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31 - The Power Of A Telesummit

The Power Of A Telesummit

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Russell covers a fast way to learn anything you want in a condensed period of time, plus get paid while learning!

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That’s the two businesses I want to grow. What I plan to do is basically do a telesummit. This is how it works: for example, in the supplement space I know maybe 10-15 people who are doing really well in supplements, anywhere from $100,000 a month up to $1 million a month and beyond.


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This is Russell Brunson and this is the Marketing in your car Podcast.

Hey, everyone, I am on my way to the office this morning. It’s really dark outside today. I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like the seasons are changing. I hope you’re having a great day. I’ve got some cool things to talk to you about today.

I actually want to talk about the coolest strategy in the world to learn anything you want and make a whole bunch of money while you’re doing it. The reason why this was brought to my attention was I had done this two or three times when I got started in this business, and it’s how I learned a lot of my internet marketing stuff and it’s how I started making money.

For some reason that still makes no sense to me, we stopped doing them, which is always smart. One of my friends and mentor David Frye, he went on and took this concept and did two and a half years’ worth and made over a quarter million doing it.

The thing that I’m talking about is telesummits. You guys may have seen or heard of telesummits. I actually have two telesummits I’m planning on doing with the sole purpose of learning a whole bunch of stuff from really smart people, and I want to make money while I’m doing it. This is an alternate route to going to college. I think it’s a lot better and will serve you way better. This is kind of like my college alternative. I think you should go to school, mostly because that’s where the girls are at if you’re a guy, and where the guys are at if you’re a girl. If you’re in sports, there are a lot of good reasons for college.

But I don’t think learning how to make money is one of the things on the list. This is the process. For example, two things I really want to learn more about right now: first is the Kindle. I want to learn how to publish better on the Kindle. Second, supplements. We’re doing well with our supplement business, but I really want to take it to the next level.

That’s the two businesses I want to grow. What I plan to do is basically do a telesummit. This is how it works: for example, in the supplement space I know maybe 10-15 people who are doing really well in supplements, anywhere from $100,000 a month up to $1 million a month and beyond.

My goal, my plan is to basically contact each of them and say, “I’m doing this really cool supplement telesummit where basically I’m going to pick the brains of people that are doing well in supplements and ask them a bunch of questions. I’m curious if you’d be willing to jump on and let me interview you for an hour.” Usually, most people when you ask them something like that, will say yes. You’ll get some no’s, some people are very secretive, but for the most part they don’t really care. They don’t mind sharing their business because it’s fun for them and they like talking about it.

I say that the big famous gurus, when they go home at night, they go home to a wife who doesn’t really care what they do. They usually enjoy talking to people who actually care what they do. It’s fun for them.

We’re going to line up basically 10-15 interviews with the top supplement guys in the world. Again, I could just do it and have that be it, or I could do a telesummit where I can say, “This is a supplement telesummit. If you’re interested in supplements, come register. It’s free to register and you can listen in on these calls with me.”

Afterwards we can either sell the transcripts or the mp3 versions. There are a lot of different ways you can monetize it. There’s that, plus you get the chance to pick the brain of 10-15 people that are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

Same thing with Kindle. I really am intrigued by the Kindle stuff. I haven’t done any of it yet. But the way I look at it, it’s an easy way to publish products. It’s a really good way to do lead-generation and stuff like that. I really want to learn the ins and outs before I dive into it.

Instead of what most people do, which is try to just figure it out, I’m going to find the 10-15 best people in the world who each have their way they do Kindle stuff. I’m going to interview them all and pretty quick I’ll get a picture of how I want to go and attack that world.

If I was going to go into SEO, I would do the same thing: find 10-15 people who are the best in the SEO world, do a telesummit, make some money selling tickets to it, and I have a chance to learn from 10-15 of the smartest people in the world.

I learned this concept from Howard Berg. He’s the world’s fastest reader. We’ve done a lot of work with him. Some of you were in the course we did with him. What was interesting was he told me most people will go and buy a book and they get that author’s perspective on the topic.

Usually, after reading one book that becomes their truth. “I read a book and it said this.” He said, “What I’ll do is I’ll go and read 10-15 books on the topic. I get 20 people’s opinions, and from there I can base and create my own opinion.”

I really thought that was a powerful thing. I really like that. That’s how I try to approach things: not to just read one dude’s thing and go out there and follow it, but to go out there and find 10-15 different people, different ideas on how something works.

Then, after learning from all of them, take that and figure out what my game plan is, what my strategy is, based on that kind of stuff.

If you haven’t done a telesummit yet, I recommend doing it. Again, I’m doing it for a couple reasons. One is to make a little extra money. Number two is just to have the ability to learn very, very quickly a topic that is very specific and learn directly from the horse’s mouth, directly from people who are actually making a ton of money doing it.

And it will be a lot of fun as well. If you haven’t had a telesummit yet, they’re very easy to execute and pull off, and they can be very profitable for you. Go and do a telesummit.

I could tell you stories and stories about how much money people made doing telesummits. David Frye just started doing over 100 telesummits, and now he’s selling off all his domains and telesummits.

I have a friend, Sonja Ricotti, she makes millions every year doing telesummits. It’s a very good business model. Worst case, you have the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the best people in the world. I really think that’s the power behind these telesummits.

Go out, try one, get some information, learn some stuff, and we’ll talk to you all again next time.


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