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308 - The Secret I Missed For Almost 2 Decades

The Secret I Missed For Almost 2 Decades

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I can’t believe that I missed this key as it’s changing everything for us now. On today’s episode Russell talks about shaking things up at Clickfunnels to get systems in place and make keeping up with everything they’ve gotten running, easier. Here are some of the amazing thing to listen for in this episode:

-- Find out why Russell decided to make big changes in the company to make sure they could keep up with everything.

-- See what kind of things they are focusing on now.

-- And see why this will make it so Russell only has to work 3 Friday’s a month for one hour each.

So listen here to find out how Russell changed things at Clickfunnels to make everything work more smoothly.

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So for you, I would start looking at your thing. What’s your mechanism, what’s your thing you’re using to get people in the funnel, right? Maybe it’s a free book funnel, maybe it’s something. How do you get them now to convert? Is it a webinar funnel, is it a challenge, what’s that? What’s in place and who’s the team, and how consistently is it happening? And looking at those things, so that way your company can continue to grow whether or not you decide to be creative that week, or whether or not you get out of bed, or whether or not you show up.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m so excited to have you guys here today. Today I’m going to return and report back on something we’ve been working on.

I talked about this probably a month or two ago in the podcast as something I was thinking about doing, we were working on doing, and now that the practical application is happening and it’s working, it’s one of those things I wish I would have done two decades ago.

Alright everybody, so if you remember I was talking a little while ago about setting out a more promotional schedule inside our calendar, where it’s like, the first week of every month we do this, the second week we do this, the third week… and it’s just like a consistent plan that happens over and over again. So I did a podcast episode on that a couple of months ago and then we’ve been slowly trying to implement things and figuring it out.

And then it wasn’t until about two weeks ago in our company I basically stopped everyone, and everyone was doing a whole bunch of stuff. It’s funny, when I did my call with Rachel Hollis she was talking about the same thing. She’s like, ‘The difference between a peace time general and a war time general.” And I think prior to Covid-19 and all this stuff we were, I was a peace time general so I was talking about things, and things were slowly getting done, and when this whole, everything is changing, it was kind of coming in like, “okay its war time general now. I’m coming back in and taking over some stuff, we’re shifting a bunch of things.”

And that’s what we’ve done here. You can ask my team, I came in and I shook up everything. “Everyone stop what you’re doing, now you do this, now you’re over here, this is how we’re shifting things around.” And it was cool, first off my team, it was really fun because I thought for a while everyone was going to be like, “Ah, who moved my cheese?” if you’ve read that book, “Who moved my cheese, everything is different.”

But instead they were all excited and fired up and it’s been really fun. They’re just an amazing team. So that part is really good. So I want to walk you through kin dof what we did. So one of the big things that was interesting, and I take complete blame for this in my business. Some of you guys probably should be blaming yourself for your problems too. But the problem we have in Clickfunnels is like, obviously there’s two sides of the company.

There’s the side that’s building the software, so that’s run by Todd, so those guys in there always building and improving it and making it better. On my side, my job is just how do we sell more Clickfunnels? That’s my role right, to get more members in and get people using it, educated, all those kind of things, so we’re always creating things to do stuff. And I think my problem is I get so excited about the next thing, where it’s like, we built FunnelFlix, we ran over there, we spent all this time, money, energy building FunnelFlix, we launched it, it did well, then we shifted to the next thing.

We build this and we launch it, we shift to the next. And it’s just like, nothing really gets the time or attention it needs because we kind of leave it behind. The one thing I think that we in our company that we’ve done a really good job with was actually Clickfunnels. We spent 5 years focusing on Clickfunnels, getting people in Clickfunnels and so that’s why it’s done so well. But in all the other front end things, they do well, but there’s always these peaks and valleys, because it’s like wherever our focus goes energy flows and everything happens and then we shift somewhere else and it shifts again, and nothing compounds on itself.

Until about a year and a half ago was the very first time we did the One Funnel Away Challenge. And for those who remember this, we did the original, inaugural one funnel away challenge, and launched it and it killed it. We had like 5 or 6000 people registered for it and it did great. It did really, really, it did awesome. I think that was like September of two years ago. And then after that happened we didn’t do it again.

September, October, November, December, January, and then we had Funnel Hacking Live, and then it was like right after that we were like, “We have to do this again, it was so good.” So we sat back down, re-got it done, we launched it, but this time we did something different that we hadn’t before. This time instead of just launching it and me shifting my focus and the team shifting their focus, we left somebody behind.

There’s a guy on our team named Shane Larsen and we’re just like, “Okay Shane, you’re in charge of OFA, and you need to make sure this is happening twice a month and this is the process and this is the thing.” And we kind of gave it to him to run. And he got a little team of a handful of people who run that division, that thing. And every single week, every single day, every single month they’re making it better and better and better.

And now I look at, we’ve been running the OFA challenge for a year and a half, almost 2 years now, and it’s now one of the key parts of our business. We sell, you know, I don’t know the exact number, somewhere between 1000 and 2000 people every 2 weeks join the challenge and it keeps growing. In fact, if you haven’t taken the challenge yet, go to

But it’s amazing and it’s just, the process gets better and better, and the coaching gets better and they systems. And it’s just consistently amazing. So that’s this one thing that’s happening, and we left someone behind. So I look back at what we’re doing now, and we have all these amazing assets that we’ve built out, but we haven’t left anyone behind.

So we stepped back and said, Okay, instead of us figuring out the next thing, all we’re going to do is we’re going to figure out what are our core KPI, our core goals, so for us it’s like, how many Clickfunnels members? How many $297 a month level members, and how many $1500 a month level members? And say, what’s the KPI for each one? So the key performance indicator. How many people are in each of these tiers, that’s the number we need?

And then what’s the tool, the system, the process we’re using to get somebody? So OFA gets somebody to join Clickfunnels right. So it’s like, now you’re in Clickfunnels how do we get them to stick? So we decided the tool, the thing, the process, the funnel, the thing that we’re going to do is called Funnel Fridays. Those of you who are on the email list, you saw last week we re-launched Funnel Fridays.

And this time we had a system in place, a process, a team, we built out the whole thing, and we strategically figured out, and we launched it. And it was crazy, we had for the first Funnel Fridays we had 17,000 people registered for it, over…we upgraded our Zoom to 5000 people, holds 5000 people online. And two minutes before the webinar started we had 5000 maxed out. We had over 600 tickets in our help desk of people angry they couldn’t get in.

I didn’t even know it was possible to get 5000 people to show up live. But they did. So we figured out that process, it works, we totally broke it and we had to fix a whole bunch of stuff. But now it’s done, there’s a team in place, and three weeks every single month there’s going to be a Funnel Fridays, and the process, the team, the system, everything is in place now. And I had to kill myself, like last week was super painful to get it done and out the door, but now there’s a process, there’s a manager, all the things are done, and there’s a team left behind.

So now three times a month we’ll be doing a Funnel Fridays, and that will dramatically grow our Clickfunnels user base. And now there’s, again, we left somebody behind and now it’s just going to keep getting better and better and better. So now the next tier, so that’s like our $97 a month tier. So OFA gets people in, Funnel Fridays gets them to stick and to ascend, we give them templates and we give them training, and very specific funnels.

Last week’s was membership funnels. The next one is going to be lead funnels, then we’re doing supplement funnels, then book funnels, they’re very specific. Each week focus is on a funnel type and we give people like 20 cool templates for free, and just this whole thing that’s goal is to increase the KPI of that tier of Clickfunnels. So the next tier of Clickfunnels is our $297 a month plan. So we’re like, “what’s the system we put in place that happens consistently where we get people in?” So the system that we’re doing, and this week we’re actually launching it, so we’re in the middle of it right now, but it’s kind of fun.

We have FunnelFlix, which you guys know is this amazing training platform, we spent insane amounts of money building it, and licensing the best courses on the planet. Tony Robbins’ course is in there, Frank Kerns’ courses, my courses, Dan Kennedy’s courses. All the best courses you’d ever want are all in FunnelFlix. We did the initial launch, we got a ton of people in there, and we kind of shifted on. So now we’re like, “Okay, we need to build a team around this because one of our KPI’s, one of our core things we’re focusing on.” So we got a manager, we’ve got a team, we’ve got all these things around that.

So what we’re doing is the very first week of every single month, we’re launching a seven day live launch, which is a funnel we learned from Brendon Burchard when he spoke at last year’s Funnel Hacking Live and taught it, the seven day live launch. This week it’ll be happening, seven day live launch happens, we train through six sessions over three days, and at the end of it then, we pitch people to upgrade and ascend into FunnelFlix by doing a challenge tied to whatever that month’s seven day live launch is.

So for example, this month, this week I’m doing a three day training called List Building Secrets, so we do that and I’m teaching it twice a day for three days, so there’s six sessions and at the end of it we basically say, if you want to get this course that we just created, this list building secrets course, it’s going to be inside of FunnelFlix, and over the next 21 days we’re doing a 21 day challenge to implement this process.

So they can come in, go through the experience, go through the 21 day challenge, and at the end o fit, number one is they’ve got a list being built, and number two, now we’ve got people who have ascended up because they want to be part of that 21 day challenge, right. And then first week of every single month that will happen.

So the first week of every single month there will be some kind of live training, it’ll be me or somebody else who is publishing on FunnelFlix, they’ll do the training, at the end of it, it’ll be the 21 day challenge, we’ll use that to get people in, but we know the first week of every single month that happens consistently, over and over and over again, which is exciting, right. And so that’s our $297 level.

So the next tier up is our $1497 level. So how do we get people there? Once a quarter we have a whole sequence being built out to get people to ascend up there, and once a quarter it happens like clockwork. It happens consistently, and we’ll have the whole back end and everything in place. So now if you look at Clickfunnels, it’s really cool. Every two weeks there’s the OFA challenge, every 3 Fridays a week there is…

Let me step back, the first week of every single month is a seven day live launch, focusing on a very specific topic, which then pushes people to the 21 day challenge. The other three Fridays of the month there’s a Funnel Fridays, focusing on one specific funnel type where we give them the templates and get them to stick or ascend up.

Then once a quarter, the first week of every quarter we do a launch to get people into our Two Comma Club collective program. And again, that one hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming soon. But what’s nice, now those things are all in place, there’s teams and managers behind them, literally after the last thing is done, I don’t really have a role in the company anymore, I’m done.

There’s teams and people and everyone’s left behind, and my job becomes really easy. I show up 3 Friday’s a month for one hour to do a live training, that’s about it. Anyway, I’m excited. I wish I would have set these things up a long time ago instead of running from thing to thing to thing. Because part of me loves running from thing to thing to thing, it’s just focusing on making the one thing the best you have. So for me, again, my ascension is three tiers.

So I have a tool, there’s a KPI that we track. So how many people were in collective this month? How many people were in FunnelFlix level this month? You know, looking at the KPI, we can see it all the time. There’s a team who’s responsible for that, and there’s a process so they know exactly what to do and how to do it. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel, they don’t have to be creative, they just have to follow the process, and that’s kind of the game plan. So I’m pumped, I’m excited, I wish I would have done it years ago.

So for you, I would start looking at your thing. What’s your mechanism, what’s your thing you’re using to get people in the funnel, right? Maybe it’s a free book funnel, maybe it’s something. How do you get them now to convert? Is it a webinar funnel, is it a challenge, what’s that? What’s in place and who’s the team, and how consistently is it happening? And looking at those things, so that way your company can continue to grow whether or not you decide to be creative that week, or whether or not you get out of bed, or whether or not you show up.

So anyway, that’s what I’m working on, it’s fun, it’s exciting. Last week we got FunnelFlix in place, the team, everything….excuse me, Funnel Fridays. Who names all their products “Funnel Something”? Come on now, Russell. Anyway, I blame myself. But that’s in place and then Funnel Fridays, no FunnelFlix will be in place this week, and then the collective will be in place next month and then it’s all done.

The work is finished, I’m retired. Just kidding, but you know what I mean. Alright that’s all I got. Appreciate you all, thanks for hanging out, and I’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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