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307 - This Backwards "Webinar" Business Model is CRUSHING IT...

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Episode Recap:

Don’t have your own webinar yet? Try this new model… On this episode Russell talks about a webinar business model that can help you build your list before you are ready to do a webinar for your own product or service. Here are some of the awesome things in this episode:

-- Find out how hosting webinars for others can help you grow your list.

-- See how hosting webinars will come back around for you when you finally have a webinar of your own.

-- And find out if Russell still practices what he preaches when it comes to webinars.

So listen here to find out what this new backwards webinar business model is and how you can use it to grow your list.

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Best Quote:

So my friend who started this business model back in the day, again, he didn’t have a webinar, so he found someone who had a webinar who we know was converting. So he set up a webinar registration page, and he promoted it like crazy and he got people to register for this webinar, but he didn’t just say it was a one-off webinar, he said it’s a webinar series for people who want to do, “blah”, who want to do “fill in the blank”.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I want to share with you another webinar model, instead of the one that I usually talk about.

Alright everybody, so if you’ve been listening to me for any amount of time, or if you read Expert Secrets, or you’ve heard me rant about this, I always tell people that the best business model in the world is to create a webinar selling your product or your service, and do that webinar live every single week for a year, at least once a week.

When I launched Clickfunnels, it’s fun, I’m writing my next, well, I’m researching for writing my next book. I’m going back through my old calendar, back from the very beginning of Clickfunnels launching. And when I tell people I do one webinar a week and people are like, “Ah, it’s too hard to do one a week.” I was looking and I had days during the first couple of months I was doing three webinars a day, not a week, a day. Some weeks I was doing 10+ webinars. So I was doing consistently…yes, I tell people to do one a week, but I was doing 10x that, which is why Clickfunnels grew so big probably.

So there’s a lesson for you in that as well. But a lot of people are just like, ‘I don’t have a webinar yet, I don’t have a product. I suck at selling.” There’s all these fears and because of that they don’t do anything. So I’m like, “Ahh.”

And today I was reminded that I’ve got two friends that do this. One in the real estate space, and one in the internet marketing space, and I have another friend who just started this, also in the online marketing world. But it’s a model that’s similar to what I’m talking about, but different.

So again, what I was just talking about, the model I think that you should be doing if you want to grow and scale your personal company is creating a webinar presentation and once a week giving that presentation over and over and over and over again. Until you perfect the pitch, until you’ve mastered it, until, well you should do it forever. In fact, today I’m doing my fourth webinar in a row, 4 weeks in a row I’ve been doing Secrets Masterclass webinar, which if you haven’t seen it yet, go to But I’ve done it 4 weeks in a row and it keeps getting better and better and better. And it’s the same thing that, again, all of you guys should be doing.

But if you’re like, “I don’t have a product yet, Russell. I don’t have a business yet. I’m just trying to figure out this game and I want to learn it.” Here is the idea. It’s basically becoming a webinar host. So what does that mean? That means that you host other people and every single week you do a webinar for somebody else. So my friends that do it, what they do is that every, whatever, Thursday they do a live webinar and they do a different speaker each time. And the speaker is someone who has a webinar, someone who’s done this thing that we’re talking about, right, that has an offer, they’ve got a product, they’ve got a service.

So they bring people on each week and they interview them, they don’t even interview them, they just basically have them on the webinar. And the person does the entire webinar, and at the end of it they sell their product, they’re service and they just split the money 50/50 with the person.

So as a webinar host, just so you guys know the way that the speaking business works, when I was doing the 3 webinars a day, or the 8 to 10 a week, the reason why I was able to do that, people are like, “How do you do that? If you’re just running Facebook ads, how do you do it?” and it’s like, no it wasn’t just buying Facebook ads. That’s why you gotta read the Traffic Secrets book, there’s more than one way to get traffic.

So I was going out and finding partners, people with email lists, and I would do a webinar at 10:00 in the morning to this person’s list, and then at 2:00 to this person’s list, and at 7:00 to this person’s list. So I had three webinars set up and each person would be promoting their specific webinar. I’d come on the webinar, I’d do my presentation, do my pitch, and then at the end of it, you’d split the money 50/50 basically with whoever the webinar hosted. So whoever’s list you’re doing the webinar to. Does that make sense?

So what I’m suggesting as another business model for those of you guys who are trying to figure this game out, trying to figure out how to make money right now, while you don’t have your own webinar yet, if you become someone who hosts webinars, that means you have to start building a list of people who want to listen to webinars, but then what’s cool about it is it grows exponentially.

So my friend who started this business model back in the day, again, he didn’t have a webinar, so he found someone who had a webinar who we know was converting. So he set up a webinar registration page, and he promoted it like crazy and he got people to register for this webinar, but he didn’t just say it was a one-off webinar, he said it’s a webinar series for people who want to do, “blah”, who want to do “fill in the blank”.

And what’s cool, is if you look at GoToWebinar or Zoom, they both allow you to set up what are called recurring webinars. So for example, tomorrow from when I’m recording this, we’re doing a Funnel’s Friday. And when you register for Funnel Friday, it puts you on a recurring webinar. So it says, basically, it’s a 26 week webinar series. So every single Friday there’s a webinar called Funnel Fridays and you come in and you register, and every single week it is a recurring webinar, it keeps happening.

Same thing here, you’re signing up for a recurring show. So my friend who did it, he promoted it, and he said, “This guy’s got a webinar, he sells $1000 product, I know it converts really, really good, and so I’m going to make some money if I get people to show up to this webinar.” So he went out and promoted this webinar, spent, I don’t know, a couple thousand dollars, got people to register, the guy got on the webinar, did the webinar presentation, sold some stuff, and the money he made from that covered his ad spend. And he took that money, the extra money he made and he bought more ads.

So the next week now, let’s say he had 300 people registered for the webinar the first week, then he takes the cash he made and he starts promoting it, and the next week he gets another 300 people to register, but it’s recurring, so the 300 from last week are still on the recurring webinar. So the next week it comes out, now he’s got the 300 who registered last week, the new 300 and he’s got 600 people, and he gets more people to show up for the webinar, and then he does the presentation with a different speaker selling a different product, a complimentary product.

So that speaker does a presentation, sells at the end of it, and then he takes his commissions, goes back and buys more ads, and he’s got the 300 from 2 weeks ago, the 300 from last week, and he gets another 300 to register. Now he’s got 900 or 1000 on this thing. And he gets a new speaker to come in and speak and do a presentation, sell the thing, and he keeps doing that, keeps doing that. And over a month, six months, a year, he builds a list from 100 people to 1000 to 5000 to 10,000, or 100,000 people, who are people who like to attend webinars. The come to webinars, they listen to training, and if the offer at the end is something they like, they go and end up buying the product or service.

And they’ve built huge 7 figure businesses just doing that, becoming a webinar host. And in the process of you sitting on literally a live webinar every single week for a year of other people doing their presentations, you start getting better at seeing what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. You start understanding it better at a different level and then you can come back as you start creating your product and your service. And then what’s cool, at this point you now are going to go and launch your webinar, you have a list of people who love to come to webinars who understand the process and they understand there’s going to be great content, there’s going to be a sell at the end. They’re used to it, and now you come back and you’ve got this hot list to buy from you.

So when you come out with your webinar a year later, boom, this hot list of webinar attendees, you make a bunch of money, and then what happens? These 50 people that you did webinars with through the last year, they all have a relationship with you, you do webinars to your list for them, they have reciprocity now, now you go back to them and say, “Hey, I’ve got a webinar now. Can I do a webinar to your list?” They say, “Sure.” And you go through and now you do 50 webinars of your own product to everyone’s list. Do you see how that works?

People always ask me, “How in the world did you get all these people to do webinars when you launched Clickfunnels?” and the reality was I had promoted a lot of people’s webinars up to the point when we launched Clickfunnels. I had a relationship with people because people had to do webinars and I promoted them. And I didn’t do it this strategically. I didn’t do it every Thursday night is going to be a webinar, I have a whole process I’m going to go through. I didn’t know that intuitively, so I didn’t. But can you see the power of that?

You know when we launched Clickfunnels I went back to initially, all the people I had ever promoted their webinar, I said “Hey I got a webinar that’s hot. Do you want to be a part of it?” and they’r elike, “Yes.” So we got a ton of people on there. And boom, we started doing my thing. And that was the initial seed for Clickfunnels.

Anyway, for any of you guys who are stuck right now, and you’re like, ‘I know Russell keeps talking about webinars, I should do it, but I’m not ready yet, I don’t  have blah, blah, blah, fill in the blank.” It’s like, okay cool. Don’t do it yet. Become a webinar host. Get a following, get a platform where you can get people to show up for a webinar and then do webinars with other people. That’s a 7 figure a year business model right there, before you introduce your product. Then you introduce your product you’re up to 3 to 5 to 10 million bucks a year, now that you’ve got a webinar and you’ve got now a list of people who you’ve promoted their webinar and now they will promote yours in exchange. What?

Anyway, so I hope that helps. I think if I was going to start over from scratch, that might be one of the methods that I do. It’s just like, alright. I’m going to promote everybody else for a year. I’m going to build up a following of people who like going to webinars, and we’re going to sell this thing like crazy.

Anyway, alright, I hope that helps. I gotta go because I’ve got a webinar today. “Wait, Russell. Are you saying you practice what you preach?” Yes, I do. “Well Russell, why don’t you just automate it? You guys made like a million bucks so far on this webinar, why don’t you just automate it?” Because every single week I tweak it and I change it and make little adjustments and make it better and better and better. So that’s what’s happening. From last week I know a lot of these different tweaks and changes, so today I was spending the time making tweaks and changes, and I go live again, 2:00 today which is in 4 hours. I gotta start getting ready. But then we keep doing it over and over and over again, and that is the game.

So anyway, that is the game. I hope that helps. Does that make sense you guys? So become a webinar host. Just know for the next 52 weeks you’re going to do 52 people’s webinars inside of your industry, you’re going to bring them on, let them do their thing, you’re going to let them sell, split the money 50/50, you pocket that, roll it back into ads as you grow your following bigger and bigger and bigger, and a year from now, you’ve now got 5, 10, 20 thousand, 30 thousand people on your webinars, now you’ve got some, now you have a platform.

You’ve done favors for 50 different people, and now you come back with your product, boom you crush it to your list, and you email everybody who you’ve done an interview in the last year and say “hey, my new webinar is hot, it’s crushing it. Do you want to do it to your list?” and then you line it up, and that becomes year number two in your business and you just crush it from there.

So I hope that helps. For those who are paying attention I’m trying to drop gold drops, gold bombs all the time. So hopefully this is one you can all use and benefit from. In fact, some of you guys, my buddy in the real estate market, he’s got his own real estate business. He does this as a lead gen thing on the side. So every single week he interviews somebody, and he’s doing it for that exact reason because he’s like, “I’ll interview you, bring you on, and I’m going to sell your product, make a bunch of money and then by the way, we just made a bunch of money together, my webinar here crushed it, want to do mine?” and they’re like, “Sure.”

So he basically swaps webinars, “I’ll do one for you and then you do one for me.” Boom, boom, boom, boom. And everything grows together.

Anyway, it’s good stuff. I hope you guys enjoy that one. With that said, I better go. I’m going to go do my webinar. I appreciate you all, thanks so much for hanging out. You guys are all amazing. If you got any value from this episode, please take a snapshot on your phone and then post it on Facebook, instagram, wherever you post your stuff, twitter, if you tweet, I don’t even care. Tag me on it, I love seeing them come through. Tag me and give me your biggest breakthrough, biggest idea you got. With that said, thanks so much and I will see you guys all later. Bye.


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