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310 - A Little Hack To Make Amazing Ads That Convert

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Episode Recap:

On this episode Russell talks about how he used satisfying videos his kids enjoyed to come up with a new ad idea. Here are some of the amazing things to look forward to in today’s episode:

-- Find out how looking at satisfying art videos helped Russell come up with a new ad idea.

-- See how you can use cool art as a hook for your ads.

-- And finally see what kind of art Russell went with to make his new ads.

So listen here to find out what little hack Russell is now using to come up with amazing hooks for his ads.

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Best Quote: never know what the hook is going to be. So that’s why it’s essential to create tons of hooks and trying thing after thing after thing after thing. And just trying them. I think this is a really fun and unique way. So for my side time when I’m bored, sitting around, like what I’m doing now is looking for artists who can create little things that give you a quick 30 seconds, grab their attention just enough to tell your story, and do the next thing.


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Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m excited to be here with you today, and today I want to share with you guys a little hack to make amazing ads that convert.

Alright so we have this thing now where we’re spending a lot of time just creating ads and thinking about, “What’s the ad? What’s the hook? What’s going to get someone’s attention?” and the other day I was swiping through instagram or something, and I try to pay attention, what are the things that get me to stop? What are the things that I read and look at? I’m always looking at different things.

And then I started thinking, I watch my kids right, my kids are really big into all these, these things that are, it makes me laugh, they always call them satisfying. They’re like, ‘Dad, look how satisfying this is. This thing’s so satisfying.” They’re always these weird art things with slime or with sand, or with shredding metal in a metal shredder. All these crazy things. And I was like, “Oh man, what if we did these different things and turned them into ads?” And the other day I went into instagram and went into search and started searching for cool art, or satisfying, or slime. I was typing in all these different key words, and I was seeing all these different, cool art things.

And I started just liking a bunch of them, following their pages and stuff, because I wanted them to start showing up in my feed. And now inside my newsfeed I start seeing all these cool, crazy art things that people do. Like drawings and all sorts of different things. But the other day I saw one that caught my attention and I watched for a minute straight, and it was this guy and he does pancake art.

So the camera’s above this pancake thing, and he’s drawing this picture and you’re seeing it, and it’s pretty cool. And then when he gets done he takes it and he flips it over and as soon as he flips over the pancake, you see the finished pancake. And man, I watched it and I went to his channel and I watched like probably 10 or 15 of them, and I showed my kids and it was so cool.

Even though you kind of knew, “Oh he’s drawing Elsa,” or drawing whatever, you’re seeing all these different things, until he flips the pancake over, you don’t know exactly what it is. When he flips it over there’s all the detail and it just looks amazing. So I was like, “Oh my gosh, look how much this sucked me into watching this. I watched so many and I showed my kids them.” I was like, how do I get this to become an ad? Do I have him do a pancake of my face? I’m like, that’s annoying. No one wants to see a pancake of my face. What can I do? What can I do?

And I was like, “What if I had them do the pancake of the book covers, Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets?” So I emailed the guys on the channel, I was like, “Hey, how much would it cost to have you pancake art my books?” And it was a couple hundred bucks per book, it was not that expensive. I wired the money and just today I got back three pancakes that were flipped over.

Them doodling my book and then flipping them over. And it turned out so cool, they were amazing. So now I’m going to take those and turn them into little ads. We’re going to have YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram. Just a bunch of variations because, you know, you look at, you come back to step number one, we talk a lot about hook, story, offer.

Hook, story, offer, what’s the hook that grabs their attention, and the story and then the offer. So I figure the pancake is the hook. You’re like, “What is he drawing?” and then boom, it flips over. While they’re watching I could tell the story about what’s happening, what he’s doodling and why I wrote this book. And then it flips over and it’s done, and then we can make the offer for them to go get a free copy of the books. So I have no idea right now if the ads going to work, or if it’s not going to work, if it’s going to be successful or not successful.

But I do know it’s a good hook and it’s going to be really fun. And I’m excited to test it out. Especially when you look at some of the ads we make, we spend tons of money, some are just on my phone, but you never know what the hooks going to be that grabs someone’s attention. So for a couple hundred bucks to test it, it’s really, really exciting. So I’m excited for that.

And then I started, after that I started looking into claymation, I started finding a claymation, and I messaged probably 10 different claymation artists for making claymation ads and stuff like that. So it’s just fun new things. So for you, this is why I brought this up. I want you guys to start going to instagram or Facebook or whatever and start looking at art. Look at artists, look at the cool designers, look at people that are doodling, that are sketching, that are doing just whatever.

Or they’re creating things with their hands, just any kind of art that grabs your attention. Start following all the channels you can, and the more channels you follow, the more it will show up in your search results, when you start seeing all these different cool things, and then go reach out to the creators and say, “hey,that ad you created, or that image, that thing was amazing.

Can I pay you whatever to have you create something like that for me and for my company?” And like I said, for us, for the pancake art it was a couple hundred bucks per book cover and it turned out so cool. And who knows, that could be the ad, the one that blows up. It’s funny because I remember, you never know which hooks are going to work. A couple of years ago we had the Harmon Brothers do our very first video with them.

And it turned out amazing, we loved it. We spent tons of energy and money, we did this big launch, we threw this big bubble soccer party, all sorts of stuff. And the video did good, it got a million or so views and it was good. And then like a week later, Chris Record made a rap, a Sunny D rap, it was a Clickfunnels rap, and he just made it as a joke and sent it to us as a gift and we ran that, and that video actually got more impressions, more views, and more sales in Clickfunnels than this one we’d spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating.

So you never know what the hook is going to be. So that’s why it’s essential to create tons of hooks and trying thing after thing after thing after thing. And just trying them. I think this is a really fun and unique way. So for my side time when I’m bored, sitting around, like what I’m doing now is looking for artists who can create little things that give you a quick 30 seconds, grab their attention just enough to tell your story, and do the next thing.

I saw Dean Graziosi a year, maybe two years ago running a bunch of ads and he did this little quick 5 second magic tricks. He was in his Tesla and there was a book on the Tesla screen and he went and grabbed it and it turned into a real book. Little camera magic tricks that are engaging. And one he had a box and he turned the box upside down and books kept falling out, but it was just enough to grab someone’s attention like, ‘How is that possible?” and then you can tell them the story. Hook, story, offer, right.

So there’s my suggestion for you. Oh, I saw these other guys doing reverse stuff. So they had a banana and they’d peel it on video, then they’d do it backwards, and they’re so engaging. So I’m like, what kind of things can we do with that? Can I record myself ripping a page out of my book and then showing me putting it back in, backwards motion?

Anyway, there’s a bunch of cool things you could do. So hopefully this gets the wheels in your head spinning for cool ways to make hooks that aren’t just you on your iPhone, even those kind of ads do work really, really well. But just another unique way to try and create something amazing. So that helps you guys, appreciate you all. I hope you’re having a great day. If you got any value from this episode or any episodes please take a screen shot on your phone, and then tag me on it, I love to hear what your big takeaway was.

And it always makes my day, scrolling through my feed and I see people tagging screenshots of the podcast. So if you got something from this episode, please screen shot and share it. With that said, thank you so much and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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