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Ep. 92 - 3 Million Dollar Table Rush at Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Conference (Part 2)


Mayhem Breaks out at Grant Cardone's 2018 10x Growth Con as Russell Brunson breaks all sales records and does 3 Million Dollars in 90 Minutes. Follow behind the scenes as Russell prepares to deliver his presentation to over 9,000 Entrepreneurs and how he leverages the Mandalay Bay's own internal System to create a buying frenzy!

Watch Part 1 here

It is part two and we are picking up where we left off in Las Vegas. The 10X Growth Conference proves again that this entrepreneurship event is not to be missed. Especially as you watch Grant Cardone slay his entrance (we caught the whole thing!) We made the most of this event, Why? Because it's Vegas! You go big or go home!

In true Vegas style, we have a sneak peek on the gift we give to our members who reach 8 figures (10 million). It's pretty sweet! AND on top of all of that, you don't want to miss James P. Friel's prank phone call impressions!

Also, check out Russell's thought process on the way he structured his speech and sales forms that led to the success of making 3 million dollars in 90 minutes by checking out this video:


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