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306 - 30 Days Before The Quarantine...

30 Days Before The Quarantine...

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Episode Recap:

What would you have told yourself 30 days before the quarantine to prepare? Do that now! On this episode Russell talks about the possibility that the country may slowly open back up after nearly 2 months of quarantine. Here is some awesome advice to help you prepare if it happens again.

-- Find out what Russell believes will happen once the country opens back up from quarantine.

-- Ask yourself what you could have done differently if you knew 30 days in advance that everyone would be put under strict stay at home orders.

-- And hear Russell’s advice on what you should do to prepare for if we get back into quarantine in the coming months.

So listen here to see why you should be asking yourself what would have been different if you knew you’d be quarantined 30 days in advance.

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Best Quote:

I look at people who own restaurants or different businesses where when everything shriveled up they got stuck. So the question is, are you prepared? What’s the next step? Have you been building an email list? A text message list? Something where you can get people to come back in? You kind of saw the game, you saw, this is the new game, this is how it’s going to be played. So are you prepared for it? And if you weren’t the first time, it’s like now is the time.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today’s episode I want to talk about as some of the country is getting lifted from our quarantines, I want to find out if you are prepared.

Alright everybody, so as you know the last 2 months-ish have been weird, so, so weird. We all had to go home, we’re working from home, and some people didn’t work, everyone lost, not everyone, tons of people lost jobs, a lot of people lost income, some people made way more money, some people made way less money, all sorts of things happening. And right now, the country is starting to slowly unlock.

And I don’t know, I don’t know everything. My gut says that we’re going to see unlocking and things are going to go normal for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and then there’s going to probably be a second wave hitting. I think there’s a lot of science to prove something like that. Even if it doesn’t hit hard, I think that there’s a really good likelihood it’s going to hit hard again later this year, early next year, or something.

All we know is that this is probably not the end. This is the beginning. So a couple of things, number one is just, I want to talk about, I want to get all of us prepared. And this is also for me, thinking through this as well. Number one, how was working from home? Was it better? Was it worse? Can everybody work from home? Can you save money that way? Were people more efficient, more effective?

Our sales are up everywhere, our support, everything has been up for us as everyone has gone home. So it’s like, man, do we ever go back to the office. Maybe that’s not the right, maybe the office isn’t the right thing for us. So that’s one thing to start looking at.

Number two is like, I look at people who own restaurants or different businesses where when everything shriveled up they got stuck. So the question is, are you prepared? What’s the next step? Have you been building an email list? A text message list? Something where you can get people to come back in? You kind of saw the game, you saw, this is the new game, this is how it’s going to be played. So are you prepared for it? And if you weren’t the first time, it’s like now is the time.

There’s this window where it reopens up, now is the time to go and focus on, as quickly as possible, getting customers and getting their name, email address, phone number, any kind of data. So if you decide, if your physical location shuts down again, you can sent them emails, you can ship them stuff, you can transition. So are you prepared for that? If not, what do you gotta do, what are the things, what are the steps you gotta prepare yourself as quick as humanly possible.

If you’re an event company and all the sudden your events are gone, and maybe it’s going to open up, maybe there’s a shot where events are there again, but maybe not. So if not, are you prepared, what does this look like now? What’s the transition look like? Anyway, I just think that, I’ve watched so many people take this whole quarantine thing different ways.

Some people who’ve just sat at home and literally Netflixed and chilled. We’ve seen a lot of people who are upset that are making more in unemployment than they were from their jobs and they don’t want this to end, and they’re happy. Other people who have gone crazy and worked twice as hard, three times as hard, got more done, been more productive. And it’s like now that I feel like there’s this easing happening, and I’m going to say this momentary, temporary unfreezing happening, it’s just like what do you know now?

If you could go back a month before the quarantine happened, what would you have done differently to prepare yourself for that moment? I think for you and for me, and for all of us, we need to be looking at things from that lens of like, okay, I’m assuming, let’s say we’re going un-quarantined for 30 days. And I would assume that’s, I’ve got 30 days.

What would I have done the 30 days prior to the quarantine to prepare myself for what I just went through over the last 6 to 8 weeks? And that’s how you should be looking in this next little window. Because if it gets un-quarantined it’s not going to be, I don’t know, maybe it is. But I don’t think it’s going to be permanent. I think we’ve got a 30 day window, and all the sudden people are going to start freaking out when all the sudden they see things spike again, it’s going to be new orders, everything, everyone shifting back, or whatever.

Or maybe, who knows? Maybe, hopefully the summer kills the virus and this summer we all you know, it’s smooth sailing throughout. But then what’s going to happen is when we come back to November, December, January, it’s going to hit again and we’re going to go through this process. So it’s coming back to what would you have told yourself 30 days ago, 30 days before the whole quarantine hit, had you known it was going to happen, to prepare yourself, to prepare you, your family, your business?

Would you have stocked up on toilet paper, would you have gotten more food storage, would have taken out a loan, would you have not taken out a loan, would you have sold your car, would you have sold some of your watches and traded that for ventilators, for respiration machines at your house, would you have gotten more medicine? What would you have done differently had you had this little warning 30 days before quarantine?

I would look at this next window when it opens up wherever you’re at, and some people it’s not going to happen right away. I think Idaho it’s being, it’s like a soft opening in next Monday, it’s like our soft opening. And then a little more and a little bit more, and it’ll kind of just start slowly shifting and transitioning. But for any of you guys who do where you get the quarantine or whatever, the orders lifted, it’s coming back to are you prepared? What are you prepared for?

So for you, I just want to, I wish I could sit down with you and just make out a plan. So this is my podcast episode for you to sit down and say, “Okay, I need to make out my plan.” Pretending like the quarantine is happening in 30 days from now, and knowing now what I know then, what would I have done 30 days ahead of time to prepare for this? Both physically, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, temporally, food, water, all those kind of things, what would you have done different in your business?

And I think a lot of businesses got caught off guard and they weren’t prepared, they weren’t prepared as far as having a customer list. You know I think, anybody who’s been following what I’ve been saying for the last 15+ years now, they’ve got an email list, they’ve got a customer list. So when things shifted we saw gyms who, halfway, gyms got shut down, but luckily they had a customer list they started messaging and they were doing gym classes from home. I saw dance studios doing that, where they’re doing dance studio classes from home.

I saw restaurants who were texting and emailing their customers to be able to deliver, or having them do curbside pickup, or delivering actual food to them, or shipping stuff. All those kind of things. So man, if I know what transitions I gotta make quickly over the next 30 days. And some of you are like, “30 days doesn’t take too long to transition.” If you realize the transitions we made here in Clickfunnels, and we are a big ship. It’s like, the Titanic.

I don’t want to say Titanic, I don’t want to think we’re sinking. But it’s like a big boat. We can’t just shift things quickly and yet, we literally reshifted and rebuilt out almost every organization inside the company, quickly in a very short period of time, to protect ourselves, to protect you, to protect our customers, to protect our livelihoods. Things like that. A lot of changes in a very, very short period of time.

So if I can change it and I got 400 people that I gotta, and multiple levels of management, you know, if I can do that, I promise you that whatever you’re in right now, you can make those shifts, and those changes now, you’ve just got to be willing to do it. Sometimes it’s scary and it’s painful, but I promise you it’s less scary than what some of you guys went through over the last couple of months.

So there’s the question, if you knew 30 days, let’s say it’s 30 days before the quarantine, and you knew you know now, what would you do over the next 30 days to prepare for when the quarantine hit? And then go do that right now. So that’s what I got. Alright I’m headed home. I drove to the office today on one wheel, and I’m going to go drive back home, which is a lot of fun.

I came here with Aiden my little man, and he’s been working on playing games and working on his homework, which is kind of fun. So we’re headed home right now. Anyway, appreciate you all, thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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