, “Ever?” He’s like, “Yeah. I was doing article marketing. I published 2 articles and I didn’t get any traffic.” I said, “That’s the problem.” I said, the question again was, how many articles a day are you publishing?

So my question for you is like, if you’re like, “I tried to get interviews and I didn’t get any leads or any traffic from you.” The question would be like, “how many podcasts a day are you on?” does that shift the perspective for you? I’m glad that Eric Lofholm, that he didn’t say “My goal is to do 365 presentations.” Because that’s then, “I gotta do one a day.” He said, 550, which is more than that. So it means, ‘I need to do more than one a day.” And all the sudden you do that and your brain starts looking for opportunities, “how do I do it?” you know after each presentation, “Man, I need to do more presentations. Maybe at the end of my presentation say, ‘if anyone wants to do a presentation like this to your list or your company, let me know.” And then all the sudden it opens up another door and another door.

But when you ask a different question you get a way different answer. So how many podcasts, how many interviews, how many speeches did you give today? That’s my question for you.

Alright with that said, appreciate you guys and hopefully you got something from this. Keep pushing, now is the time to serve. People are waiting for you, go out there and talk and share and serve. If you do that, they will come to you and they will follow you. Everybody right now is silently begging to be lead. That’s what Jay Abraham said. And they are looking for you. So don’t be quiet, be loud right now, it’s the time, they’re waiting for you. Thanks so much you guys, I appreciate you, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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