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309 - My New "Thank You Page" Secret

My New "Thank You Page" Secret

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Episode Recap:

This is getting me $4 per lead before we sell them anything. On this episode Russell talks about re-discovering the thing that turned Clickfunnels from a few million dollars a year business into a few million dollars a month business. Here are some of the insightful things to listen for in this episode:

-- Find out why asking people registered for a webinar what they were struggling with lead to something Russell had forgotten about..

-- Find out how a thank you page can help you make back the money you spent on ads before you even begin a webinar.

-- And see why Russell is going to try and take more advantage of this trick and why you should too.

So listen here to find out the thank you page secret that helped Russell make money before his webinar even began.

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Best Quote:

So people would go and they would get it, it’s a $7 report. So we sent two emails out for this thing, we had over 10,000 people registered, over $40,000 in sales from on this free thing. That means we made $4 for every opt in before the training even started. Anyway, are you guys getting this?


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What’s up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I’m going to remind you of a lesson that I learned long ago, that I just got re-introduced to that I want to re-introduce you to as well.

Alright, so seriously you know when something is working really good and you stop doing it for some reason? That’s what happened to me, so let me tell you a story. When we launched Clickfunnels we tried multiple different types of funnels to get this thing to take off. So number one we tried just selling a free trial to continuity and we launched that and it bombed, because we couldn’t, number one afford to pay for ads on anything because we didn’t make money for 14 days, so it was hard to grow it. Number two, affiliates didn’t want to promote because they weren’t getting any money. So we’re like dang it.

Alright, so then we shifted around and we’re like, “Alright, we’re going to sell Clickfunnels for a thousand bucks for a year account and that will be our model.” So we did that and the webinar worked and it converted. The problem was made a thousand bucks and then we didn’t get any money again for another year, which makes it hard to hire developers and programmers and support people, and all these people for the things.

And we’re like, “Ah, we want continuity coming.” So then this was the idea, this was the idea that took Clickfunnels from like a couple million dollar a year business to a couple million dollar a month business. What we did is we had to basically, you would register for the webinar and then on the thank you page you would go and get a free trial to Clickfunnels. I said, “go get your free trial before you show up, that way you can play with it and then we’re going to show you how to use it when you get on the webinar.” And that was the magic sauce.

Year number one we sold I think 2500 people bought the thousand dollar offer. But 7500 stuck on the year, so the end of the year we only had 10,000 active members, 7500 stuck from the trial. And then we had continuity to pay for bills, we had cash to pay for ads, and to pay for affiliates and things like that, and that was the secret. And we did that for years. And then I forgot. So there you go, it happens to the best of us.

I forgot about that and for the most part I didn’t do much things on the thank you page. An automated webinar, someone opts in now and you go directly to the webinar that you got sold, but you didn’t the thank you page, all those kind of things.

So rewind back to three weeks ago, we were doing the very first ever Secrets Masterclass, and the Secrets Masterclass, the whole point of it was like, “Hey, I’m going to teach you a secret from Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets book, and at the end of it make you an offer for Clickfunnels.” And so we did that, and then almost like a last minute thing I was like, ‘Hey, how about this. On the register process let’s ask them the question, where are you struggling most in your business?”

And the question was simple it was like, number one, I’m struggling on the funnel. Number two, my funnel’s not converting. Number three, I need more traffic. And then based on what they picked, it took them to three different thank you pages. So if they said, “I need more traffic.” The thank you page was like, “Thank you so much for registering. You told me that you’re struggling with traffic, you should go get a free copy of the Traffic Secrets book, it’s awesome. Go get it.” And if they said, “I’m struggling with conversion.” I was like, “Hey, thank you so much for registering. By the way, you told me you’re struggling with conversion, you should get the Expert Secrets book.” And if they’re like, ‘I’m struggling with funnels.” I’m like, “Dotcom Secrets book.” So three different thank you pages.

And I said, “Go get this book before the webinar starts and that way when the webinar ends you’ll get the book in the mail and you’ll be able to start studying it.” And that was the offer. And in the very first week of the launch before the webinar hit we did $50,000 in books, you know, people going through the book funnels. Before the webinar started, $50,000, which is crazy because I could’ve spent $50,000 in ads to fill that webinar and I still would have been break even. Are you guys getting this? So that was pretty exciting.

Number two, we had kind of the exact same thing, I did it the second week and the same thing, we had similar results. We didn’t have as many leads coming through, so it was smaller, but the same kind of thing. And then this week, or last week, we did funnel Fridays for the first time, and I might have told you about that a little bit. We did funnel Fridays and we did the same kind of thing. When they registered I asked them that, but we also had Jim’s book. Jim wrote a book called Copywriting Secrets. So I said, “Is it funnels, copy, conversion, or traffic?” and based on that there was four different thank you pages. Same thing, it crushed it. We did, I don’t know, 30-40 grand in sales before the webinar started, before the thing even started, which is crazy.

And then this week we’re doing the list building secrets training course and we had them register, and this time instead of having one of the books I was like, ‘We have a $7 report called,” which is like 108 different swipe files, different lead funnels I like, and there’s obviously a whole funnel behind it. So this one I had them register for list building secrets and the thank you page is like, “by the way, thanks so much for registering, you should go get this report before the thing starts. Go get it right now.”

So people would go and they would get it, it’s a $7 report. So we sent two emails out for this thing, we had over 10,000 people registered, over $40,000 in sales from on this free thing. That means we made $4 for every opt in before the training even started. Anyway, are you guys getting this?

I want you to understand it because this, using your thank you pages efficiently and effectively could literally replace your ad costs. It makes your ads free. I can spend $4 per lead to get someone registered for this summit now, this training series and still be profitable up front before the thing even starts, which is crazy.

I think that’s what I’d forgotten about, and it’s so exciting. For me, I’m more excited at refreshing the thank you page stats than I am with doing the actual webinar, doing the sales, I’m more excited about that part of it because it’s just free money before we even start the selling process, which is really, really cool.

So I want you to think about that and go back, what are your front end offers you have? Where can you put in thank you pages? For your webinar registration pages, for your opt ins, for your everything. The thank you page offer may be the new secret that we’re remembering once again, so I want to put that into your minds as like an interesting thing to think about and to start playing with.

Anyway, I’m thinking of doing it. I’m going to test a bunch of offers, different things, but I’m just pumped and excited about it so I wanted to share with you guys today as we’re going into today. So I’m going back into day number two now of list building secrets training to keep fulfilling and tonight I make the soft offer, and tomorrow we make the harder offer. And even if we fail we already made 40 grand up front before we even started it, which is amazing.

So my goal is to 10x that, so if I can make 400 grand, that would make me happy, but I don’t know, who knows? We’ll see what happens. Anyway, appreciate you guys, thanks for listening, and go back and look at your thank you pages, there’s gold sitting there that you need to take advantage of. So with that said, thank you guys so much and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


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